9 Profitable Blogging Niches Guaranteed To Make You Money Fast

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My first blog was called ‘Evesrebirth’. It was in 2009 and I’m not sure exactly what it was about anymore but the idea was to chronicle my journey to becoming a renaissance woman and maybe inspire other women onto becoming like me, boss babes who dare to have it all.

Was that the worst niche to make money blogging in for me at that time? Most likely. Except for maybe a blog on ‘How To Keep Pet Beetles’. If you don’t believe me then you need to read how to really start a blog that makes money first.

a quote about how to choose a blogging niche when you want to start a blog

I was going to talk about myself, my life, and my interests. Meh. I know. But seeing as I wasn’t thinking about making money blogging and profitable blogging niches then, I can be excused right?

But YOU, reading this right now, this isn’t a hobby for you. You don’t want to start a blog that may or may not make you money. You have kids that will have to spend 10 hours a day at daycare if you don’t start making money online soon. You want to start a blog so you can start making money from home in a few months, weeks or even days.

So what blog niches make money? Simple, the most profitable blog niches are the ones where people are actively searching for a transformation. A transformation that they are able and willing to pay for.

the most profitable blog niches are the ones where people are actively searching for a transformation. A transformation that they are able and willing to pay for.Click To Tweet

Ok maybe that is a bit too confusing, let’s simplify it shall we.

  • Are there others doing what you want to do?  Yes, it’s probably profitable.
  • How big is the market? Very big, people are actively searching.
  • Does the market have a great pocket? Yes, they can afford to buy.
  • Are they ready to spend? Yes? You’ve struck gold!

Before I go on to show you specific tested and tried blogging niches that always do well, let me say again.

It is very possible to make money in almost any niche. My evesrebirth blog for example could have easily evolved into something like Marie Forleo or She Takes On The World. It’s just that some niches are so much easier and have much higher income potentials than others.

Blogs that serve business needs aka make money niches for example are bound to make a lot more money on average than blogs that serve personal needs; think food blogs, craft blogs…

...some niches are so much easier and have much higher income potentials than others. Blogs that serve business needs aka make money niches will always make more money than blogs that serve personal needs.Click To Tweet

A word of caution though, the higher the income potential of a niche, the stiffer the competition.

Now here’s what you are actually here for.

Profitable Blog Niche No. 1: Money

You may already have guessed this but the make money niche is the biggest income puller online. Save money blogs also do pretty well. Everyone wants more money and if you can show them how to save it or even better, make it, they’ll literally beg you to take their money.

how to find your niche blog ideas that make money

Subniches in this blog niche include:

  • Make Money Freelance Writing
  • Make Money As A Virtual Assistant
  • Make Money Blogging
  • Make Money Online
  • Make Money From Pinterest (this one is emerging and it’s hot)
  • Frugal Living
  • Budgeting
  • The list is endless

Who Makes Money Here

Rosemarie Groner

blog examples blogging for money

Blog Age: 4 Years

Makes: $100,000+ per month

Income Source: Ads, Affiliate, Products

Full time income in 10 months.

Psst! If you want more ideas about how much money moms can make blogging, I have a whole pinterest group board dedicated to blog income reports from moms like you.

Profitable Blog Niche No. 2: Health And Fitness

Second only to the money niche is the health and fitness blog niche. People will always want to live healthier, be skinnier, build more muscle… While Katie’s blog is a motherhood and lifestyle blog, it’s easy to see the main focus is postpartum fitness and she’s doing fantastic with it.

Subniches in this blog niche include:

  • Yoga
  • Vegan Lifestyle
  • Postpartum Fitness
  • Much more

Who Makes Money Here

Katie Pickett

profitable health and fitness lifestyle blog

Blog Age: 18 Months

Makes: $4,000+ per month

Income Source: Ads, Affiliate, Sponsored Posts, Products

First $1000 in her 6th Month

Profitable Blog Niche No. 3: Product Reviews

If there is one blog niche that will never go out of style is the product review niche. Save people time by given them trustworthy recommendations and they’ll be clicking your affiliate links without thought. The only con is that since the major traffic share with a blog like this is from search engines, it will probably take a lot of search engine optimized content to see returns.

