What are Fair Trade Direct Sales Companies (+Top 8)

How do you feel when you see pictures of hungry-looking children, laborers and farmers? If you would love to make money selling for companies and, at the same time, ensuring that farmers, laborers and their families have food on their table, you should consider signing up with fair trade direct sales companies.

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Fair trade direct sales companies offer products that are safe, produced from healthy source materials and offer excellent money making avenues for potential salespeople. However, many fair trade companies do not offer direct sales programs, and it takes so much energy to find the fair trade direct sales company worth partnering with.

But don’t worry, I have taken the pain to gather the best fair trade direct sales companies that allow you to impact your world and make profits simultaneously.

Don’t know what fair trade is all about? Keep reading. This post will expose the dealings of fair trade to you and how it can help you make a difference. 

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What is a fair trade company?

A fair trade company is one that has received fair trade certification. Fair trade certification is a label given to products that meet the market based fair trade movement standards.  This system of certification is governed by the Fair Trade Labeling Organization International (FLO), which is a multi-stakeholder association and nonprofit that is made up of 24 member organizations. 

The fair trade standards usually cover a wide range of products, including coffee, bananas, cotton, flowers and plants, fruit juices, dried fruits, cane sugar, spices, nuts, teas, and vegetables.

How fair trade works

Fair trade is a means of elevating poverty and improving sustainable development. It is targeted at creating greater equity in the international trading system.

They provide craftspeople and traders in developing countries with social and economic opportunities that can help them make their products more accessible.

FLO releases some set of Fair trade standards to which exporters, importers, and producers must comply. They have locally based FLO liaison offices in specific locations that help these producers obtain the certification and improve their market opportunities.

As a benefit of getting the fair trade certification, producer groups can join Producer Networks representing producers in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

So far, there are 19 labeling initiatives from fair trade international operating in 24 countries in North America, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. These labeling initiatives promote fair trade in the countries where they reside and offer licenses for companies to use the fair trade label on their product.

Why choose fair trade direct sales companies?

Retailing fair trade certified products can help encourage the production of environmentally friendly items, reduce poverty, and safeguard humane working conditions. In simple terms, it makes you part of those trying to make the world a better place by supporting FLO to improve the quality of commodities we buy in the market and paying the farmers or those who worked so hard to cultivate the raw materials. 

To recognize fair trade certified products, simply look for the fair trade label on the products. Some of these products are chocolate, coffee, clothing or jewelry.

Logo of fair trade label for fair trade direct sales companies

Products with the fair trade label have adhered to the fair trade standards, and the company that produces it has ensured that fair prices have been paid to everyone in the product supply chain.

Though there are numerous reasons you should buy a fair trade product, I will highlight these five:

  1.  Fair trade pays the poor for their work

According to Paul Rice, the founder, president, and CEO of Fair Trade USA, fair trade is a way of making free trade accessible by the world’s poor. In free trade, the small scale farmers and producers are usually left behind when large subsidized companies take over the industry. Large contracted farms can sell their commodities at lower prices, but the farmers who supplied this product are usually driven into debt.

The only way for this farmer to compete with highly subsidized farms is to lower the prices of their products to a point where they are not paid for labor and are unable to sustain their quality of life.

This is why the fair trade certification ensures that before allocating the label to any products, the company must have paid the farmers well who worked hard for the products.

Photo of a farmer who benefits from fair trade direct sales companies
  1. Fair trade products ensure equitable trade practices in every stage of the supply chain

For fair trade certified products, high traceability and transparency are attained in the global supply chains. Farming groups that are democratically organized receive a guaranteed minimum floor price, or if it is higher, they get the market price and some premiums for certified organic products. These farming organizations can also receive pre-harvest credits.

  1. Funds generated from fair trade licenses are used to create socio-economic opportunities for communities 

The funds gotten from fair trade licenses are usually sent to the fair trade communities and used to improve their quality of life. This is done by doing socio-economic and environmental development projects like building schools, offering scholarships and leadership training, and sometimes free organic certifications to these fair trade communities.

