How To Sell Feet Pics On Etsy (The Ultimate Guide)

This post is for you if you are looking for how to sell feet pics on Etsy. You might have thought Etsy is just a place to sell arts and crafts. Well, that is not entirely true; you can also sell your feet pics on this website and make real money. 

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In fact, Etsy is one of the best platforms to sell feet pics and increase your earnings. It is very easy to cash out on Etsy. And one good thing with Etsy is that you can sell your feet pics there and remain anonymous. 

You can even reach out to brands that need feet pics, and pitch to them to buy your feet pics through your Etsy account. 

So, to start selling feet pics on Etsy, you have to create a seller account and wait for it to be approved. After it has been approved, you can start making money when people start buying your feet pictures. 

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However, don’t expect massive income immediately, especially if you are a beginner. It may take some weeks to months for your feet pics to gain prominence. Focus first on how to grow your audience and be consistent. 

Requirements To Sell Your Feet Pics On Etsy

Photo of feet pics; find out how to sell feet pics on Etsy

Etsy has simple requirements and when you fulfill them, it would be easy to have your account approved and you can start selling pictures of your feet. 

Below are some of the requirements.

1. You must have a device 

You need a device with which you will be able to access the website, it could be a personal computer (Check this brand out on Amazon) or a mobile phone (Check this type out on Amazon). If your device is faulty, you can borrow from a friend or relative until you can repair or afford a new device. 

2. Create an Etsy account 

You need to create a seller’s account on Etsy before you can start selling feet pic. And it is important you know that you are responsible for the security of your account. 

If you are new to Etsy, you need to learn the security measures as this will help in the safety of your account. You have to do this before you start selling because if an unauthorized user gets access to your account, you may lose your outstanding funds. 

This hacker can change your payment details and move your funds to an unknown mobile wallet. It is better to prevent this than to try to fix it when the deed has already been done. 

3. Have a mobile wallet or bank account 

Etsy supports direct bank payments and various mobile wallets. You can choose direct bank deposits because mobile wallets charge commissions. Banks charge too but when you move funds from Etsy to mobile wallet, the tax and commission is higher. 

4. You need a good camera 

You need a decent camera with fine-tuned lenses to give you a perfect and bright picture. So, you can purchase an affordable quality camera or make use of your phone camera if the spec is high. 

You can check out this brand on Amazon if you want to purchase a quality camera. 

5. Quality images 

Etsy lays emphasis on image quality. So to get approved, you need stunning images of your feet pictures. For better resolution, you can use 2000 X 3000 dimensions. Find out how to take good feet pictures.

Your good image must also be stylish to attract buyers. 

How To Sell Feet Pics On Etsy

Photo of pretty feet; find out how to sell feet pics on Etsy

Below are the steps to start selling your feet pics on Etsy and make money. 

1. Create a seller’s account 

This is the first step to start selling your feet pics on Etsy. And when opening your account, you can choose to be anonymous or display your personal information. 

It is best to show your personal information because it shows people that you are real and this would make you earn their trust and distinguish you from the many fake sellers on Etsy. 

Being real will build your reputation and attract natural reviews. Don’t repeat the same images when buyers ask for different styles. You can also sell the feet pics of anyone you know but with their consent and even pay the person for it. 

2. Submit your account and set up your preferred method of payment 

In this next step, after fulfilling the above conditions, you have to submit your account for approval. You have nothing to fear if you did your account opening well and provided all the details they need. You will definitely get approved if Etsy is okay with it. 

Then, you add your bank information and set up payment details. You can choose if to get paid through your bank account or mobile wallets like PayPal. 

3. Choose your pricing and concept 

After your account has been approved, you have to set the prices at which you want to sell your images. One tip to help you sell well is to keep the price low to attract buyers. 

You can gradually increase your price over time when you’ve gotten a reputation and customers. 

4. Take Pictures of your feet and upload 

The last step is to take a picture of your feet and upload it on your Etsy shop. Since feet pics will be your selling point, you have to upload elegant and quality images and optimize them with Etsy hashtags. 

Have a number of publications that you will do in a week and stick to it. 

If you want to prevent theft of your feet pics and even make your market professional, you must add a watermark on each of your feet images. You can use a free tool like Canva to do this. 

