20 Fantastic stay at home mom jobs:no experience needed.

I am a stay-at-home mom with lots of daily chores to do, but I still earn at the same time to support my family. 

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So, are you like me with little or no experience and you want to earn from the comfort of your home to support your family? Worry no more – these secrets shared would open your eyes to different opportunities available to stay at home moms with no experience to earn right away.

There are several job opportunities available to a stay-at-home mom with no experience out there of which you can make a selection and start earning right from the corners of your home. Yes! Jobs with no experience.

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So, let’s get down to business.


Legitimate Stay At Home Mom Jobs

The list of suitable stay at home mom jobs that pay well is endless but a few have been selected and discussed below;

Real Estate

Photo of a house; being a real estate agent is one of the great stay at home mom jobs with no experience needed

This is one of the legitimate stay-at-home mom jobs that any woman seeking to earn some fantastic bucks while still fully engaged in managing her family can take advantage of. It involves connecting buyers and sellers of properties like land and buildings. It could also cover the areas of renting out a home or other property for use, for a specific period.

The average you can earn as a real estate agent is $45,990 annually. You can apply online for remote real estate agent jobs. For more opportunities, you might wish to visit sites like realtor.com or Trulia

Sell On Amazon

Taking advantage of the Amazon FBA program is another opportunity you may want to consider. You can purchase fast-moving products and resell them on Amazon at a higher price. The amounts you will sell them depend largely on how much effort you are ready to put into it.

You can also sell your handmade products like hats, jewelry, and other homemade products.

Virtual Receptionist

Several companies are requiring the services of a receptionist which can be done on-site or remotely.

A virtual receptionist represents the company she is working for and ensures all customers’ queries are properly attended to. A virtual receptionist can carry out the same functions as a receptionist that sits and works at the front desk of an organization.

Some of these tasks involve;

  • Scheduling appointment
  • Resolving basic customer’s queries
  • Placing orders on behalf of customers
  • Answering calls
  • Screening calls
  • Relaying messages and lots more.

Here are some sites where you can get Virtual Receptionist jobs;

Virtual receptionist jobs can fetch you an annual pay of $28,794

Social Media Marketing

You can earn a good amount of dollars as a full-time mom if you manage different social media platforms for people. Job opportunities for managing social media platforms are numerous because business owners and bloggers have little or no time to concentrate on managing their social media platforms and therefore require the services of those who major in doing so.

As a social media marketer – you can earn between $2,000 to $4000 monthly and you can get these jobs on LinkedIn, and some other platforms


Within six months of training, you can learn how to write codes and earn as much as $64,719 annually. For you to get started, you can learn from sites like Codecademy, code avengers, and treehouse

You can get coding jobs on job boards, tech networks, and freelance marketplaces. 

Web Developers

Web developers build websites and do not require going to a particular location to do so. It can be done from the corridors of the home. Web developers earn around $88,488 yearly.

To become a web developer – it is important to have an understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript because these skills will be able to help you communicate and interpret programming languages.

Platforms to get web development jobs are Linkedin and CyberCoders.

Work From Home Typing Jobs

For stay at home moms that desire to engage in typing jobs, your basic requirements are;

  • A good computer system
  • Ability to type fast
  • Paying attention to details

Data Entry

This is one of the commonest works from home typing jobs that require little skill to be able to conveniently work through it. You must be able to pay attention to details for you to take up this type of work from home job.

You can earn up to $15 hourly working with any of the platforms that offer data entry jobs. Some of these platforms are;


Transcribing requires you to convert audio recordings into written documentation. Although transcribing varies because some such as legal and medical transcription requires you possess a certain level of education to effectively function there. But there are still some general transcription jobs that require little or no experience. You can earn up to $30 transcribing.

Some platforms that offer transcribing jobs to newbies are Casting Words, Transcription Hub, TranscribeMe, Speechpad, and Go Transcript.

Copy Editor

Copy editors are bound with the responsibility of ensuring that a copy complies with the acceptable standards. This job requires excellent skill in sentence structure and the ability to type very fast. As a copy editor, you can make as much as $35,103 per annum.

The common platforms to get a copy editor job are freelance gig, Reedsy, and Upwork.

Stay At Home Jobs Amazon

Amazon offers work positions to eligible individuals from time to time. The jobs involve different experience levels.

Amazon Customer Service

Most customer service representatives often work from home. Employees in this department earn an average salary of $122,300 yearly. To work as a customer service representative for Amazon, the applicant must meet up with the specific requirements which include;

  • Not less than one year of experience in customer service
  • Minimum of high school diploma education
  • Work from home experience
  • Quiet working environment

Marketing Campaign Manager

An Amazon marketing campaign manager focuses on ensuring growth in certain Amazon products. Managers are conferred with the responsibilities of setting different advertising strategies to meet set down goals.

Marketing managers are paid an average of $78,611.

Amazon Human Resources Jobs

Amazon often needs candidates to fill in the employment positions available from time to time and the department responsible for ensuring that the right candidate is selected is the HR department. Although this job opportunity requires a level of education (minimum of bachelor’s degree) as it is a sensitive area and Amazon will not joke with it.

Other requirements include a minimum of six years of working experience along with experience using HR software like HRIS or PeopleSoft.

