Sell Used Clothes to Make Money (Where, How, How Much?)

Take a quick glance at your closet right now. If you’re overflowing with used clothes, I’ve got a solution for you. Sell them!

Yeah!! You can sell used clothes to make money fast.

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And in a society where people throw things away A LOT — especially things that are barely used — let’s cut down on these wastes by selling off used clothes.

I’ll show you how to sell your used clothes using the websites and apps that I’ll share with you in a bit.

We’ll also cover your used shoes, accessories, handbags, and even baby toys and clothes in this post. I’m going to show you everything you need to know to start selling old clothes to make money.

Best Websites And Apps To Sell Used Clothes

Now, let’s dive in!

1. Etsy

Etsy isn’t just for people who want to make money selling crafts. You can actually get your used stuff sold on the website for some cool cash.

The site, having almost two million sellers, ranks high in the list of sites that will boost your pocket with some cash from selling those items that appear like a mountain in your closet.

Etsy charges sellers around 20 cents to list items. They also charge 3% to process payments and a transaction fee of 3.5%.

2. ThredUP

ThredUP is popular for selling women and children’s items; accessories, apparel, shoes, and jewelry. It carries about 40,000 name brand articles and is flaunted as the leading thrift-store in the world. There is a daily list of over 5000 items on the platform, and you can easily sell your items with no stress.

They will send you an ’empty bag’ or what they call a Clean Out bag at your request.

Fill it with high-quality pieces and get them out for the mailman.

You will get a notification of your payout after a member of the team goes through your items. Sellers can earn up to 80% of the resale price, but you should consider the Payout Estimator to see what your items are worth.

ThredUP is based in San Francisco, CA. Their payout method includes; ThredUP shopping credit, PayPal, or prepaid visa card.

3. Material World

To sell on Material World, request for a free Trade-in kit, forward in those used apparel. You will receive an itemized offer, accept it, and get your instant payout. If you have items that didn’t make the offer, you can ask that they are returned. Or better still, you can choose to donate them to charity.

As a matter of fact, the platform which is based in Brooklyn is especially for simple, pre-owned, and handpicked luxury. They partner with Housing Works and payout via store credit and PayPal.

4. eBay

eBay is pretty huge for young women who want to lay off some designer items or people trying to buy some used stuff with no limit on selection. Sellers are totally in control of their photos on the platform. You will be able to choose your price after uploading photos, and then discuss with potential buyers on the platform.

Selling fees on eBay is about 10% less compared to other platforms. You can consider setting a minimum selling price on the bidding option and have interested buyers make their bid on the items. The highest bidder wins once the period allocated for it ends. Items such as children and adult’s clothes, accessories, bags, vintage items, and shoes can get easily sold the platform. Payout is via PayPal.


Becoming a seller on UK based thrift store, ASOS is a great way to deliver your garment along with numerous independent brands around the world. You will be able to earn a commission of up to 80% on vintage, independent labels, and multi-brand items.

You pay £20 each month as a member of the platform with complete adherence to the rules regarding photography. Photos of items for sale must be taken on a model, under natural daylight, must be high-quality images, and so on.

You also need to have a minimum of ten items listed in your shop at all times. The platform is great when you have so much to sell, but it does not seem fast for listing your used clothes. ASOS receives only ten percent commission of the price of items sold and has virtually everything available for sale. They pay via PayPal.

6. Tradesy

If you have handbags, purses, shoes, wedding garments, clothing, and other used wardrobe essentials that you no longer use, Tradesy is a great way to quickly minimize them. The founder and CEO, Tracy DiNunzio once hinted that brand-name handbags perform nicely on the platform. So, if you have a bunch of such items, Tradesy would be a place of refuge for you.

You pay $7.50 as a commission fee for all items sold below $50, and 19.8% of commission fee for items above $50. Their demand policy is quite cool, an unsatisfied buyer who intends to return an item will get attention from the Tradesy HQ team. The seller will have to keep payout so long the listing is accurate and sincere.

7. Facebook Marketplace

Since recent stat shows that about two-thirds of the world’s population uses Facebook, then the Facebook marketplace is really a great place to consider for selling vintage items. If you are regularly on Facebook, then you should make use of the platform to those items out for some cash. Some of the great benefits of the Facebook marketplace is that it is free to join, taxes are not involved, seller fees are not also involved, and there is often no commission fees required over items to be sold.

There are platforms already created with several thousands of buyers and sellers. There are platforms for promoting eBooks, cars, pets, used clothes, and several others. It is also easy to share your listing for interested buyers. You never can tell who will be interested in that your once-worn prom dress!

8. Depop

Depop is not just a platform to resell things online, it is also a social app and a community marketplace where fashion inspiration is shared, and sellers meet potential buyers. As a seller, you will be able to completely make your own decisions over your kind of photos, a description of your items, and their prices. And you can sell anything from adult clothes to home goods, accessories, shoes, and bags.

You will need to download the app to begin to create listings for your items. Your chances of being discovered on the platform increase when you interact with sellers and buyers who have a similar style to yours. And whatever your listing is, you are going to find potential buyers!

9. Clothes Mentor

You may have a busy life and wish to avoid burnout, but selling your used items on Clothes Mentor is easy since you are going to be having an automated process. It is easy, efficient, convenient, and very rewarding getting your items in their stores.

So, if you have changed in size, or changed your job, or perhaps your mind, and for some reason, you are not just wearing those stuff again, you should consider getting some cash over them by moving your items into Clothes Mentor stores. They often request women’s items such as shoes, handbags, accessories, and clothes with sizes 0-26.


So, having revealed the best places online where you can sell used clothes…

Here is how to begin to sell those used items in your closet:

1. Clean Out Your Closet For The Items Still In Very Good Condition

Go through the items you are prepared to part ways with – ensure they are still in good condition to be appreciated by anyone else. You do not want to put out stuff that would be outrightly rejected. Sometimes, you may have items that still carry tags on them. Yea…it is funny, but I do! It seems kind of wasteful, but sometimes this happens. They are however your best pieces to put on sale.

2. Clean And Iron Them

After selecting your best items to be sold, clean, and press them. Be sure that dirty and rough-looking clothes will either be rejected or lose their potential value. So, remove those wrinkles before getting them on display.

3. Take Good Multiple Photos

Take several photos of the items from different angles with natural daylight. You do not have to use a professional camera for this. Just use your phone camera if it is not bad and take several photos of the items you want to sell. Select the best of the photos taken.

4. List The Items

List the items you want to sell. Facebook marketplace and most of the other platforms have apps with easy-to-use features. Follow the prompts and pick your category. Then add your description.

5. Be Descriptive

If you are good at making descriptions, you are likely to have better chances with your items. You can add measurements, brand names, and more details about the items you are putting out.

6. Pricing

After you have put your items in excellent conditions, add prices similar to what you would gladly pay to have them. You may want to make your research before making your decision on the pricing of your items.

7. Link To Instagram And Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are really great places to showcase your used clothes with pictures and videos. Upload really good pictures (and/or short videos) of your collection for your audience on those platforms who may be interested or have others who would be interested in shopping your items with links to your online shops.

And that’s it!

If you are looking for more ideas to make money from home, check out the following posts.

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