16 Best Small Business Ideas For Women (in 2022)

Are you a stay at home mom looking to start a business so you can earn money for yourself? Or maybe you already have a job and just want to venture out on your own. If you’re looking for a business idea that requires less capital or less time to run, you’ll love these small business ideas for women.

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These profitable business ideas for women cover a wide range of skills and allow you to earn without neglecting your home.

Small Business Ideas For Women At Home

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The following are some small-scale business ideas for women at home.

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Freelance Writing
  • Proofreading

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant – your primary responsibility is to remotely provide administrative support to a business or a person. This administrative work could come from checking emails, managing schedules, editing and research, and any other task that could be assigned from time to time.

A Virtual Assistant can earn from $1 to $100 hourly based on your expertise, scope of the assignment, meeting deadlines, job difficulty, and the type of client involved. Also, it could be between $15 to $30 hourly for executive VAs and between $40 to $75 hourly for higher-level financial and marketing tasks.

Skills needed to become a good Virtual Assistant;

  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of file sharing, phone and videoconferencing, and password management.

The following are some companies where one can be hired as a Virtual Assistant;

Freelance Writing

This is another business idea for women that wish to make money from home. Freelance writing involves working with agencies, companies, and clients by carrying out their writing services. 

Freelance writing could be in content writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, column writing, and academic writing. However, there is a need to create a niche for yourself to help you streamline your writing career.

Freelance writing is a flexible and easy way to make money online – you choose your schedule, the type of client to work with, the type of project, and so on.

The following are sites where one can land freelance writing jobs;

You could earn between $12.50 to $36.06 hourly as a freelance writer in the United States of America. 


If you enjoy reading and also find it easy to correct grammatical errors, this small business idea for women could be for you. A proofreader is anyone who corrects content for grammatical errors, spellings, punctuation, formatting, and other word use.

Though you might require no formal training to do this, however, there are online courses that could help you to become more efficient and proficient.

So, in the United States, an average proofreader can earn from $22.22 to $30 or more per hour. The following are the sites where you can find proofreading jobs online;

Small Business Ideas For Black Women

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The following are some small business ideas for black women to take advantage of to earn some good pay. Check them out;

  • Daycare Services
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Cab Hailing Service

Daycare Services

Daycare service is among the common businesses run by black women. So, if you love and enjoy taking care of children – then you should consider setting up a daycare service to help mothers in your locality ease their stress. 

So, for in-home daycare service – you can earn between $700 to $900 monthly and this is largely dependent on some recurring expenses which might include labor cost, annual licensing fees, toys, utility bills, toys, educational materials, and some other expenses.

This is one of the best business ideas for women who love children and are ready to help nursing mothers watch over their children while at work.

Housekeeping Services

With people increasingly becoming busy due to multiple jobs or the high demands placed on them by their jobs – it has become difficult for households to carry out some basic household chores. As a result of this, you could start a housekeeping business where you render your service for a fee.

The average of a housekeeper in the United States is $12.90 hourly but could be as high as $15.76 per hour if you have up to 10 years of experience.

However, the following are the top firms where you can land housekeeping jobs in the United States;

Cab Hailing Service

Can you drive and have a car in good shape? There are several ride-hailing services you could partner with that will guarantee some bucks in your pocket. Some of these ride-hailing services are Lyft, Uber, Taxify, and some others.

So, on average – you are guaranteed to earn up to $29,016 annually but this could be as high as $75,000 annually depending on the time dedicated to the work.

Small Business Ideas For Women Artists

If you are in the creative industry and you want to turn your artistic skills into a money-making enterprise – consider the following small business ideas for women in the artistic industry. Check them out;

  • Graphic Design
  • Painting And Sculpture
  • Calligraphy

Graphic Design

Since everything is going digital, it would be a nice idea to start a digital art business to add value to businesses around you. Some of these could include logo designs, social media graphics, product designs, or you could even go to the extent of creating graphics templates for sale.

So, on average – a graphic designer can earn $18.82 hourly but this fee can be as high as $24.22 depending on your expertise and the type of client you are working with.

Therefore, your selling point should be your ability to identify a gap in your client’s business and how you wish to help the client fill the gap. You can get jobs from the following sites;

Painting And Sculpture

Painting and sculpture are two important forms of the art industry that cannot go out of fashion because there will always be a need for decorations. So, this makes it easy for you to sell your paintings and sculptures in the marketplace. Besides, thanks to the internet – this makes your customer-base cut across different ethnicities and regions.

Interestingly, the average monthly payment for an artist in the US is put at $3,742 but this can still go higher based on years of experience, expertise, and location.

Here are some places you can sell your painting and sculpture;


If you are skillful in using the pen to write beautiful artworks – then you could start earning some bucks by just producing some wedding invitations, signage, and other forms of greeting cards. Interestingly, many businesses are in search of beautiful calligraphy services to help advertise their business.

