20 Direct Selling Organizations Recognized By The Direct Selling Association (DSA)

What is your greatest fear about direct selling? Representing a company that is not credible and lacks integrity? Or investing your time and money in a company that folds up in a short time. Yes, it happens that some direct selling organizations do not keep their side of the bargain after agreeing to pay a certain percentage of commissions, or refuse to buy back their unsold products from agents that want to leave the company. 

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To avoid this from happening to you, you must only partner with direct selling organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association. This article is a legit list of such companies.

What is the Direct Selling Association, and why should you care?

In simple terms, the direct selling association is that body that ensures direct selling companies fulfill their rights to you as promised. They monitor direct selling organizations to ensure that they stick to the code of ethics regarding their products and how to treat their ambassadors. They have the highest possible business ethics, and members of the association are mandated to follow these ethics.

Direct selling organizations recognized by direct selling association are mandated to:

  • Release accurate and legal information about the company’s product, sales methods, and pay structure.
  • Abstain from unethical or unlawful recruiting practices, like charging exorbitant training or entrance fees.
  • Pay out all potential and actual sales commissions and earning claims they documented
  • Buy back 90% of their marketable inventory and sales-aids a direct seller bought within the past 12 months if they choose to leave the business
  • Write down all the repurchase options

20 DSA Recognized Direct Selling Organizations

Health, Fitness, and Wellness

  1. 4Life Research

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4Life Research manufactures general wellness and immune system products, including Transform, Targeted, 4Life elements, RioVida, Digestive 4Life, etc.

Photo of 4Life; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

Launched in 1998, the company focuses on research, science, quality protocols, unique formulations, publication, patent protection, and complete customer satisfaction.

4Life Research is rated A+ plus grade by BBB accreditation, and their manufacturing facility is registered with the NSF.

Though operating from the United States, their offices are available in 25 countries for customer service. With a person-to-person sale strategy, 4Life Research has direct sellers in every part of the world.

With 4Life, you make money through your retail profits and 25% cashback from your orders. Also, you earn extra income when you build a team.

Click here to signup as a direct seller with 4Life Research.

  1. AdvoCare International LLC

With more than 20 years of activity in the industry, Advocate offers weight loss, general nutrition, energy, and sport performance products uniquely developed with the highest quality through comprehensive research. 

Photo of Advocare; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

All their products are backed up with the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. Their most popular products include Spark For energy and Improved Mental Health Focus, AdvoCare glow collagen for skin firmness and elasticity, and MNS delta, a weight management product.

Founded in 1993, the company operates in the United States and is headquartered in Plano, Texas. It is DSA registered because it adheres to the highest ethical business practices. 

With only $59, you can enroll in the AdvoCare direct sales program. For that little amount, you will save up to 40% from your retail price, and earn as you build a customer base. The company runs a person to person primary sales strategy

Click here to signup with AdvoCare as a direct seller.

  1. Arbonne International LLC

As a leading name in aromatherapy, essential oils, cosmetics, health, fitness, wellness, nutritional supplements, and skincare, Arbonne provides quality products and business opportunities for social, professional, cultural, and financial development.

Photo of Arbonne; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

Their most popular products include Arbonne Gut Health, FeelFit, BeWell, CleanTox, and EnergyFizz.

The company calls their direct sales agents independent consultants, and you can get a starting kit at only $49.

With no qualifying volume (QV), you get a 35% discount on the products you buy. However, with QV 400, you get a 50% discount, and with QV 500, you get a 50% discount and free shipping to your location. 

Click here to sign up with Arbonne as a direct seller.

  1. Become International

As a health, skincare, and personal care company, Become manufactures products that counter aging signs from inside out and head to toe. Their products include Creamy Glitter Spray Toner, Day Cream, Reveal Enzyme Peel, etc.

Photo of Become; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

They have a great compensation plan for their direct sales program by offering discounts that range from 25% to 45% on orders. Besides, their agents will also be granted travel to exotic destinations and given beautiful and exclusively designed jewelry.

There are three options available for joining the company. First, you pay a signup fee of $30 and make your order with at least $75 to get a 25% discount on the order. Also, you can make your first order with $99 for products worth $214 (after paying the $30 signup fee) or order $300 worth of products and get a 40% discount.

Click here to signup as a direct sales agent with Become.

  1. Energetix GmbH &Co. KG

Founded in 2002, Energetix specializes in direct sales of magnetic jewelry. They have over 18,000 distributors and are currently present in over 30 countries, including the United States, the Caribbean, and Western and Eastern Europe.

Photo of Energetix; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

Their facility is registered with the FDA and the company is certified by NSF, UL and Organic. All their products are manufactured according to the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines

To join the company as a direct sales agent, you’ll pay a membership fee of $59. This is a lifetime commitment, and you won’t pay again. For this, you receive a unisex bracelet from Energetix and other marketing materials to start your business.

