71 Easy Crafts That Make Money From Home (Make & Sell these Hot Crafts)

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Love to make stuff at home? Get excited!

I’m about to share with you a list of the most profitable crafts out there so that you can make money from crafts and DIY projects you make at home!

And even if you don’t really make crafts yet but are looking for ways to make money from home while having fun, you’ll love these easy money making craft ideas.

So get your workspace ready, let’s get crafty, have fun and make some money!

Most Profitable Crafts to Sell

Let’s kick the list off with some of the most profitable crafts to sell. These hot craft ideas have always been some of the easiest things to make and sell with higher profit margins.

1. Glass Pebble Magnets

glass peble magnets, a craft that makes money

Source: Stampin Fool

This is one cheap craft you can make quickly. You can make up to 50 magnets in 10 minutes and sell great so that’s a great return on investment in terms of time and money.

2. Children’s Headbands

children's headbands, a craft idea that makes money

Source: Six Clever Sisters

Baby girls are adorable and so we always dress them up. I personally haven’t been able to go past baby girl headbands without stopping to pick one or two so if you need a popular craft to make and sell, you can’t go wrong with this one!

3. Palette Clock

Source: Little Bit of Paint

Obsessed with old pallets/wood crafts? This craft idea is perfect for you. Turn your old wood into a beautiful clock and sell it for profit.

4. Decorative Champagne Flutes

How To - DIY Decorative Champagne Flutes – Hallmark Channel

These cost around $35 to make for a set of 8 but retail for $160 – $200 for a set of 8! And they are sooo easy to make. You should try it.

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links from Amazon or other publishers I trust (at no extra cost to you). See disclosure for details.

5. Lace Doily Bowls

lace doily bowls, a craft that makes money

Source: Positively Splendid

Lace doily bowls are perfect for using as votive holders, jewelry bowls and more, and they are so easy to make! Profitable too 😉

profitable and easy crafts pin image

6. Flower Crowns

flower crowns, a craft that makes money

Source: Pro Flowers

Great for weddings and festivals, flower crowns are a people’s favorite and you should definitely look into making them to sell.

7. Mini Pallet Coasters

pallet coasters, a craft that makes money

Source: Washi Tape Crafts

These cute and easy mini pallet coasters will steal the heart of any handmade goods lover.

8. Velvet Pillows

Source: A Beautiful Mess
This is one popular must-have item in many living rooms, why not fill that demand, make some money and have fun while at it.

9. Beaded Bracelets

Jewelry making tutorial. Beading pattern. Beaded bracelet, Learn how to bead.

These adorable beaded bracelets will be a hard choice to go wrong with. Try this with different colors and sell.

10. Gemstone Bobby Pins

gemstone bobby pins, a craft that makes money

Source: Tell Love and Party

You can never go wrong with cute accessories for women. We love fashion and these are so cute and unique!

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Cheap Craft Ideas

If you are looking for great craft ideas you can make on the cheap and sell to make money, here’s a list you’ll love:

1. Succulent Clay Vase

succulent clay vases, a craft that makes money

Source: O Mundo De Jess

Clay pots are cheap, easy to find, and easy to work with. These vases are a perfect choice for anyone looking to make expensive looking crafts to sell even though making them was cheap!

2. BirdHouse Key Hooks

bird house key hooks, a craft that makes money

Source: Torie Jayne

Using little birdhouses from Michael’s you can make beautiful key racks for sale. Sell this to people looking to get organized so they never waste time looking for car, home, or office keys again.

3. Easy Foiled Pencil Cup

foil pencil cup, a craft that makes money

Source: Damas Klove

This pencil cup is going to be the easiest, cheapest project you’ll ever make. And it’s so beautiful anyone will buy it!

4. Monogrammed Clay KeyChains

monogrammed clay key chains, a craft that makes money

Source: Homey Oh My

Clay is inexpensive and everyone loves beautiful keychains. These are also really quick to make and you can sell bundles of them as the perfect christmas gift to people.

5. Star Garland Gift Wrap

star garland gift wrap, a craft that makes money

Source: pottery barn

This is the most simple gift wrapping idea that looks super impressive at the same time. You just wrap a string around a few times and cut some stars, then glue them on. Who wouldn’t want to wrap their gifts like this!

6. Steampunk Mosaic Coasters

steampunk mosaic coasters, a craft that makes money

Source: kenarry

Aren’t these beautiful? I would buy these to be the star of the holiday party! 

