20+ Easy Things To Make And Sell For Profit Immediately

Have you been thinking about things to make and sell for profit? 

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Coming up with ideas of the right things to make and sell for profit can be a major challenge, because it is difficult to sell even a piece when you produce items that are not in demand. But not to worry, your challenge ends here! This post has gathered all the essential information you need to know as a potential craft person.

We have compiled the easiest and best business ideas you can start at home with little upfront investment and sell for profit.

These handmade crafts and items are not technical yet are in high demand at online markets like Etsy, Craigslist, and others.

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Besides loving craft and making things from scratch, it is very encouraging to know that there are thousands of people in the market who are willing to pay for what you produce.

Is it profitable to make things and sell online?

Simply put, yes it is. Handmade products have brought a lot of wealth to many people like the teen sisters, who make more than $20 million yearly just selling bath bombs.

Yes! It is that profitable.

What do you know how to make? Don’t worry if there’s nothing you can make right now; there are many things out there you can learn and create within the twinkle of an eye. Most of these high-paying handcrafts do not need a lot of investment upfront.

However, there are certain things you must know before you begin to make and sell your product for profit.

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How to make and sell things for profit

There are numerous things to make and sell for profit.

So let’s discuss the things you need to know before producing and selling items for profit.

  • Before you start producing items and selling them online, you need to understand the general rule of thumb. This rule is that you should know how much you spend for producing these items (i.e. cost of production) and the amount you will need to sell them for profit (selling price).
  • Asides just placing price tags on your products, you need to see how much other competitors are selling the same product. This will help you not price yourself out of the market. After all, the driving force here is making money. 
  • If your production cost is higher than what you sell them for, or you just can’t get cheaper raw materials in your area, then you may need to try another craft.

13 easy things to make and sell for profit

If you are one of those people that have gone through the excruciating pain of working long hours and earning less, you will understand the need for choosing easy things to make and sell for profit.

These crafts may not be sold at a high price, but you should be able to make more by selling a large quantity. The handmade products you choose as a niche shouldn’t be the expensive ones because it is easier to buy an item for $2 than dishing out $57 to pay for one. 

So, though there are many crafts out there that you can make and sell for profit, you need to go for those handmade products that are not time demanding to produce and can be made with less expensive raw materials.

This means that you need to go for crafts that can be produced in bulk within a short time.

  1. Bath bombs

Since self-care is rising again, everyone is looking for that little thing to make them feel special. This sounds very close to what a bath bomb does.

Photo of bath bomb; one of the things to make and sell for profit

Entrepreneurs like the Lush Company understand this and have made more than $20 million from just producing bath bombs.

Bath bombs are easy to produce. You just need some ingredients to create the base and use your creativity to add something special. You can add some cosmetic glitters, essential oils, and botanicals to make your product different and healthy for the skin.

The primary thing you need to start producing bath bombs is the mold. With it, you can produce dozens of bath bombs a day. The bath bomb is an excellent business prospect because they are easy to make, and each of them sells for $5 or more for one piece.

  1. T-shirts

Gone are the days of wearing regular T-shirts. People prefer spicy and somewhat personalized t-shirts.

Photo of customized shirts; one of the things to make and sell for profit

You can learn how to cut, design, and produce personalized T-shirts for different occasions.

However, it is important to spend some time looking up extra skills since it may be a little difficult to sell personalized t-shirts because many well-known brands are producing them.

  1. Pillows

Comfy pillows are never out of fashion. They are always in demand, and you can create different patterns and styles from the vast array of fabrics available.

Photo of throw pillows; one of the things to make and sell for profit

Besides, they are easy to make and need a low start-up fund.

You mustn’t be an expert before making pillows for sale. There are many DIY pillow-making tutorials on YouTube, like the one below.

How to Sew a Throw Pillow (Tutorial)

  1. Gift or subscription boxes

People love packaged gifts, and as an act of self-care, they go for well-designed personalized gift boxes for themselves, or to give to others.

