29 Legit Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

Working from home is convenient and flexible, but can be expensive getting the required equipment. Luckily, there are work from home jobs that provide equipment for remote workers thereby reducing the cost of buying new equipment with your own money. 

image of work from home jobs that provide equipment

Some of these equipment may be a new laptop, phone, headset, etc. depending on the company you are working with. 

We’ve selected some of the best companies that provide equipment for their work from home workers. 

Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

1. 10up 

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If you are interested in programming and designing websites, you should consider applying for this company. They create websites for content creators. 

Apart from web designer and programming jobs, they also have job vacancies for account coordinators, developers, and many more. 

They provide equipment allowance. This means they reimburse you for the money spent on buying equipment for your job role. 

2. A place for mom 

This company connects moms, families or assisted living facilities and other care services for seniors to caregivers. 

Job opportunities you can find with this company are family experience representatives, customer service agents, technical support agents, SEO analysts, and many more. 

They provide laptops and other equipment when you work with them. 

3. AAA

This company provides different types of services related to travel. This includes automobile services, travel services, and even roadside assistance. 

You can find lots of roles available on their websites including account manager and sales agent. 

They provide a headset, computer, and any other important equipment you need for your work role. 

4. ABC Financial

This company creates management and billing solutions for fitness centers and gyms. They develop billing systems for physical training facilities and most of their products are used by the best gyms in America. 

They have job openings for technical support representative, system engineers, HR generalists, etc. 

The remote technical support representatives handle gym-related services. Your job when taken as a remote technical support rep includes: 

  • Note incidences in calls
  • Maintain quality assurance 
  • Review reported complaints create tracking tickets for clients 
  • Handle incoming calls 

They provide the necessary equipment needed for your job role, e.g. a laptop. They also give you full training and the pay is competitive. 

5. Active Network 

Active network offers solutions to fitness centers. Some of their solutions include payment and billing solutions. 

They will provide everything you need for your job role with the exception of internet service. 

Job openings you can find on their website include customer service rep, system engineer, and many more. 

6. Integrate

Formerly known as Akkroo, this company helps other companies or businesses scale their marketing by making use of cloud technology. 

They provide you with a MacBook. Job opportunities you can find on their website include product management, software engineering, and sales.  

7. Alliance Data

Alliance data offers services that help business and companies. They make use of data analysis to increase customer loyalty and improve marketing campaigns. 

They provide computers and other equipment you need for your job role. 

Job vacancies available on Alliance Data are account manager, project manager, tech, customer services, etc. 

8. LaCalle Group

Formerly known as Allied Health Media, this company offers solutions for speech pathology and audiology. 

The main job vacancy available on their website is for developers and they provide all the necessary equipment a developer needs and also a monthly stipend for internet data.  

9. Allstate 

This company offers insurance solutions for life, renters, vehicle, home, and auto insurance. Most of the jobs available on their websites are customer service rep jobs.

Allstate will provide you with a computer and all other necessary equipment for your job role.  

10. Amazon 

Photo of a woman working from home; there are work from home jobs that provide equipment

This is one of the biggest online shopping markets in the world. They have built quality fame and reputation over the years and most of the jobs you will find with this company are customer service reps just to serve their customers worldwide. 

They provide their virtual customer service reps with a computer, headset, high-speed internet device, and a landline phone. 

Every day, this online mall experiences an influx of shoppers in their thousands. This is why they need a good number of customer service reps to help them handle their large customers. 

Your role as an Amazon customer service rep will be to: 

  • Record customers’ complaints and interactions 
  • Process Amazon orders 
  • Communicate with specific customers when it is necessary 
  • Solve various complaints customers have 
  • Reply to all customer questions and inquiries 

11. American Express 

This company offers credit and banking solutions to businesses and consumers. 

The available job on their website is collection specialists and they provide all the equipment needed for this job role which includes a phone and internet.  

There are also job openings for virtual travel agents and customer service agents. They will provide you with a high speed internet device and a landline phone for this job. 

They also include an allowance that covers your phone usage cost and also the internet cost. 

Your job description for this role includes:

  • Informing clients about everything they need to know about their travels 
  • Planning and organizing travels for clients 
  • Study the travel preferences and expectations of clients 
  • Research and explore different sought-after travel destinations.

