35 Easy and Temporary jobs while pregnant

Are you looking for a temporary job while pregnant? Then this post is for you. 

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Pregnancy is a beautiful time in many women’s lives, but there are a lot of expenses that come with having a child. From buying baby gear, to maternity clothes, to hospital visits, to putting up a nursery…the list of things that require money is almost endless.

Due to this reality, a lot of households struggle to make ends meet. A temporary job will help you at this time to meet up instead of depending fully on your spouse. And if you’re a single mom, it will make things easier for you. 

In this post, we will cover ideal temporary jobs while pregnant. Yes, it is possible to get a job while pregnant and the law forbids pregnant women from being discriminated against when it comes to employment. 

Pew Research Center revealed that more than 65% of American mothers work during their first pregnancies and out of these working expectant moms, about 80% keep working until within a month of giving birth and many of them even work from home. 

So, if you are pregnant and you need a temporary job, this post is for you. We’ve compiled a list of pregnancy-friendly yet well-paying jobs. 

A lot of women consider changing jobs if their current positions are not suitable for pregnancy or if they don’t have the flexibility/benefits they will soon need. This post is both for women searching for temporary jobs while pregnant and those looking to change jobs to more ideal ones due to pregnancy. 

Characteristics Of Pregnancy-Friendly Jobs 

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In your search for jobs while pregnant, the job you need should meet some or all of these criteria: 

  • It shouldn’t be physically exerting beyond what you are used to or the type of exertion should be considered safe for pregnancy. 
  • The job shouldn’t cause you excessive emotional stress 
  • The work hours should be flexible. There should be personal time for appointments and time off as needed. 
  • The job should have good medical benefits 
  • It doesn’t require long commute 
  • The job doesn’t expose you to excessive toxins, contagious illnesses, and other physical hazards 
  • The job offers private space to pump milk or nurse if needed 

Essential Tools You Need To Work From Home – For Pregnant Women 

These tools will make you comfortable and ensure that you work with minimal interruption and efficiency. They will help you get settled for your temporary job while pregnant. 

The right desk

You should try and invest in good and comfortable furniture to help you work comfortably and in a healthy position. 

Get an adjustable-height desk or an air desk to make things easier for you. Your position during work matters, so this shouldn’t be overlooked so that your health and that of your baby won’t be compromised. 

The right place to sit 

Make sure your sitting position is okay and healthy. You can use exercise balls if the need arises. You can place one under your desk to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. It will also keep your pelvis tilted downward in a comfortable position. 

Healthy collection of snacks 

Make sure you have a healthy collection of snacks within reach once you sit down to work. This means that the only thing that will make you stand up is when you want to use the restroom. 


Optimum hydration is key. So get an enormous water bottle at hand so that you can take regular sips to keep you hydrated while you work. 

A help/partner 

You will need company to help you while working from home. This can be a help or a family member or your spouse when he is home. You can ask your help to fetch you some snacks, or lend a hand if you need a book from a bookshelf. 

Temporary Jobs While Pregnant 

Photo of a pregnant woman; there are ideal temporary jobs while pregnant

Keep in mind that it is possible to get hired when pregnant, but you may not be eligible for maternity leave after giving birth even if your employer or organization offers it as a benefit. 

Generally, you have to be with an employer for at least a year to qualify for maternity leave. 

This is why many pregnant women choose temporary, part time, or short-term jobs that don’t require long-term commitments. 

Below are some suitable temporary jobs while pregnant.

Temporary Online Jobs While Pregnant 

1.  Freelance writer 

If you are already a skilled communicator, taking on freelance writing projects is a good way to earn money. There are lots of individuals, organizations, and publishers of all types looking for writers for temporary projects like:

  • Blog posts 
  • Website content 
  • Marketing materials 
  • Advertising copies 
  • Grant proposals 
  • Articles 
  • Books 
  • Technical documents, etc. 

