15 Top Independent Consultant Companies (Earn Up to $600 Weekly)

Being an independent consultant is a great way to make money on the side. You can sell from anywhere in the world without having to worry about overhead costs or being restricted to definite working hours. If you’re searching for top independent consultant companies, you have come to the right place.

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In this article, we’ve compiled the best independent consultant companies (also known as direct sales companies). Becoming enlisted under one of these direct sales companies is highly rewarding, stress-free, and also flexible.

What Is Direct Selling?

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Direct selling involves the sale of products either online, at home, or in other centers and not in a store. So, under this arrangement – the product moves from the producer to the direct sales company, to the sales agent, and to the final consumer.

This helps to eliminate the involvement of middlemen (wholesalers or distributors). Most of the products sold by a direct sales agent cannot be found in stores around – thereby making it available only with the direct sales agent.

Direct sales companies pay commission for every product that is sold and also for products sold from consultants that were referred by you.

However, independent consultants must ensure that they are familiar with the product they are selling (it is best if you have used the product) – how it works, the benefits, the pros, and the cons. This will put you in the best position to convince potential buyers to buy the product.

Forms Of Direct Selling

  1. Single-Level Direct Sales – this is done through the one-on-one arrangement. The sales agent moves door-to-door selling the company’s product and in return earns some commission based on the volume of sales achieved.
  2. Party-plan Sales – as the name implies, it involves organizing a social event in which the company’s product is offered for sale. Through this event, the sales agent can teach participants how to host such events, sell their products, and also earn some bucks.
  3. Multi-Level Marketing – here, sales agents recruit other members and earn commission based on the sales made by other people recruited into the company. However, this might involve some expensive upfront payments and high targets.

Tips To Consider Before Signing Up With Top Independent Consultant Companies

Research about the company

It is often important to know about the company and the products they offer. Are they selling a product that you are enthusiastic about? Check the product and read reviews from people who have used the products. You could also check their rating on the Better Business Bureau.

Besides, you could reach out to someone already in the business and ask the following questions; how long have you been in the business? What is your annual sale? How much time do you invest in the business? How many people have you recruited into the business? What did you earn from onboarding others to the platform? etc.

The financial implications of joining

You should evaluate your expenses to your targeted income before signing up with the direct sale companies. Expenses could range from the purchase of the company’s products, attending training and seminars from place to place, and even sign-up fees.

What is your intention for signing up?

Do you want to earn some additional bucks to augment your 9 – 5 income? Are you signing up to replace your full-time job? Note that it is advised to be wary of businesses that promise high returns with little or no commitment.

Consider your exit plan

This should always be planned if the arrangement does not meet up your expectations. It is advisable to check-up the contract cancellation and product refund policy before signing up.

How Much Can I Make From Top Independent Consultant Companies?

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Averagely, a direct sales consultant can earn up to 20 percent to 35 percent of the sales that are made. So, if you made sales of $2000 and the commission is fixed at 30 percent – your earning will be calculated to be $600.

Besides, most of the direct sales companies pay out commission based on your monthly sales. So, the more sales you make in a month determines the amount of commission that is accrued to you at the end of the month.

Also, you could up your game by taking advantage of social media as a strong marketing tool through which your products can be advertised and achieve great leads that can lead to sales.

15 Top Independent Consultant Companies 

The compilation below contains the best direct sales companies with cheap start-ups and which have a fantastic range of products through which you can make great sales. They are categorised into their various niches:

Healthy And Natural Products Direct Sales Companies

The following are some of the best direct sales companies that offer healthy and natural products for consultants to sell. Check them out:

1. Le-Vel 

It requires no sign-up fees and you can earn up to $660 on your first $800 in sales. Besides, you do not need any start-up fees or meeting up with any sales quotas. Interestingly, you have access to a free website and a back-office even as an independent consultant. On Le-Vel, earned commissions are paid weekly without the need for any inventory.

Le-Vel is a toast of many among the healthy and natural product direct sales companies because it uses Non-GMO, gluten-free, and premium grade raw materials for its products.

Sign up for free here: 

2. dōTERRA 

This is one of the best direct sales companies that sell all-natural essential oils which are certified pure therapeutic grade oils. It started operation in 2008 and has since had several independent consultants signed up. The registration fee is $35 and the starter kit is around $150 while the commission is set at 25 percent of direct sales made.

Sign Up Here: 

3. Shaklee 

The company started operation in 1956 and had since been offering different diet supplements and nutritional products. The company is also into cleaning and beauty products. Interested members can join for free but with a minimum product order of not less than $150 must be made. Also, Shaklee automatically adds $19.95 to your shopping cart for free before an order is made.

Averagely, members can earn up to $107,000 annually

Food And Kitchenware Direct Sales Companies

The following are some food and kitchenware direct sales companies available in the marketplace. Check them out;

4. Pampered Chef 

Offers a wide range of products like kitchen items, food products, and cookbooks – which makes meal preparation stress-free at home. There are three plans to choose from to get started;

  • Starter kit for $99 
  • Deluxe kits for $159
  • Ultimate kits for $269

These plans come with their respective range of products. Here, you can earn from 20 to 33 percent commission on direct sales in addition to other forms of cash rewards and free products.

