40+ Best Direct Sales Companies to Join [Updated for 2023]

Independent consultant companies aka direct sales companies are a dime a dozen these days.

The sheer number of them can make it difficult to choose the best-fit brand for you.

But the direct sales business model can be a great business opportunity for a stay at home mom to make extra money, for example. I know a friend who’s made multiple six figures and traveled the world, and it all started with entering the direct sales industry and promoting her business on social media.

If you’re just getting started in direct sales — or if you’ve been burned by pyramid schemes masked as network marketing gigs before—, these are the best direct sales companies for 2023.

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Table Of Contents
  1. Top 10 Direct Sales Companies to Join
  2. How To Choose The Best Direct Sales Company
  3. Things To Consider Before Signing up As a Direct Salesperson. 
  4. How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Direct Sales Scam
  5. An Exhaustive List of Reputable Direct Sales Companies to Join
  6. Some Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Sales Companies
  7. Final Thoughts

Top 10 Direct Sales Companies to Join

Sign-up with these companies to avoid scams, and sell products people actually want to buy. Check them out:

  1. Amway 
  2. Avon 
  3. Tupperware 
  4. Mary Kay 
  5. Paparazzi 
  6. Mascara 
  7. Pampered Chef 
  8. Young Living 
  9. Usborne Books 
  10. Melaleuca 


With an annual turnover of over $9.0 billion – Amway ranks as one of the top direct sales companies in the world. Richard DeVos and Jay Andel found it in 1959 in the United States of America.

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Amway offers products in the health, beauty, and home-care categories. Though women are their primary target market with beauty products, health supplements are also available to people interested in healthy living.

Some of the product lines include Artistry, Nutrilite, Glister, Amy Home, Atmosphere, eSpring, and XS Energy.

To get started:

A sign-up fee of $62 is required for training materials that contain details on how to get started. Also, there’s a product kit for $99.99 (though optional) which contains products worth about $245, 10 mini catalogs, and samples.   

Sign-Up Here


In 1886, Avon was founded in the United States and its main focus was door-to-door sales of makeup services. However, this has changed over the years with the introduction of other skincare products, jewelry & accessories, and several others.

The primary target audience here is females, providing solutions to a large age bracket of women. It is one of the top direct sales companies that offer a generous sales commission.

How to get started:

You’ll need to pay a sign-up fee of $30 to pick up a starter kit containing top products worth over $112.

Also, the sign-up comes with a free online store – a great way to start strong since the internet and social media are some of the best ways to earn money in multi-level marketing.

It comes with a discount program for Avon reps with different offers on health insurance, tuition discounts, etc. There is also opportunity to earn 65 percent in sales and bonuses when you achieve sales targets.  

Sign-Up Here 


Earl Tupper found Tupperware in 1949 in the United States. They make preparation, storage, and serving products for homes (the kitchen) – their focus is on how to make the kitchen life better. Tupperware is one of the top 10 direct sales companies that offer a 2-payment plan for initial sign-up.

They designed Tupperware for people who need solutions to their storage challenges in the kitchen.

How to get started:

You need $100 to get the starter kit or a down payment of $39 and use a 2-payment plan to offset the balance. Also, you could earn up to 35 percent commission on sales.

Sign-Up Here 

Mary Kay 

Just like Avon, Mary is also one of the top 10 direct sales companies in the world with quality makeup products that have continued to enjoy amazing reviews from customers across the globe. Mary Kay Ash found it in 1963 with a focus on assisting stay-at-home moms earn some extra bucks. This focus has not changed, but Mary Kay now has some men’s products also included.

Mary Kay produces makeup, fragrances, skincare, shaving products, and men’s skincare products. They offer one of the most generous commission rates of 50 percent on all sales and bonuses.

How to get started:

You are required to pay $100 for the starter kit, and keeping an inventory is not required but you can if you wish to do so.

Sign-Up Here 


Paparazzi sells jewelry and accessories, so, fashionistas between the age of 20 and 30 can take advantage of this and add some glitter to their styles. One unique feature about Paparazzi is that they are dynamic and they price their products at $5 each for adults and $1 each for kids.

How to get started:

The starter kit is between $99 to $499. Also, direct sales agents have the opportunity of making up to 45 percent in commission on sales made.

Click Here To Join 


Mascara was founded in 2017 with the philosophy that makeup should be used to enhance a woman’s beauty and not used to cover it. The purpose of creating Mascara was to help simplify beauty routines, thereby making women spend less time on makeup and more time on other things. There’s also no need to keep an inventory on Mascara.

