77 Best Ways to Make Money as a Kid in 2023

There are so many ways to earn money today and kids aren’t left out. Want to learn how to make money as a kid? This article covers some of the best ways to do that — including age-appropriate jobs for kids (yes, younger kids too).

When kids pick up jobs — even if only part-time jobs — they earn money, experience what working life is like, and prepare themselves for a better future.

46% of parents said in a 2012 survey that they’ll let their child start working odd jobs between the ages of 12 and 14. And judging from my own thoughts about kids working to make extra cash, and this StackExchange discussion, it would seem that parents still feel that way even today.

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But what are the best jobs for kids to do? And what’s even legal?

In this article, I share over 70 good ways for kids to make money on their own so that your family can reap the benefits of allowing a kid to earn money, without endangering them, or breaking any child labor laws.

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Let’s get started!

How to Make Money As A Kid: 2 Ways For Kids to Make Money

There are two ways for kids to earn money for themselves. They either pick up a suitable job, or they start their own business especially if they don’t meet the age requirements for getting a job.

Keep reading for some of the best jobs or businesses kids can do to make money.

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Jobs for Kids

Here are the best jobs for kids to do. I’ve separated them into different categories for you. There are jobs for kids under 13, under 18, and even jobs for kids online exclusively. Let’s take a look.

Business Ideas and Jobs for 8-Year-Olds or Younger

Here are some ideas for your child to make money if they are between the ages of 5 and 10.

1.      Pet Sitting: Depending on the kind of pet, kids this age can begin a pet sitting business in the neighborhood.

2.      Etsy: If your child is a creative one, you could help him set up an Etsy store to sell his handmade crafts.

3.      Entertain with music: If you kid already plays an instrument, this could be a great way to make money. She could play in public places and earn some tips.

4.      Rake leaves: Do your neighbors have leaves lying around their yard? Your kid could earn money raking and disposing them in the summer.

5.      Shovel snow: This is a good way for kids to make money in the winter. Shoveling snow for you and your neighbors.

6.      Weeding: This is a good way for kids to make money in spring. Show neighbors before and after photos of your own yard or garden and let the young entrepreneur make some bucks weeding grass.

7.      Shine Shoes: Believe it or not people will gladly outsource a task like this, especially when they don’t have to pay too much for it. Your kid could collect and shine neighbors shoes for work.

8.      Wash car tires: If you live in a dusty state and even if you do not, this is another task I see lots of people likely to outsource to a hardworking kid.

9.      Recycle: Where I live, kids collect empty cans, plastic bottles and the like. They sell them to recyclers for a few cents apiece.

10. Lemonade Stand: Almost everyone knows about the lemonade stand, you could help your kid put a twist to it and sell baked goods too. A good way to get more customers would be to set up stand in more crowded places than in the neighborhood. Just check for security and legal permission.

Business Ideas and Jobs for Kids Under 13

At the ages of 10 to 13, kids are old enough to do harder tasks but not yet old enough to hold a job. Here are 30 ideas to help your tween start making money.

11. Teach music lessons to kids.

12. Entertain kids as a musician, clown, or dancer at a birthday party.

13. Make cat or dog toys and accessories.

14. Make scrunches, hair bands or headbands.

15. Make homemade stationery.

16. Make friendship bracelets.

17. Make handmade jewelry.

18. Make tie dye clothes.

19. Make all natural lip balm and other skin care products.

20. Make decorated tins for food or storage.

21. Make holiday ornaments like Christmas tree decorations…

22. Make homemade wrapping paper for gifts.

23. Make bird and other pet feeders/houses.

24. Make unique keychains .

25. Knit or crochet scarves, socks and hats.

26. Train dogs.

27. Scoop dog poop.

28. Clean cat litter boxes.

29. Bathe dogs.

30. Sell dog treats.

31. Design unique dog and cat collars.

32. Raise chickens to sell eggs.

33. Groom horses for horse owners and stalls.

34. Help with horse barn chores.

35. Sell baked goods.

36. Bake cookies, candies and other treats for sell during the holidays.

37. Serve food at parties.

38. Begin a cooking blog for kids.

39. Offer cooking classes for other kids.

40. Design printed t-shirts online.

Business ideas and Jobs for kids under 18

If your child is a teenager, it becomes much easier for them to make money by themselves. Here are some ideas they could try out today:

