8 New Direct Sales Companies (to invest in) in 2022

If you’re looking for a highly profitable way to make money online through direct sales, but you don’t know how to fit into the already overcrowded market, joining new direct sales companies is the way to go.

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Established direct sales companies like Mary Kay, Avon, Amway, and the rest pay well and would have been great options, except for the fact that they are usually already overcrowded, leaving little or no space for a newbie to thrive. This makes it hard for newbies to sell, not to talk of building a team.

To bypass this difficulty, joining new direct sales companies, also called ground floor direct sales, seems the easiest way. But how can you find these new companies and invest profitably? 

That is why you need this blog. I have gathered new direct sales companies that are not so popular yet but have what it takes to thrive. I also added some bonus points on how to choose the company with the greatest success potential. 

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What is a ground floor or new direct sales company?

A ground floor direct sales company is one that has just been launched within a couple of years but is yet to gain popularity, and doesn’t have as many representatives as the older direct sales companies. 

These types of companies allow you to sell scarce products (since many people are not using them yet) and be among the first to build a team. In the long run, many people will be recruited under you, and you will earn a high income from their sales (depending on the company’s structure).

Nevertheless, investing in this kind of business usually comes with some risks because there’s a tendency that the company may not make it to the limelight and pay as much as you expect in the future. But on the other hand, it opens the door to great opportunities because these companies can blow up real good, bringing good pay to you.

Consider companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon. Some people utterly trusted these companies and took the risk to invest in them before they became popular. These investors now have handsome rewards from their risk, which they wouldn’t have gotten if they invested in an already crowded company.

If you are okay with the idea of trying a potentially high-risk system for a potentially high reward, then joining a new direct sales company is for you.

Below is a list of new direct sales companies you should try out in 2022. 

8 new direct sales companies to invest in 2022

  1. iCoinPro

Category: Education/Cryptocurrency

Year launched: 2017

Photo of IcoinPro; one of the best new direct sales companies

Cryptocurrencies are trending now, and many new direct sales companies have been established in the niche. One of them is the iCoinPro.

Being pre-launched in May 2017, it has recently gained popularity and is widely known among huge network marketers like Eric Christian Johnson.

Though this company sells no particular product, they offer great information about products instead. It gives the educative aspect of cryptocurrency and teaches people about cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. 

To join the company, you need to subscribe to their monthly membership plan, which is $39.95 per month, to access education about cryptocurrencies.

As a member, you automatically become an unranked distributor on the platform. As an unranked beginner, you are given up to 10 down lines. This means that you will receive a commission of 2.5% for the sales you make to up to 10 of your recruits.

iCoinPro has a tiered-system placement for their distributors, so you can move up the ladder by recruiting more people.

iCoinPro, alongside other bonuses, offers different compensation plans to their distributors. However, their main compensation plan is placed by a 2 X 14 matrix.

Click here to join as a direct sales agent.

  1. Enersource International 

Category: Health and Wellness

Year launched: 2016

Photo of Enersource; one of the best new direct sales companies

Created by Linden woods, Enersource international was founded in 2001 when it launched its first product. However, it became a network marketing company in 2016.

The primary product from Enersource International is EnerGreens. This product is targeted at alkalizing the body and providing the nutrition it needs to thrive.

This product offers a 100% plant-based nutritional supplement and is also packed with 100% organic phytonutrients and antioxidants.

As an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) organization, Enersource International offers two compensation plans. The first is the matrix plan which may not be so comfortable but pays spillover compensations. The second plan gives upfront sales commission which can be as high as $300 per representative in addition to the residual commissions and sales commissions.

If you want to join as a rep, you will choose between the two starter options, which are $49 and $249 each. The first option at $49 is the matrix plan, while the second at $249 is a pro plan which allows you to choose your payment options and offers access to their numerous bonus opportunities.

Click here to join as a direct sales agent.

  1. New U Life

Category: Health and Wellness

Year launched: 2017

Photo of New U Life; one of the best new direct sales companies

New U Life is one of the new direct sales companies based in the United States known for developing products that help to unite the mind and body and help people attain complete body wellness.

Their products include NeuraVie, Fortress, SomaDerm, and MLT

NeuraVie is a product that helps the body achieve focus, mindfulness, concentration, reasoning, and knowledge efficiency. Fortress boosts the protective functions of the body. SomaDerm is a homeopathic skin product that can help boost your natural growth hormones, while MLT is a weight management product that helps improve your athletic performance.

To join the New U Life direct sales program, you need to buy a starter kit that ranges from $199 to $999. The difference between the starter kits is the amount of SomaDerm you purchase.

On the platform, you make money through your personal sales commission, team commission and team acquisition bonuses. You receive 10% of every sale your team member makes.

Click here to join as a direct sales agent.

  1. Lifebrook

Category: Health and Wellness

Year launched: 2017

Photo of Lifebrook; one of the best new direct sales companies

Lifebrook is a health and wellness company that centers its products on the Aronia berry, also called chokeberry. It is a powerful ingredient native to the Midwestern US, and it is known to contain the highest antioxidant level ever known.

Their primary product is Puronia. Puronia is the Aronia berry juice, and according to the company, 1.75 ounces of Puronia should be taken twice a day for the antioxidant’s maximum benefit.

