How to Become a Pinterest VA and make $75/hour

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Would you like to know how to become a Pinterest VA? It’s one of the hottest work from home jobs now for many reasons.

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The pay is great (up to $75 per hour), Pinterest VAs are in high demand, and unlike starting a social media management business that requires knowledge of many social media platforms, it’s pretty easy to get started as a Pinterest VA.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to become a Pinterest VA.

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But, Why Pinterest VA Service?

Why not Facebook? Or Twitter? Surely those are more popular and serious, right?

Well, not really.

Pinterest officially has over 300 million registered users 40% of new signups which are men. Less than a year ago they were are 200, their user base is blowing up rapidly.

But that’s not all, 84 percent of Pinterest users use the site to decide what to buy. See why businesses invest in it?!

Yes, smart businesses happily pay an “expert” (more like someone who has the time to learn, experiment, and keep abreast of Pinterest trends) to spend the time needed to promote their business effectively on Pinterest and help them profit from it.

But businesses are not alone, for bloggers, the increased traffic from Pinterest means an increase in advertisement revenue, affiliate income, and product sales. And the best part is, unlike with other social media, a single pin can continue to bring traffic for months, and years thanks to the search feature. 

And although it’s like a version of the search engine Google, it doesn’t take half as long to see results from Pinterest. See how magical this is?

This here magic is why Pinterest VAs are in such hot demand. In fact, in my first month blogging, I got a Pinterest client just by setting up a hire me page, zero promotion!

Gina and Kristin, creators of the famous Pinterest VA course did an entire facebook live on how businesses make money on Pinterest and why they can afford to invest in VA services. It’s pretty eye-opening, you can watch it here.

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So What does a Pinterest virtual assistant do?

A Pinterest VA’s job is to maintain a client’s Pinterest presence and help them grow their business using Pinterest.

A Pinterest VA will:

  1. Create Pinterest-perfect Pins (it’s harder than it sounds when you don’t know how)
  2. Write search optimized pin descriptions (you’ll do Pinterest keyword research here)
  3. Schedule those pins in your scheduling tool (tailwind is the best)
  4. Apply to relevant group boards and Tailwind tribes
  5. Track results and share them with your client

Side note: the Become a Pinterest VA course has a great tracker

Other things a Pinterest VA or as some may call it, Pinterest Manager can do to help clients include:

  • Launch a brand new Pinterest business account or convert a personal one.
  • Set up rich pins for clients’ sites.
  • Audit an existing Pinterest account.
  • Create more pins than required in your contract ala carte.
  • Create promoted pin campaigns (this one is big)

So How Do I Get Started As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

I usually advise that you dabble a bit into using Pinterest for Business before figuring out if you want to become a Pinterest VA.

Take a free Pinterest for business course (the best one I’ve found is Pinterest Primer by McKinzie Bean).

The Pinterest prep book is also a great free resource.

After that, you can decide to invest in a course that teaches you how to become a Pinterest VA (this one is the best). You can read success stories here.

They typically cover, among other things, the business side of things like getting and maintaining clients, deciding what to charge, and the best ones like the one I told you about before also include templates for your contracts, invoices… and share exclusive leads (VA requests from premium clients) with their community frequently.

How Much Can You Make As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Like with other online businesses, you get to charge what you want as a Pinterest VA. That said, the typical monthly rate per client sits around $250 to $600. For beginners, that may come out to around 10 hours of work at the very worst and 3 hours at least per client.

When I was a new Pinterest VA, I charged around $250 per month for and my service included these:

  • Schedule approximately 1000 pins (1 pin to 5 board = 5 pins) per month in Tailwind (Tailwind subscription required)
  • Share your pins up to 10 times per week to Tailwind Tribes (1 pin to 1 Tribe = 1 share)
  • Creation of one new keyword-optimized board per month (if needed)
  • Creation of 20 new Pinterest-friendly pins per month (for new posts or existing ones)
  • Apply to one new niche-specific group board per month (if needed)
  • Monthly report of your top-performing pins, boards (group and personal), and Tailwind Tribes
  • 1 hour’s worth of email support and consultation access.

Side Note: I was undercharging.

You could also check out other VA’s websites, see what the charge and set your rates accordingly. 

If you take a VA course (I recommend this one), they’ll tell you exactly what to price based on your skill level, experience, and services you offer.

How Do You Find Clients As A Pinterest VA?

It’s very effective and faster to cold pitch bloggers and businesses that might need your service, especially in the beginning.  Good Pinterest VA courses teach you how to do this effectively. They also teach you how to maintain the clients so you scale better.

Another way is to run a Pinterest blog (learn how to start one up here) and include a hire me page there. You could also guest post on bigger blogs about Pinterest and before long, you’ll have clients coming to you. Or at least, when you cold pitch them, they already know your name and think of you as an expert.

No matter which method you chose, after a while, the best of your clients will come through referrals so make sure to always give your best to clients and treat them well.

Tip: Always choose clients carefully, difficult clients will work you to the bone and still bad mouth your services. 

Here’s further reading on becoming a Pinterest VA:

So that’s it on becoming a Pinterest VA. If you ever signup to that Pinterest VA course I mentioned, pay attention, Kristin and Gina dig deeper into how to prospect and pitch clients in module 3 and in their private facebook community lives most times too.

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