How To Make Money Without A Job (My Secrets)

Countless people around the world lose their jobs daily. Many are being downsized or replaced by technology. If you are trying to figure out how to fix or supplement your income right now.

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Or if you are like me and just prefer to find some stay-home opportunities that will pay you well, or just to make a few bucks to help you settle your bills when necessary, I am going to unravel some of the best ways you can make money without a job.

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While some of these money-making ideas work offline, others are stuff you can do on the web and would get you generating some cool cash for yourself without engaging in any traditional job.

How To Make Money Without A Job

1. Start Self-Publishing On Amazon Kindle

If you are good at writing and presenting your ideas so clearly that your readers get glued to every bit of your words without getting bored, you should consider writing a book in some keen interest that your audience would easily embrace.

Several would-be writers lose interest when they are faced with the process involved in publishing. All thanks to Amazon for turning that huge mountain into a valley!

You can write that long or short fiction or non-fiction eBook right now, and Amazon will do the rest for you! And in fact, Amazon already has the traffic you need to make that cool monthly income from your work.

2. Make Money Writing

As a passionate writer, you can also consider creating content for blogs, web pages, social media pages, online magazines, and several other platforms. You can also start your own blog and create content to build your portfolio or make money. Here is a guide I have written to help you start a blog that makes money in 2020.

All you need to start out is having a good command of the English Language, or any other preferred language with wide usage. You will learn so much more on the job.
You can also join platforms for freelancers like Fiverr and Upwork to get started.

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3. Become A Transcriptionist

Transcribing has to do with converting audio and video contents into texts. US transcribers make around $15 per hour. That’s pretty cool working remotely. So, if you are versed in speaking and writing the English Language, there are several websites that allow you to sign up as a transcriber and start earning after completing a given task.

Work may not come steadily as you expect, so it is better you sign up with multiple sites and work for different companies. It depends on how much you can handle yourself. Here is a list of 9 sites where you are very likely to get hired as a transcriber.

Are you thinking transcribing is that thing you have always been looking for? Well, here is a detailed guide on how to become a transcriptionist and make money without a job.

4. Provide Social Media Management Services

Most companies do not have time to handle their social media platforms by themselves. They often need to employ someone who will manage those pages effectively for them. So, if you enjoy using social media and can use it effectively, then this is something you should start immediately.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube are among the leading platforms you can begin with.

Having concrete knowledge of running effective Facebook ads and for other platforms is a crucial added skill you need to acquire, to succeed here. And it doesn’t actually take much time to learn. You can learn so much about social media management on YouTube and Google.

5. Sell Or Rent Out Belongings

If you need money urgently but do not have a job or means to get it, look around your house for things you can sell or rent out for quick cash. Glance through your closet. There are probably good clothes that are just hanging there, doing nothing. Sell them out. Etsy, Clothes Mentor, Depop, are among the leading online platforms you can get your used clothes, toys, and accessories sold.

Your books too. Most of us have books we haven’t opened in a long time. Go over to Amazon and put them up for sale. You can also consider local vendors to help in getting those books sold. What about pieces of furniture that have continued to occupy space in your room without being used for decades? It is time to make the right decision over them. Also check out your car items, accessories, and other stuff around.

If you live in a busy or central area, you can rent out your house, a room, or garage. This move can bring in cash into your pocket constantly.

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6. Become A Sperm Or Egg Donor

This idea is fascinating and very lucrative, but it’s not for people with poor health conditions.

Eggs aren’t easy and cheap. Harvesting eggs can be painful, complicated, and demand high physical commitment. But then, egg donors can make up to $150,000 per donation. This often depends on the quality of the eggs and where the donation is made.

7. Be A Private Tutor

Do you have specific school subjects or skills you are good at?

Can you teach young children (or adults) these skills or subjects very well?

Private tutoring is something you should consider!

Private tutors make way more than regular tutors. They can earn up to $40 per hour on average. That’s pretty much!

Start out by telling your neighbors, relatives, and friends about what you do, and encourage them to tell others they know would appreciate the service too.

8. Sell Entertainment

Can you perform any magic trick? Play a musical instrument, sing, dance or do a stunt? Then turn that talent into some cool cash!

You can begin by setting up a good space in an area where there is high foot traffic. However, avoid areas that are too noisy and can drown your performance. You should also be sure to get proper permission before making use of public space.

Place tip jars, instrument cases, or hats to receive tips. You can put in some of your own coins to draw the attention of passersby to do the same as well. Receive invitations to perform at parties, weddings, or local fairs. You can get a fancy name and request to perform at a friend or relative’s wedding or birthday celebrations to get more patronage in the business.

If you are good, be rest assured that people will willingly get you fixed for their own events.

9. Paint Or Sell Your Craft

Painting or selling your creative artwork is something you should consider if you are creatively inclined. Examples are photographs, paintings, needle-craft, glasswork, pottery, and handmade jewelry are some great artwork examples to consider. Creating and selling your crafts can be fun and very rewarding.

Join craft workgroups and participate in art exhibitions to put your work in public view for potential buyers. If you have any craft fair going on around you, get a booth there to display your work at the far.

There are opportunities online too to sell your artwork. Don’t make your work too expensive, it is easier to get them into people’s hands when they are cheap, and especially if you are still unknown. But then, you do not have to run at a loss to achieve this.

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10. Try Out Ghost Shopping

Have you heard of ghost or mystery shopping? Well, you may not know, but there are people who are hired by companies to pose as an ‘undercover customer’ in a hotel, shop, restaurant, and other outlets, so as to evaluate product quality, customer service, presentations, and other customer experiences. These ghost shoppers are often well rewarded.

So, if you think you are very smart, observant, and can work as an undercover agent, you should consider ghost or mystery shopping. You can apply for the job on different company websites. Market Force and Secret Shopper also request for this service.

But ensure to only accept assignments that are within your own easily-accessible distance and also well strategized in terms of tasks and costs so as not to lose the essence of the effort.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get rich without a job?

If you indeed want to get rich without a job, you should find and analyze profitable areas you can fit in to build your business. You must at least have something you can sell to get you money and some great ideas have already been shared in this post for you.

You will need to put in some hard work for some lasting results in your business. It would be much better to start small and grow gradually from there. This will help you learn a lot, while also avoiding some huge mistakes you would have made if you had started big quickly without initially gaining needed experiences.

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How can I make a living without a job?

Find a passion.

Finding a passion isn’t enough however, ensure you find a passion that has good potential of being embraced or that can sell quickly. Also, find the right audience for your passion.

You can start by blogging about that passion, put your knowledge into an ebook to be sold on Amazon Kindle or other platforms, or sell your skill on freelance sites such as Upwork and Fiverr. You could also become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and make up to $75 per hour.

How can a teenager make money without a job?

There are unlimited ways teenagers can make money without a paid job.

Some of the great ways include:

If you are a teenager or have teenagers who are willing to start making money without being tied to a paid job, it is better, to begin with freelancing the skills they already have.

So that’s it! Go get started with making money without a job.

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