How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram and make up to $200 (daily!)

Are you looking for how to sell feet pics on Instagram for an extra source of income? Read this post to find out how you can make good money doing this. 

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Selling feet pictures is fast becoming a lucrative side hustle as a lot of companies and people are in need of feet pictures for many reasons. This makes selling feet pics one of the easiest ways to make money online. 

If you have a smartphone, an Instagram account, and you enjoy taking pictures of your feet, you can earn from anywhere in the world! 

Why You Should Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

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You may be wondering if Instagram is a good platform to sell feet pics. The answer? Yes it is!

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Instagram is one of the places to consider if you are looking for where to sell feet pics because it has a lot of advantages. These include: 

  • Instagram is a picture and video-based social platform, this makes it one of the best places to sell feet pics. No other social platform rivals Instagram when it comes to pictures and videos. 
  • It is the 4th most used social media platform in the world and has 1.386 billion active users. This makes it easier for you to reach more people. 
  • Also, Instagram has awesome free tools to make business and sales easy. For instance, you can pre-schedule your posts so that you don’t always have to be on your phone. This will give you time for other things. 
  • You can also poll people on Instagram about anything, including feet pics. 
  • Instagram will give you an option of opening a personal account or a business account. An Instagram business account gives you valuable insights about your business. You can determine your target audience and know when to post. it even shows you hashtags analytics so that you can know which hashtag gives you the most sales. 
  • You can also choose the Instagram creator account over the Instagram business account. The Instagram creator account is for people who are influencers but don’t have a business yet. It is used to build followership and a fan base.
  • It is easier to build engagement on Instagram than other social platforms because of its picture and video-based contents. You can host contents and even do giveaways to increase your engagement and make more sales in return. People can enter your contest or qualify for giveaways when they comment on your post. 
  • Instagram stories will put curiosity in your followers as they will like to learn more about your brand. 
  • You can use the countdown feature on Instagram to increase interest in your content and sales. 
  • There are engagement groups on Instagram that can give you free Instagram followers and this can increase your sales. 
  • There is a push notification feature which allows you to respond to comments and thereby keep the communication going. It tells you when someone comments so that you can respond promptly. 
  • Instagram is a safe place for selling your feet pictures. It has a feature that discourages people from saving your feet pictures to their devices. You can also use a watermark on all your feet pics to prevent theft. 
  • Finally, Instagram is free!

So, with all these features and benefits, Instagram is one of the best places to sell your feet pics for money. 

What You Need To Start Selling Feet pics On Instagram

Photo of bare feet; there are tips on how to sell feet pics on Instagram

1. An Instagram account 

You need to join Instagram before you can sell your feet pics there and this is done by creating an account. The best account to have for business and sales is a business account. 

Some feet sellers buy accounts with many followers to boost their fan base and make more sales. We don’t advise this unless the account purchased was used in selling feet pics if not you won’t get engagement and sales on your content. Also, it is against the Instagram terms of use.

After opening a business account, you can grow your followership by running ads, collaborating with other feet sellers, engaging your current followers, etc. 

2. A bank account or mobile wallet 

You will need a means of collecting payment for the sale of your feet pictures and it can be a mobile wallet or a traditional bank account. 

So decide on your preferred method of payment and use that on your Instagram account. 

3. A Smartphone 

You can sell feet pics on Instagram even if you don’t have a computer. All you need is a smartphone with good camera quality. 

But if you can afford a quality camera, or hire one, please do so, to get professional shots of your feet. 

4. Beautiful & Quality Feet Pictures 

This is the most important. You need quality feet pics to earn money. Don’t use random feet pics you find online – that can damage your business, and you can also get into trouble for using a copyrighted feet pic. 

However, all the feet pics you upload mustn’t be yours. Find people with nice feet and pay them to take pictures of their feet; remember to also get their consent for what you intend to use the pics for.

