20 Unique Direct Sales Companies in 2022

Are you looking for unique direct sales companies that would give you an opportunity to earn? If yes, you have come to the right post. 

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You may be familiar with direct sales companies before now but you probably haven’t come across the perfect one for you. 

So if you are looking for something different and unique from the traditional direct sales companies, keep reading. 

In case, you are wondering what direct sales is, it is the process of sales in which middlemen and retailers are eliminated. Products go from the manufacturers straight into the hands of consumers. 

Direct sales companies make use of sales reps or distributors to get their products into the hands of consumers. 

Read to the end to discover that unique direct sales company that is best suited for you. 

Benefits of Direct Sales

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Before we give you a list of unique direct sales companies, it is important to let you know some of the benefits of direct sales. These include:

  • You can do direct sales as a side hustle in addition to your 9 to 5 job or it can even be your main source of income. 
  • Also, you work at your pace. You can work whenever you want and wherever you are. It is a flexible business that gives you the opportunity to create your own success plans for your goals and desires. 
  • You can scale your earnings. There is no limitation to how much you can make in direct sales. The more effort you put into direct selling, the more money you will get out of it. 
  • You meet your customers individually and this will give you the opportunity for personalized sales pitches. There are many benefits of personalized sales approach. For instance, if one of your customers is price sensitive and buys products only when there are discounts, you can inform such customers first as soon as there are discounts on the products. This kind of sales is not possible in other methods of selling where one sales technique is used to sell products to everybody. 
  • Direct selling is a low-risk entry business. It cost little to join most direct sales companies.
  • Direct sales companies keep their customers satisfied. Their customers get proper attention. 
  • Direct sales companies offer an opportunity to learn, experiment, and even start your career as an entrepreneur. 
  • Most direct sales companies link you up with mentors to help you develop your career. You may even mentor others because the success of your down lines is one of the factors that contributes to your success. 
  • In direct selling, you will learn important life skills like decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, finance management, time and stress management, teamwork, and public speaking. 
  • Direct sales companies give incentives and recognition. Their most hardworking distributors are given awards. There is continual recognition of achievement in direct sales companies. 
  • Check out other advantages of direct selling

Unique Direct Sales Companies

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Here is a list of unique direct sales companies far different from the traditional ones. 

1. Alice Table 

If you are looking for a direct sales company that will give you a chance to be creative through their business, then this is for you. 

This direct sales company focuses on lifestyle and it helps women interested in decoration business start a flower arranging business. It was created in September 2015. 

You can join this unique direct sales company even if you don’t have experience in arranging flowers or floral designs. Alice table will train you and provide the necessary tools and materials for you to start your own business. 

One unique thing that sets Alice table apart from other direct sales companies is that you don’t have to worry about any sales. What they mostly do are events and event executives can host private or public events at their homes, bars, businesses, or restaurants. 

Participants attending these events must purchase a ticket beforehand. For every ticket you sell, you will receive a 70% commission. 

Each of their events, including set up and clean up can last for 3 hours and the average range of attendees is 15 to 20 people. 

As an event executive, you must have space to store flowers and your flowers will arrive the day before the event. 

Though this is a unique direct sales business with a unique way of making money, it is one of the most expensive direct sales companies to join. 

The startup kit costs $699 but you will get your money’s worth as it comes with reusable materials like spray cans, buckets, clippers, aprons, etc. 

2. SendOutCards

This direct sales company focuses on greeting cards via a subscription service. The signup fee is $50 (refundable) and you will pay $59 a year for membership and tools. 

The company’s aim is to help people stay in contact and they have a huge comprehensive selection of cards for every occasion you can think of. 

The main way to buy their cards is through subscription. People pay between $9.80 to $31 monthly to earn a certain number of points that they can use to buy cards. It is also possible to pay as you go. 

The main way to earn through this company is through commission and they pay based on the number of points your customer purchases. 

You will earn a 5% commission on every sale that is higher than $0.39. The company determines bonuses using a rank system. There are 5 ranks in this company and the performance requirement increases quickly from one level to the next. 

3. Kaeser & Blair 

This unique direct sales company caters to a different market than other direct sales companies. 

They focus on producing promotional products and sell their products to businesses that need specialized items. 