7. Gold Dipped Pencils

gold dipped pencils, a craft that makes money

Source: delineateyourdwelling

Amy made these using beautiful twig pencils but it doesn’t mean you can’t make them with any other pencils. These are cheap, lovely and unique.

8. Gold Dot Champagne Flutes

gold dot champagne flutes, a craft that makes money

Source: lulus

Would you believe these lovely champagne flutes were decorated using nail polish and q-tips? Yes! So cheap and easy to make and sell for huge profit.

9. Floral Spoons

floral spoons, a craft that makes money

Source: smartschoolhouse

Plastic spoons and scrapbook! Those are the core materials you need to recreate these cheap yet adorable craft items.

10. Colorful Chalkboard Calendar

chalkboard calender, a craft that makes money

Source: hawthorneandmain

This is a fun cheap project you can make and sell to families that love to have fun everyday. Little children will enjoy changing up the dates on the calender.

Wood Craft Ideas to Sell

If you love to make wood crafts there’s something for you too! Here are some of the best wood crafts to make and sell.

1. Floating Shelves

floating shelves, a craft that makes money

source: Remodelaholic.

These are really popular right now and you shouldn’t have any problems selling them. Just look for ways to make yours more unique than your competition.

2. Chalkboard Shelf Unit

chalkboard shelf unit, a craft that makes money

Source: SawsOnSkates

This is a simple knockoff build of an otherwise pricey and great-looking chalkboard shelf unit. Have fun making this and sell it for huge profits.

3. Box Shelves

hanging box shelf, a craft that makes money

Source: FamilyHandyman

Wooden wall decor does really well online and this one isn’t an exception. Built on the cheap and with superior quality, this great-looking box shelving unit is just a collection of single boxes.

4. Wood Framed Magnetic Chalkboard

magnetic chalkboard, a craft that makes money

Source: AnikasDIYLife

Use galvanized sheet metal for the back so it’s magnetic – and cheap when making these! 

5. Bedside Docking Station

bedside docking station, a craft that makes money

Source: pinspiredtodiy.com

This simple beauty may not sell for a lot of money but everyone, not just wood furnishing lovers, will love it!

6. Wooden Baby Gym

baby gym, a craft that makes money

Source: Instructables.com

This one is a new discovery for me and I love it already! It’s also super easy to make. Because it’s for babies who’ll most likely chew on it than play, haha, please use food grade finish or paints for this project.

7. Scrap Wood Wall Art

scrap wood wall art, a craft that makes money

Source: Fix This Build That

Isn’t this adorable? This is a cheap project which you can literally make from all scrap cutoffs you may already have laying around but you’ll need to get creative here depending on what you have to work with.

8. Decorative Keepsake Box

Source: Canadian Woodworking

If you can source high quality wood at low prices, these boxes are gorgeous and would sell like hotcakes to the right market. But even if you can’t keep costs low, they’ll still sell well, just for lower profits than we would like.

9. Treasure Chest Toy Box

pirate toy chest box, a craft that makes money

Source: HousefulOfHandmade.com

This is one of my absolute favorite wood craft ideas on this list. What kid wouldn’t love to own their very own treasure chest? And what parent wouldn’t love to be the proud mom/dad who gifts it to their child! Parents are crazy buyers as you know so hop on this right now!

10. Vertical Number Planter Box

vertical planter box, a craft that makes money

Source: Ana White

This is one of those wooden crafts that just about anyone would fall for. That means if you do your marketing right, this may end up being the only product you keep selling.

11. Toy Stacker Blocks

wooden toy stacker blocks, a craft that makes money

Source: WeeFolkArt

Wooden toys last for generations and this colorful stacker is no exception. 

Disclaimer: Some of the rest of the wood crafts will be easier to make if you have advanced tools.

12. Cutting Board

DIY Edge Grain Butcher Block

This would probably sell for $50 or more and is easy and fun to make.

13. Chess Board & Box

chess board and box, a craft that makes money

Source: Jay’s Custom Creations

I’ve seen even people who don’t play chess buy chess boards so this one is a hot craft to make. A chess board like this can easily sell for $150 or more.

14. Wooden Play Kitchen

wooden play kitchen, a craft that makes money

Source: AnaWhite.com

No kid can resist this thing of beauty. Kids blackmail parents into buying stuff so get this in the hands of just one parent and you’ll have orders streaming in for the rest of the year

15. Desk Organizer with Charging Station

desk organizer, a craft that makes money

Source: Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Put a unique spin on desk organizers with this beautiful design. This is a great gift for kids going off to college or even people who work from home.

