17 Flexible Work From Home Jobs (100% Legit)

Recently, there has been a rise in the search for flexible work from home jobs that can be done either as a side hustle or full-time. Interestingly, the desire for remote jobs is not only from individuals seeking an opportunity but also from employers who have realized the benefits of creating roles that give employees opportunities to work offsite.

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This implies that opportunities to work from home will continue to increase as the years go by and so you are sure you will never go wrong in choosing any of the flexible work from home jobs listed here.

Work From Home Jobs That Pay Well

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For amazing remote jobs that pay well, we have;

Virtual Bookkeeper

Do you have experience with managing accounts, invoicing clients, and running payroll? If yes, you can find your first remote job as a virtual bookkeeper by contracting with a local company. You may also sign up with recruiting sites like Flexjobs, Remote. co, Arc, and many more.

To get hired as a virtual bookkeeper, you may require a degree in accounting and possess knowledge of QuickBooks (an accounting software). You can earn between $16 to $21 per hour.


Transcribers convert audio files into written documents. For you to work as a transcriber, you must;

  • Be patient
  • Be a very good listener 
  • Must be willing to sit for long hours. 
  • Have an eye for detail.

You can get jobs on platforms like TranscribeMe and SpeakWrite and earn between $7-$21 per hour.

Front-End Developer

Front-end developers produce Cascading style sheets( CSS), HyperText Markup Language( HTML), and JavaScript for web apps and websites, so that they can easily navigate a website and also ensure that visual elements are correct. Your potential employer may require that you are experienced in visual design or back-end like Structured Query Language( SQL), Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), or Java.

You can earn between $46,000 and $107,000 yearly from jobs you secure on platforms likeToptal and Taledo.

Product Manager

Product managers manage the process of creating products and solutions, creating roadmaps, defining product features, and setting strategies. A degree in product management may be required to secure jobs on sites like Geewealth consulting and earn between $54,000 and $121,000 yearly.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is simply referral marketing. You will be paid a percentage of sales made whenever someone makes purchases through your affiliate link. Having good communication skills and being creative about marketing strategies can fetch you an average of $63,800 yearly. Sites like Upwork and Indeed can help you land affiliate marketing jobs. 


Blogging is an easy and cheap way of earning money from your home. It can be as simple as writing about your favorite food, music, or some other niche. To succeed in blogging, it is wise to focus on your area of interest and be patient to grow until you are able to monetize your blog. Also, good knowledge of WordPress and SEO will greatly help. Learn how to write your first blog post.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Here is a list of some legitimate work-from-home jobs that you can secure quickly.

Social Media Manager

Social media management is one of the flexible work-from-home jobs in high demand because companies need social media managers to help grow their online community, manage comments, and improve their social-selling efforts.  

Your potential employer will expect you to understand how the different social media platforms work and experience running campaigns on them. 

You can sign up for social media management jobs on platforms like Upwork and Indeed and earn between $16-and $50 per hour.

SEO Expert 

Several businesses are in search of individuals that can help to improve their search engine ranking. As an SEO specialist, a degree may not be necessary but it is expected that you are good at optimizing website content and building backlinks. Sometimes, direct experience in the field is preferred or required. 

Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter are some of the best platforms you can secure opportunities that will pay you an average of $49,000 annually.

Website Designer

Are you skilled at designing websites? you can apply to and work for tech companies, NGOs, and more. Companies that hire website designers will test your competence in CSS, Adobe Illustrator, and UX. With an ability to create excellent web pages, you can earn about $55,000 annually. You can secure jobs on Upwork, 99designer, and Indeed.

Data Entry Worker

Photo of a woman doing data entry, one of the flexible work from home jobs

Data entry work from home jobs make you responsible for inputting symbolic, alphabetic, or numeric data into a system. For you to succeed in the role, you should improve your skills in computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

You can get jobs on Working solutions and Upwork and earn between $10-$20 per hour.

Virtual Assistant

You can make some cool and regular money by handling simple office tasks, such as answering calls and responding to emails. 

There may not be a special experience to getting started with this job aside from your willingness and ability to handle the tasks which are assigned on the job.

Jobs marketplace like FreeUp, and Online jobs ph list opportunities in this aspect and you can earn about $30 taking up any of them.

Medical Coder

Medical coders are in high demand. If you are experienced at reviewing patient records to code the services they have been offered, while handling billing paperwork along with other tasks that may be assigned as specified by your potential clients, you will become sought after by organizations.