Some of their products include writing instruments, drinkware, bags, calendars, stickers, wearables, buttons, etc. they can even customize these products with a company’s name or logo. 

To join Kaeser and Blair, you must purchase an owner package of $85 or $299. 

Then after you make $1500 in sales, you will refund $85 back to the company regardless of the package purchased at the beginning. 

When you join, you will start off by earning a 50/50 split of the gross profit with the company but as you increase in your sales, your percentage commission would rise to 65%. 

As a business owner with the Kaeser & Blair, you will receive near instant payment once your order has been received. 

If you choose direct deposit or weekly payment via check, you will receive your commission payment within 2 days. 

4. Market America 

This unique company relies on product brokerage and their signup fee costs $129.95. You will be given a duplicated website and you won’t get any products. 

They promote products from many different companies and you will earn a commission by getting sales for those products. 

Market America has many types of products. You can earn 30% to 50% gross retail profit on sales. Paid members are given a website where they can sell from and earn commission from each sale but the rates are not stated by Market America. 

The company calculates team commission using a binary model. 

5. Healthy hands cooking 

If you love cooking and you also love children, then this is the direct sales company for you. 

The aim of this unique company is to fight obesity by teaching kids of all ages how to cook. This tutorial is done through hands-on-classes. 

When you join the company, you must take an 11 module course that will teach you proper licensing, food safety, permits, marketing, etc. before you start teaching. 

You will become an instructor after you’ve received your healthy hands cooking certification. 

To get started, you have to pay a signup fee of $8,997 for certification training and an additional $1,000 for first year annual membership fee. 

As you start training kids to cook, you keep 90% of all class revenue. The company will give you lots of recipes and age-appropriate lesson plans to make your teachings smooth and interesting. 

Photo of two people conducting a transaction; unique direct sales companies exist

6. Powur

This unique direct sales company focuses on solar panels. You need to pay a signup fee of $99 to become an affiliate (you will be given access but no products) or a signup fee of $299 (you will be trained and will be given access and you can build your own team). 

Their product of choice is unique, they sell only solar panels and your work as a consultant will be to find companies and pitch to them. Then Powur will send providers to analyze the person’s roof and give them a quote about how much they can save. 

This is a less competitive business because only few companies are in the solar panel business and a lot of people are getting interested in solar power and sustainability. 

You can make good use of these advantages and make a good source of income. The company didn’t reveal much about themselves on their website, so you will have to contact them to ask questions and know more. 

Consultants earn on Powur through points. For instance, you will get one powur point when a customer submits their utility bill and 5 points when they schedule an appointment. 

You will get 30 points when a customer signs a contract and 40 points when the installation is made. 

The dynamics of converting these points into money  is not revealed to the public. But Powur says that their members can earn around $2,000 for every completed contract and this is impressive. 

There are also team-based bonuses and awards based on your personal performance. 

7. Bon cook 

If you want to join a direct sales company that doesn’t sell products at parties, then you should consider this unique company

You will register and become their consultant. Your role is to offer private cooking lessons. You can also use the opportunity to showcase and even sell the company’s BPA and PFOA free, and FDA certified kitchen wares. 

They also have signature ingredients like oil blends, herbs, balsamic vinegar, gift sets, etc. 

You must purchase a starter pack for $99 to register and become a bontrepreneur. Your starter pack includes kitchen and baking essentials. You can choose to add a kit for $49.95 which contains key ingredients for your baking classes. 

The commission the company pays you depends on your monthly sales and how many members you have in your team but you can earn from 20% to 31% in commission.

You will also earn bonuses, gifts, and trips as a bon cook consultant when you reach various milestones. 

8. Initial Outfitters 

This unique direct sales company focuses on monogrammed and customized products. Their starter kit costs $79 and it comes with various products. 

This company gives customers the opportunity to add their initials to various products. Their products include jewelry, bags, kid products, products for men, cases, keys, etc. 

They have many different products with different styles which range from interesting and unique to run-of-the-mill. 

Their customization options are simple. Customers are to add their initials and nothing more but there are rooms for complex ones as well. 

Some of their prices are quite high but there are still products under $100. Adding initials costs less than $10. 