Gift boxes sell well, but you should know that they are not easy to assemble, compared to subscription boxes. 

However, subscription boxes are cheaper to produce, and going for them can bring you profit without much stress.

  1. Candles

You can be like the 17-year old that made $1,000,000 revenue after producing candles for two years. 

Right now, the candle industry is worth about $3.2 billion. And based on the type and quality of candles you make and sell, you can have a profit margin of $5 to $20 for one.

Photo of candles; one of the things to make and sell for profit

If you have been looking for the easiest DIY item to make and sell, candles are for you. They are easy to produce, and you can start a great business from candles with at least $200. There are numerous candle-making tutorials out there, and since they are made from the basic melt and pour technique, you can produce dozens a day.

Here is a protip: Due to the nature of candles, their users are more prone to injuries. So, place a safety label on your product to save your business from a lawsuit.

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry is always in vogue and you can make decent cash from them. Jewelry-making tools are now available with gemstone wholesalers, and you can also get wires, beads, and crystals at low prices. 

Photo of jewelry; one of the things to make and sell for profit

You just need to choose the right audience and know whether they prefer something rather showy or straightforward and prominent.

Also, follow the trend to ensure that your ideas are still valid in the market.

  1. Personalized gifts

People relate more with personalized gifts and prefer to get them for their loved ones because it is easy to encrypt their words on them. According to a survey carried out about personalized gifts, 1,000 customers were unmotivated by the idea of general gifts from the store. 

Photo of personalized gifts; one of the things to make and sell for profit

This makes creating personalized gifts an excellent opportunity to satisfy the quest of the dissatisfied customers in the market and bring in more than enough money to your table.

Personalized gift items do not need to be complex. They can range from a door hanger to a printed t-shirt or date stamp. 

Another beautiful thing about this business idea is that you will not only sell per piece but there will also be advanced orders that can pay you a bulk sum. 

  1. Natural cosmetics

The impact of heavy metal poisoning in cosmetics is becoming very alarming, and many people are switching over to the natural lifestyle. 

However, it is not easy to just wipe makeup out of their lives. There is an increase in demand for makeup items with fewer and natural ingredients.

Photo of cosmetics; one of the things to make and sell for profit

These makeup items just need to be simple, and you can start by making a lip balm for yourself. 

Compared to candles, natural cosmetics are not that easy to produce. Also, you will need a little time to try ingredients and choose the most suitable for your brand. 

If people love what you offer, you know that you have a piece of the market to yourself.

  1. Art and prints

With consistency and beautiful designs, you can make much money from designing stock photos, handmade cards and the likes, and selling directly to your clients.

Photo of arts and prints; one of the things to make and sell for profit

But like you know, you need to create something more than ‘pitiful looking cards’. A good eye for design will help you here. 

  1. Ceramics

Ceramics are not the most time-effective handmade products to produce, but the appeal of quality ceramics is undeniable. Everyone loves a unique ceramic item.

Ceramics can be made at home, but you will need to start with polymer clay, air clay, or poured concrete.

Photo of ceramics; one of the things to make and sell for profit

Since this product has stood the test of time in the market, it is a good business idea for people looking for reliable things to make and sell for profit.

It is an opportunity to build a lifetime career. However, you need to have more than the usual boring designs that are available in the market. 

You will appeal to a more loyal audience if you design by producing quotes and hobby-based mugs.

  1. Digital printables

The list of things to make and sell for profit would be incomplete without mentioning digital printables. 

<iframe src=”https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=522136150537604347″ height=”637″ width=”345″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” ></iframe>

They are like huge money makers for bloggers, and blogs like ‘Blessing Manifesting” have made thousands of dollars from selling printables to depressed LGBTs.

Also, you can take custom offers and produce wedding invitations, templates, organizers and the likes for people. You just need to have good Photoshop skills.

  1.  Cupcakes

The preaching against sugars didn’t start today, but that hasn’t stopped more and more people from consuming cakes. 

