How to Take Good Feet Pictures (Best Poses and Angles)

Taking good feet pictures doesn’t have to be complicated (or expensive). You don’t need a 100-megapixel DSLR camera or luxurious locations to take pictures to sell — even though those can help.

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What you do need is a decent camera (your phone will do), patience, the right lighting, a couple of cheap props, and a pair of pampered feet.

Let’s show you how it’s done!

1. Nourish your feet so they shine in your photos

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Cameras and lights amplify flaws in your feet — or any photos at that.

Have you noticed how zits always look bigger than they truly are in photos?

If you have a crack on your heel that’s barely noticeable to the human eye, a photo will easily show that.

If your skin is dry, your feet will probably look wrinkly in the photos as well.

Brands, bloggers, agencies, and the people who use feet photos like beautiful, healthy-looking feet.

Editor’s Note: Some clients look for feet pictures beyond the norm — to illustrate medical conditions and for other uses. 

You can increase the price of your feet pictures if your feet are exceptionally good-looking. So, if you’re a foot model or just someone who sells feet photos as a side hustle, here’s how to care for your feet.

Get a pedicure before the shoot (and regularly)

A pedicure will help keep your feet supple and free from cracks and discoloration. Book a spa appointment and get one right before your photoshoot.

If you can’t afford to pay for pedicures, you can learn how to do a one for yourself so you save money. Here’s how:

  1. Fill up a tub with some warm water (this tub has a soothing vibration massage feature that we like)
  2. Add some bubble bath (this one has Epsom salt and chamomile), and a bath bomb to the tub (we recommend this one because shea butter moisture <3)
  3. Add some Epsom salt if your bubble bath doesn’t already contain it.
  4. Crush up the bath bomb and let your feet soak for 10 mins to soften the nail polish and your feet.
  5. Hold your nail polish remover (this remover is good) and cotton rounds on each nail for 10 seconds then swipe to remove any leftover nail polish.
  6. After soaking your feet for up to 30 mins, use foot files like these to file away any dead skin and callouses.
  7. Scrape any toes and feet hair with facial blades like these for an evident glow.
  8. Clip your toenails using curved blade clippers like the one is this pedicure toolset to avoid nail breaks.
  9. Using your pedicure tool, hold back your cuticles and clean underneath for dirt.
  10. File your nails with a nail file.
  11. Massage a sugar scrub (the Tree Hut Shea scrub is good) into your feet to exfoliate and lighten scars.
  12. Rinse off the scrub and let your feet soak again.
  13. Dry off your feet and apply your favorite moisturizer (we like Palmer’s cocoa butter for its thickness and deep moisture).
  14. Seal the moisture in with oil (Jamaican castor oil is a good choice)

And here’s some advice for DIY pedis from Ginny Bowen, a New York-based foot model:

“If you prefer to DIY when it comes to a pedi, make sure you contour the nail to the toe shape. Don’t be tempted to cut straight across or you’ll have corners that stick out and damage adjacent toes. Likewise, if you cut deep down the side of a nail it can cause nail trauma and ingrowing toenails.”

Enter a recurring task in your calendar to book (and go for :D) a pedicure monthly. Or to do it yourself!

add a recurring event to go to pedicures monthly

Invest in quality foot scrubs and foot masks

Scrubs and masks keep your feet healthy and glowing. Apply them as instructed to remove dry skin, keep your feet supple, and moisturize your legs. 

Wear comfortable shoes and socks to avoid blisters

No matter how good the shoes look, they should be a no-no if they hurt your feet.

I know how it hurts to retire shoes you love. I have a pair of heels that kill me every time I wear them but they look absolutely gorgeous, so I always come back to them.

But if you’re making money from your feet photos, all the shoes you wear must be comfortable. Unless you want photos showing blisters and unwanted marks all over your feet/legs. 

And that goes for socks too! Ginny uses loafer socks to prevent blisters.

Tip! Don’t walk barefoot outdoors as well. You may get cuts that ruin your feet pictures. 

Avoid spray tan.

It can leave you with patchy skin, uneven tan fade, and loads of other issues.

Wear soft cotton socks when under the sun or when sunbathing

They prevent UV rays from accelerating the production of melanin that may clump together to form sunspots.

Also, do these:

  • Tone your calves and thighs for modeling jobs that require full-leg shots. 
  • Don’t sit down or cross your legs for too long to avoid varicose veins.
  • Adopt a healthy diet to improve blood circulation, skin health, and glow.
  • Apply a moisturizer day and night to keep your feet skin supple.
  • Always use clear nail polish as a base to avoid nail discoloration from dark nail polish.
  • When you wear heels, minimize how much you walk or stand in them.

2. Get the setting

You can never have too many pictures of your feet if you are into foot modelling or desire to sell your feet pics online. So you need a lot of pictures with different settings. 

Here are some tips to help you with setting when taking feet pictures. 

