10 Best Sites For High-Paying Remote Work From Home Jobs

Remote jobs are jobs done outside of a traditional office setting. In remote work from home jobs, employees can execute daily tasks and projects successfully without having to go to the office – they can work from any location they choose. 

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A lot of people, especially women, are looking for remote work from home jobs for various reasons. It could be to increase their source of income and cater for the needs of their family or to have more flexibility and set their own working hours.

Also, some women choose to opt out of the regular 9-5 jobs so they could have more time to spend with their families.

In this post, we have compiled a list of well-paying remote work from home jobs for you and legit sites to find them. 

Top Highest Paying Remote Work From Home Jobs

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1. Writers and editors 

You can work remotely from the comfort of your home as a writer or editor if you are very good in English language and also have good communication skills. 

There are various niches you can choose to write on. These include:

  • Health 
  • Tech 
  • Relationship 
  • Money/economy 
  • Parenting 
  • Marriage 
  • Marketing based 
  • Creative writing and storytelling, etc. 

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Choose your niche based on your skill set and you will definitely find clients who are looking for your services. You can also take up writing courses on sites like Coursera to help you write better. 

How much you make monthly writing or editing depends on your skill level, your number of clients, and the number of articles you are able to write in a month. 

Freelance writers can make an average of $22.05 per hour. 

2. Accountant

You can be employed as an online accountant to review the financial accounts of companies and even provide expert advice. 

You will also be required to ensure the financial stability of the company based on their budget and expenses. 

Online accountants earn an average of $55,915 yearly and it is one of the top online remote work from home jobs. 

However, you have to be skilled in mathematics, analytical thinking, and know the tax laws of the specific country the company is in. 

3. Online tutor 

If you love teaching and are looking for a flexible work from home remote job, then you should consider being an online tutor. You can teach children and even adults on any subject of your choice. It could be English language, Science, or Maths. 

Remote tutors earn about $21.59 per hour. 

4. Benefit Administrator 

As a benefit administrator for businesses, your work is to take care of the company’s employees and align them with their benefits. You do all these remotely from anywhere or from the comfort of your home. 

This online remote work from home job is becoming popular and the estimated yearly salary range is between $50,000 to $80,000. 

5. Graphic designer 

Graphic designers are in high demand especially as more businesses and blogs are being created. 

The work of a graphic designer is to create logos, fonts, flyers, advertisements, brochures, etc. for individuals and businesses. 

If you have a creative mind, you love working with aesthetics and styles, and are good at designing graphics, then you should consider this remote job work from home. 

A graphic designer earns an average of $3,444 monthly. 

Photo of a lady doing graphics design; one of the best remote work from home jobs

6. Speech language pathologist 

A speech language pathologist is a therapist who helps people with speech problems. It is just like online teaching and you simply work by connecting with clients from any part of the world. 

There are different software you can use to evaluate and track the progress your clients are making remotely. 

The annual salary for a speech-language pathologist is over $80,000 and you can work from any part of the globe without restrictions. 

7. Product designer 

A product designer is someone who helps in improving the user experience of a product. Companies and businesses hire them to ensure that their products are at best quality before taking them to the market. 

Product designers play an important role during key stages of product development. 

You can do this remote job working from home or from anywhere you choose and the yearly salary range is between $50,000 to $70,000. It is an under $80K/year job and you need a college degree but you can also become one with just a high school degree. 

8. Social media manager 

A lot of companies and even individuals are looking for people to hire to handle their social media accounts for them. You may also be required to create social media strategies for them. 

It is one of the most common remote work from home jobs. 

The average annual pay of a social media manager is $61,668 in the US. People with more experience and expertise can get over $80,000 a year. 

Most remote work from home social media management jobs are offered by retail and media companies. 

9. Software engineer 

If you love coding and working with computers, then this is the perfect remote work from home job for you. 

The role of a software engineer is to programme languages to enhance or create software applications. The basic languages used in software engineering are Java, Python, C++, etc. 

To apply for this role and get a good pay, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or information technology. 

You also need to have a strong grasp of programming languages. 

The average annual pay of a remote work from home software engineer in the US is approximately $111,713 per year. It is one of the highest tech paying remote jobs that pay over $100,000 a year. 

10. Senior business analyst 

If you are good in management and have good problem-solving skills, you will make a good senior business analyst. Having good communication skills is also important for this role. 

Your job is to analyze a company’s data, understand the company and their challenges and offer expert and professional advice to help them. 

This is one of the best remote work from home jobs on the internet today and you can make $100,000 yearly from home working as an online senior business analyst. 

The average annual salary is $102,936. 

Photo of a lady doing remote work from home jobs

11. UX Architect 

The job of a UX architect is to contribute ideas in making a mobile app or website more user-friendly. 

This job is a hybrid role between that of a web designer and a developer. 