Also, these communities determine how they will use their funds through their democratic systems.

  1. Fair trade ensures that workers on the farm have safe working conditions

Fair trade farms ensure sustainable wages and safe working conditions for their workers. Also, slave and forced child labor are strictly prohibited.

  1. Fair trade products are safe and healthy

Every product that receives the fair trade certification is free from genetically modified ingredients. The Fair Trade International association ensures that a limited amount of pesticides and fertilizers are used for cultivating these crops and that waste, energy, and water are appropriately managed on the farm.

Helping this nonprofit body ensures that everyone receives high quality products and the workers also get fair payment for their labor.

In general, purchasing fair trade labeled items is your way of contributing to a better society.

8 Fair trade direct sales companies in 2022

The following are fair trade companies that offer direct sales programs. 

Fashion and Jewelry 

  1. Thread socialprenuer
Photo of Threads, one of the fair trade direct sales companies

Thread is a company targeted at changing the work-life of women around nine countries, including the United States, by fair trade of artisan jewelries.

When you partner with Threads, you are called a Threads socialpreneur, and will earn a commission of 30% of your sales. This payment is made weekly. You will also be trained on a new business model called “The Elevation Ecosystem”. 

According to Threads, this business model helps women worldwide connect purposefully and build a brighter future with a richer bank account.

There are no inventory requirements to work with this company, but you need to buy their launch MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) kits at $199. These kits contain everything you need for the business, including marketing materials, a personalized website, beautiful handcrafted jewelry, and your access to training.

Besides your commission on sales, you can also make money via cash bonuses and incentives. You can also enjoy the trip visits to artisan partners worldwide and qualify for their annual conference.

Click here to become a Threads socialprenuer.

  1. Noonday Collection Jewelry and Accessories
Photo of Noonday Collection; one of the fair trade direct sales companies

Noonday is a direct sales company known for offering fair trade certified accessories, bags, jewelries, and home goodies from artisan partners in 14 countries. It is registered as a benefit corporation (b-corp) and partners with suppliers who are members of the Fair Trade Federation, World Fair Trade Organization, and other fair trade organizations.

When you join Noonday as a direct sales agent, you are called a Noonday ambassador and will earn a 25% commission on your personal sales. You can also introduce people to your downline, coach them, and earn commissions on their sales. However, building a team is totally up to you. 

To join Noonday, purchase their starter pack at $99. This pack contains samples of the best selling pieces from the Noonday Category Catalog, an initial fee for your Noonday sales website, and your business tools.

Click here to become a Noonday ambassador.

  1. I Thought Of You
Photo of I Thought of You; one of the fair trade direct sales companies

I Thought of You is a fair trade direct sales company that sells handcrafted accessories, apparel, and jewelry. It is a fair trade company that pays you 25% to 40% commission on sales.

Since the company offers such a substantial earning opportunity, there is no need recruiting or building a team.

To join the company, you need to buy a starter kit that ranges from $99 to $299, which you can either pay in full or in four installments with no interest attached.

The starter kit grants you access to over $600 worth of I Thought Of You best selling products, marketing materials, and lookbooks. You will be trained in-depthly on how to use their accessible curator office and how to grow your business confidently. You will also be given your online store at no additional fees.

Click here to join I Thought Of You as a direct sales agent.

  1. Trades of hope
Photo of Trades of Hope; one of the fair trade direct sales companies

If you want to support fair trade direct sales companies that give back to people, then Trades of Hope is that company.

Trades of Hope is a US founded company that partners with craftspeople in 16 countries, including the US, and markets fair trade jewelries, scarves, handbags, home decors, and accessories.

They primarily make their sales through home party/direct sales and compassionate entrepreneurs.

As a direct sales partner with Trades of Hope, you will buy a starter kit at $49 and earn between 25% and 35% of commissions on your sales.

Trades of Hope is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and the Direct Selling Association.