Some of the best paid workers at American Express are the Travel Consultants. 

12. Articulate 

This company helps businesses and companies by creating apps they can use for their online trainings. 

One good thing about this company is that they not only give you the equipment you need, they also help you in carving out a home office. 

Available job vacancies you can find on their websites are Engineer and Customer Service Rep. 

13. Aspira 

Customer service rep jobs are available with this company. They create software used by RV (Recreational Vehicle) parks, campgrounds, reservation, and nature parks, to manage tours and reservations. 

They give you a computer when you start working with them. 

14. Automattic 

This is the company that created WordPress, a content management system used by many bloggers. 

They also created WordPress-specific plugins like Jetpack, Woo Commerce, and Akismet. 

Job openings you would find on their websites are customer support, marketing, and developer. 

They don’t only give you a computer and other accessories (i.e wireless headphone), they also help create your home office. 

Your job as a developer will be to build systems and develop applications that run different devices. 

Your duties as a customer support marketer or sales agent include: 

  • Learn about the different products of Automattic 
  • Carry out follow-ups on customers and respond to the needs of customers 
  • Maintain the existing customer relations
  • Build relationships with new Automattic customers 

15. BleacherReport 

This online media company focuses on covering professional sports. Job openings you can find on their websites are Engineering, content creation, and video production. 

They give you all the necessary equipment needed for your job role. 

16. BroadPath 

BroadPath offers compliance services to insurance companies and health care providers. They provide technical solutions to healthcare providers. 

The job available on their website is Member Service Rep, which is more like working as a customer service agent. 

They provide all the necessary equipment for this role like a personal computer and a webcam. They will also cover you for your home office setup. 

Your duty for this job role is to: 

  • Inform customers about the general services of the company 
  • Process deposits and withdrawals 
  • Investigate customer complaints 
  • Take customer calls 

You will have high chances of landing a work from home job with this company if you have an excellent customer handling skill and are a techie also. 

18. Care.com 

This company connects people and families to caregivers to take care of children, seniors, and even pets. 

They have a job vacancy for Care Specialists and they will provide you with a laptop if taken. 

18. Chili Piper 

Chili Piper is a scheduling app that connects to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms to help businesses maintain loyal customers and filter out quality leads for businesses. 

Job opportunities available on their website are content marketing, developer, engineer, and sales. 

19. Citigroup.com 

This business provides banking and credit services to consumers and businesses. Most of the job opportunities available are customer service reps and they provide a computer if requested. 

20. Buffer 

Photo of a woman working from home; there are work from home jobs that provide equipment

Buffer is a reputable company that offers social media management solutions to businesses and individuals. You need to have an interest in social media before applying to work with this company. 

The available jobs on their website are customer advocates. You will be required to represent the interest of customers in their meetings, manage the day-to-day customer demands, and also suggest solutions to customers. 

Buffer will provide you with a laptop and a kindle (E-book reader). 

21. Apple 

You know what Apple is all about, almost everyone does. This tech giant makes devices like computers, laptops, tables, phones, and their accessories. 

You will receive a MacBook for free when you start working with them. Most of the vacancies you will find on their website are At-Home-Advisors. 

Apart from receiving a Mac computer for free, you can also qualify for their wonderful personal development benefits like member saving plans and health insurance. 

22. Hilton 

Hilton is a chain of luxurious hotels who are always looking for remote sales agents and customer service representatives. It is a hospitality giant. 

They provide mini computers, headsets, and flash cables for their remote workers. They also offer personal development benefits like paid time off, hotel discount, and medical insurance. 

Your duty is to attract prospective customers to Hilton, direct orders, handle customer inquiries and complaints. 

Your job as a sales agent is to fulfil orders, provide sales services and also provide virtual customer support.  

23. Concentrix

This reputable company hires remote customer service reps to cater for the needs of tech businesses and organizations who need the services of a customer care rep. 

They offer tech-related services to their target market. So you stand a higher chance of being employed by Concentrix if you are a techie. 

They also demand computer literacy and excellent communication skills. You will be required to respond fast to customer queries, this is why they provide you with a high-speed internet device and a computer. 

You will also be given a dedicated landline.