Holiday Crafts to Sell

This post won’t be complete without some holiday crafts to sell. People are spend crazy during holidays like christmas, thanksgiving and even valentines. Let’s dig in!

Christmas Crafts

If you are looking for some hot selling christmas craft ideas, here are some of the most popular stuff to make.

1 Christmas Tree Ornaments

christmas tree ornaments, a craft that makes money

Source: Go Diy Go

You may have already guessed it but christmas stars are the no. 1 hot sellers in ornaments.

You can make them out of wool, origami or whatever you like.

People look for different ornaments and if you can create a bundle with attractive Christmas ornaments and crafts, you will make a lot of money during the holidays.

2 Pinecone Christmas Trees

pinecone christmas trees, a craft that makes money

Source: Babble

The main christmas tree gets a lot of attention no doubt but it doesn’t mean there’s no space for this adorable little christmas trees. 

Many people will pay to grab a bundle of these cheap and beautiful creations that won’t take you a minute to make.

3 Snowy Mason Jar

snowy mason jar for christmas, a craft that makes money

Source: DecorArt

Transform simple mason jars into this breathtaking christmas deco item and have people knocking down your door to buy it.

4. Christmas Tree Globe

christmas crafts to sell and make extra cash

Source: Simple Craves and Olive Oil

Mason jars are awesome right? Similar to the snowy mason jar, you can also make a Christmas tree globe for sale.

5 Christmas Door Wreath

christmas wreaths, a craft that makes money

Source: Madame Criativia

Every household uses a door wreath at christmas so you can’t go wrong with this christmas craft idea. Whether you crochet, make origamis or any other type of craft, there’s something for everyone to make and sell. Here’s a list you may like.

6 Snowmen

Source: DIY beautify

Turn your old socks and sweaters into snowmen for sale.

7 Gnomes

Source: Ruffles and rain boots

These are just too adorable to not sell.

8 Penguins

Source: Lady with the red rocker

I don’t know about you but I’m making these this christmas. These adorable and quick to make penguins will make great gifts for kids and parents will love to buy a personalised one.

8 Pillows

Source: Your house and garden
I don’t shop things like this online because they aren’t budgeted for but if someone made these around me, I would buy them! Just too adorable to pass up.

9. Wooden Signs

Source: Six Clever Sisters

Here’s one for wood loving crafters. Make a christmas sign from old pallet wood for sale. 

Valentine Crafts to Sell

1. Valentine Wreath

Source: It all started with paint

Wreaths are adorable and even these red colored ones are perfect for valentine. After people take down their christmas wreaths, your wonderful creation could be the perfect accessory for their doors.

2. Candy in Tubes

Source: Live laugh rowe

Most people gifts candies for valentine’s. How pleased will they be to find these beautifully packaged candies they can gift their friends. These are unique so people will be up for the chance to be the cool guy in the neighborhood sharing cool looking candy packs 😉

3. Hanging Flower Cupid Heart

Source: A beautiful mess

This is perfect for romantic couples and newlyweds looking to celebrate their love. Perhaps even for a dude looking to propose on valentine’s day!

4. Candy Dish

Source: The Happy Scraps

We all need a place to keep all those valentine candies so why not a dish to match?

5. Painted Heart Bag

Source: V and Co

Be the smart creator that gives buyers a beautiful bag to carry all those beautiful valentine gifts they’ll buy. Make this out of cheap material and sell them in bundles, or use high-quality bags that will create a lasting memory and charge higher.

6. Sharpie Mugs

Source: Bren did

You know what these are for! Get creative with this idea and add some beautiful packaging to make it even more special.

7. Valentine Gift Boxes

Source: Live Laugh Rowe

This genius idea will turn a cookie box into a beautiful box for spreading valentine’s gifts in style. If you want to take on this idea, I recommend looking at the tutorial to find more ways to make it special.

Fall Crafts to Make and Sell

1. Fall Wreaths

2. Door Tags

3. Fall Signs and Porch Decor

4. Pumpkins

6. Fall Acorns

DIY Fall Acorns

7. Mason Jar Fall Crafts

8. Pillows

9. Owl Tree and Ornaments

Owl Tree with Handmade Ornaments

10. Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Candy Corn Bottle Centerpiece

New Craft Ideas to Cash in On Before Others

1. Tattoo Paper

DIY Maker Tattoos - I'm always on the hunt for new craft ideas. Check out some of these amazing craft ideas and craft projects that are on my crafting radar right now!

DIY Maker Tattoos.

