Make Extra $1000 A Month With These 10 Side Hustles

According to CNBC, American households who reside in major cities in the United States spend around $984 every month on bills. These bills range from gas to oil, water, sewer fees, rents, mortgage, car bills, wastes, and recycling services. While these bills differ from person to person, if you are able to make extra $1000 a month, you’ll conveniently be able to settle these bills and make some little savings too!

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There is so much that can be changed in your life with an extra $1000 a month. As a mom, one of these  is that you will be able to spend more time at home with your kids and leave your 9 -5 job. Your debts will be settled faster, and you’ll be able to invest more in businesses that will yield more money for you. 

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So, whether you’d like to do more savings, boost your emergency savings, clear off high interest loans, pursue your financial goals, or go on a much anticipated vacation, making an extra $1000 a month demands some seriousness, commitment, and creativity. But it isn’t as hard as you may be thinking.

Here Are Proven Ways to Make Extra $1000 A Month

1. Become A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide services to business owners to support the smooth running of their businesses. As a VA you can also have other side jobs that bring in constant income for you.

A virtual assistant must possess some skills to succeed in the profession.  Organization skills, time management, motivation, communication skills, detail-oriented, focus, and the willingness to take initiative are attributes that cannot be negotiated to excel in this field.

You should be diverse. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be an expert in everything you do. However, you should regularly hone your skills and be flexible. 

Some technical skills you’ll most likely find appealing to potential clients are Website design, graphic design, customer support, transcription, Search Engine Optimization, calendar management, travel management, content creation, content research, lead generation, sales pages creation, video editing, social media management, project management, and bookkeeping.

2. Become A Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers have the duty of tracking and managing startup and companies’ spendings and earnings. You will be required to take records of all kinds of financial transactions and also help businesses keep track of whatever they earn and spend within each month.

To do well as a bookkeeper, you’ll be required to enroll for a free or paid course in bookkeeping. You can also earn an associate degree, and Bachelor’s Degree, to get high paying opportunities in the industry.

Your regular tasks as a bookkeeper would include recording sales, managing payroll, filing receipts, recording sales, managing bills payments, reconciling expenses, and producing financial reports for record purposes.

Are you prepared to kick off as a Bookkeeper? Check out Ziprecruiter for freelance Bookkeeping jobs here

These websites also hire work-from-home bookkeepers:

3.  Earn As A Photographer

Do you enjoy taking great pictures? You may want to turn that hobby into a business and earn big every month. You can make an extra $1000 a month by selling those creative photos you have produced to companies that are waiting and willing to pay for them.

And if you think you need to improve that photography skill a little better,  you’ll find numerous free resources to use. Offer free jobs to friends, family, and people you know who can become potential clients. 

These will help you to gain more knowledge and experience working in the field. You’ll also be able to gain the confidence of people and connect to more potential clients at events. Take pictures at weddings, birthdays, corporate platforms, gatherings, and ceremonies. 

Photographers can make up to $80 per hour working from home. Check out free photography resources to help you improve your skills:

4. Get Blogging

Blogging is one of the most amazing ways you can make extra $1000 and more every month. It can change your life in so many ways and greatly improve your income and earn from your passion.

Starting a Blog isn’t hard. To begin, select a perfect niche that you’ll love to consistently blog on. Choose a platform you’ll like to blog on, select a domain name, get an account to host your blog, and start on WordPress. Pick a blog theme, design, create and promote your blog contents 

There are probloggers who make several thousands of dollars every month. In fact according to Incomediary blogs like The Huffington Post makes a whopping $2,330,000 every month! Techcrunch makes $800,000, Mashable makes $600,000, and Perez Hilton makes $450,000 per month! That is massive!

Starting is quite affordable and you can make even much more if you put in what it takes to attain that feat.

5. Offer Catering Services

Your love and skills in cooking can fetch so much money if you can put in the right work. Family gatherings, birthday parties, holidays, and weddings provide you with amazing opportunities to showcase your culinary skills and also earn from it by whipping up some delicious appetizers and personalized cupcakes.

You’ll be surprised at how some of your friends and family are willing to lavish on birthday parties for their kids. You may also consider creating a personal chef to display your skills.