41. Babysit.

42. Work as a mother’s helper.

43. Help with school projects/homework.

44. Tutor kids on a specific subject.

45. Coach kids in sports.

46. Read to kids.

47. Refereeing basketball, baseball, soccer or other kids sports.

48. Entertaining kids at birthday parties.

49. Helping parents during kids birthday parties.

50. Face painting at birthday parties or fairs.

51. Braiding hair at birthday parties or fairs.

52. Becoming a music practice buddy.

53. Teaching kids how to cook.

54. Sell candy or baked goods.

55. Sell flowers.

56. Flip products on eBay.

57. Start a T-shirt design business.

58. Offer manicures or nail painting.

59. Wash or detail cars.

60. Shop for adults.

If you opt for any of the care jobs like babysitting or pet sitting, you can find jobs on Care.com.

For all the other business ideas, teens can improvise and promote their business online using a cheap website and social media.

Jobs for Kids Online

The beauty of technology today is that even kids can make money online without ever leaving the house.

While most higher paying online gigs favor those with technical skills more, just any kid who knows how to operate a computer can make money online.

Here are some ideas:

61. Make videos, upload them on YouTube and make money on advertising.

62. Start a blog and make money on advertising, affiliate marketing, product sales and services.

63. Become a social media manager or virtual assistant for bloggers and small businesses.

64. Become a freelance writer for bloggers and small businesses.

65. Become a tech assistant for bloggers and small businesses.

66. Become a Social media evaluator.

67. Become an online tutor.

68. Earn money through surveys.

69. Design websites.

70. Create apps.

And if they are teens, they can also pick up a real job and work part time. This also comes with a lot of life skills like learning to interview, fill applications, answer to a boss, time management… Lots of skills!

Most teens will find their first job in the retail or food industry (malls, or waitressing). They just need to go to a nearby retail store or restaurant and apply.

Why should kids earn money? The benefits besides money itself

There are so many benefits to working for money as a kid.

Apart from giving them a headstart in the business world and setting them up to be future millionaires like Fraser Doherty. This young man developed a recipe to make jam entirely from fruit at age 14 and became a millionaire before he was 20.

Or even billionaires like Facebook’s Zuckerberg, here are some immediate benefits you may never have thought about.

  1. They’ll learn to understand that making money isn’t easy and in turn, appreciate your efforts to provide for them as parents.
  2. Kids who work for money will develop a sense of discipline and responsibility because of this simple rule – the harder you work, the more you earn. The more you spend, the less you have.
  3. You may begin to notice improved math skills with all the constant calculations.
  4. Your kids are also likely to become more confident and effective at communicating with people.
  5. They’ll also learn the value of time.
  6. Extra money!

Those are some great life skills you’ve got to admit.

But to be clear, when I say work for money as a kid, I don’t mean getting paid to do household chores. While kids should be motivated to earn money for themselves, they should also learn that some of the most important tasks in life are never paid.

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At What Age Can Kids Legally Work For Money

Although many parents agree that 12 is a good age to start working a job, there are laws and regulations limiting the extent of work that children can perform depending on their age.

These limits affect the number of hours a child can work, the wage they can earn, and where a child can work.

Here are some things you should know:

  • 18-year-olds are completely free to work for money.
  • 16 years is the minimum employment age with unlimited hours, as long as it’s classed a non-hazardous job.
  • 14-year-olds should only work outside school hours in specified conditions.
  • Children under 14 years are not legally allowed to be employed in non-agricultural occupations covered by the FLSA. However, they can do simple jobs like delivering newspapers, home chores, babysitting, and acting.

That’s why you should do some research before your kid starts a random job from any jobs for kids list on the internet. You can learn more about the child labor provisions by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) on this page to learn more.

How to Make Money Fast as a Kid

First of all, making money as a kid isn’t really about making money but about learning some very valuable life skills and secondly, making money legitimately rarely comes fast.

Some methods will make you money faster than others granted but your aim should never be to make money fast. Instead, you should focus on how starting a business or working a job can help set you up for a better future.

But if you really want to make money fast as a kid, you should consider freelance writing. Elise Dopson co-founder of Peak Freelance started her writing career at 17 and started making money immediately, she became a Six-figure writer at around 21. You can learn how to become a freelance writer here.

Other ways to make money fast include:

Check out this post for the full list of ways to make money fast as a kid.

Goodluck to the budding entrepreneur!

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