This is one of the highest paying remote work from home jobs under IT jobs, you can make more than $100,000 Yearly doing this. It has an annual salary of $117,290. 

To be successful in this remote job, you have to showcase your past UX projects on whatever platform you are using to apply for this job. 

12. Bookkeeper 

A bookkeeper is someone who has remote access to a company’s financial documents and online bookkeeping software. 

Your work is to keep track of the company’s financial records. You can pick an online course in bookkeeping to help you understand the job better, and to increase your chances of landing a good paying job. 

The good thing is that you don’t have to be a certified public accountant before you can be an online bookkeeper. Additionally, it is a good paying remote work from home job as the median salary is $34,000 and a few bookkeepers make more than $70,000 a year. 

13. Senior information security consultant 

If you are looking for a high paying virtual job with an annual compensation of $123,039, then go for this. 

Your main duty is to ensure network security, risks assessment, and help businesses meet compliance obligations. 

It is not compulsory to have a certification for this role but having relevant licenses will help you get more jobs with higher pay. 

14. Cyber security analyst 

Cyber security analysts are responsible for the security of an organization. 

This is one of the highest paying remote jobs and your main duty as a remote work from home cyber security analyst is to advise the company on proactive measures they can take to prevent security breaches. 

You will also be required to protect and manage the cyber threats of a company. So, you need to come up with innovative designs and  technologies to prevent cyber-attacks. 

You will also be responsible for protecting data, infrastructure, networks, programs, and even assets that are confidential to the organization. 

This job requires you to be conversant with the latest development in the cyber world. You also need to have a strong insight for analysis and investigation. 

A cyber security analyst need to be able to interpret possible vulnerabilities in the security system of an organization and provide preventive solutions. 

You can make between $25,000 to $70,000 yearly and as your years of experience and knowledge increases, so will your salary also increase.  

15. Cloud architect 

This emerging concept in the digital world is becoming quite popular and it is one of the highest paying jobs in the IT field. 

Your role will be to formulate strategies and plan for the company you work for. While doing this, you have to consider the architectural nuances and deployment mechanisms. 

You also need a thorough knowledge and understanding of public, private, and hybrid cloud environment. 

Cloud architect is one of the best work from home remote jobs today. Although, you need to have a sound knowledge of operating systems and the concept of networking for this role. 

Most companies looking for remote workers to hire for this role favor people with a Bachelor’s degree in IT, Telecommunications, or computers. 

If you want higher roles and pay, get a Master’s degree in any of these courses mentioned above. Also, relevant job experiences are also a bonus. 

The annual salary for a cloud architect ranges between $71,000 to $160,000.  

Photo of a lady doing remote work from home jobs

16. Mental counsellor or psychologist 

This is one of the top paying remote work from home jobs in the professional world. 

Your main role is to attend to patients with serious addictions or those troubled with mental agony. 

You will study the mental case of your clients and provide professional guidance on improving their conditions. 

It is required that you should be sound and have a grasp of different therapies used in treating mental conditions like emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal procedures. 

For an entry level role as a remote psychologist, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. If you need higher positions and higher pay, a Master’s degree in psychology is advantageous. 

A remote mental counsellor will: 

  • Engage their clients in video conversations 
  • Listen attentively and provide the right solutions to their mental disorders 
  • You can also provide expert guidance to companies on mental health protocols to follow while treating their employees. 

The annual salary for a remote work from home psychologist ranges between $48,000 to $210,000. 

17. Medical director 

This is one of the highest paying remote work from home jobs. 

The main responsibility of this job role is to lead a medical department or even an entire health organization or agency. 

You will serve as the leader or guide for clinical staff and the department. You will control and manage the clinical protocols and also ensure compliance. 

A medical director also ensures that all infrastructure and clinical facilities are in place. 

You will also ensure that the staff are adequately trained and equipped with the latest medical knowledge. 

The qualification for this role is either Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). 

The annual salary range for this remote work from home job is $130,000 to $270,000.  

To be successful in this job and make more money, you need other things aside from your medical degree. 

You need to have good planning and organizing skills to stay ahead of the competition for this role. You also need to be aware of different tools and applications used for project planning and governance. 

These skills are very important because you will be managing the medical team and all the requisite third parties from your home remotely. 

18. Business development manager 

Your role as a business development manager is to increase the revenue or sales of the company. You need smart marketing level skills to create considerable influence among customers and you also need an MBA in sales and marketing to qualify for the job. 

The key duties of this role are: 

  • Identify potential suspect customers 
  • Approach prospect customers 
  • Increase business of existing customers, etc. 

The yearly salary ranges between $40,000 to $120,000. You need a very good communication skill to succeed in this role. If possible, take up online courses on customer management to increase your skills and expertise too. 