As a distributor of their products, you will earn 20% in commission on each sale, and after making sales worth $1,001, your commission will increase to 25%. Commission can also increase to 35% but this depends on the amount of sales you make. 

The main method of sales is through parties and they use a catalogue-based model. 

9. LaBella Basket & Gifts 

This unique direct sales company focuses on selling personalized gifts and more. Some of their products are candles, cookies, jewelry, skincare items, gift baskets, flowers, chocolates, etc. 

You will receive a personalized online store when you register as a gift consultant. Here, you can sell the Labella basket and gifts inventory. 

You have to generate most of your sales through social media and online promotions. You are not required to host parties. 

As a consultant, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $24.95 for your website, discounted merchandise, and reward program. 

The company pays commission twice every month and the commission ranges from 20% to 40%. How much you earn in commission depends on your sales and how many consultants you recruit to your team. 

10. Thirty-One 

This company focuses on bags and storage and their starter kit costs $99 which comes with bags and tools. 

This company is also known as thirty-one gifts and it is a storage ware company. They focus on making storage ware for homes, and different kinds of handbags. 

Some of their key products are cooler bags, totes, etc. 

They have lots of unusual products and some typical ones. The unusual ones are bags designed for specific storage needs. They also have customization options, they can embroider their products with initials, logos, and even words which makes them stand out. 

Thirty-one gives their consultants a 25% commission rate. If you build a team, you can earn up to 90% as a bonus. 

Photo of someone holding a credit card; you might need to pay startup fee for some unique direct sales companies

11. pawTree 

If you are a pet lover, this is the best direct sales company for you. 

Their focus is to provide customized nutrition for pets. Their products include supplements and pet food treats that are natural and free from grains, artificial ingredients, and poultry-by products. 

The company also produces their own line of food seasoning to help add nutrition to your pet’s food. 

To be their consultant, pawTree will train you. They have a team of veterinarians on hand to train and assist those who have questions. So, you must not have any prior knowledge of pet nutrition before you join this company. 

You can become their consultant by purchasing a starter kit of either $99 or $125. These kits come with tools, food samples, and a 6-month access to a custom website. 

As a pawTree consultant, you will earn 10% to 20% in commission from personal sales made. You can earn more in commission and even gain bonuses by selling more and adding more people to your team. 

12. Paparazzi 

This company focuses on inexpensive costume jewelry. Their starter kit costs $99 and it comes with 35 pieces of jewelry. But note that their jewelry doesn’t have expensive stones or rare gems, they are just pretty. 

One unique thing about Paparazzi is that their products cost $5 while a handful of sets costs $25. 

You earn from this direct sales company by buying products at 45% discount and reselling them. You also earn more when you build a team. 

13. Tea Queens 

This unique direct sales company is for tea lovers. They sell all kinds of teas including oolong, matcha, green, mate, black, herbal, white teas, and even tea ware like travel mugs, teapots, filters and infusers, iced tea accessories, teacups, etc. 

You can become a tea consultant with this company for $99 and you will receive a teapot, a lot of tea samples, and a mug. 

Your work as a tea consultant is to host either a tea tasting or a tea break in your workplace or office during lunch or break time to quickly demonstrate how to make teas and tell people about the products. 

Tea tasting also gives guests the opportunity to learn about the different samples of tea. 

You will receive a 25% commission for every sale you make and you can also earn a downline as you add consultants to your team. 

14. Asirvia 

This unique direct sales company focuses on business marketing and it costs $25 a month for one device. 

They offer products that are focused mostly on local businesses. They have a small wireless device called a GO that sends out signals. 

Users of this device can use it to send out specific messages to nearby devices and smartphones. The main aim of this device is to send out ads to promote a local business or something else like the company Asirvia itself. 

You can even use it to advertise the crafts you sell from home. 

The device is sold like a service, 1 unit is sold for $25/month, 3 units are sold for $49 per month, and 8 units are sold for $99/month. With this device, you can send out messages about a sale to people in the proximity of your store or business. 

The commission level with this company is 25% on all sales just for the first month and after that, you earn 10% each month. 

There is also a plus side when people sign up for a subscription, you can get repeated sales without much effort. 

