30 Flexible Jobs for Pregnant Women At Home

Most women are at their most delicate during pregnancy.

Some have to quit demanding jobs, some others even lose their jobs because of the challenges of being pregnant.

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Some still are just starting out with a career and wondering “can a pregnant woman apply for a job?”.

Whatever your reason for looking, these, below are good jobs for pregnant women. In fact, these are some of the best jobs for pregnant women to choose from. Especially if you are looking for something that leverages your work experience.

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Or even better, something to help you start making money from the comfort of your home.

Most of these jobs for pregnant women are part-time jobs, and extremely flexible.

15 Best Flexible Work-At-Home Jobs For Pregnant Women

1. Social Media Manager or Online Community Manager

The world has changed, businesses and career professionals now use the internet more than before.

As such, there is a need for someone who can manage their online presence while they take care of their businesses.

You could help companies and individuals by interacting with their customers or clients on different online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. from the comfort of your home.

All you need is a working smartphone, Laptop or Tab, and internet connection.

This is a great job for pregnant women to do and make money while they wait for their unborn babes.

Average earnings are at $20 hourly.

2. Virtual Assistant

If you already have some basic office and computer-related skills, then you are already a job candidate as a Virtual assistant.

You can perform administrative tasks for an entrepreneur or small business on the internet.

Virtual assistant jobs allow you to manage appointments, customer service calls, emails, and other simple tasks for others Online.

You can also find Agencies that help match virtual assistants with appropriate clients. Examples are: Craigslist, FlexJobs, Indeed, Upwork, Fiverr and many others.

Typical earnings start at $15 up depending on client and assigned task.

3. Writer (Freelance/In-House)

Online Publishers, organizations, and even career professionals of different fields seek writers for temporary or long-time projects.

These projects could be articles, blog posts, marketing materials, grant or business proposals, advertising copy, website content, technical documents, and books.

Plus, writing is something that you can do from home either as a freelancer (independently working as I used to) or as an in-house writer or even both. This is another easy job for pregnant women.

4. Corporate Recruiter

Do you know how to headhunt?

Do you have some human resources skills or background?

If you can judge people’s character, craft job descriptions, conduct phone and pre-screening interviews, you can develop a pool of qualified job candidates fit for companies and organizations and get paid handsomely.

You need to also have an excellent skill for verbal and written communication.

5. Data Entry

This is one of the more popular temporary jobs for pregnant women. Whether you are in Dallas, India, UK, Canada, America, or anywhere else in the world, all you need to be able to work a data entry job is good organizational skills.

Your job is to collect source data as paper files, audio clips, and transcribe them, and enter the results into a database for easy retrieval.

6. Blogging Jobs from Home

Blogging is a recommended job for pregnant women with a great deal of flexibility and income.

You could pick a blogging job and work from home as a pregnant mom either working for yourself by creating your own blog and earning significant income or work for a company writing for them.

Blogging is a very lucrative business. It’s what I do so it’s only fair I recommend it 😉

You can choose a profitable niche that you are passionate about and write different topics on it while you earn money through display ads, Affiliate marketing, and more other ways.

7. Private Online Tutoring

What are you expert at?

If you have any courses you were excellent at in school, you can start tutoring many students in subjects they are finding it difficult and earn from it.

Aside from that, you can start teaching other women how to cook different delicacies in their homes and earn from it.

There are a vast number of subjects cutting across academics, lifestyle, family life, home management etc. you can teach online at the comfort of your home and generate your legit income.

Asking where you can start your Online Tutoring job? A great place to start is VipKid

8. Virtual customer service representative

Being a customer service rep is among the most suitable online jobs for pregnant women.

Nowadays, companies or organizations hire the expertise of people as customer service reps to assist them in handling online inquiries and customer phone calls from home.

All you need is the ability to pass the required information to clients/customers, a laptop, smartphone, or tab with internet connection. And you can choose the hours you can work based on you.

9. Wedding consultant

Maybe during your wedding you planned it, or you have the experience or rather you enrolled in an event planning course?

Then you can start offering good recommendations to people and help them plan their wedding event while you get paid for your great services.