5. Startup capital 

Instagram is free but if you want to make sales fast, you may need startup capital for ads. You pay for ads to reach a wider audience and grow your followership fast. 

You don’t need much startup capital for Instagram ads as their cost per click (which is between $0.50 – $1) is cheaper compared to other platforms. 

6. Other social media accounts 

You should create other social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. to make more sales. You can even link your Instagram business account to these accounts. 

Also, you can also link your Instagram feet business account to your OnlyFans account to boost conversion and make more sales. 

How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

Photo of feet with nail polish; there are tips on how to sell feet pics on Instagram

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate guide on how to sell feet pics on Instagram, you have come to the right place. The following tips will help: 

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate guide on how to sell feet pics on Instagram, you have come to the right place. The following tips will help: 

1. Create a dedicated Instagram account for selling feet pics

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If you want to start selling feet pics on Instagram, you have to create a dedicated account just for that, especially if you want to sell your feet pics anonymously. Even if you don’t want to do it anonymously, it is still advisable to have a dedicated account for this. 

You can create a dedicated account in minutes. All you need are:

  • A valid email address 
  • A profile picture for your account (and this can be a picture of your feet)
  • Fill out the bio description section properly. This is the best place to tell people about your business, what you plan to post, and then link to a website where people can learn more or buy your feet pictures. 
  • If you have multiple platforms or websites where you sell your feet pics, you can use a free Instagram tool call where you can include multiple links in your bio. 

So, below are the steps to creating your Instagram business account: 

i. Download the instagram app 

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ii. Create your Instagram business account using your business email. You may want to save time by using your personal Facebook account to create, but it is not advised to do so – this is to keep your personal profile separate. 

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iii. Now, you choose your username and password. This should be close to what your business is all about. 

Photo of the Instagram layout; you can sell feet pics on Instagram
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Photo of the Instagram layout; you can sell feet pics on Instagram
Image source:

Photo of the Instagram layout; you can sell feet pics on Instagram
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A username will help people find your business easily. 

iv. Next, Instagram will prompt you to find friends on your contacts and Facebook page who are on Instagram. Well, we advise that you skip this process until you have filled out your bio and have a good profile picture on your account. 

However, you can still do this. 

Photo of the Instagram layout; you can sell feet pics on Instagram
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Photo of the Instagram layout; you can sell feet pics on Instagram
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v. The next step is to set up your profile picture. This can be a quality picture of your face or your feet. 

Photo of the Instagram layout; you can sell feet pics on Instagram
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Photo of the Instagram layout; you can sell feet pics on Instagram
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vi. After uploading your profile picture, you will be asked if you want to save your log in details for faster logins in the future. You can click “Save” or “Skip”.

Photo of the Instagram layout; you can sell feet pics on Instagram
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vii. Complete your profile. Tap the profile button on the bottom right corner to complete your profile. tape the “edit profile” button to fill out your contact information and bio.

If you have a website or any website where you sell you feet pics, you can include the link in your bio. This is important because any link you post in your photo description, people won’t be able to click it. 

The only place you can put a clickable link is in your bio and this will direct people to your website or any other site you want them to go get your feet pics. 

Make sure your bio is brief and straight to the point and you can always edit it later. 

Photo of the Instagram layout; you can sell feet pics on Instagram
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viii. Create Instagram for Business account 

Now, we’ve come to the business part. Click “Instagram for business tools” and follow the steps and instructions to complete your business profile. 

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To get more help, Follow this guide from Instagram.

ix. Link your Facebook page if you have one. This will promote your business more and increase your brand awareness. 

Photo of the Instagram layout; you can sell feet pics on Instagram
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Now you can start posting your feet pictures and growing your audience. Also make sure you have uploaded some feet pictures before you start following people. This will encourage people to follow you back. 

2. Build relevant following 

To sell feet pics successfully on Instagram and make money, you need a lot of followers. The more followers you have, the more sales you will make. 