15. Chalk Couture 

This unique direct sales company is for people who love DIY stuff. This company’s main focus is to revolutionize home décor with chalk transfers, its exclusive boards, and chalkology ink. 

They allow their customers to create beautiful and professional chalkboards quickly and easily. 

You can become a designer with this company for $99 a month and you will be given samples of products and all necessary tools and materials. 

You will also be given a one time 55% discount upon registration to help you kick start your inventory. 

Then you will earn 40% on all products in your personal inventory when you resell to a customer and 25% commission on all products you sell online. 

You can also earn bonuses and gifts based on the amount of sales you make and as many consultants as you can enroll in your team.

Photo of a someone working on a laptop; unique direct sales companies exist

16. Royaltie 

This unique company focuses on business marketing also, you need to pay $30 as activation fee, and a monthly fee of $25 for one royaltie gem. 

Royaltie works like Asirvia mentioned above. It allows you to send push notifications to android phones in your area to promote local businesses. 

Royaltie does a better job of promoting local businesses. Their products include wi-fi and expanded range gems. 

The pricing structure is also similar to Asirvia but they have more products that you can choose from. 

In Royaltie, you won’t earn income per sale as other direct sale companies, instead, you will earn cash bonuses. This bonus starts at $175 to $120 monthly and the amount increases over time. 

To get your first bonus, you need 10 active customers and one active customer has to purchase at least 3 gems without discount and also pay a $50 security deposit for those three gems. 

Your bonuses from these are only counted when they remain customers. And if you have less than 10 customers, you won’t earn any income and you can’t earn from one customer who just purchases one gem. 

To increase your earnings in this company, you have to increase in rank. Your next rank will require you to have 30 active customers. This will earn you $500 as a one-time bonus and $360 per month. 

To earn thousands of dollars a month is possible but you need hundreds of recruits to get there. 

17. Damsel in Defense 

The aim of this unique direct sales company is to empower women by giving them self-defense tools for the protection of themselves, their homes, and families, and even their online presence. 

The company products include entry alarms, pepper spray, jewelry, stun guns, and clothes. 

You can earn between 25% to 30% in commission depending on the sales you make. You get bonuses and more commission if you add people to your team. 

To become a consultant, you have to purchase a starter kit for $99 and you will be required to host your first “empower Hour”. In this event, you will teach other women how to empower themselves directly and also sell some products. 

18. Nikken 

This unique direct sales company focuses on magnets and health. They have lots of unique products and focus on rest and restoration, nutrition and personal care, environment, accessories and replacement. 

They have lots of unique items in these categories and they include wellness items, magnetic support, support wraps, filters etc. 

You earn a 25% commission on all sales as a consultant regardless of your progress. 

19. Steeped tea 

This unique direct sales company is about teas only, high quality teas that people will love and enjoy. Some of their teas are fairly traditional while most of them are unique. 

Some of their teas are expensive while some are less expensive. But the real deal is that you are paying for quality. You can’t find most of their teas in other companies. 

You will earn between 25% to 39% as a consultant for every sale made and by building your team. Their starter kit costs $99. 

There are some things you need to know about this company before joining. 

  • You will be required to make $100 in sales every six months 
  • Steeped tea is a party-based company. If you don’t like hosting parties or going for parties, this may not be a business for you. As a consultant/distributor, you will be required to host parties.

We all know that hosting parties is costly and time-consuming. And you will be required to give samples to your guest. To make it in this business, just make sure that your expenses are not higher than your profits. 

Then focus on people who are passionate about tea. 

20. 5LINX 

This unique company focuses on home, wellness, and health services. It costs $39 to join this company and you don’t get any products. The unique thing about this direct sales company is the services they render for money. 

Almost everything they are promoting is a type of service. One of such is their residential energy program. 

5LINX doesn’t provide pricing details either. You earn a 15 to 25% in commission on all sales but this depends on your sales and your total customers. 

Your work is to promote services with monthly fees. This can lead to consistent income with little work if some of your customers decide to purchase the services for months or even years. 


Direct sales is a great way to earn income working on your own terms. The unique direct sales companies discussed above are legit and provide you with diverse opportunities to make money in a flexible way.

We hope you find just the right one that suits you!

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