This will go well if you know about event venues, and sourcing reliable catering, decoration, photography, and entertainment service providers.

So mama, know about everything needed to make a great wedding or event in general, you will earn a huge income doing this good paying job for pregnant women.

10. Personal shopper

You may be wondering how to make money being someone’s personal shopper. Well, it’s not rocket science.

There are many working-class professionals especially busy who hardly get time for things like shopping.

These people are looking for people to hire to find the best deals on quality products to buy.

You can help them shop for personal items, gifts, clothes and groceries and get paid to do that happily. While this a flexible good-paying job for women who are pregnant, just keep in mind to stay away from anything that requires heavy lifting or being too long on your feet.

11. SEO specialist (Search engine optimization)

Blogs and website content are key in helping businesses gain a good amount of visibility online.

As people use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to discover what they are looking for online, the companies or businesses that appear or rank at the top of their search results get more visits than others.

You, as an SEO specialist, can start working on flexible hours, creating online content and strategies that will help your employer rank higher on search engines.

This is a job that pays really well and it’s a recommended job for pregnant women as they can comfortably work from home.

Want to know a secret? SEO isn’t hard, it just sounds complicated to busy professionals. If you are ready to dive in, this is an SEO course I 100% stand behind. And I’m not even an affiliate.

12. Editor/Proofreader

If you find delight in English when it comes to the proper use of spelling, grammar, punctuations, and other aspects of English, you can work from home as a proofreader or editor and get paid.

This is another flexible job for expectant mothers. You can find clients who will pay you good dollars for proofreading articles, emails, etc. for them on FlexJobs, EditFast, ProofreadingServices, and Upwork.

But if you really want to make money with this gig, check out what Millionaire proofreader Caitlin Pyle had to say about becoming a proofreader here.

13. Website Testing

Businesses have the need to provide their customers with an excellent user experience. Utility testing is all about testing websites, user interface and apps for an exceptional user experience. You can find website testing jobs for pregnant moms at these sites Userlytics, Respondent, Userfeel, and Userbrain. You can earn from $3 – $20 per hour.

14. Transcription Job

This is a perfect part time job for pregnant women.

Hospitals and other organizations want to hire people who will help them transcribe information for proper storage or usage.

Your job as a transcriptionist is to translate a piece of information from a recorded form into a written form. You would need a good sitting arrangement in a quiet place to comfortably work.

You can find good paying Transcription jobs on the following sites; Captionmax, Rev,  TransPerfect and TranscribeMe.com.

With this Free Training, you can begin your career as a transcriptionist.

15. Dog Sitting Job

You can find busy people in your neighborhood who own pets and usually travel without anyone to look after their pets.

If you love having pets around you and find it easy to take care of them, then this is just another option for you, a pregnant mom looking for ways to earn a cool income from home.

Other Perfect Jobs for Women Planning to Be Pregnant.

If you are yet to get married or you are married and planning to have your first child, you can take probably a year to work at jobs with some of the best employment benefits. These are the most suitable jobs for pregnant moms, working mothers, and women who want to have children.  

1. Office clerk

There are clerical activities that companies want them to be taken care of on a daily basis, these activities are simple and basic like answering phone calls, sending and receiving mails, typing, filing, and copying documents, notes taken during meetings, bookkeeping, and others. You could start a job as an office clerk for the meantime and get paid as you plan to become a mom. If you are lucky, it could turn out to be a long-term working opportunity for you with good working benefits.

2. Market research analyst

Small- and large-scale enterprises are always on the lookout for marketing professionals, skilled at evaluating and researching new market trends, strategies, future market conditions. Also, market research analysts help companies to evaluate their competitors so as to have an upper hand in running a smooth business activity as the leading companies in their industries respectively.

This could be a perfect job for women who intend to become pregnant. You can be earning from $10 – $1000 platforms like Upwork.com, freelancer.com depending on your level of expertise and the client you are working for.

3. Accountant

The demand for professionals in the field of accounting are needed since it is a need for every organization to maintain accurate financial records. You can work as an accountant with an organization from home or anywhere, provided you have access to a good computer and internet connection.