If you are a kitchen whizz and your grandma tells you that you make the best cookies and cakes amongst your siblings, it is time to present your skills to the world. 

Photo of cakes; one of the things to make and sell for profit

Most people prefer to consume homemade cakes rather than those produced in the factory since they contain lesser preservatives. Let this skill make you money on holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations. 

But before you jump right in, secure yourself and your business with recommended labelling, legalities, and the rest. Also, know how long your ingredients can last while fresh and if they need to be preserved in the refrigerator.

If this is too much stress already, you can convert your baking skill into a passive income by teaching amateurs how to bake from their homes.

  1. Handmade bags

There are simple bag designs that can be made from simple fabrics and interfaces. These bags range from pencil cases to wristlets, purses, tote bags and school bags.

You don’t need to be a professional bag maker before earning money from making and selling bags.

Photo of handmade bags; one of the things to make and sell for profit

There are numerous bag-making tutorials on YouTube that can be accessed for free. Also, considering the wide array of fancy fabrics available in the market, you can make even the oldest bag look new with a bit of touch.

Cheap things to make and sell for profit

  1. Adventure notebook

Adventure themed notebooks are fantastic gift ideas for kids, teachers, and even hostesses. They can be easily personalized.

Photo of customized notebooks; one of the things to make and sell for profit

Though it is relatively straightforward to make, and many parents love to make it for their kids, others do not have the time and would instead buy for their kids to write down their thoughts. And that is where you (and your craft business) come in.

  1. Stamped tribal clutch

This DIY project sells well on Etsy, and you can make good profit from them.

You don’t need to produce them from scratch; you can just buy them in bulk, customize and resell. 

It is easy to customize them with a regular sponge. Just cut them into different shapes and stamp them on the clutch.

  1. Dotted champagne flutes

Like the name, you can dot the conventional champagne glasses with coloured paints into something fancy and attractive and sell them for a great amount.

Photo of champagne flutes; one of the things to make and sell for profit

Others include:

  1. Confetti dot phone case
  2. Heating pads with essential oils
  3. Chic turban headband
  4. Washable and reusable bowl covers

Things to sell and make profit for kids

Creativity is vital when thinking of things to make and sell for profit, and kids are kings of inventions.

There are several projects that they can do and sell to their families and friends. These include:

  • Dog treats: Kids that love cooking can make healthy homemade dog treats and sell them. You can get the best dog treat recipes online for your kids.
  • Baked goods: Still for kids that love to cook. They can join you in the kitchen, make cookies of different shapes, pies, candies, brownies, and donuts for their families and friends.
  • Slime: Kids don’t just love playing with slime; they love making them. They can make them and sell them for money.
  • Lemonades: Everyone gets it right with a classic lemonade stand. Encourage your kids to make some great lemonade and sell it to neighbors.
  • Pet toys: Kids find making pet toys fun and can make them and sell. This is a fancy business idea for kids who love animals.

Where to sell your handmade items and crafts online

You can sell your crafts on the following sites to make money:

  • Etsy: This is the leading market for crafts. You can sell any kind of craft there for gain. Etsy is a great place to start selling your handmade items.
  • Teachable: This is a great platform for people who want to sell online courses. It is very intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Zibbet: This is a new online market. Since it is still unknown, you can establish yourself on the platform before it becomes popular (because it soon will).
  • Amazon Handmade: You will benefit from the already existing pool of buyers to make money with your crafts.
  • Hyena cart: This is the best platform for you to sell your eco-friendly crafts
  • Aftcra: This is a great marketplace for crafts, but it is only limited to users in the US only.
  • ICraft Gifts: This is a suitable marketplace for personalized gifts items and crafts.
  • Handmadeology Market: This platform is suitable for selling any item, including handmade items.


There is no limit to the things to make and sell for profit. There is always a ready market to buy your craft if it is beneficial to your target customers.

Don’t just design for fancy; they will fade away quickly and may never sell more than a few pieces. Producing valuable and quality items is the key to lasting in the market.

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