2. Ice Dyeing

Ice Dying Fabric - I'm always on the hunt for new craft ideas. Check out some of these amazing craft ideas and craft projects that are on my crafting radar right now!

via eHow

I’m sure you’ll agree that these ice dyed pillows are gorgeous enough to sell.

3. Embossing Paste

Mason jar painted wood sign with embossing paste- I'm always on the hunt for new craft ideas. Check out some of these amazing craft ideas and craft projects that are on my crafting radar right now!

The Painted Home

Emboss paint on your crafts to give them some texture and uniqueness.

4. Fired Ink Art

Fired Ink Art - I'm always on the hunt for new craft ideas. Check out some of these amazing craft ideas and craft projects that are on my crafting radar right now!

Fired Ink Art

5. Macrame

Macrame Plant Holder - I'm always on the hunt for new craft ideas. Check out some of these amazing craft ideas and craft projects that are on my crafting radar right now!

Easy DIY Macrame Plant Holder 

6. Felt Ball Craft

Fun Craft Projects Using Felt Balls - I'm always on the hunt for new craft ideas. Check out some of these amazing craft ideas and craft projects that are on my crafting radar right now!

simple garland   //   monogram letters   //   necklaces

8. Metallic Crafts

gold foil clutch

Metallic Crafts and DIYs - I'm always on the hunt for new craft ideas. Check out some of these amazing craft ideas and craft projects that are on my crafting radar right now!

faux metal letters

8. Shibori Dyeing

Shibori Dyeing DIYs - I'm always on the hunt for new craft ideas. Check out some of these amazing craft ideas and craft projects that are on my crafting radar right now!

20 different ways to use shibori dye

9. Farmhouse Signs

Painted Farmhouse Kitchen Sign


10. Marbleizing

DIY Marbleize Techniques - I'm always on the hunt for new craft ideas. Check out some of these amazing craft ideas and craft projects that are on my crafting radar right now!

marbleize with nail polish

Where to Sell Crafts

Now that you have so many craft ideas to make and sell, here are the best places I’ve found where you can sell your crafts:

1. Your Blog/Website

This is my no. 1 choice because it gives you complete control over everything. 

You aren’t limited by pricing policies, you can fine-tune your marketing easily, and it’s also going to be the cheapest option for you.

I show you how to start a blog step-by-step in this tutorial.

After you’ve done that, you’ll need to install WooCommerce to create your online store where you can showcase products, process payments and receipts and lots more. 

Don’t worry, WooCommerce is free!

Your product listing will now look something like this:

Learn how to set up your blog website.

2. Shopify

If you’d rather not handle the tech aspect of setting up a blog and just want a ready-to-go store, you may want to look into Shopify.

One advantage Shopify has over other ready made stores is that you get a list of your customers. So you can retarget them and make repeat sales!

This is what your Shopify store will look like:

If you aren’t sure yet, you can try it with their 14-day free trial offer to see if you like it first.

3. Etsy

Another more popular option among crafters is Etsy. 

Like Shopify, Etsy is a ready-to-go eCommerce platform you can use to set up your store for a monthly payment fee.

One advantage Etsy has over other platforms is that there’s already an audience looking for handmade goods to market too.

But the downside is that your brand gets swallowed up in the competition, you don’t even get a branded store link. And you’ll need to be great a keywording your product listings to show up in search. It’s just like Amazon for handmade goods.

Here’s my opinion of the 3 top places to sell your crafts online:

  • Start a blog if you are techy, willing to learn the tech (it’s not as hard as it seems) and intend to build a long term business so you can get free traffic to your store.
  • Start a Shopify Store if you don’t want to handle tech stuff, want to keep your brand undiluted and encourage repeat sales but keep in mind you’ll need to find ways to drive traffic to your store.
  • Start an Etsy store if you are on a very tight budget and just need to get started in a marketplace where there’s an audience already. They charge around 20 cents per product listing for a few months and a 3.5% processing fee for each sale made.

How To Start A Craft Business That Actually Makes Money

Before you run off to start a craft store, please read this section as it’s very important.

Not all craft businesses make money.

If you want to avoid the heartache and regrets that go with spending your time, money and love to create something that flops, here’s what to do.

1. Create Something People Want to Buy (not something you like)

Creators are passionate and most times you’ll make things just for the joy of it. However, when you want to sell something, whether you think something is worth making doesn’t really count. What matters, for the most part, is what people actually think is worth buying.

And this can totally conflict based on individuals so you need to create things with either high demand or a high price tag to justify low demand.