Another product is Vitronia which is in multiple vitamin supplements produced from Aronia berry. These multivitamin pills consist of 400 milligrams of Aronia berry powder each.

There are two startup options from Lifebrook for their advocates or reps. The first cost $49.95, with the first starter kit costing $399.95. Your payment will be made based on your sales and the people you recruit. 

Also, you must make at least $105 sales per month to stay active on the program.

Click here to join as a direct sales agent.

  1. ZynTravel

Category: Travel

Year launched: late 2016

Photo of ZynTravel; one of the best new direct sales companies

This company is a travel search engine portal that allows you to book travels for your client at a discounted rate when you become a consultant. Partnering with this program will enable you to earn money from recruiting other travel agents to work for the company.

This company offers 3 tiers of membership, with the least expensive being the Gold Club, with a membership fee of $199.99. Here, you earn a 25% travel commission and other bonus opportunities.

The most expensive membership is the Black Diamond Membership. It costs about $999.99. From this membership, you get a 25% travel commission, a $100 bonus, cheaper bookings, and a wide range of extras.

Click here to join as a direct sales agent.

  1. Vasayo

Category: Health and Wellness

Year launched: 2016

Photo of Vasayo; one of the best new direct sales companies

Vasayo is a company that produces wellness supplements; it was launched in 2016. They have five nutritional supplements products which include Renew, V-Tox, V-Mune, etc. Dallin and Karrre Larsen own the company. In 2005, these people initially launched a Monavie program, which lasted until 2015. It became an MLM company in 2016.

After the launch, the company offered 18 ranks beginning with Brand Partner up to Triple Crown Blue Diamond ranks. Their brand partners received a personal volume of 80 units, while 320 units were allocated as unique volumes to their top levels.

Also, the highest-ranking person has at least six active monthly customers and eight active affiliates. According to the company, they pay their members the highest percentage in the industry.

Click here to join as a direct sales agent.

  1. The Hempworx

Category: CBD

Year launched: 2017

Photo of HempWork; one of the best new direct sales companies

Hempworx is a hemp seed-oil skincare company among the most popular CBD brands in the United States. Their products are made with special care and awareness by the latest technology to ensure error-free. 

The source materials used for all Hempworx products are obtained from farms in Kentucky. They have excellent quality organic CBD oils, non-GMO hemp produced from supercritical extraction using the latest technologies.

You can find the lab records of all hemp works on their website. They have a wide range of products at different prices.

According to the company, when you become an affiliate of Hempworx, you receive 85% of the total business volume through their unique affiliate reward program. You can start your Hempworx direct sales program as it is available at different prices ranging from $39 to $599.

Click here to join as a direct sales agent.

  1. World Global Network

Category: Smart Devices

Year launched: 2016

Photo of World Global Network; one of the best new direct sales companies

World Global Network (WGN) is the producer of the product ‘Helo’. Helo is a smart fitness tracker wristband. This product is also called ‘wellness band’.

The features of Helo include steps tracking, heart rate monitoring, and breath monitoring. It also has a special SOS messaging feature that allows you send “cry for help” SOS to the phone numbers you pre-programmed on the device whenever the need arises.

The company says that they offer the best compensation plan, and this could possibly be because they are not selling cheap products. 

As a WGN direct sales agent, you make money from commissions on your sales, commissions from your team (recruits) sales, and a share of the company’s total income. 

Click here to join as a direct sales agent.

How to choose the right new direct sales companies

You can have an excellent future with direct sales if you know how to select the best new direct sales company for you. That is why you should consider the following factors when choosing a new direct sales company.

  1. A company based on your interest

It is advisable to choose new direct sales companies that offer products you are personally interested in. You will sell better and have a personal story to tell about their products if you have used them.

Another key to being successful is being excited about the product you are sharing. Ensure that you do not venture into new direct sales companies that you do not find enjoyable learning about the products they offer.

  1. Understand their products and quality

This is very important, as it will affect your overall sales. Before signing up for new direct sales companies, read reviews and comments about their products and general customer satisfaction. You need to be aware of their branding from the customer angle to be able to answer questions when marketing the products.

Even when there are not many reviews about the product since they are new, try the products yourself and sell based on your review.

Also, before spending your money on any direct sales, you must trust and believe in the product and know that it is of excellent quality. Also, learn about their customer service to see if you can make returns if anything goes wrong with the product quality.

  1. Understand their income model

It is very risky to go into a direct sales company without understanding their compensation plan. Since we all know we join new direct sales companies to make money, you must understand their compensation plan and how you will be paid.

Ask questions on how much commission you will make from a product you sell and their downline structure.

  1. Know how much time you’re ready to devote to the work

Though some companies have great payment plans, you will not make so much money from them if you are unwilling to commit the required amount of time to work.

Since some companies have targets you must meet periodically; you should know if you’re willing to meet that target or if it will feel like pressure.

  1. Check their track records

Since we are dealing with new direct sales companies, you may not find much of their track records available. However, it is still worth checking as you may find someone that has done it before and learn what they experienced.


I hope you found great help from the above-listed new direct sales companies for 2022. If you want to be one of those early investors that will reap the bountiful fruits of taking risks, then you can try any of these companies.

However, if you are not so cut out for the risk-taking thing, you may want to go for other established direct sales companies to be sure of your profit.

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