Click here to become a Trades of Hope direct sales agent.

Food and beverage

  1. Java momma
Photo of Java Momma; one of the fair trade direct sales companies

Java Momma is a reputable food and beverage company known for selling cocoa, tea, and other relatable products. However, they mainly focus on coffee. They offer different types of coffee, and their products are priced between $9 and $35.

They are fair trade certified, USDA certified organic, and Kosher certified. Java Momma is a member of the Direct Selling Association and rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

People who sell with Java Momma are called Java Momma Barrister. You can become their direct sale agent by joining the site and choosing your starter kit. Each starter kit retails between $20 and $65. In each of these kits, you’ll find some sample bags, workbooks, and replicated websites.

On this site, you are sure of making at least 20% of every sale. You can raise your earnings by referring more people to the Java Momma network.

The most exciting thing about this product is making significant commissions from relatively low investments.

Click here to become a Java Momma Barista.

  1. Gano Excel
Photo of Gano Excel; one of the fair trade direct sales companies

Though Gano Excel is mainly known for selling coffee, they have more products than that, giving you the option of making profits from a wide range of products.

According to the company, their products are distributed in more than 60 companies, making them the largest leading direct sales company. Also, they claim to be 100% debt-free, which is questionable for today’s economy.

The key ingredient for Gano Excel products in Ganoderma lucidum, an oriental fungus. This ingredient is known to have a proven track record of promoting longevity and good health in Asian countries. These products are priced within the $20 range and have great reviews on Amazon with 4+ star ratings.

This company operates through a “purchase first” model, which means that when you become Gano Excel’s direct sales agent, you buy their products wholesale and sell to your customers at the price you choose. This makes the profit margin for their products different, but from the look of things, you can only make a few dollars from each pack.

Besides making profits from your product, you can also earn from the company by referring people to build a team. For the referrals, you earn up to 15% of the sales made by your team. Also, there are other bonuses available, but if you want to make it big in the company, you need to have a large team.

Click here to become a Gano Excel direct sales agent.

  1. Valentus
Photo of Valentus; one of the fair trade direct sales companies

Valentus is a food and beverage company known for its SlimROAST coffee line; they say it can help you achieve your weight management goals 

Each blend of coffee comprises natural appetite suppressants, detox components and “feel good” ingredients. According to reviews, the coffee tastes good and provides that extra energy boost to help you lose a few pounds.

They offer a direct sales program, and their compensation plan is fair as you can make money from selling their coffee kits and introducing people to the platform. 

They offer a 25% Commission on the condition that you have a 50BV (business volume) personal volume monthly.

The downside to this company is that their coffees are expensive. This is what I mean.

A seller has to buy a single box that retails at $60. This box contains 24 packets making a cup of coffee worth $2.5 each. This makes it less possible to generate lots of profits from selling the coffee, as you may not likely sell very much. 

However, you can still make money on the platform like other MLM networks by introducing people to join your downline.

Click here to become a Valentus direct sales agent.

  1. Isagenix
Photo of Isagenix; one of the fair trade direct sales companies

Isagenix is a fair trade health company that sells anti-ageing, weight loss management products and is rated as one of the fastest-growing direct sales companies in the industry.

It is easy to become an associate of Isagenix. 

To start, you will pay an annual membership fee of $39, which grants you access to a comprehensive support system and your website. Then, you can choose if you want to buy the Isagenix Introduction Pak, which comes with various products that you can promote and sell.

As an Isagenix associate, you make money through team bonuses, personal sales commission, personal incentives and promotion, and introduction pack bonuses. Also, you will earn at least 30% of the profit you make from retail sales. This is the minimum; they have an unlimited commission potential growth.

Click here to become Isagenix direct sales agent.


You can earn while making an impact by selling for fair trade direct sales companies.

From the list of fair trade direct sales companies above, choose the one that best suits you and do more research on it to ensure it is truly worth your time and would yield commensurate profits. 

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