However, it is important to note that it is not everyone who follows you that will buy your feet pics. So don’t just focus on quantity but on quality also. 

When building followership, you should have a target audience and it should be people who like feet pics. One way to do this is to use hashtags; it will help people with the same interest find your contents and profile. 

Popular hashtags that can draw attention to your profile and feet pics are #Instafeet, #feetpics, #footpic, #beautifulfeetz, #feetpicsforsale, #footfetish, #feetpicsinstagram, #feetpicswanted, etc. 

3. Post good feet pictures 

This is the part that will bring in the money. You have to post beautiful and quality pictures of your feet on your Instagram account to make money. 

You can take a variety of pictures to test out many ideas and even do Instagram polls to see what people like. 

Take your feet pics in different ways; using different themes and styles. You can post bare feet pics, feet with shoes or sandals on, feet on the beach, in the sand, on the farm, in water, feet with different nail polish colors, etc. 

Uploading quality pictures will turn your followers into loyal customers. You can use photo-editing apps to enhance the pictures of your feet before uploading them on Instagram. Also, Instagram has free editing tools that will give your pictures a perfect look with just one touch of a button. 

Remember to be mindful of the size and shape of your pictures so that you don’t upload feet pics that are sized incorrectly on Instagram. 

You can also recycle other feet picture ideas on Instagram. With time, your creativity will improve and you will be able to come up with your own ideas. Check out How to Take Good Feet Pictures

4. Post Teasers or Themes for the day 

This is an easy way to market your feet pics on Instagram. 

For instance, Mondays can be for barefoot day, Wednesdays can be for feet pictures in a unique location, etc. 

You can even offer discounts to attract buyers or encourage your viewers to purchase a certain number of feet pics and get two free. 

5. Encourage your followers to subscribe to your other accounts 

The ultimate goal of building your Instagram account is to lead your followers to websites where they can buy and pay for your feet pics. 

If you sell feet pics on other websites like Onlyfans (Find out How To Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans) and Instafeet, you should encourage your Instagram followers to subscribe to your accounts on these sites for paid content. 

6. Post regularly & be active

To grow your audience and increase engagement, you have to upload content regularly on Instagram. Uploading contents once in a while, or when you feel like it will not help you make sales on Instagram. 

You have to make a deliberate choice to make at least one post daily, but if you are too busy to keep up daily, then you can schedule your publication time. It can be twice weekly or 10 times in a month. 

This consistency would eventually pay off.

However, posting quality feet pictures regularly is not enough, you also have to be active on Instagram. You should respond to questions, comments and direct messages as soon as possible to encourage and create a bond with your followers. 

7. Collaborate with others 

Connect with others in your niche and those related to your niche like the fashion designers, pedicure artists, feet artists, etc. 

React to their posts occasionally, and comment on their content. This is an avenue to grow followership and also engage with potential buyers. 

8. Focus on the most demanded style 

If you noticed that a particular feet pic of yours attracted more likes and attention and even the most money, replicate the feet pic or similar poses in subsequent shots. 

Make sure you’re innovative though, so they don’t all look the same. 

9. Create packages 

Creating packages and setting rates for your feet pictures will help you sell better. 

If you are new on Instagram and have little followers, you can start selling your feet pics from $5 to $20 to attract followers. Then, as your followership grows, you can increase the price of your feet pics to as much as $99 per pic.

However, the amount you are able to sell your feet pics will depend on how good and creative your feet pictures are. If you put out quality content, your followers will be willing to pay more for it. 

Also, you can create packages that include a certain number of feet pics for a certain amount of money. For instance, you can sell 3 feet pics for $45, 7 feet pics for $90, or 10 feet pics for $115 to encourage bulk purchase. 


Instagram is a great platform for socializing but it’s also the perfect place to sell your feet pics and convert your followers into paying customers.

Sticking with the important tips highlighted above, you are sure to encounter success and make good money selling feet pictures on Instagram.

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