Energetix offers awesome compensation plan with discounts between 20% and 40%. Your discount level increases as your sales increase, and when you reach a discount level, you can’t drop to a lower level, even if you can’t meet up with the voluminous sales anymore. Also, the company doesn’t require you to have any minimum inventory, minimum purchases, or auto-ship to keep your discount level.

Click here to join Energetix as a direct sales agent.

  1. Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife nutrition focuses on nutritional, weight management products, and personal care products. Their products include Cell Activator, MultiVitamin Complex, Protein Drink Mix, Personalized Protein Powder, Lemon Lime Blast, Etc.

Photo of Herbalife; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

All their raw materials are obtained from farmers that meet their planting and conservation standards, and are crafted with the highest quality. 

Their products are available in 65 countries and can only be obtained via independent distributors except in China where they are distributed by retail outlets.

With a low startup cost, the company doesn’t require any minimum purchases to become a distributor. You only get a distributor kit at $94.10 for International Business Pack or the Superstar Pack at $124.10. Also, their products are fully refundable with a 12-month money-back guarantee.

To earn money from Herbalife Nutrition, you buy at a discount. The initial deal is about 25%, but you can go as high as 50%.

 Click here to join Herbalife Nutrition as a direct sales agent.

  1. Immunotec Research Inc

Immunotec is a health company that specializes in nutritional supplements and personal care. Right from their founding, they have distributed about 430 million portions with 9 million servings sold per month. 

Photo of Immunotec; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

Their most popular products include Multi Resveratrol and COGNIVA with SYNA-PS50, targeted at improving mental alertness, weight management,  and skincare. 

With more than 20 years in PDR (Physicians’ Desk Reference Book) and CPS (Compendium of Pharmaceutical Specialities), the company has spent over $25 million in research, with about 28 universities involved in it.

Immunotec offers a wide range of starter packs which range from $275 to $1,165 and require no signup fee. For every product you buy, you get a whooping 30% wholesale discount, but you must have a $400 product volume each month before you receive a commission.

Click here to Immunotec takes a direct sales agent.

  1. Isagenix International

Isagenix specializes in producing essential oils, judicial supplements, skincare products, personal care, and weight management products.

Photo of Isagenix; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

Established in 2002, the company has more than 75 effective products with a customer base of about 425,000 worldwide. Their most used products include Collagen Elixir, Isagenix Fruit, Entune, Complete Essentials, etc.

Isagenix products are very potent for weight loss because they restrict the amount of calories a person takes in by controlling when, what and how much you eat.

To become a consultant on the platform, you need to accumulate up to 100 personal volume and maintain a minimum of 100 business volume. You will get a 15% discount on your orders and earn $100 for every recruit you enroll for up to about 20 of them, plus other bonuses and incentives.

Click here to signup with Isagenix as a direct seller.

Skincare and haircare

  1. Jafra Cosmetics International Inc

Jafra cosmetics was founded by Jan and Frank Day 65 years ago. They offer an incredible direct sales program, and with more than 500 skincare products for everyone, fragrance, makeup, and more, their representatives have a wide range to choose from.

Photo of Jafra; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

with age-defying technology, Jafra products provides nutrient for a skin that needs intense hydration and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Their individual products have special purposes, but all to improve beauty.

They offer up as high as 50% commission on sales, and for special deals, it can be increased. You can grab a virtual starter kit at $6.50 or a professional starter kit at $99. The kit delivered depends on availability.

Click here to signup with Jafra as a direct seller.

  1. Lemongrass Spa Products

Lemongrass Spa specializes in skincare, essential oils, cosmetic, and spa products. Their highest selling products include Sheer Volume Mascara, Honey Renewal, and Sedona Spa Body Scrub.

All their products are made from non-toxic minerals and abide by all the code of ethics of the DSA.

Lemongrass Spa direct sales program offers a 25% commission on every sale to customers with about 4 to 10% bonuses from team building. After finishing a qualification period, you can earn up to $1,000 Director Bonuses with spa incentive vacation, jewelry, and free logo wear.

They have a wide range of enrollment options that are worth $129. However, they are currently running a promo and giving out starter kits for as low as $1. This promo will last till February 1.

Click here to join Lemongrass Spa as a direct selling agent

  1. Mary Kay Inc

Mary Kay was founded far back in 1963. They have a reputable name in direct sales, and their company started up with empowering stay-at-home women; they still follow this vision.

Photo of MaryKay; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

Primarily focusing on producing skincare and beauty products, their products and direct sale programs are worthwhile.

They offer a 50% commission on sales, and it takes only $100 to get their starter kit. This package contains a wide range of products, including skincare products for men and women, shaving, and makeup products.

Click here to signup to join Mary Kay as a direct seller.

Fashion accessories

  1. Essential Bodywear
Photo of Essential; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

Essential Bodywear provides lingerie and underwear to make women feel sexy. Joining this company as a direct sales agent helps you become a personal stylist to other women to help them feel just that way.