4. Video editor

Video editing has eventually emerged as one of the most popular online jobs that are sought for on a daily basis. The need for businesses to create video ads and other film projects has increased than before. Which is why video editing being a reliable and paying job for you to consider. There are online platforms for you to get clients you can work for as a freelancer. You can also work as an in-house editor for a company.

5. Multimedia artist or animator

If you have an active imagination and you are a woman who is good at drawing, then this job is for you. You can work from home in the computer animation and special effects industry. The good news again is, you can get clients online and work remotely earning hourly pay. Check out Upwork.com, freelancer.com and fiverr.com for clients.

6. Public relations specialist

Everyone including non-profit organizations, politicians, companies, government agencies, entertainment bodies, celebrities involved in PR or rather, public relations. If you are good in speaking and can well represent any of the above-mentioned bodies, and help them build an admirable public image, then you are good to go.

7. Graphic designer

This is one of the most popular jobs online currently. Graphics design gives you much flexibility when it comes to when and where you can from. Projects under graphics design range from logos, book covers, brochures, web and social media graphics etc. it is fun and full of varieties as you get creative. You can also work as a freelancer or in-house for companies and be well paid which is good for you.

Indeed, Upwork, Freelancer are good places to start up your graphics design job. Check them out..

8. Bookkeeping or accounting clerk

Bookkeeping is a job that requires one to be keeping an accurate record of business activities like number of old stocks, new stocks, sold, available stocks and the inflow and outflow of money. Companies and organizations have a great deal of such records to keep. If you are lucky, you can have a flexible working time or even work part-term. I strongly recommend this job for women expecting babes.

See how to get started with your Bookkeeping job from home.

9. Financial Advisor

Financial planning is of great significance in peoples’ lives. Financial advisors can help people attain financial freedom.

It is not always easy for most people to consistently plan their financial life wisely. Therefore, if you can, there is the need of the expertise of those who can help companies and individuals minimize their taxes, choose wise and lucrative investment vehicles, plan their estates and create budgets that will enable them achieve long-term financial goals.

This is another good part time job for a pregnant woman.

10. Website manager

Website management is among other great jobs for pregnant moms who want to work at home.

Aside from managing an online community for companies and busy entrepreneurs, you can help manage websites for them as well.

Big websites need professionals to maintain them by making sure that the content on them is well created and up to date for visitors to get relevant information anytime they visit the site.

11. legal assistant

Government agencies, private law firms and also large companies are hiring people with basic legal skills. You can be hired as a legal assistant, working with Lawyers helping them out in making research, factual investigation, and preparing documents. All you need is the basic legal training to get started. This is a well-paying job for pregnant women. 

12. Retail or wholesale Shopper

Do you love to shop? Are you thrilled negotiating and finding good deals before making a purchase? Then this is a perfect job for you.

 Stores and wholesale distributors hire professional buyers to research buying trends and to purchase merchandise at good prices. You can work online for wholesale distributors and stores, negotiating win-win agreements with manufacturers and suppliers.

13. Database administrator

Never like before, women are currently emerging into technology related fields. And database administration is one of the best-paying options for women. It is the job of a Database administrator to Manage, test, and safeguard computer databases for companies. This job allows you to equally work remotely at the comfort of your home or anywhere else and get paid.

14. Web designer or developer

As businesses continue to go digital, there is a high demand for professionals to create and maintain websites for companies and career professionals to ease their business operations. This is a good job opportunity for women as it offers flexible working hours for you.

15. Computer programmer

It is incredible and profitable to have programming skills. Programmers are highly sought for these days especially now that Android and iOS devices are very popular. This is another friendly job for women who are pregnant. You can work part-term or from home as a computer programmer successfully while you are still pregnant. It is also a job that pays well.


Whether you are already expecting a baby or you are planning to, these job opportunities we shared above are a list of the best paying jobs for you to choose from. We promise to keep updating this list as new ones emerge into the scene.

Also do well to share with the ones you know can be recommended as best jobs for pregnant women. You can do that in the comment section.  

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