Subniches in this blog niche include:

  • Kids Products
  • Technology
  • Pregnancy products
  • The list is endless
Who Makes Money Here

Jenny Silverstone

blog niche ideas

Blog Age: 8 Months (estimate)

Makes: Unknown, Mike Pearson estimates $25,000 at least

Income Source: Affiliate pro

Profitable Blog Niche No. 4: Fashion And Beauty

Fashion and beauty sells. Period. There’s no question here except “do you know your game?” and maybe “can you take gorgeous photos”. This is also one niche that hangs greatly on the blogger’s personality. If you have the charisma to carry people along and are fashionable, you would probably succeed in this niche.

Who Makes Money Here

Sandy Chang

the most successful blogs include fashion blogs

Blog Age: 8.5 Years

Makes: $3,650.44 in July 2015

Income Source: Ads, Affiliate, Sponsored Posts

Sandy has a fulltime job besides blogging

Profitable Blog Niche No. 5: Organizing

If you are good at organizing and planning your home, schedules… moms will love you for the impact you’ll make in their life with this niche. Even more, your pocket will love you. Ruth Soukup, founder of the famous Living Well Planner is the best example I could find.

Who Makes Money Here

Ruth Soukup

niche things to blog about like organizing make money

Blog Age: 7.5 Years

Makes: Unknown ($100,000 at least estimated)

Income Source: Products. Ads

LWSL was a stepping stone to Ruth’s other business Elite Blog Academy.

Profitable Blog Niche No. 6: Kids and Parenting (Aka Mom Blog)

The classic mom blog where a mom shares her wisdom, joys and chaos for other moms to learn from. Moms can make money through advertising, affiliate recommendations (of products you love only) and I’ve seen some mom bloggers write books to sell as well.


Homeschooling, play, discipline.

Who Makes Money Here

Carly Campbell

parenting blog examples of blog topics making money

Blog Age: 2.5 Years

Makes: $5,000+ per month

Income Source: Ads, Affiliate

$483.31 in her 9th month

Profitable Blog Niche No. 7: DIY And Crafts

This is one of my favorite blogging niches for moms and the mom I’m using as example is one of my most favorite people in the blogging world. Not only do you make money in this niche, you inject creativity into society. If I develop half a creative brain and decent photography skills, this is a niche I’m definitely going to look into.

Subniches in this blog niche include:

  • Crotchet
  • Paper & Glue Crafts
  • Interior Design…
Who Makes Money Here
Jennifer Marx

crafts is a great niche for blog


Blog Age: 2 Years

Makes: $20,000+ per month

Income Source: Ads, Affiliate, Products

Profitable Blog Niche No. 8: Food

This list won’t be complete without the food blog niche that reigns supreme on pinterest. With great looking food photos, it should be easy to acquire a decent following and maybe launch a meal plan or something. Advertising also does pretty good in this niche. In fact, there exists special advertising networks dedicated to food alone.

Keep in mind costs like groceries though and assess how long before you pull a profit.

Subniches in this blog niche include:

  • Vegan Food
  • Kids Meal
  • Fast and healthy Meal
Who Makes Money Here

Cassie Johnston

what to blog about if you love food

Blog Age: 8.5 Years

Makes: Unknown

Income Source: Ads, Affiliate

Profitable Blog Niche No. 9: Design

Design may seem a little bit technical to learn  but with the current shift to tools like canva, moms with a good creative eye can make money offering design services and templates to online businesses.

You could offer T-shirt designs, social media graphic designs, or you could become a teacher like Kara, the possibilities are endless.

Who Makes Money Here

Kara Fidd

unique blog ideas for making money blogging

Blog Age: 9 Months

Makes: Unknown

Income Source: Products

She launched her first product in her 7th month and pulled in 11k in one week!

By now you should have a pretty good grasp of what makes money, how long it takes to make money, and what doesn’t. All that’s left is for you to take action. These moms wouldn’t be where they are today if they didn’t start when they did.

But before you start, get valuable training on how to start a blog that makes money.

The bloggers who grow fastest blog with a plan. Use this blog starter checklist to make sure you’ve covered all bases.

PS: If you know any blogging niches where moms can make money please consider leaving a comment so others can learn from you.

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