  • The costs of the material and labor
  • Indirect costs such as tools maintenance, transportation, electricity among others.

So the products you choose to make and sell should have profit margins or demand that covers all your costs and leaves you a good profit in the end.

Craft businesses that make money due to the demand and profit margins include:

  • Jewelry
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Soap
  • Sewing
  • Candles

Successful Craft Categories to consider

  • Wedding (estimated to be worth over $53 billion in the US alone (source)
  • Jewelry (exceeds $70 billion in the US alone. (source)
  • Womenswear (valued over 3 trillion dollars, with womenswear being the most popular (source) we love our fashion!
  • Home Décor (estimated to grow to $664 billion last year (source).
  • Beauty (It’s a $445 billion industry (source)
  • Pet 

Remember that your product shouldn’t just fall under the “right” category to be successful. It needs to have a unique selling point, an edge above your competitors’.

Tip: That no one is selling it doesn’t mean you’ve come up with the idea first, it could mean it’s not profitable.

Also, check out Amazon and Etsy’s curation of their best selling handmade items.


The Best Selling Items at Craft Fairs

Apart from selling online, I know a lot of people would be wondering how to pick the best craft fair ideas so I went researching and found a post that I couldn’t do better than. Read it if you want to successfully sell stuff at craft fairs.

And here’s one crafter’s experience based on what sold and what didn’t at craft fairs.

Craft Fair Best & Worst Sellers.

2. Be Consistent

It’s going to be hard in the beginning. There will be small wins followed by moments where you question yourself all over again. 

Don’t stop. Keep showing up, keep putting in the work. That’s how all businesses become successful.

Every single successful craft business owner started at level zero and had moments of “I can’t make it” too.

3. Pay Attention to Branding

Most people buy from small businesses because they feel like they are part of the owner’s story.

Make your people part of your story.

Invest in a professional and brandable domain name: happydaycrafts.com instead of etsy.com/happy-day-crafts, it makes a world of difference.

Sell the brand of YOU, why you are the perfect business to patronize, what makes your business human. Be personable on your about page, be friendly to every prospect, make your customer service and response rate become the talk of your industry…

But remember to keep boundaries too. If a customer is demanding then it’s okay and recommended to politely fire them.

And remember, you are being watched even when you think you aren’t (do I sound like ‘Person of Interest’?) and bad press spreads faster than good.

4. Invest in Your Photography

You may have the most beautiful products but if you don’t present them in the most visually appealing way online, you’ll lose sales.

This is one of the common mistakes I see many craft businesses make.

Invest in a good camera or use a smartphone with great camera, and a stellar photo editing app. I also recommend you take this phone photography course to learn all things lighting, angles and editing on the cheap. 

5. Automate, Replicate

One of the biggest hindrances to creating a successful craft business will be keeping time costs low. Try to find ways to make repeatable processes get done in bulk. And for processes that are unique, try to find ways to make them repeatable or at the very least take less time to do.

This will mean that you’ll be making less one of a kind items and lean more towards batch producing things.

6. Banish Doubt

It’s hard I know but if you don’t believe in your product and business 100%, you’ll have a hard time convincing people to buy from you.

Your passion, belief and drive need to be so evident you literally infect people with passion for your business.

7. Repeat Buyers = Business Gold

As much as one-off purchases are great, the real lifeblood of your business will come from the customers who buy from you again and again. It means you don’t have to keep working hard to drive traffic to your store.

Make it a priority to keep in touch with past customers and even future buyers aka leads. It’s easy to do this using an email marketing service like Mailerlite (it’s free for your first 1,000 contacts by the way). 

Even if you have to bribe them with discounts to get on your mailing list, do it! It will pay for itself when they buy from you the 2nd, 3rd, and even 10th time.

8. Do Not Compete on Price

It’s a race to the bottom you’ll never win anyway. There’ll always be someone selling cheaper than you.

And, this is very important, you’ll attract the worst kind of customers. The demanding ones who always want discounts will eat away your time and sanity with their complaints, and they’ll jump ship the moment they find something cheaper.

Instead, price your products fairly with confidence that they are worth it. For every person looking for rock bottom prices, there’s someone looking for the best quality at a fair price.

I hope this helps!

Other DIY Projects to Sell

I kept these apart so you would read some of the other sections without escaping. Lol. I know this is a monster of a post and there’s even more information down the post you don’t want to miss, but I also thought that these craft ideas were worth mentioning too.