How to get started:

It has two plans; the basic starter kit for $199 and the pro kit for $399. Also, members pay $9.95 per month to maintain their office. Most people earn around 20 to 40% commission on sales.

Sign-Up Here

Pampered Chef 

Pampered Chef is a company that sells kitchen products that makes food preparation at homes stress-free. They’ve just added a gardening line too! So if you want to promote cookbooks, kitchen utensils, and gardening tools, Pampered Chef is the right direct sales company for you.

Pampered Chef offers between 20 to 33 percent commission on every sale that is completed. It is flexible, super rewarding, and makes cooking enjoyable for others. Also, it’s not compulsory to keep inventory though you might need some for hosting an in-home party.

How to get started:

The starter kit cost $109 to $209

Sign-Up Here 

Young Living 

Young Living is one of the best independent consultant companies that deal with essential oils – the other is DoTerra. Donald Gary Young found it in 1993 in the United States. Also, it is one of the direct sales companies with a basic starter kit of below $50.

The company is into essential oils and some other related products like natural blends, multi-vitamin wellness items, and home products. However, there is a need to keep an inventory under Young Living.

How to get started:

You are required to get a starter kit between $45 to $260 to begin a journey into direct sales under Young Living.

Sign-Up Here 

Usborne Books 

Are you a mom that is seeking to promote the reading culture among elementary school children? Or are you a homeschool mom that wants to improve her children’s reading skills? Then Usborne Books is the platform to be. Inventory is not required on Usborne Books.

How to get started:

Pay between $75 to $125 for a starter kit and another $12 (though this is optional) for an upgrade with 10 catalogs.

Sign-Up Here 


This direct sales company is into nutritional, personal care, pharmaceuticals, facial care, home hygiene, and other wellness products. It was founded by Frank L. VanderSloot in 1985 and it has since become a household name among direct sales companies.

Some of the benefits are 30 to 50 percent off the regular prices, $100 worth of free products in your first five months, and up to 15 percent back on all your purchases

How to get started:

After making a payment of $29 – you can now start buying from a wide range of personal and home care products.

Sign-Up Here 

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How To Choose The Best Direct Sales Company

Ready to start your own business as a direct sales consultant? The following guidelines will help you choose the company that offers the best products and services;

Do thorough research about the company.

Check out how far they have been in business, a background check of the company’s growth from inception, and some other important details about the company.

What are their product lines and growth strategy?

All the direct sales companies offer some products for sale – check whether it’s what you are passionate about. Examine their growth plan and see if it’s worth signing up for.

What income will you earn?

The primary purpose for signing up is to earn some commission, so, check if the commission structure meets your expectations. Also, you must watch out for bogus commission structures – it might be a scam

Payout plan.

It’s also important to consider the payout strategy of the company (i.e do they pay monthly or bi-monthly, upfront or accrued, etc), after all, you are in business to earn some bucks.

Things To Consider Before Signing up As a Direct Salesperson. 

Here are a few things to take note of to ensure your success as a direct salesperson:

1. Go For Companies Selling Products You Are Enthusiastic About

You will find direct sales companies in diverse industries. There is a great chance that you will find companies that deal in products or services of your interest. Whatever your interests are, being excited and fired up about the company you are getting involved with is very crucial. Look into the cost of starting, and the commission rate of the products too – as they vary from product to product.

2. How Much Money Can You Invest?

While some companies would require $30 or less to kick off, some others would require that you have up to $300 or more. It is important to put your investment capacity into consideration.

3. Check For Great Leadership

Having great leaders is very important for your success in direct sales. If you have a friend who is trying to get you to sign up, make an effort to know the kind of leaders they have first. It is much better if you meet them. You do not want to end up with leadership that is less than supportive.

Your leaders should help equip you with the required skills to start and help you attain your targets. More than words, be sure that these leaders themselves are already successful and have an equal passion for the company as you do.

4. How Much Time Can You Invest?

Direct sales often require that you are able to share products directly to your potential customers. You can do this through one-on-one presentations, party plans, phone calls, or webinars. Consider the amount of time you can commit to getting your business moving each day.  

5. Get Trained

Once you are able to sign up, ensure to benefit from the different trainings that would be available to you. The more informed you are, the more equipped you would be for success. It is important even if you are considering direct sales as just a side business. Take advantage of all the training available.