  • Relax or tense your feet and toes when taking pictures. This will help you get the correct pose and even change the way the product is viewed. 
  • Practice various poses in front of the mirror always. This will help you get attractive positions that will boost your photos and show your feet and toes properly. 
  • If you travel a lot, you can snap photos of your feet to get different backgrounds and settings. 
  • Practice sitting down or lying down at odd angles to get perfect shots. Photoshoots take a while, so you have to be patient and comfy. 
  • You can vary your feet pictures and even change the theme so that your audience don’t get bored. People pay more for special or custom feet pictures. Themes you can choose include medieval, renaissance, underwater, pinup, and farm settings. You can even accept requests from your clientele for extra cash. 
Photo of how to take good feet pictures

3. Get Awesome props 

Foot modelling is not just about taking feet pictures but also telling stories with your feet. Always think of awesome props to use in your photoshoots. 

For instance, you can be on a bed and your curled toes nestled on a luxurious duvet (check out this beautiful duvet on Amazon). You can wear unique shoes (like this type on Amazon) or even paint your feet (not toenails). 

If you want to sell feet pics and make decent money, you have to get creative. Take feet pictures like art. 

You can choose to go full absurdist or surrealist with the props you choose to use. Modeling agencies and individuals are willing to pay for feet pictures in different scenarios. 

You can stand on a lot of money, make a mess, or even stomp on fruit. Just think of awesome props to take good feet pictures. 

4. Get the lighting right 

Expert photographers will tell you that the best lighting is natural lighting. Photos turn out great in natural light. So try and take some of your feet pictures under natural light. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have great results with artificial lighting. 

If you want to take foot modelling seriously, buy good lighting equipment on Amazon. This will help you get clear and well-lit feet pictures. Investing in proper equipment or taking advantage of the sun when it is shining will increase your chances of success.  

5. Take awesome shots 

Like we said before, feet photography is an art and you can tell a story with your feet pictures. Be composed when taking shots and tell a beautiful story with your feet. 

To tell your story, change up angles, and try to paint different scenarios. Be confident and have fun with your feet photoshoots. 

Also, when you want to sell your feet pictures, make sure that all the feet pictures are not identical to each other. This will give your clients a reason to pay you more because it shows that you put in more creativity and effort into getting good feet pictures. 

6 Flattering Foot And Leg Poses To Make Your Feet Pictures Stand Out

Photo of how to take good feet pictures

After speaking about shots, we decided to include some poses that can make you take good feet pictures. Proper foot and leg placement are important when taking feet pictures. 

These flattering foot and leg poses will take you from an insecure model to a super model. Adopt these few tweaks in your next photoshoot. 

1. The stagger 

Photo of the stagger pose; one of the ways to take good feet pictures
Image source:

Put one of your legs forward and the other leg backward. All your weight should be on your back leg while you hold the pose. We hope you keep this pose in mind when taking your next photoshoot. 

2. The three quarter twist 

Photo of the three quarter twist; one of the ways to take good feet pictures
Image source:

You may be asking “why this awkward pose?”. Well, it elongates your entire body, and that is not all. It makes your feet look beautiful and that is the aim of your photoshoot right? Yes!

To get this amazing pose, you have to twist your torso a little bit diagonally, then cross one leg behind the other one and then put on your best smile (if it’s a whole body shot and not just the feet alone). 

Ensure that your front foot is straight while the back foot is angled out. Then put all of your weight on the back foot. 

3. The perfect profile 

Photo of the perfect profile; one of the ways to take good feet pictures
Image source:

To strike this flattering pose, position your body to the side completely and then you pop out the leg that is closest to the camera. Position the leg like a flamingo and make sure that a little bit of your back is showing more than your front. 

This pose will reveal your beautiful legs and feet. 

4. Crossed ankles 

Photo of Crossed ankles leg pose; one of the ways to take good feet pictures
Image source:

To strike this beautiful pose, cross your ankles tightly and your feet should be pointed about 30 degrees away from the camera. Your body should be aligned with your ankles and feet as well. 

5. The bow leg 

Photo of the bow leg pose; one of the ways to take good feet pictures
Image source:

This pose reveals the shape and beauty of your legs. Turn both of your feet inwards just a little bit. Separate them about an inch and keep the back leg bent slightly while the other leg should be completely straight. 

This pose will make you a feet model star. 

6. The invisible tightrope 

Photo of the Invisible Tightrope leg pose; one of the ways to take good feet pictures
Image source:

This is one of the best poses for feet pictures and if you are looking for how to take good feet pictures, you should learn this pose. 

Put one foot in front of the other but your feet should be on a single file. Pose as if you are taking your first step on a tightrope (hence the name). This pose may look awkward, but in pictures, it will elongate your front foot ankle, foot, and leg. 

It will also give the impression that you are in motion while showing your beautiful legs. 

You can start with these poses and learn more as you continue in this field. 

Should I Hire A Professional Photographer?

If you don’t have any experience as a model or you are not good at taking pictures, you can hire a professional photographer. This is one of the important tips on how to take good feet pictures. 

If you want to hire a photographer, it is advisable to hire one with experience in modelling. This will help you get awesome and professional pictures for your modelling portfolio and you will also have a valuable experience working with a professional photographer. 


Modelling agencies and clients are always looking out for people with beautiful feet. Taking care of your feet plus learning how to take good feet pictures by utilizing the tips above will increase your chances of success in this area. 

This is why we put together this post to help you. Also, see where to sell feet pics for good money. 

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