How To Become a Foot Model in 7 steps

A foot model? You may be surprised that this job exists. Well, you’re not alone, I too was surprised when I first heard of the term ‘foot model’. I mean, who would want a picture of people’s feet? It turns out – a lot of companies actually do! 

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Yes, there are many companies looking for foot models and you can become one, especially if you are into modelling or you want to delve into modelling. 

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When we hear of modelling, all that comes to mind are pictures of skinny girls in perfect dresses. Well, body part modeling is another form of modelling, and a body part model is someone who models using just one part of their bodies. So, foot models or leg models are under body part modelling and it is a growing profession. There are lots of opportunities in this field to make a decent amount of money. 

Before I go on, let me tell you who a foot model is. 

A professional foot model is someone who earns money by showing their bare feet. They even model shoes for famous shoe companies. Most foot models are women. As a professional foot model, you can work part-time or have other jobs to supplement your income. 

Now read on to know how to become one. 

What Are The Requirements For A Foot Model?

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The only requirement for being a foot model is that you must have attractive feet. This means that you will be selected based on the attractiveness of your feet and lower legs. 

If you want to go into leg modeling, you will be selected based on the beauty of your legs. As a foot model, you will be used in advertising campaigns usually when a close-up is required. 

Who Can Become A Foot Model?

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Anyone with attractive feet can become a foot model and foot models are in high demand. They are needed for:

  • Advertising pedicures
  • Advertising socks 
  • Product close-ups of shoes
  • Advertising foot jewelry like toe rings and ankle bracelet 
  • Advertising skin medications 
  • And anything else that has to do with the feet. 

How Do I Know If My Feet Are Attractive?

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You may be looking at your feet now and wondering if they are attractive. You may be asking yourself: “What do attractive feet look like?”. Well, we will answer those questions for you below. 

  • So, if you want to be a successful foot model, you must take great care of your feet and lower legs. You must do all you can to deliberately avoid bumping and bruising your lower limbs. 
  • You can avoid wearing high heels because they can cause blisters and bunions. Also,  you have to move often and avoid sitting down for long periods of time because this act can lead to varicose veins. 
  • Note that you can be rejected from being a foot model if you have grazes, blisters, calluses, and bruises. And if you are already a foot model, having any of these or a combination of these can put you out of action for a week, and this will make you lose work and money. 
  • So, you must take care of your skin by exfoliating. Also engage in body brushing and moisturizing each day to give your skin a healthy glow. Your toenails must be buffed and trimmed. There should be no jagged edges or discoloration. 
  • You will have an advantage in this profession if you can give yourself a proper pedicure. This means exfoliating dead cells and using nail polish will have to become a daily activity for you if you want to be a professional and successful foot model. 
  • Also note that you will decrease your job opportunities if you have tattoos on your feet. Even though you are a foot model, your legs will be featured regularly in feet modeling, so you have to wax or shave off the hairs on your legs and also moisturize your skin. 
  • Then when you are exercising, you will have to focus on your legs and feet to tone this area. This will create lean and toned pins. 

How To Become A Foot Model

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There are 2 main ways you can become a foot model; you can either work freelance or get signed to an agency. 

In working freelance, this means that you will find work for yourself and also know the right people. As a freelance foot model, you will spend lots of time looking for opportunities to apply for. 

On the other hand, when you get signed to an agency, jobs will be brought to you regularly and you will even have the opportunity to interview for more potential jobs. 

But the only drawback is that the agency will take a cut of whatever you make. 

How To get Signed To A Modeling Agency

If you are interested in being a foot model and you want to get signed to an agency, then you have to look for body parts agencies that specialize in working with foot models. 

Take some time and do some research, you will find the best foot modeling agencies in your country. 

You can apply to as many agencies as you want but try not to re-apply to the same agency more than once every 6 months. 

If your application is successful, the agency will get in touch with you and invite you to a casting call. If you don’t hear anything from them after a month, your application wasn’t successful. 

Please note that rejection is quite common in the modelling industry. You must become used to it, and even overcome it in order to succeed. 

So don’t become dejected if you don’t hear back from the agency you applied to, it is not about you. There are lots of reasons why agencies reject models; they may not have any space left, they may have a model who looks like you, your look may not match their clientele’s wishes at that time, or your look may not be in-demand. 

So, just take it in good faith and continue applying to agencies until you achieve your dreams of becoming a professional foot model. 