6. Research about the company

It is often important to know about the company and the products they offer. Are they selling a product that you are enthusiastic about? Check the product and read reviews from people who have used the products. You could also check their rating on the Better Business Bureau.

Besides, you could reach out to someone already in the business and ask the following questions; how long have you been in the business? What is your annual sale? How much time do you invest in the business? How many people have you recruited into the business? What did you earn from onboarding others to the platform? etc.

7. Consider The financial implications of joining

You should evaluate your expenses to your targeted income before signing up with the direct sale companies. Expenses could range from the purchase of the company’s products, attending training and seminars from place to place, and even sign-up fees.

8. What is your intention for signing up?

Do you want to earn some additional bucks to augment your 9 – 5 income? Are you signing up to replace your full-time job? Note that it is advised to be wary of businesses that promise high returns with little or no commitment.

9. Consider your exit plan

This should always be planned if the arrangement does not meet up your expectations. It is advisable to check-up the contract cancellation and product refund policy before signing up.

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How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Direct Sales Scam

One of the great concerns of people venturing into direct sales is the fear of being scammed. There are scammers who recruit others into a direct sales model that’s — in reality— just a pyramid or a quasi-Ponzi scheme. To avoid falling victim to a scam, consider these tips;

i. Check that the company you are about to sign up for is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Companies that are listed with this association meet the requirements of business ethics and practices. Here is a starter list of companies registered with the Direct Selling Association. 

ii. Pick a sponsor you know you can work with.

You do not want a sponsor that puts unnecessary pressure on you, or on the other extreme, one that does not spur you to reach your goal.

iii. Consider a company that has been in business for at least five years.

Choosing a new company is dicey, as the risk of it running into a financial crisis is quite high.

iv. Read the fine print.

The details in contracts and terms of use are boring, true. But, many people who fall victim to scams may have avoided it if they read the details of what they were signing up for.

It is important to read the contract, restrictions, and terms. Ensure you study the marketing plans, and compensation, and get all your questions answered. Also, be sure you can terminate your contract when needed, and also return products or kits for a refund.

An Exhaustive List of Reputable Direct Sales Companies to Join

Makeup and Skin Care Direct Sales Companies


BeneYou started out selling nail products like Jamberry nail wraps and others, but it soon expanded to add beauty products into its line of products. This move was to appeal to more customers and consultants. The company which was founded in 2010 pays up to 40% in commission. BeneYou has two start up offers which are $99 and $200. 


Acti-labs is one of the newer direct sales companies. It was founded in 2011, in France. And was moved to the United States in 2016. They focus on skincare and beauty products for women in their 20s and 40s. Their line of products also include weight loss products and supplements. Starter kit is $27. Sign up to Acti-Labs


Maskcara was founded in 2017. They keep a philosophy that shouldn’t be used to cover up a woman’s physical beauty, but to enhance it. Their products hence have the design of simplifying beauty routines. And they are targeted at women who desire to just simplify their beauty so that they’ll spend more time living life to its fullest rather than put in so much time doing makeup.

Starter kit begins with $199. And their pro kit goes for $399. They also have a monthly fee of $9.95 per month to sustain back office and replicate site fees. As a distributor, you’ll be able to make between 20% and 40% on commissions for products you sell. Sign up here.

Saponify Naturals 

Saponify Naturals offers their unique products to get users started on organic regimen and healthier life, unlike most products around that are chemical-based. Their products are also very much affordable compared to others. Products range from sugar scrubs to soaps, moisturizers, lotions, lip balms, salves, and several more. Starter kit costs $99 or $150. Products are available in Canada and the United States. 

Color Street 

Color Street

is a direct-selling company that deals in nail wraps. As a stylist with them, you’ll make up to 35% of your personal sales and an additional up to 8% on team sales.

You can sign up as a stylist with them for free and receive a starter kit worth $416+ for a $129 flat fee.

Perfectly Posh 

Perfectly Posh is an organic-based pampering company. Their products are all made in the United States. They pay consultants instantly, and commissions are paid within a period of 3 hours. They offer a small kit that includes all necessary business tools for $30 and a large kit $99 with products and business tools available.


Farmasi is one of the recent beauty companies around. You can sell high-quality beauty, makeup, and personal care products as their beauty influencer. And since the company has just really taken off, it makes it a gold mine for consultants, and selling their products to earn unlimited income. Signing up as a beauty influencer with Farmasi costs $19.99. You will receive 50% on every purchase you make, and earn 50% commissions on sales you make without the need to meet any quotas, or deduction fees.