To become successful in this field, you must understand what the client wants, identify the best writing materials for each assignment, have a portfolio of several calligraphy styles as samples, and work within a timeframe.

As a calligrapher – you could earn between $19.97 and $48.14 and this amount can still go higher based on your experience and professionalism.

So, here are some sites to land some calligraphy jobs;

Small Business Ideas For Women Over 50

Going into a business at this point does not necessarily need to be something big and massive – it could just be birthing a passion that has been within for several years. So, the following are business ideas that women over 50 can do;

  • Life Coach
  • Event Planning

Life Coach

This involves helping the younger generation to successfully navigate through life. So, this can be easily achieved by using your life’s experience as a guide in assisting them with their goals and aspirations.

As a life coach, it’s believed you have seen it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, your wealth of experience can be turned into a learning tool that can be applied to all areas of life – both in personal life, business world, and other career paths. Ultimately, these ideas will fetch you some bucks as you help people get along in their life’s journey.

So, the average pay of a life coach ranges between $12.98 to $33.89, and this can even go higher based on your expertise, location, and experience.

Also, you could get job opportunities on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and SimplyHired.

Event Planning

This is something you can try your hands on if you have good organizational skills. Here, you could start as a wedding planner, plan birthday parties, company meetings, and other forms of events. However, there is a need to sharpen your networking skills to be able to land some projects.

Also, you need to be good at what you do because one good event is capable of birthing other events while a poorly organized event can ruin your event planning business. So, an event planner can average $16.07 per hour – and this is based on the type of event, the client, and the hours put into it.

Check out the following to get event planning jobs;

Small Business Entertainment Ideas For Women

Photo of a photographer; a great small business idea for women

For women whose passion is in the entertainment industry, the following small business entertainment ideas would ensure they start earning. Check them out;

  • Voiceover artist
  • YouTube personality

Voiceover Artist

If you have a good voice and are also good at speaking – you can start this on the go by making your voice available for video ads, audiobooks, YouTube videos, and radio presentations.

As a work-from-home voiceover artist – you could earn an average of $30.77 per hour which is an equivalent of $1,231 weekly and $5,334 monthly. Isn’t this a cool way of making some side income?

So, you could visit the following sites for job opportunities;

YouTube Personality

Are you interested in videography? If yes, then making YouTube videos that engage an audience could just be your source of earning some income. Besides, you could earn some money from ads and some sponsorship once your subscriber base is large enough. Also, you could start affiliate marketing too.

The salary range for this job is between $55,881 to $84,411 and this can also vary depending on years of experience, certifications, and some added skills.

Remote videography jobs can be searched for on;

Other small business entertainment ideas for women are;

  • Opening an acting school
  • Commercial video content
  • Event hosting
  • Balloon bouquet

Small Online Business Ideas For Women

Here are a few of them, check them out;

  • Amazon FBA Seller
  • Sale Of Online Courses
  • Selling On ETSY

Amazon FBA Seller

This is an online business arrangement that allows you to import products to Amazon FBA for a profit once you own an e-commerce store.

However, you must fulfill the following conditions;

  • Must be an Amazon seller
  • A valid shipping address
  • A valid credit card
  • A bank statement that is not more than six months old
  • Must own an Amazon Pro account

Sale Of Online Courses

You can create online courses in the areas where you have expertise. this can include;

  • Jewelry making
  • Soap making
  • Basket making
  • Cake making
  • Fashion/embroidery designing
  • Hairstyling
  • Fitness training

So, the following platform will help you sell your courses easily;

Selling On ETSY

ETSY is a platform where you can open an online shop for the selling of handmade products. This could include handmade jewelry, baskets, soap, or any other homemade products. It’s a good idea to figure out what sells best on Etsy before you get started.

So, promoting your products on social media (like Facebook, Pinterest, etc) will also help attract traffic to your ETSY store by just posting a link to buy on your post – and money is earned every time a deal is closed.

Factors To Consider Before Starting A Business

What’s your passion? 

You should go into an area where your passion can easily find expression – this is so because it might require your time, energy, and attention. So, without your passion, the idea will die a natural death.

Who is your target audience?

Your business idea must not serve everyone – you should target a set of people and ensure that you service them well.

How do you intend to fund your business? 

Even though one can start some of these businesses with zero capital base, there is a need to have some cash in reserve. This cash can come from personal savings, from family and friends, or grants such as grants.gov, Amber Grant, IdeaCafe grant, FedEx small business grant, etc.

Final Thoughts

With all these small business ideas, there is no more excuse for not earning as a woman. All is now set for you to explore these options based on your passion, area of interest, or expertise. Are you looking for small business ideas for women at home, small business ideas for black women, small business ideas for women artists in highpoint NC, small business ideas for women over 50, small business entertainment ideas for women, or small business ideas for women and online businesses.

Whatever your choice is, waste no time again – you can start now and smile to the bank shortly.

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