You can do this job conveniently from your home. The time is flexible and the pay is also encouraging. The median hourly pay is $24.07. 

2. Online community manager 

A lot of Americans are spending more and more time online, so a lot of companies are looking for friendly professionals who can interact with their customers and clients across various digital platforms. 

You can become a point of contact for an organization. Things you will do as an online community manager are:

  • Promoting their brand 
  • Growing followers over social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 
  • Answering questions, etc. 

The median hourly pay is $22.24 

3. Virtual assistant 

If you have some office or computer-related skills, you can work as someone who performs basic administrative or supportive tasks for an entrepreneur or a small company over the internet. 

There are agencies who help match virtual assistants with appropriate clients and the median hourly pay is $15.80 

4. Virtual customer service representative 

A lot of companies/organizations are looking for people to handle online inquiries or take customer phone calls from home. This is one of the most suitable online jobs for pregnant women and the work time is flexible. 

All you need to be a virtual customer service representative is a reliable computer and internet connection and then you get to choose your work hours. The median hourly pay is $16.00. 

5. Blogger 

This is another pregnancy-friendly job with fantastic flexibility. You set your own deadlines as a blogger and you simply choose to blog on whatever you are passionate about and make it the focus of your blog. 

However, you have to do your research before you start blogging because some subjects will likely succeed and yield more income than others. 

You can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing and ads while you build your audience and mailing list, you can also sell digital products or physical products on your blog. 

You can also write for blog owners and get paid as well. 

6. Transcription 

If your home is quiet and you can type fast, transcription services can be a great remote job for you as an expectant mother. 

Transcription jobs is a career that offers specialization areas such as legal and medical transcription. 

7. Proofreader/editor 

If you have a good command of the English language, you’re good at proofreading, and all your friends constantly ask you to proofread their resume; you can earn money by offering this service to individuals or organizations who need them. 

As with writing or blogging, you can work remotely as an editor and get paid for it. All you have to do is meet the deadlines. You can offer this service as a freelancer directly with your own clients or you become an independent contractor with services like Scribendi

8. Social media moderators 

You can get paid to keep the internet a more civil place. This is a work-from-home job and it is also pregnancy-friendly. 

You can work for organizations like ModSquad. You choose the project you want to work on and you set your own hours. However, note that this work can be inconsistent.  

Photo of a pregnant woman working from home; there are ideal temporary jobs while pregnant

9. Search engine evaluator 

This is also a flexible and pregnancy-friendly job. You don’t have to be anchored to your desk for a large and uninterrupted portion of time. All that is required of you is to fulfil the objectives of the work you were given as directed. 

Search engine evaluator jobs are intermittently available and the contracts don’t always renew. So it is best to combine this with other work-from-home jobs like writing or transcription. 

As a search engine evaluator, you will be paid to conduct research and provide feedback that measures the accuracy of the web search results. You will state how useful the result pages are and the relevance of the search result. 

However, you will need a high school diploma for this job and a post-secondary school degree is also preferred. 

10. Website testing 

There are several companies who will pay you to test websites, apps, and UI (User interface). You cannot make full time money here but you can get at least $10 for 20 minutes of your precious time and this job is really easy. 

All you have to do is to complete a series of tasks on a website or app and give your thoughts by writing a brief report or speaking as your screen is recorded. 

This work is intermittent and the availability of website tests depends on your demographics. 

11. Web developer 

Web design and development is another option that can be very flexible and pregnancy-friendly. You can work from home, take a part-time position, or freelance your skills. Your job would be creating and maintaining websites. An average web developer earns $88,000 yearly. 

12. Data entry 

This is one of the classic work-from-home jobs for pregnant women. All that is required of you is to take information from one source and record it in another. 

But you need a solid typing speed and great accuracy to succeed in this job. It is a good paying job and less stressful. 