Tori Belle

Tori Belle sells creative eyelash/eyeliner products that stands them out from several other brands of beauty innovations. They launched their affiliate program in two years ago. And commissions on personal sales is up to 40%. And aside that, you can also earn free team pay, product credits, free bonuses, and much more.

Victuals: Food, Wine, and Tea Direct Sales Companies


Wine lovers would love the WineShop products. They offer gourmet foods items and wine. You can start a business with the WineShop using their person-to-person and party model plan. Age requirement to start a business with them begins at 21. Sign up here.

The Cocoa Exchange

The Cocoa Exchange offers different brands of chocolate. They offer Pure Dark, Dove, and Pod & Bean. Also, they sell sauces, teas, rubs, mixes (martini, brownie), and much more. They use party plans. 

Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple company offers over 60 meal kits. And you’ll be able to start for $39. They use a party plan model. Join here.

Tealightful Tea

Tea lovers will like to consider Tealightful Tea. They have tea blends which are hand-crafted with fresh natural teas, spices, botanicals, and herbs. They also use a party plan model. 


If you’d rather have all your food organic, then consider Wildtree. They offer business opportunities using a party plan structure. 

Scout & Cellar 

Scout & Cellar has its wine source from the U.S. and globally. Their products are tested in the lab to prevent synthetic pesticides, added sugars, and any chemicals which were approved by FDA and are found in a lot of wines produced in mass. The wine products have 40% fewer calories, are keto friendly, and retain the similar content of alcohol and great taste. The company currently boasts of over 5000 independent consultants within the United States. Signing up the first year costs $249. It includes four bottles of wine, independent consultant website, wine opener, a vacu seal, insulated wine carrier, two posi pour, a wine tasting book, two stoppers, among many other business materials provided. 


Xocai was founded in 2005. The direct sales corporation deals in healthy chocolates and distributes through a wide range of independent distributors all around the world.

Home Decoration, Kitchen Items, Goods, And Candles Direct Sales Companies

Clever Container

Clever Container is one of the newer direct sales companies around, founded in 2007. It is for people who love organizing, and they currently boast of over 200 products and startup options which range from  $49 to $99. They employ the party plan model.


Scentsy sells warmers, wax tarts, and today has expanded into candles with different scented products. These scented products are such as household cleaners, body, and bath. And they use party plan.


PartyLite is rated the largest direct-dealer in candles all around the world. They manufacture candles, candle holders and home accessories. They get their products marketed via direct sales and currently have about 68,000 independent distributors globally.

Health, Fitness and Wellness Direct Sales Companies

Health and Wellness has a huge line of listed companies. A few of the leading options are given below:


Shaklee provides products that meet health needs. They offer supplements, protein powders and other health products. Shaklee uses a person-to-person model plan


People who know Shaun T and P90X most likely know about BeachBody products. Whether you are considering exercises, nutritional supplements, weight loss, or muscle building, BeachBody has satisfactory contents, programs, and products to help you. Its model plan is person-to-person. Here is a platform for their Frequently Asked Questions. Sign up with Beachbody 


Isagenix has been featured among the top 5000 companies with fast growth by Inc for 10 consecutive years. They have a vision to build the biggest health and wellness company on the planet that impacts world health positively, and sets people free from financial pain. They have also raked over $4billion in sales globally, and are still growing fast. Moreso, they have trusted products that are based on evidence and backed by science. They have thousands of people who are making additional income with their programs.


Le-Vel allows you to join for free, and earn up to $660 on your first $800 in qualified sales. You’ll receive a back office and free website as an independent Brand promoter. You’ll earn commissions on a weekly basis without the need to for inventory. There are no startup costs! Get a free account here! 


dōTERRA started in 2008 and has products of all-natural essential oils that are pure, certified, and therapeutic grade oils. You will be able to register with just $35 and can get starter kits up to $150 and more in purchase. Commission rates are 25% on your personal sales.


XanGo was established in 2002. They sell juice which is made from mangosteen,  personal care, skin care, nutritional supplement, and energy supplement products, using a chain of independent distributors.


Reliv produces nutritional supplements. They distribute their products with about 60,000 independent sales reps all around the world.

