Legit Work From Home Typing Jobs (That Pay Up To $95k/Year) 

If you are good at typing and you enjoy typing, you can consider getting work from home typing jobs. 

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No matter the niche you’re interested in, you can find work from home typing jobs that suit your skillset, and make money from the comfort of your home.

What Are Work From Home Typing Jobs?

A work from home typing job is any remote job that pays you to type. The main skill required for this job is typing. The most common work from home typing jobs are: 

  • Writing: This role requires you to produce written material on a subject area or topic. It could be health, advertising, parenting, relationship, marketing, etc. 
  • Marketing: In this role, you will be required to create campaigns and even marketing materials for companies and organizations. 
  • Data entry: This typing job will require you to type numbers and text into databases for organizations and companies. 
  • Customer support: In this job role, you will answer customer questions and help them with their issues online through chat portals. 
  • Administrative assistance: In this job role, you are required to provide online clerical support. 

Work From Home Typing Jobs

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There are lots of work from home typing jobs you can engage in, some of them are listed below:

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1. Transcriptionists 

The main job of a transcriptionist is to listen to audio recordings and turn them into written forms. 

As a transcriptionist, you will be required to listen to spoken notes and dictation, and transcribe them accurately. 

You may even be required to  attach them to records or add the documents to files. 

Most transcriptionists jobs are in the law and medical fields. 

A transcriptionist makes an average salary of $13.71 per hour. You can find lots of transcriptionist work from home typing jobs on Indeed

2. Data entry clerk 

In this work from home typing job, you will be required to enter information into online databases for clients or businesses. You will receive files that have a wide range of information, then, you will enter the relevant data into the appropriate database field. 

You will also be responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the information entered and you will be expected to work fast. 

The average salary for a data entry clerk is $14.07 per hour. You can find data entry work from home typing jobs on Indeed. 

3. Online customer care agent 

In this role, your job is to help clients with their issues and complaints through chat portals and email. 

You will answer the questions customers have about the business or organization and also provide information about the services and products of the organization. 

In some cases, you may process your clients’ payments and returns. 

Online customer care agents rely on scripts to ensure that they offer consistent and accurate information for their customers. 

You will also be required to document your interactions with clients and also maintain client support tickets. 

The national average salary of an online customer agent is $14.26 per hour.  You can find openings on Indeed

4. Caption editor 

This is an interesting work from home typing job for movie lovers. If you love watching movies, you can be paid to transcribe audios accurately and quickly. 

Caption editors watch or listen to movies, audios from television programs, live broadcasts, news, etc., and translate the spoken words into written form. 

Accuracy and speed is required and sometimes a live captioning is also required. A must-have skill for this role is a fast typing skill. 

On live broadcast, you must type fast to avoid delays. You can make use of stenography programs to allow you to transcribe sounds instead of typing complete words. 

The average salary of a caption editor is $14.32 per hour and if you feel that this is the best work from home typing jobs for you, you can find caption editing work on Indeed

5. Blogger 

Bloggers are people who create visual and written contents for websites, blogs, or YouTube. 

Having a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will make you stand out from others and have more clients because SEO increases website traffic. 

You should also know how to use content management systems (CMS) like WordPress to create and publish articles. If you have skills in web design and graphic design, you will make more money than just creating content. 

The average earnings of a blogger is $15.48 per hour

6. Social media manager 

Do you love being on social media? You can get paid for managing other people’s social media accounts.

You will be paid to develop and execute online campaigns on social platforms, write captions, create images, and also schedule and publish posts. 

Part of your work as a social media manager is to respond to customers’ messages, complaints, queries, and manage engagement with online followers. 

You will also be required to create long-term strategies and prepare campaign reports. 

Being a social media manager can be demanding, and your duties will depend on the number of clients or the work you have at hand. 

The average salary of a social media manager is $15.57 per hour and there are openings for social media manager on Indeed

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7. Virtual assistant 

A virtual assistant is someone who offers administrative support for clients online. 

If you are interested in this work from home typing job, you can find lots of vacancies on Indeed

You will be required to answer correspondence, provide customer support, manage inbox, and even assist with social media. 

You can even be required to schedule appointments, book travel for clients, and maintain calendars. 

Virtual assistants provide general support, but some virtual assistants specialize in areas like inbox management or social media. 

You carry out your virtual assistant duties via digital applications and email. The average salary of a virtual assistant per hour is $15.79 per hour

8. Freelance editor 

The work of a freelance editor is to review scripts, books, blog posts, articles, and other materials written by others. 

An editor alters the tone, style, and structure of the material just to make the written piece more interesting or easier to read. They also consider pitches from writers and assign to the publisher writings that meet their requirements. 

Freelance editors work from home and it is one of the most common work from home typing jobs. They are employed by book publishers, blog or website owners, and magazines. 

The average salary of a freelance editor is $22.17 per hour. If you are good in editing, have a keen eye for details, and can easily spot errors, this may be the job for you. 

Vacancies exist on Indeed

9. Freelance writer

Freelance writing is one of the most common and well-paying work from home typing jobs. Freelance writers are in high demand due to the need for more website content, and since most businesses are now online. 

As a freelance writer, you will be paid to produce written materials for movies, radio, television, books, newspapers, magazines, and websites. 

You will receive assignments from clients and create contents that meet their requirements. The requirements may include styles, tones, and word counts. 