Some catering opportunities you can leverage on are competitive cooking shows, online cooking school, food and nutrition Television or radio program, wedding cake business, gourmet catering delivery business, chocolate making, homemade gourmet food, donut shop, wedding cake business, homemade biscuits, coffee café, food truck owner, restaurant catering business, production and selling of cooking videos.

6.  Sell Your Personal Stuff

Most of the ideas highlighted in the entries are great ways to make extra $1000 a month, but what if you need money very urgently and you need it right now?

If you look around your house, you are very likely going to have things you do not use at all – we all do. Put together those personal stuff of yours just lying there for some quick income. And how often you will be doing this depends on the stuff you have at home.

Things you’ll want to look around for are books, kids’ toys, furniture, clothes, sports equipment, home decor, tools, and kitchen gadgets. Ensure that they are in good conditions.

Where to sell them.

Head over to Facebook Marketplace or groups and showcase your items there. You are going to find Facebook Marketplaces that are related to what you are selling and have a huge audience.

There are a few other platforms that can help in getting your personal stuff successfully sold.  Some of the places to consider include: 

7. Sell On Etsy

Etsy has become a household name for online shopping of vintage and handmade stuff.  You can make some huge cash opening your Etsy store.

It was founded in 2005. It began as an online community for artists and crafters to get their stuff sold. Today, it offers over 45 million items, has over 1.7 million active sellers, and over 26 million realtime buyers around the globe.

Etsy gives creative online entrepreneurs a leading opportunity to sell their products, and allows consumers to discover the unique items. Some tips to consider to have an excellent experience on the site are:

  • Take great pictures of the stuff you are selling.
  • Add descriptions that are clear and relatable.
  • Add keywords to your descriptions to give your stuff an edge to be shown in search results more often.
  • Be prompt in your communication with shoppers and buyers.
  • Make good research to find out the items that are being searched, shopped for, and sells best.
  • Get started.

8. Sell Printable Stuff

You may not have discovered the great potential in selling printable stuff. But you can easily earn $1000 and more selling printable stuff online through diverse platforms. 

To start creating great printables for the web, you can use any of the tools listed below:

  • InDesign
  • Canva
  • Microsoft Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Inkscape
  • Picmonkey
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Google Docs/Excel
  • Affinity
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop Elements

There are online platforms where you can make some money selling your printed creatives. Each of the platforms however has its pros and cons. Put into consideration how many products you are selling, the time you’ll be investing, and how tech-savvy you are.

Places to sell your printables online include:

  • Etsy 
  • Shopify 
  • Facebook Groups
  • Teachers Pay Teachers 
  • Woocommerce: This is a free plugin that you can add to your website. You can set it up and add more plugins for extra functionality. The additional plugins may either be free or paid and will help you achieve your target. Woocommerce Multi-Currency helps you target different countries and display your prices in multiple currencies. Woocommerce Products Slideshow  enables you to add different product photos without consuming lots of space on your website. This plugin will help you generate stylish sliders for your products.

9. Become An Online Researcher

As an online researcher, you’ll be paid by different online research websites to find answers to questions that people are asking. User Testing and Wonder will pay you for tasks like recommending services and products, gathering statistics, and studying industry trends. User testing will pay you to give reports after testing websites and detail the pros and cons.

Active researchers on Wonders can earn up to $2000 every month doing research from the comfort of their homes. And even if you aren’t going to be very active, you can still make extra $1000.

Some other websites that will pay you to do online research are listed below:

10. Dropshipping

Dropshipping basically involves partnering with suppliers and manufacturers to display their products to potential customers. The items are stored in the manufacturer or supplier’s warehouse until there is an order. Orders from your own site do not necessarily pass through your hands to get delivered to customers. 

With dropshipping, sellers or retailers do not have to stock goods for buyers, they send customer’s order to manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers after an order is made. And the goods are directly shipped from the manufacturers to the customers. This medium of commerce is an easy way of making extra money doing your own business and rendering services to potential customers.

You’ll earn commissions or profits from the difference you make in-between each sale. You do not have to do the shipping yourself or store any inventory.

Popular dropshipping websites you should consider to begin to earn with dropshipping are listed below:

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