Accessories, Fashion, And Purses Direct Sales Companies

Stella & Dot 

Stella & Dot focuses more on jewelry. They are popular for their high-quality products and high commission rates on sales. You can become a Stella & Dot stylist and trade and quality products. You’ll have the privilege to earn up to 40% from selling their products.

The Starting kit is $99. You’ll receive annual access to online and community learning, 20-40% of their commissions, 50% discounts on their products within the first 30 days, and 25% discounts annually. You’ll also enjoy a free welcome gift. 

The Trendy Jewelry Shop

The Trendy Jewelry Shop is a company for jewelry & accessories that was founded in 2012 and offers a wide range of gorgeous jewelry. Their products consist of earrings, accessories, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

They recently kicked off their affiliate program which included marketers being part of a working team to implement different strategies in online marketing for increase in sales of their products. Signup is free and the commission rate is 40% on product sales. 

Thirty-One Gifts

Thirty-One Gifts gives you an opportunity to deal in trendy fabric bags and household fabric storage accessories. You’ll make up to 25% on each sale. Their starter kit costs $99. And you’ll have the privilege to earn free products worth over $500 within your first four months of consulting. They have over 100,000 consultants already.

Trades Of Hope 

Trades of Hope gives a new dimension to doing direct sales. They have trendy and quality jewelry, handbags, and home decor. You’ll be able to earn between 25% and 35% from items you sell personally. Your 25% base commission is not delayed upon earning. It is often paid immediately into an e-wallet.

As a partner, you become their brand ambassador, and will be able to earn 3 to 6 times more! You’ll have the privilege to earn trips and incentives, incomes, discover a purpose, become a member of a great sisterhood, and a lot more.

Lala Leggings

Lala leggings deal in high-quality leggings which you can sell to make extra income, and even more on your referrals. You do not have to meet sales quotas or minimum. They offer 25%personal discount, 25% commission on your sales, about 40% when you purchase in bulk, 5% from your 1st tier team sales, Personal Sales Volume of over 1000 with 30% personal commissions, and so much more. You can be part of them as an affiliate for free or join the higher level sign up to receive sample leggings.

Touchstone Crystal

Touchstone Crystal is a company that deals in fashion jewelry, and offers watches, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to join them as a consultant and earn up to 40% on sales (25% to start). You can also earn free gifts, cars, trips, and other valuable incentives as you advance in your career in direct sales with Touchstone Crystal.

There’s a $79 Startup cost to join, and it includes products and marketing material.

Say YES to Touchstone Crystal - Expired

Internet And Software Direct Sales Companies

The Six Figure Mentors 

The Six Figures Mentors offer diverse opportunities to their users, ranging affiliate programs to having your personal store, to learning to consult on your own, and every facet of the online world. The opportunities you’ll be able to leverage on cuts across every skill level online. It is free to join the basic level, and it goes to $2500 to join elite membership.

Vertical Rising 

Vertical Rising is one of the fast growing internet companies around where you’ll be able to learn everything about online marketing. You’ll be given access to all the tools and the know-hows to do any form of online marketing, including selling their own training products. You are open to three options to become part.

As a Blogger, you’ll join with $19.95 per month. Pro membership costs $29.95 per month, and VIP membership costs $400 for 2 years. The Pro membership combines blogging training to the online marketing training.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Sales Companies

What Does Direct Sales Mean?

Direct sales is a method of marketing and distribution in which a network of representatives or distributors are involved in the selling of products and services. Several direct sales companies employ the use of multilevel marketing in which sales representatives recruit distributors and get them equipped for the job.

Which is the highest-ranked direct sales company in terms of revenue?

Amway is the highest-ranked direct sales company in terms of revenue with an annual turnover of $8.4 billion in 2019 and $8.5 billion in 2020.

Which are the highest-paying direct sales companies?

The highest-paying direct sales companies include: Amway, Avon, Tupperware, and Mary Kay.

Can you be a direct sales rep in more than one direct sales company?

Yes, you can! However, it will come with some restrictions on how to cross-sell products.

Which product categories are the most preferred among the direct sales companies?

Over 60 percent of direct sales companies are into the sale of beauty and other personal products.

Final Thoughts

Whatever company you choose, it’s important to pick the one that sells the product you love or that you have tested.

Also, it is advisable to ask questions and do some research before signing up with any of the direct sales companies. Ask customers for reviews, check out their social media profiles to vet them. Doing this will help you align yourself with the company that offers the best for you.

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