How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures (The Real Truth)

You’ve heard that you can make money selling feet photos on Etsy, Instagram, Onlyfans, or some other site. So now you want to know how much to charge for feet pictures.

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The quick answer? $10 – $100 per pic.

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That’s the range most people who claim to make money selling feet pics quote.

Here’s a price list from feet pic seller Fashion Ceesta for example:

$10First photo/New customer
$10Clean or worn socks (+ $7 shipping fee)
$20Bundle 2 or 3 pics
$40Special poses
$4030-second video
$50Regular customer bundles
$601 – 2 min videos
$60Worn shoes + additional shipping
$100Anything including the face (photo or 30-sec video)
$10030 secs to 5 mins custom video

Here’s where it gets complicated.

For the average person, it may be impossible to sell feet pictures the regular way.

I’ve been unable to verify any single claim of making money selling feet pictures through the methods most people share online. The only people I could verify are celebrities or influencers who already have a large following and convert some of their followers into buyers.

In fact, I found something shocking during my research. NBC News published a report detailing how influencers are getting paid to create undisclosed sponsored content for feet-selling websites like Feet Finder.

Here’s a video that talks more about this.

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On Etsy, I found most of the feet pics have zero sales. Only two have any reviews, as you can see from this screenshot. And even those sell for less than $5 each.

But I discovered how the people who make money selling feet pics on Etsy do it. With wallpaper prints!

Here’s one example:

People also make money as foot models.

Here are the pricing points for these two methods:

  • Etsy feet prints sell for around $10
  • Foot models make between $25 to $175 per hour for feet photos according to ZipRecruiter
Photo of feet; fine out how much to charge for feet pictures

Factors That Determine How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures

The type of client and where you sell your feet pictures affect how much you can earn. Let’s talk about those.

The Type Of Client/Request

Your clients can vary from magazine owners, bloggers, branding firms, pharmaceutical companies, and — on the lower end — people who buy on social media.

Payments from these clients will vary depending on your bargaining power. Also, there will be a difference in pricing between selling your feet pics to a magazine that wants to use the image for their exclusive use and a stock photo website. 

Platform To Sell Feet Picture

There are different online platforms where you can sell feet pics.

Stock photo sites like Alamy, 123RF, Crestock, Foap, ScoopShoot, Gettyimages, Snapwire, iStockphoto, Dreamstime, and Fotolia for example.

If you’re selling on Etsy for example, your prices may be lower than if you’re selling exclusive photos on any of those stock photo sites.

I’ve seen some of the most ridiculous prices on Craiglist and people say prices start at $5 on Onlyfans.

Type Of Feet and Photo Quality

The type of your feet also determines how much to charge for feet pictures. Interestingly, slender and arched feet are considered to be more appealing and beautiful aka pretty feet, they’d net you more money.

The way you pose and the equipment/setting/lighting you use will also impact your prices as well.

Essential Tips To Knowing How Much To Charge For Feet Pics

Your photos must meet certain requirements if you want to make money from your feet photos. Some of these requirements are;

Know the industry standards – a slender and arched long toe that is beautifully manicured is regarded as fit enough to compete in the marketplace. Besides, charred feet will not do as much as slender feet

Take awesome pictures – a good camera will help produce a beautiful image but in the absence of one, a phone with a good camera can be a suitable alternative. Get creative in order to capture beautiful images of your feet. Check out how to take good feet pictures.

Editing – after taking the pics, editing is another thing that will help to fine-tune whatever you have done for high quality photos. There are tons of editing apps for PCs and mobile devices that will help you achieve this. Photoshop, Snapseed, and PicLab for example.

Some Positions To Consider When Taking Feet Pics

  • Feet pointing in the air
  • Feet crossed
  • Toes pointed out
  • Feet spread apart
  • Feet peeking out from the duvet especially if you are lying in bed

Final Thoughts

Done smart, selling feet pics can be a side gig or a full-time business.

Learn how to do it smartly with our selling feet pics online guide.

And if you choose to go the regular Tik tok advertised route, it’s important to be careful. Do not create any form of personal contact with the buyers. You must never allow your private life to interfere with your feet pictures nor accept physical meetings except if you decide to.

How much to charge for feet pictures – FAQs

How much should I charge per foot for pictures?

$10 – $100 per pic. If you sell feet wallpaper prints on Etsy, charge around $10. If you’re a foot model, charge $25 to $175 per hour.

How much will people pay for feet pics?

People will pay anywhere from $10 – $100 per pic according to other sellers online. Magazines and other higher-profile clients will pay more. Foot modeling pays the highest at up to $175 per hour for the average model.

How much do feet pics sell for on OnlyFans?

Around $5 a pic.

How can I sell my feet pictures for money?

You’ll need healthy feet, great pictures shot at the right angle, setting, and some business acumen. Check out our guide to selling feet pictures online to learn how make extra money today.

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