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell

Reversible Place Mats

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - Reversible Place Mats - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


2. DIY Zipper Pouch

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - DIY Zipper Pouch - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


3. Sew A Zipper Crossbody Purse

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - Sew a Zipper Crossbody Purse - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


Cool Crafts To Make And Sell

1. Remote Organizer

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - Rustic-Mason-Jar-Chandellier-P - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


2. Quilted Coasters

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - DIY Quilted Coasters - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


3. Twenty Minute Tote Bag

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - Twenty Minute Tote Bag - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


4. Easy Oven Mitt

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - Sewing Projects for The Home - Easy Oven Mitt - Free DIY Sewing Patterns, Easy Ideas and Tutorials for Curtains, Upholstery, Napkins, Pillows and Decor https://diyjoy.com/sewing-projects-for-the-home - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


5. Double Sided Tissue Pouch

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - Double Sided Tissue Pouch Tutorial - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


6. Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


7. Girl’s Purse

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - DIY Girl's Purse - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


7. Reversible And Reusable Gift Bag

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell - Reversible and Reusable Gift Bag Tutorial - DIY Sewing Ideas for Your Craft Business. Make Money with these Simple Gift Ideas, Free Patterns #sewing #crafts


Even more stuff!

Things Kids Can Make

If you want your kids to start building an entrepreneurship spirit, this is the perfect way to get them started.

  1. Brownies
  2. Dog Treats
  3. Hand Carved Bird Houses
  4. Bath Salts
  5. Hand Squeezed Lemonade (of course!)

Here’s a list of 70 other things kids can do to earn money from home.

Two More Things to Do to Make Money

Apart from crafts, sewing projects and other DIYs we’ve discussed, here are 2 more things you can do to make money from home:

1. Upcycle Ideas to Sell

Upcycled Paper

Turn your paper trash into fresh handmade paper to sell.

Tutorial: In My Closet

Turn Old Side Tables into Pet Beds

Do you have an old side table, turn it into a beautiful pet bed for sale. You could even buy more tables at flea markets and make more pet beds!

Tutorial: My So Called Crafty Life

Upcycled Old Knife Holder

Tutorial: Austin Stay n Play

Upcycle Used Lotion Bottles into Phone Holder

Tutorial: Make it Love it

These are just a few ideas, you can find even more in this video.

2. Flea Market Ideas

You can make money selling old stuff at flea markets, here are just some of the things you can sell at flea markets for money:

  • Vintage Clothing
  • Vintage Fashion Accessories like scarves, handbags, shoes etc
  • Vintage home furnishings
  • Baked goods
  • DIY Sewing Projects
  • Prints and Paintings, old and new
  • Used Books
  • Upcycled/Recycled Items (you should have tons of ideas for this already)

Did you know you can make money flipping items from flea markets? Rob and Melissa make a full-time income scavenging and selling flea market items. In fact, if you are reading this right before Christmas, you are in luck. Sign up for their FREE Christmas Challenge and make an extra $250 before Christmas.

Other Money Making Hobbies from Home

Don’t like crafts that much? No worries, here are some other hobbies you can make money from.


make money from home flipping blogs pin image 2

What Business Makes the Most Money From Home?

Now that you know that you can make money from home selling crafts and other things you never even thought of before, you may like to learn about other profitable businesses you can do from home.

Here are my top 3 choices:

1. Blogging

It’s what I do so it’s easy to see why it’s my top choice. 

With blogging, you can start making $1,000 monthly from home in your first year. But that’s just scratching the surface!

Bloggers who keep learning and improving their business tend to scale to upwards of $50,000 monthly in year 3 and beyond. And once you’ve gotten the process and system down, you can create more blogs and outsource almost everything.

Interested in becoming a blogger? Check out my blog post on how to start a mom blog that makes money.

2. Freelance Writing

Do you love to write? You are in for a big surprise! 

Writers earn from around $30 all the way up to $2,000 per post depending on a lot of factors.

While I’ve never charged more than $0.25 per word, I personally know writers who charge 4x that amount.

To start writing for money, you’ll need a computer, an internet connection, research, and some marketing skills.

Read this post where this mom teaches you how she grew her freelance writing business to $300,000 per year!

3. Bookkeeping

While I have no experience with bookkeeping myself, Entrepreneur magazine has named it one of the most profitable businesses to do.

You’ll find the link to the Entrepreneur slideshow plus over 3,000 on how to get started as a bookkeeper in this interview with a millionaire bookkeeper.

Thanks for reading this far, I hope you found tons of useful info.

If you are looking for more ideas to make money from home, read this post for more profitable business ideas for women that let you stay at home with your kids.

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