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find mom balance by blogging smarter with lilyHi ya! I’m Lily the mom AND WOMAN behind this blog, but you already know that. Now onto what you DON’T know.

A little over a year ago, I was a stay at home mom languishing in near depression. I wasn’t the woman who was going to toddle around a little child who was over a year old and yet there I was, 23, pregnant again and nursing a 2 year old.

Being a very ambitious mama who had chosen to pull out of both the workforce and school (on a fully funded scholarship) I soon became VERY anxious about my own life and dreams. Yet, I just couldn’t bear to leave my child for even a minute.

So what did I do?

I turned my ambition onto my child. He was reading 3 letter words at 2, counting to 100, knew secondary colors and a host of other irrelevant things for a child his age. Whenever he ‘misbehaved’, I felt like a complete failure, like I couldn’t even handle this one single project.

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What I didn’t realize was that I may have been sabotaging his future by settling for that life. I was a sad mom whose self-worth rested on whether her 2 year old (!) would throw a tantrum in public or not. Can’t even imagine what it would be like growing up with a mother like that. I couldn’t afford the things I wanted for him because I don’t ask for money (classic miss independent).

Something had to give!

Blogging saved me. Literally.

At first, I followed the usual start a blog in 20 minutes tutorial and started a blog but it quickly turned into a freelance writing and graphic design gig. Hey I needed to make money and those blog posts don’t teach you how to really start a blog that makes money!

Turned out that blog was in the wrong blogging niche for me at that time.

Still, I loved everything about blogging so while I closed up shop, I continued to learn, test and help several clients turn their blogs into successful businesses.

Learning and testing IS MY HOBBY!

FindingBalance.Mom was born out of my love for learning and the desire to share all that I’ve discovered.

To simplify and automate blogging for moms like you so you can spend time where it matters and the results I’ve seen even in a very competitive niche like this have been amazing.

I hope you’ll stick around. In fact, I’m giving you these 7 Gorgeous Pin templates for free just so we can be friends. Download them, use them and tag me @lilyugbaja so I can see your beautiful creations and repin you to my relevant boards.


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