Flexjobs lists hundreds of coding jobs currently. Medical coder gets an average of $51,454 annually,

Best Unique Work From Home Jobs

Personal Trainer

If you have a sound knowledge of proper exercise techniques, you may consider applying for an online personal-training gig. 

You can train anyone through online coaching, using Skype or Zoom. You can get opportunities on Glassdoor and Fiver where you can earn between $20-and $70 per hour.

Online Beauty Advisor

With the rising trend surrounding beauty and makeup, there is no better time than now to consider being an online beauty advisor. You can secure opportunities on Ziprecruiter and Beautytap and earn about $45 per hour.  

Online Recruiter

The operations of recruiters are no longer limited to an office setting, but can now be done remotely. You will be expected to post vacancies and get potential employees for the company. Online recruiters’ gigs can be found on CareerBuilder and Remote. co with average earnings of $54580 yearly.

Email Marketer

If you are skilled at crafting eye-catching email subject lines, you can help businesses to manage their email campaigns and get an average of $50,000 annually. You will become sought after by employers if you can prove that you possess the skill of enticing recipients. PeoplePerHour and Upwork are a great marketplace to get gigs.

Freelance Writer

Photo of a woman doing freelance writing, one of the flexible work from home jobs

If you love writing and are good at it, you can convert your passion into cash by applying to write for magazines, blogs, journals, and online news platforms. Freelance writing is one of the flexible work-from-home jobs that pay well. For online writing jobs, check FlexJobs, Problogger, BloggingPro, etc., and make an average of $63,213 annually.

How To Land Work From Home Jobs

Speak The Right Language

There are several ways to say “remote work”. You should pay attention to the wording adopted by companies with job listings in the area you want to work with. Some companies in your industry tend to say ‘telecommute’,’ ‘remote’ or ‘virtual.’ This knowledge can help to focus your search on the right keywords for your specific career goals.

Understand The Requirements For The Company

Realize that not all remote jobs are the same. Some jobs are 100% remote, while others are “hybrid” jobs, which is a combination of both onsite and offsite. Also, some fully remote jobs may restrict workers to a particular location. Read through the job description carefully, so you understand what you are applying for.

Client Base

Remote work doesn’t mean you will never meet clients in person. You may be responsible for a particular territory of clients that may require you to live close to them for a meeting.

Sell Your Skills

If you have experience in remote working, mention them in your resume and cover letter. Otherwise, you may have to find the relevant experience that proves your remote ability. However, that you haven’t worked remotely before, doesn’t imply that you don’t have the right skill necessary for remote employee success.  

Applying For Remote Jobs

If you’ve found the right remote job, create a well-written remote work resume and cover letter. Highlight your skills and experiences.  

Interviewing For Remote Jobs

Most times remote job interviews seems the same as preparing for an interview but it requires that you should;

  • Create a place in your home where you won’t be distracted while the interview is going on.
  • Have a reliable connection.
  • Practice answering questions on camera for video interviews, 
  • Get everything ready and speak boldly while answering questions. 

The Questions

Here are likely questions to expect;

  • Can we meet you?
  • Why do you think you are the best candidate for the job?
  • What are your weaknesses and strengths? 
  • Where will you carry out your remote work?
  • Why do you choose to work remotely?
  • How will you handle distractions?  


What Does It Mean To Work Remotely?

Remote working implies that a worker works from a location outside the office environment. 

What Is A Telecommuting Position?

A telecommuting position is where you are “commuting” by telephone or email.  

What Is The Meaning Of “Flexible Working”?

Flexible working could mean reduced hours, compressed hours, annualized hours, part-time work, or earlier or later start or finish times.

Are There Benefits Of Remote Work?

Remote work gives an employee the freedom to decide his or her work location and work hours.

  • The worker can balance work and personal life.
  • Employees are more productive  
  • Telecommuters are also happier with their jobs. 
  • Remote employment also helps to reduce companies’ overhead expenses.

What Are the Challenges Of Remote Working?

Some of the challenges include;

  • The feeling of detachment and isolation from the team.
  • There are many communication difficulties, especially when different time zones are involved.
  • Distractions at home are also a challenge. 

Final Thoughts

To work effectively from home, you will need a good computer and a reliable internet connection. You will also need to maintain a space within your home that will help you to successfully engage in any of the flexible work from home jobs and avoid distractions.

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