13. Online researcher 

Working as an online researcher will be a perfect option for you if you have a knack for tracking down information online. And it is a good paying job as you can earn up to $59,729 per year. 

14. Recruiter 

Recruiting has changed a lot, it isn’t what it used to be in the past. These days, most recruiting happens remotely, either online or over the phone.

Working as a recruiter is just like sales, you are trying to sell a candidate to a company and in exchange for your effort, you will be paid. 

Your earnings depend on your industry, specialty, and level of experience. You could be making close to $84,289 per year. 

15. Graphic designer 

This is a popular option if you want to freelance or work-from-home. As a graphic designer, you will be asked to create images, logos, flyers, advertisement layouts, brochures, and many more for an organization. 

It is one of the highest paying options on the list especially if you work full time. You can earn around $52,110 a year. 

16. Video editor 

Video reigns in the world of online content. A lot of people prefer to watch videos than to read. There are companies willing to pay handsomely, around $37,900 a year for video editors that can bring their vision to life. 

17. Computer programmer 

You will be highly sought after and valuable to companies if you have programming skills. This job is also pregnancy and family-friendly and you can work from the comfort of your home. 

You can develop mobile or computer apps and get paid for it. The median hourly pay is $41.61. 

Easy Temporary Jobs While Pregnant 

Photo of an online tutor; an easy temporary job while pregnant

1. Private tutor 

If you are an expert in any subject or you excelled in any academic subject when in school, you can make money being a tutor in your field. 

There are many students who benefit from one-on-one tutoring outside school in subjects that they struggle with, so this service is highly sought after. 

You can even offer your tutoring services online if you don’t want to leave your home. You can conduct sessions with your client or students through skype, Facetime, or Zoom. 

The median hourly pay for private tutors is $24.65 

2. Office clerk 

A lot of companies need people who can take care of basic office and clerical tasks like answering phones, sending and retrieving mail, filing and typing documents, taking notes during meetings, performing simple bookkeeping duties, etc. 

Clerical positions are among the list of temporary jobs for pregnant women. And sometimes, they turn into good long-term employment with advancement opportunities. 

The median hourly pay is $16.37 

3. Personal shopper 

Many busy entrepreneurs and working professionals do not have time to shop for personal items, clothes, and necessary supplies. So, sometimes, they hire people to find the best deals on quality products, do their shopping for them, and make knowledgeable recommendations. 

This can be fun work for pregnant moms who love shopping, as you can earn from your hobbies. You will get paid to spend other people’s money. The median hourly pay is $11.76. 

4. Event planner or wedding consultant 

If you are good at planning weddings or events, you can make money doing so. You can offer advice and recommendations and people will pay you for your experience. 

You will even earn more if you are familiar with event venues in your region. To increase your earnings, you should have good working relationships with reliable vendors for catering, entertainment, photography, flower arrangement, and other services and items. 

The median hourly pay is $14.54. 

5. Flora designer 

Almost everybody enjoys the fragrance and cheer of fresh-cut flowers. Even grocery stores and independent flower shops sometimes have openings for new floral designers. 

This job has flexible work hours and it is often in part-time positions. The flexibility of floral designers makes it one of the best jobs for pregnant women who are looking for work in a low-stress setting. 

The median hourly pay is $13.48. 

6. Library assistant 

Many local and regional libraries need additional workers sometimes to help sort and shelve books and other reading materials. 

Library assistant jobs involve retrieving materials for loan, compiling records, and registering new library materials. 

Also, libraries are a calm and quiet work environment for pregnant women. This makes being a library assistant a pregnant-friendly job. The median hourly pay is $13.48.  

7. Baker or cake decorator 

If you are into arts and crafts and have experience in baking or decorating cakes for special occasions, you can do this from the comfort of your home and make good money doing so. 

Also, many stores and bakeries hire people who have this culinary craft. The median hourly pay is $12.64. 

8. Pet sitter or dog trainer 

If you love animals or dogs, you can make money from this by looking after neighborhood dogs or other pets like cats when their guardians are not around. 