To get started, you need to buy a starter kit of $199, which will grant you commissions that range from 25 to 37%.

Click here to signup with Essential Bodywear as a direct seller.

  1. Noonday Collection

Besides being DSA registered, Noonday Collection is also a fair-trade certified direct sales company and keeps to the fair-trade policy for all their products. This policy includes ensuring that every merchant and artisan in all stages of the production receives adequate pay and treatment for their work.

Photo of NoonDay collection; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

This company sells beautiful handmade accessories, jewelry, gifts, and home goods and helps women improve their quality of life.

For their direct sales, they pay 25% to 30% personal commissions on sales and can get free products worth over $500. Also, you earn 5 to 10% on your team sales.

You can join this company by buying a starter kit which ranges from $89.00 to $289. In it, you find assorted jewelry collections and accessories.

Click here to sign up with Noonday Collection as a direct seller.

  1. Avon 

Avon is one of the oldest direct selling organizations, and their products range from skincare to jewelry and makeup.

Photo of Avon; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

They lead the industry with breakthrough award winning products and have the cheapest starter kit at only $10. Also, they give you 25% off any order you make for yourself; from selling their products. besides that, you also earn a 25% commission.

Click here to sign up with Avon as a direct seller.

  1. Trades of Hope

Trades of Hope is a direct selling organization that’s also fair-trade registered. They have a wide range of products, from quality jewelry to home decors and handbags, and pay you 25% base commission, but you can earn up to 35% for the items sold personally.

Photo of Trades Of Hope; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

This company gives a great sense of belonging as becoming their ambassador introduces you to a great sisterhood that supports artisans from all around the world for the products they make.

Click here to sign up with Trades of Hope as a direct seller.


  1. Initials, Inc

Initials Inc. produces quality bags and childcare products. Now, they offer direct sales work to get more partners. With a line of highly competitive products, many people are interested in being this company’s ambassador. 

This company is highly valued by customers because of their personalized bags, printing anything that they desire. Because of their quality, the DSA has enlisted it amongst its direct selling organizations.

There is a massive potential for success with Initials Inc, but you must sign up under an existing creative partner before you become an agent. However, if you have no one around you that represents Initials, click this link to find an Initial’s creative partner.

To join, buy a starter kit for about $100. This starter kit has 11 different products worth $400, giving you enough room to make substantial profits from your investment.

As a creative partner with initials, you are entitled to a 25% base commission from your retail sales. However, there are no strict requirements for their sales. Nevertheless, if you meet some sales targets, you will receive personal sales bonuses monthly.

Click here to sign up Initials Inc as a direct seller.

  1. NYR Organic

NYR organic has numerous organic and ethically sourced health and beauty products. Some of their products include Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner, Rejuvenating Frankincense Cleaner, Wild Rose Body Lotion, Citrus Shower Gel, Lemon Essential Oils, and others.

You earn from NYR Organic from discounts on purchases. Also, you gain the company’s recognition, cash bonuses, or gift prices when you meet up some sales targets. You can even win travel prices alongside other incentives. 

To become their direct sales agent, you need to buy a starter kit for $149.

Click here to sign up with NYR Organic as a direct seller.

  1. Usborne Books and More

Usborne offers excellent resources for kids and parents. They mainly sell books to children between zero to young adults and reward their direct sales agents at 24% Commission.

Photo of Usborne Books; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

all of Usborne’s books are made with the highest quality with clear content, phtography, and illustrations.

To partner with them, buy a starter pack that ranges between $25 and $299. It is easy to get started with this company.

Click here to sign up with Usborne as a direct seller.

Home Technology/ Internet Service

  1. ACN

ACN is a renowned name for Internet services, home technologies, utilities, security systems and devices, and telecommunication services. They offer support and international training for their direct sales agents alongside other Perks and bonuses.

Photo of ACN; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

You need a startup fee of $199, which covers all the costs of establishing and servicing your business. Additionally, you’ll pay a monthly business maintenance fee of $25 to maintain your business status with ACN.

This company’s benefits include extensive Independent Business Owner (IBO) and customer support services and a wide range of options that enable you to build your business.

Click here to sign up with ACN as a direct seller.

  1. Amway

It is almost impossible to mention direct selling organizations without Amway. They sell a wide range of health products to women and every other person that wants to improve their health. Their top-selling products are Nutrilite Vitamin C Extended Release, Nutrilite Perfect Park, etc.

Photo of AmyWay; one of the Direct Selling Organizations recognized by the Direct Selling Association

Their two starter kits are $62 which comes with training products, and $245 which includes 10-minute catalogs, complete products, and samples worth $99.99.

Click here to sign up with Amway as a direct seller.


Before signing up with direct selling organizations, it is best to ensure that they are registered with the direct selling association. 

This is to avoid falling victim to scams and unscrupulous practices. This will also ensure your compensations and benefits earned would be paid as and when due by DSA registered direct sales companies.

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