Employees in the Human Resources department earn an average of $53.006 annually

Amazon Healthcare Jobs

Amazon also offers online health care job opportunities such as Bio-Pharma Consultant. A level of experience is required to qualify for this role. The average salary employees earn on the average is $105,628 annually.  

Some of the other jobs provided by Amazon are;

  • Software development
  • Data analysis
  • Sales management

Best Jobs For Mom With No Degree

If you are a mom without a degree, opportunities for flexible work are available. These are some of the best jobs for a mom with no degree. Examples of these jobs are;

Sell Photos

This is one of the amazing jobs for a mom with no degree. You can make thousands of dollars from selling photos. You can consider taking pictures at different events like wedding celebrations, birthdays, burials, and other celebrations.

Photographers make as much as $66,942 annually therefore if you take good photos, you can get referrals that may connect you with well-paying clients and you can earn far better.


This has to do with taking records of the financial operations of an organization. This service can be rendered as a remote job, making it a good option for full-time moms. Working as a bookkeeper can fetch you up to $60/hour while you still have time for your children.                                      

Bookkeepers are in high demand and this makes it easy for you to land a well-paying job with little experience. However, you could also be trained while on the job to improve your efficiency and expertise. Some companies that require the services of a bookkeeper are;


Building an online store may require a lot from you but it is definitely worth the stress because it grants you access to endless income possibilities. For a drop shipping online store, you can hire a third party that will take care of the shipping logistics. You can earn up to $100.000 from drop shipping if you take time to understand the working factors.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers convert ideas into images; they come up with creative designs that are appealing to consumers. If you have experience in this regard, you can earn an average of $44.584 annually even if you have no college degree.

Graphic designs jobs can be found on platforms like Dribble’s job board, Angel.co, and some other platforms.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants as the name imply perform administrative assistant to individuals and companies. You don’t require a degree to work as a virtual assistant and an average of $40,809 is paid annually to employees in this regard.

You can get virtual assistant jobs on job boards.  


This skill requires more passion. It involves producing original content for blogs, websites, and writing emails, and much more.

Companies and individuals are always in need of writers from time to time and so you are sure you will always get writing jobs. Some platforms offer writing jobs and they include ProBlogger, Writers Work, Upwork.

As a writer, you can charge up to $40 per hour and this means the more hours you can work, the more money you will earn. This is one of the easiest jobs for a stay-at-home mom with no degree. 

Best Jobs For Mom With Babies

You may be a first-time mom or probably have a baby in hand who already has older siblings. The focus here is simply the best jobs for moms with babies.

The job opportunities available in this set are endless and well rewarding even while you are with your little one.

Examples of these types of jobs are;


Working as a babysitter requires that you help to care for other children while their parents are away. This type of job gives you the freedom to also have your baby around you.

You can get babysitting jobs through;

  • Your relatives who have babies (a good way to start)
  • Building awareness of your job on social media platforms
  • Joining moms’ groups.
  • Referrals

You can earn an average of $15 per hour as a babysitter and so for you to earn more, you will need to spend more hours babysitting.

Childcare Centre

Photo of a childcare center; a great stay at home mom job

You can own a childcare center or work as an employee, whichever is easier for you but the main idea is that you earn money for being a guardian to other children. It is one of the suitable jobs for moms with babies because it also allows you to have your baby around you.

The average you can earn working as a guardian is $37,000 annually.

These platforms are perfect for finding childcare jobs;

Delivery Nurse

This task involves providing support and guiding pregnant mothers throughout their childbirth experience. This skill requires a level degree in nursing and you can earn an average of $61,333 yearly. Here is a list of sites for jobs for labor and delivery nurses;

Neonatal Nursing

This is an aspect in nursing that handles babies with birth defects like surgical problems, malformations, prematurity, and infections. Neonatal nurses take care of these categories of infants during their stay in the hospital and they earn between $60,000 and $121,000 annually for doing so.

How To Get A Job After Being A Stay At Home Mom

Photo of a mom; some stay at home mom jobs require no experience

After staying back to take care of the home front – it’s now time for you to reintegrate back into the workforce. This could be challenging but with the right preparation and approach, the transition can be seamless.

Here are some tips to help you out;

  • Determine the type of work you would like to do – you might wish to determine whether you want to go full-time or part-time, your career aspirations, your financial goals, and also determine whether your education or skill match with the role you are looking forward to.
  • Update your resume to include some activities that you have taken part in if the gap is quite a long one. It might include your volunteering experience, personal blogging, and some other important activities.
  • Refresh and upgrade your skills
  • Be active on social and professional sites like Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Contact your entire network and even make new ones
  • Rehearse and prepare especially for interviews about why you should be hired
  • Be patient and never give up – it might take a while but surely it will come true for you.

Final Thoughts

You can now make money as a stay-at-home mom. It will amaze you that several full-time moms earn far better than employees who work on-site. This is only possible because they identified the ground upon which they can manage their motherhood responsibilities with remote jobs.

The various work categories cover every category of mom that may exist; those who choose to stay at home to take care of their growing kids, those who have just delivered a newborn, moms without experience, and those who have no educational background.

Having read through this article, you can take advantage of any of the juicy remote job opportunities available to stay-at-home moms with no experience, and start earning right from the corners of your home. 

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