Click Here To Get Started: 

5. Tupperware 

It’s a company that is into kitchen wares, serving products, and some other containers. This company offers up to $35 commission on direct sales made. The starter kit is from $100 – but the interesting part is that you can make a down payment of $39 and complete the payment in two tranches. 

6. The Gourmet Cupboard

This company was founded by the collaborative effort of a mother and a daughter giving opportunities to work-from-home moms to make some money selling kitchen mixes on the go. They sell Chocolate Pecan Bar, slow cooker seasoning mixes, and fudge kits. However, the customers will have to add some other ingredients to complete the dish.

Joining Gourmet Cupboard is free but you will be required to pay $25 which is deducted from your first order.

Click Here To Get Started

Jewelry and Accessories Direct Sales Companies

If your interest is in jewelry, the following are the top independent consultant companies you can sign up with to earn some amazing income. Check them out;

7. The Trendy Jewelry Shop 

It began operation in 2012 and deals in a wide range of jewelry and accessories like rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and at affordable prices. TTJS recently launched its independent representative affiliate program – this makes sales agents be part of a team that formulates online sales strategies to increase online sales.

The Trendy Jewelry Shop offers the following;

  • 40 percent commission
  • Free sign up
  • 60 percent personal discount
  • No sales quotas
  • Free website links
  • Weekly addition of new inventory
  • Amazing team support

How To Get Started:

  • Create customer account
  • Sign in to the customer account
  • Click on “Become An Affiliate” at the bottom of the website and fill the form
  • Click on “My Account” at the top of the page
  • Then click on “Visit my Page” under the affiliate statistics section and your details will be displayed.
  • A welcome email and an invite to join the company’s Facebook affiliate group are sent to you within 48 hours.

8. Stella & Dot 

Stella & Dot ranks among the best direct sales companies with high commissions. Signing up with Stella & Dot offers 40 percent on your direct sales of their products while you also earn commission from the sales of your downline.

The starter kit is $99 and this offers the following;

  • 20 to 40 percent commission that is payable weekly
  • Personal website and mobile app
  • Online learning
  • Free welcome gift
  • Amazing discounts of 50 percent off – for the first 30 days and 25 percent off all year round

Sign up here: 

9. Thirty-One Gifts 

Here, you can sell trendy fabric bags and household fabrics storage accessories. The commission here is set at 25 percent while the starter kit costs $99 with a free product that is worth about $500 within the first four months of signing up.

Click here to get started: 

Beauty & Skin Care Direct Sales Companies

For the lovers of beauty & skincare products, here are a few examples of direct sales companies you can sign up with;

10. Stylist Solution 

Stylist Solution gives you the opportunity to sell a wide range of beauty products that you love, know, and also use. There are two plans to get started;

The free version – which allows you access to 350 products and a 10 percent commission

The beauty Plus version – which allows 3000 products with no commission cap, comes with an affiliate program, adds your logo, links, and banners. Besides, payment is done bi-monthly. 

The annual subscription fee is $299 without a setup fee while the monthly subscription fee is $39 with a setup fee included.

Click here to get started:

11. Avon 

It began operation in 1886 offering makeup services. Now, the company has diversified into skincare products, and other beauty products. It is cheap to sign up with. With just $10 – you are good to go.  

Click here to become a rep

12. Mary Kay 

This is one of the oldest direct sales companies that deal in skincare and beauty-enhancement products for both men and women. Mary Kay offers one of the highest commission rates of 50 percent in the marketplace. The starter kit for Mary Kay is $100 and there isn’t any need for keeping inventory.

Sign up here to get started 

13. Mascara 

Mascara was created by Cara – a popular beauty blogger and a makeup artist who started very early in the beauty industry. The starter kit is sold at $199 while the pro kit is fixed at $399. Also, there is a monthly payment of $9.95 to sustain back office and site fees.

Interestingly, distributors can earn between 20 to 40 percent commission on direct sales made. Isn’t this amazing?

Sign up here to get started

14. Tori Belle 

Tori Belle is into the production of eyelash and eyeliner – this makes them stand out from the others. Their affiliate program was launched in 2019 and they offer up to 40 percent commission on direct sales. Besides, one could earn free bonuses, free products, free team pay, and other amazing gifts.

Become an affiliate here

15. Scentsy 

It is a multi-level marketing company based in the United States that deals in warmers, wax tarts, and has just included scented products like household cleaners, body, and bath cleaners. The company was founded in 2003 and has since grown into one of the best direct sales companies around.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to begin a profitable journey in the direct sales sector – the above-listed companies are some of the top independent consultant companies that you can sign up with and begin to earn some income. 

These companies are classified according to different areas of interest which include healthy and natural products, food & kitchenware products, jewelry & accessories, and beauty & skincare products.

So, sign up today to begin your journey as a direct sales agent and independent consultant.

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