Important Tips To Help You As A Foot Model

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  • When you are at a photoshoot, it is important to give 100% to the role. You have to imagine how the final product will appear and the employer’s vision. 
  • Create the correct pose by tensing or relaxing your feet and toes. This will change the way the product is viewed. 
  • Always practice various poses in front of the mirror. This will help you find attractive positions that can boost the shape of your toes and feet. 
  • Take great care of your assets by removing dry skin, moisturizing your foot, and manicuring your toenails. 
  • Moisturizing always will keep your skin soft, in good condition, and supple. 
  • You must have a strict beauty regimen. 
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes and socks that will leave unwanted marks and blisters on your legs.
  • It is public knowledge that professional foot models do not wear tight shoes. They wear shoes that are a size bigger and they never wear high heels or pointy foot wears because they leave harsh and negative effects on the feet. There is an irony here –  while you model designer shoes at the photoshoot, at home or during social gatherings, you don’t wear them. You will even have lots of stilettos that you can’t wear. 
  • Use neutral colors on your toenails, the designer you want to model for may not want a bright red or a vivid blue color on their campaign. Also, bright shades can stain your nails and this will create more work for the technical team. 
  • Don’t walk outside with your bare feet so that you won’t have cuts or injuries that can spoil the shoot. This can ruin your chances of making a good impression. 
  • Avoid fake tan as things can easily go wrong and the client may become angry.
  • When sunbathing, wear soft cotton socks to avoid sunspots. 
  • You can go to a gym and tone your thighs and calves to get ready for modeling jobs that need only a leg shot. 
  • Professional foot models do not sit down or cross their legs for too long because it can cause varicose veins. 
  • Also,. you need to adopt a healthy diet. It makes your skin more beautiful and healthy. Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and toxic substances. These bad foods will make you shake during crucial moments. 
  • A balanced and healthy diet will keep your skin soft, your circulation pumping, and your feet will even have a healthy glow. 

How Much Does A Foot Model Earn?

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It is important you know that foot modelling is not a full time occupation. So, you must be resourceful so that you can juggle various jobs to have a successful foot modeling career. 

But your income as a foot model can be quite lucrative if you are being paid a lot of money per shot. 

So the amount you are paid or how much you make as a foot model depends on your experience, the brand hiring you, the type of work required, and even the location. 

You can earn a substantial amount of money by modelling your feet for adverts and editorial shoots. Also, to make more money, you can add other body parts to your CV or portfolio to get more attention and more clients. 

Well, as a starter, your salary may be less than $20 per hour. You may even want to work for free at first just to get a portfolio and show brands your ability. 

Then when you start doing well, you can expect to earn around $100 per hour. 

Your Modeling Portfolio

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A great way to succeed in the modeling industry is to have a modeling portfolio. And your modeling portfolio has to focus on the body part you wish to model for, which are your feet in this case. 

Your modeling portfolio is highly important because it is the main tool that modeling agencies and brands will use to decide if they want to work with you or not. 

So, if you are an aspiring foot model, you need to have a wide range of photos showing your feet in a way that shows your modeling experience and potential. 

If you don’t have any experience yet as a foot model, you will do yourself a big favor in hiring a professional photographer (one with experience in modelling photography) to take images of your feet. 

This shoot will give you valuable experience and you will have professional photos for your modeling portfolio. 

You can also read magazines and look at shoe adverts. This will give you an idea and inspiration on how to model your feet in a professional way. Practicing in front of a mirror and a camera is a great way to also learn. 

From all these, you can learn which angles work best for you. 

Is Foot Modelling Right For Me?

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If you have the asset (attractive feet) and you’re interested in this field of body part modelling, then you can give it a try. In this case, our answer to you will be YES!

Also, do you feel comfortable with close-up photography? Are you happy posing in front of the camera? If your answers to these questions are yes, then foot modeling is right for you. 

So, if you have good feet that are above average in terms of attractiveness, then foot modeling may be right for you. If you pursue this dream whole-heartedly, you will make a decent amount of money. 

There are some top foot models who make up to £3000 per image. Check out how to sell feet pics online. So there is money to be made in this field. Just make sure your assets (attractive feet) are in top condition, this shows that you are serious about foot modeling. 

Note that this may require you to miss social events if it is going to jeopardize your legs or the look of your feet. 

Also, just as with all modeling jobs, you must be okay with interviewing for multiple jobs and even traveling to the location of those jobs if you are comfortable with that. In some cases, body part models may even be required to go abroad. 

And always remember that you must keep the muscles and ligaments in your legs and feet healthy by working out and keeping them toned. 


We believe this post will serve as a guide if you want to use your lovely feet to make an income. And always remember to take good care of your assets (your feet).

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