Also note that buyers have the right to use your feet pics personally. There are many reasons why people buy feet pics on Etsy, some use them for brand advertising or marketing, while others may use them for fetish. 

5. You have to be creative 

In one of our posts, we talked about poses and themes for taking feet pictures. You will need these unique themes and poses for selling feet pictures because on Etsy, you need to be unique to sell well. 

This means that you must not replicate what the next shop is doing. 

6. Have more than one account or shop 

The truth is that you cannot make up to $300 selling feet pics on Etsy if you only have one account. You can operate multiple accounts and even open accounts on other websites that sell feet pictures so that you can increase your chances of making more money by selling feet pics. 

It is not advisable to put all your eggs in one basket by selling your feet pictures on Etsy only. 

Photo of feet; find out how to sell feet pics on Etsy

7. Be active on social media and grow a good following 

Being active on social media will help you grow a large amount of followers or social media friends. You can always refer your social media friends or followers to your Etsy feet pic shops by sharing your links with them. 

This can be a huge source of traffic for you. 

8. Advertise 

Putting up your feet pics for sale on Etsy is not enough. You have to run ads to your Etsy profile or profiles on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram

Create a simple content on your feet pic feet advert and publish it for your ad campaign. You can promise your customers and even potential customers electrifying feet pics, this will get people to buy from you on Etsy. 

And remember not to transact outside Etsy so that you will not get scammed. 

9. Make your feet feminine 

Female feet pics sell more than male feet pics. Take good care of your feet, get a pedicure regularly and you can use flowers or other decorative accessories on your feet while taking pictures. 

Also, make sure that the scenery is clean and clear, don’t use dark scenery unless a buyer demands for it. 

10. Keep your prices low 

Selling of feet pics to make money is a growing industry and there are lots of people in this business already, thereby making it a competitive business. 

Keeping your prices low will give you an edge over your competitors. 

When people visit the profiles of feet pics sellers, what they are interested in first is the price before they even consider the beauty of the feet in question. Low cost feet pics attract buyers more than those on the high side. 

11. Use hashtags 

Hashtags will help to optimize your feet pic store when buyers search for feet pics on the website.

Tags will help your listing appear on the top. 

12. Categorize your Etsy store 

You must remember to pick the photo category on your Etsy store as ‘feet pics’. This makes it easy for people to find your feet pics. When they search for feet pics on Etsy, your picture will come out under the related terms. 

But if you don’t use the photo category “feet pics”, your feet pics will be put under unrelated categories like phones, electronics, etc. 

To pick photo category, go to “shop manager” and click “listings”. Click “manage” to add a section, then you click “add section”. Label the section, in this case “feet pics” and then hit “save”. 

You’re done! Now, your feet pics will come up under feet image searches. 

13. Ask for positive reviews 

When people buy feet pics from you, ask them to leave you a positive review. It will encourage other potential customers to buy from you. 

Some sellers use the “black hat” technique, you can do it if you want. 

To do this, you have to create at least 2 buyer accounts. Then you purchase your feet pics and leave positive reviews. This sounds funny but it will help you to sell your feet pics faster on Etsy. 

How Much Can I Make Selling Feet Pics On Etsy?

Well, how much you can make selling feet pics on this website depends on some factors like your picture (the quality and uniqueness), the time you put in the business, how much you charge, etc. 

It is possible to make $100 daily by selling feet pics on Etsy, but you have to be consistent and determined. As a beginner, you may be making $5 to $10 daily but as time goes on and you improve, you can make more than this. 

But like we said above, creating multiple accounts can even help you make up to $500 a day by selling feet pics on Etsy. 

So dominate Etsy with multiple accounts and each account should use a different identity. As you do this, also build trust in the Etsy community and even on your social media handles and you will conquer the market as you earn from every account comfortably. 

Does Etsy Charge To Sell Feet Pics?

Yes! Etsy will charge you to sell feet pics and it charges $0.20 for each feet pic on your list. Then when you sell a feet pic, it will take a 5% transaction fee. 

If you accept Etsy payment directly, they will charge you a 3% plus a $0.25 which is for payment processing after the feet pic is sold. 


Now that you’ve known that selling feet pics on Etsy is legal and possible, why not swing into action and open that account? Sign up on Etsy right now and start selling feet pics. Apart from selling feet pics, see what else sells best on Etsy.

Also find out how to sell feet pics on Craigslist for extra income.

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