Some freelance writers write generally while some have specific niche where they specialize in, like health, relationships, finance, beauty, lifestyle, etc. 

Freelance writers earn an average salary of $24.67 per hour. If you love typing and creating content, you can find freelance writing jobs on Indeed job boards.

10. Freelance copywriter 

A freelance writer is different from a freelance copywriter. A copy writer creates written materials for advertising and marketing purposes. 

Freelance copywriters write for print publications, radio, television, and websites. As a copywriter, you will be required to use formulas to develop persuasive arguments that can influence the reader intellectually and emotionally. 

Most freelance copywriting jobs are work from home in nature, and they earn $24.73 per hour. If you are good in copywriting and you have the ability to influence peoples’ decisions, you can consider picking up freelance copywriting work from home typing jobs. 

Vacancies can be found on Indeed

11. Freelance translator 

Freelance translators are in high demand as the world is turning into a global village. Businesses who reach a global audience hire freelance translators to work from home. 

Their job is to translate a written document from one language to another. You are to maintain the original meaning, the structure, tone, sentiment, and style of the original writing. 

There are computer-assisted tools (CAT) that allow translators to build libraries of translated words, sentences, and even passages. 

To be a translator, you need to be able to read and write fluently in at least two languages. You must understand slangs, cultural references, and colloquial terms in both languages. 

A freelance translator makes up to $28.78 per hour

If you are good in many languages, you can consider picking up freelance translator work from home typing jobs. 

You can find translator jobs on Indeed.  

12. Digital marketer 

Digital marketers are people who create and implement online marketing and advertising campaigns. 

As a digital marketer, you will be paid to assess the marketing and advertising needs of your clients, recommend solutions to them, assist with creative elements, and also copywriting services. 

A lot of digital marketers work from home while some are employed by agencies. There are digital marketers that generalize, while some specialize in particular platforms like search engine marketing or social media channels. 

The national average salary of a digital marketer is $60,405 per year. If you are a good digital marketer, and you love this work from home typing job, find digital marketing jobs on Indeed

13. Scopists 

The work of a scopist is to type out the final transcript of other proceedings, depositions, and trials which were typed on a steno machine by a court reporter. 

If you are a scopist, you will be required to fill in missing words, add proper punctuation to the document, correct wrong spellings, etc. 

Having a command of the language you are typing in is very important in this work from home typing job. 

A scopist can make up to $28 per hour while typing. Although you don’t need a degree to secure this job, you will need some experience as a court reporter to do the job well. The job also requires strong internet access and stenograph software

If you are interested in scopist jobs,  check job boards like Indeed. This website connects you with court reporters directly. 

14. Brand name suggestions

Are you good at coming up with business names for your friends and family? If yes, you can get paid to come up with brand names for people and companies and get paid from the comfort of your home. 

You can make hundreds of dollars from just one brand name but this depends on the company involved. 

Squadhelp is a website that offers host naming contests where the winner wins a substantial amount of money. 

So you increase your chances of winning by suggesting multiple names. 

Other websites where you can suggest brand names and make money when your suggestions are chosen are Naming force and Slogan Slingers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Photo of a lady typing on her computer; work from home typing jobs are numerous

How much can I earn from a work from home typing job? 

The amount you can make from a work from home typing job depends on the number of jobs you do and the number of clients you have. 

However, you can earn anything from $1 per hour to $95,000 per year. This depends on the type of work from home typing job you do, the amount of clients you have, and the amount of jobs you do. 

How can I learn to type fast? 

Work from home typing jobs require a fast typing speed and most companies require these before they hire you. Some companies can even dictate the minimum word per minute (WPM) you should abide by. 

To be successful in your work from home typing job, you need a good typing speed of 50 to 80 words per minute. This will make you stand out.  

So, here are the following ways you can increase your typing speed to enable you land your dream work from home typing job:

  • Take typing lessons. There are free lessons from KeyBr that help you know where buttons are positioned on the keyboards so that you don’t have to look at your keyboard while typing. 

This is known as “touch typing” and it is very important to learn this if you want to earn money by typing from home. Every day, practice with KeyBr to increase your WPM rate. 

Another classic program that teaches fast typing speed is the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.

  • Every day, challenge yourself. If you type 50 WPM the previous day, the next day, you should aim for 150 WPM. That is how you increase daily until you become super-fast in typing. 
  • When you’ve improved your typing speed, you can then take up typing tests on websites like Key Hero just to improve your WPM. You will naturally learn to type faster as you try to beat your own score. 
  • Playing video games also helps to improve one’s typing speed. Popular video games that can help improve your typing speed are: 

What personal skills do I need to be a typist? 

The most needed skills for work from home typing jobs are: 

  • You need the ability to type fast 
  • You need good listening skills 
  • Outstanding grammar 
  • Spelling and punctuation skills 
  • Some work from home typing jobs may require some qualifications 

What equipment do I need? 

To do work from home typing jobs effectively, you need: 

How do I know if work from home typing jobs are best for me? 

Work from home typing jobs suit you best if you: 

  • Love typing 
  • Are skilled at writing 
  • Have good listening skills 
  • Are creative 


Work from home typing jobs is one of the best ways to diversify your source of income or be your own boss. 

This post contains a list of some of the best work from home typing jobs, and answers to important questions you may have regarding work from home typing jobs.

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