24. Zapier 

This company helps businesses automate apps. The job roles available on their site are Data analyst and Customers’ champion. They are looking for dependable customer champions to represent their customers’ interest at the company meetings. 

The term ‘customer champion’ is also used interchangeably with the term ‘customer advocate’. 

You will be given a computer and software to help you in your job role.  

25.  Sedgwick 

This company is looking for dependable service center associates to join their team. They provide a laptop and a monitor upon request once you start working with them. 

They also compensate you for internet use by giving you a $75 monthly allowance just for internet costs. 

Also, they have other personal benefits for their remote staff. Plus, you get to work when you want; it is highly flexible.   

26. World Travel Holdings 

This company gives laptops, monitors, mouse, and headphones to their remote workers. And there are lots of job openings for travel reservation agents and web developers on their website.  

Your main duties as a reservation agent is to: 

  • Help customers in making bookings 
  • You may find a hotel room for them 
  • Book air tickets for them 
  • Or even get a rental car for them 

This company also hires web developers. They give their remote workers a full computer system and quality headset and a smartphone. 

Check their website for available job vacancies. 

27. Enterprise Holdings 

This is one of the popular work from home jobs that provide equipment. It is a rental service company and they need reservation sales representatives to help them boost their sales and run their operations. 

Some of the duties of a reservation sales representatives are: 

  • Handle various customer complaints 
  • Sell their different services to prospective customers 
  • Educate customers about the company’s services and products 
  • Make reservations for clients 

Skills needed for this position are detail-oriented and an excellent communicator. You also have to be computer literate to make reservations online. 

28. Land’s End 

This is a company that specializes in clothing, décor, and home supplies. They need remote customer service agents to help handle their increasing customers. 

They give a computer and a headset to their remote staff. If hired, your duties include: 

  • Providing customers with information about the services and products of the company 
  • Direct customers to the branch office of the company near them 
  • Reply to customers’ questions and queries 
  • Filed customer complaints 

They demand that their remote customer service agents have excellent communication skills and also good selling skills. 

They pay about $13 to $14 an hour.  

29. Collage 

If you want a tech-related work from home job that provides equipment, you can consider working for this company. They need software engineers to join their ever growing team of software engineers. 

If you are experienced in software engineering like testing or developing software, you should apply.

Collage is a custom photo company that allows people to customize different products with their own photos. 

They will provide you with a computer and you get to choose the number of hours you will work from home. They also promise to pay for everything you use for the job. 

It is a flexible job and your duties include: 

  • Sharing primary project data 
  • Track system performances 
  • Develop software validation 
  • Test new software 
  • Develop innovative solutions to technical problems 

Real People With Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment 

Photo of a woman working from home; there are work from home jobs that provide equipment

1. Leena.ai

Kousiki Mukherjee, a Content Writer at Leena AI, which is an autonomous conversational AI-backed platform that helps enterprises better employee experience has this to say on work from home jobs that provide equipment. 

“I work at a company named Leena AI, as a content writer. Leena AI is an autonomous conversational AI-backed platform that helps enterprises better employee experience. 

When I joined the company, I was provided with multiple equipment that helped me with my work. I received a laptop, a mouse for my official work, table lamps to help illuminate my desk while I work, and the basics like notepads, pens, pencils etc. 

Apart from that my company provided a work setup which included a workstation table and an ergonomic chair to support my spine while I work. These are just a few of the many equipment’s that Leena AI has provided me to help me work and stay focused while at it. 

To apply for jobs at Leena AI, one can always check out the company’s career page.  

2. Canva.com

Dianne has this to say. 

“I’m Dianne and I work in Canva as an SEO Specialist. I love my job, not just my job but the company itself. Asides having the best culture and environment, they sent us a complete set of macbook pro as our work from home equipment which was really helpful because I didn’t need to buy one and the fact that they value our personal info security by giving us the perfect set of equipment. 

I would definitely stay with my dream company, that is CANVA. People who are interested in applying can check Canva’s Facebook page or Linkedin and send their resume. Make sure to read their qualifications for the position and the job description.”


You can find work from home jobs that provide equipment from this list and reduce the cost of getting some of these yourself. This will also reduce the cost of setting up a work from home office. 

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