This will help you get a well-paying business development manager remote work from home job. 

19. Finance director 

The role of a financial director is very important in any organization or company because accurate planning, budgeting, and reporting will determine a company’s reputation and existence. 

It is also one of the highest paying telecommuting jobs we have today and your role is very important because you have to deal with the revenue and expenses of a company. 

The duties of a financial director are: 

  • Bring up and establish a robust strategy for governing essential functions 
  • Conduct audits 
  • Account reconciliation 
  • Generate financial statements, reports, and budgets, etc. 

There are qualifications mandatory for this role and they are MBA in Finance, Economics, or Chartered Accountant. 

The annual salary ranges from $60,000 to $160,000. 

You need to be very vigilant while handling the finances and accounts of a company because their reputation and stability depends largely on maintaining accurate account balance. 

Also ensure brevity in reporting correct financial figures to the stakeholders. 

20. Actuarial analyst 

This is one of the top paying remote work from home jobs because this job is very sensitive and vital for a company. 

The main role is to assess risks and costs during any accidents, damage in assets, death, or damage in company’s properties. 

You will be required to apply various statistical models to understand the potential risks on the company’s financial status in the future. 

This job role needs a degree in Finance, Economics or Accounting and also certifications in risk management will give you an added advantage. 

You also need to be proficient in handling macros and excel sheets. It is mainly insurance companies that hire people for this job role and your essential responsibilities will be to:

  • Predict future risks 
  • Assert financial loss 
  • Provide mitigations 

The yearly salary for an actuarial analyst is between $60,000 to $100,000. 

10 Best Websites to Find Work From Home Remote Jobs

Photo of a lady doing remote work from home jobs

The best websites to find telecommuting jobs are: 

  1. FlexJobs 
  2. Virtual vocations 
  3. Pangian 
  4. JustRemote 
  5. Remote.co

The best websites to find remote freelance jobs are:

  1. Upwork 
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer 
  4. Reddit

The best site for blogging is

  1. WordPress: If you want to run a successful freelance remote work from home business, then you should consider getting a WordPress blog. 

This is an easy way to showcase your brand to the world. Your blog/website represents you and future clients can know about you and what you do. 

Your website is your business card and WordPress makes it easy to have a website. All you need to do is to set up your website, explain what you do or what you can offer, and even show some of the work you’ve done. 

You can even pay for Ads and SEO just to send search engine traffic to your direction. 

Top 10 Countries With The Highest Paying Work From Home Remote Jobs

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We thought we should include this to help you know the countries to target when applying for remote jobs. Below are the top 10 countries that pay more than other countries of the world. 

1. The United States of America 

The national median pay for remote workers in the United States is around $48,500.  The number of people working remotely in the US has increased since 2005 by 150%

You can easily find a work from home remote job in the US that pays $100,000 annually. 

2. Hong Kong 

The monthly salary range including bonuses for remote workers in Hong Kong is between $1,170 to $3,986. 

3. Spain 

You can earn an average salary of $45,216 in Spain as a remote software developer. 

4. The United Kingdom 

The average yearly salary for remote workers in the UK is about $56,431. Also, the number of remote workers who work from home in the UK has increased from 11% to 14% since 1998

5. United Arab Emirates 

Dubai has even launched a 1-year virtual working permit for remote employees and they pay a minimum of $5,000 per year as salary. 

6. South Korea 

South Korea is known to have the world’s fastest average internet connection speed and there are lots of work from home remote job opportunities there due to this. 

The highest average yearly salary in South Korea is close to $5,570. 

7. New Zealand 

The median income per annum in New Zealand is $38,369. Even though it is lower than that of the US and the UK, it is still higher than some countries. 

8. Estonia 

This country has announced a digital nomad visa for remote workers and freelancers from any part of the world. And the average salary you will get annually is $32,683. 

9. Czech republic 

Remote work from home workers in this country earn an average yearly salary of $1,242. Citizens of the European Union do not need a work permit to work here and it is one of the countries loved by digital nomads and expats. 

10. Bulgaria 

For developers, Bulgaria pay an average salary of $10 per hour. 

Benefits of Remote Work From Home Jobs

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Some of the benefits of remote work from home jobs include:

  • You will have more time to spend with your kids and family, especially for moms.
  • You will save a lot of money working from home. For instance, the cost of transportation and office wear will be eliminated. 
  • A lot of companies are now focusing on telecommuting jobs so that they can get the best skills from anywhere in the world; therefore distance is no longer a barrier to landing a good paying job as a remote worker.


Remote work from home jobs are increasing in popularity due to the flexibility and convenience they come with. 

As a stay at home mom, as a student or as someone who just wants to work on their own terms while earning extra income, remote work from home jobs are the best bet.

We hope you find something that matches your skillset and suits your interests from the list of remote work from home jobs discussed above.

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