It is also easy to develop a good reputation fairly quickly in this job and this could mean that new clients will start seeking you out instead of you seeking them out.. 

A lot of people also need help training their puppies or adult dogs. So this is a good way to earn money. 

But there are risks associated with this job for pregnant women. 

Pets may carry parasites and exposing yourself to their poop while pregnant is not safe. So you need to do this job with caution. The median hourly pay is $12.14. 

9. Infant care aide 

This kind of job will not only help you earn some money during pregnancy, it will help you prepare for life after giving birth, especially if this is your first pregnancy. 

You will practice how to feed babies, how to put them to sleep, how to change their diapers and many more and you will get paid while doing all these. 

Many childcare centers offer this type of employment to pregnant women and sometimes, it leads to more advanced careers in early childhood education. The median hourly pay is $11.65. 

10. Sales representative 

Selling products or services is a pregnancy-friendly job because it can be done part-time and the working hours are flexible. This means you can work as much or as little as you want to. 

You can even work full time if you want to earn the highest commissions.  

11. Retail seller 

You can take on retail jobs because some are more pregnancy-friendly than the others. For instance, a lot of maternity stores like to hire pregnant women to make their customers feel more comfortable. 

Also, other stores that sell baby or pregnancy stuff offer suitable jobs that don’t require pregnant women standing on their feet all day. The median hourly pay for retail jobs is $12.14. 

Photo of a retail seller; a great temporary job while pregnant

12. House sitter 

If you are looking for a pregnancy-friendly job that is low-stress, you can consider house sitting. There are people who may need someone to look after their homes for them when they go on a journey. 

Your main duty is to simply be present at someone’s home and you will get paid for it. Although you may need to handle some basic chores like getting the mail, and watering the house plants. 

You can earn up to $12.61 per hour and you can also do other remote jobs while house sitting for someone at the same time. 

13. Paralegal 

The basics of being a paralegal is that you spend your time supporting a lawyer or a legal officer. However, you do need some higher education for this job but usually less than a Bachelor’s though. 

You can be earning around $51,740 a year and you can even work from home. 

14. Translator 

If you are bilingual or multilingual, you can earn money using this skill. You can even work from home and earn up to $51,830 yearly translating documents, writing subtitles, or writing in other languages, etc. 

15. Market research analyst 

Small and large scale enterprises are always looking for marketing professionals who are skilled at evaluating and researching new market trends, future market conditions, and strategies. 

As a market research analyst, you will help companies evaluate their competitors so that they can have an upper hand in running a smooth business activity. 

You can be earning between $10 to $1000 on platforms like freelancer.com or upwork.com. How much you earn depends on your level of expertise and the client that you are working for. 

16. Accountant 

The demand for professional accountants is high because every organization needs to maintain accurate financial records. 

As an accountant, you can work from home or anywhere provided you have a good computer and internet connection. 

17. Multimedia artist or animator 

If you are good at drawing and you have an active imagination, you can get paid working on computer animation and special effects. You can work from home and get clients online from freelancing websites and earn hourly. 

18. Public relations specialist 

Organizations, (both profit and non-profit), politicians, government agencies, companies, celebrities involved in public relations, entertainment bodies, and even individuals are looking for public relations specialists. 

If you are good in public speaking and you can represent your client well, and help them build an admirable public image, then you are qualified to work and earn as a public relations specialist. 

19. Financial advisor 

This is another pregnancy-friendly job for women and it can also be done part-time. Financial planning is very important in people’s lives. As a financial advisor, you will help your client to attain financial freedom. 

It is not easy for most people to consistently plan their financial lives in a wise way. If you are financially literate, you can offer up your expertise for money. You can also help companies and individuals maximize their taxes, make wise choices, and choose lucrative investments, plan their estates, and even create a budget that will help them achieve long-term financial goals. 

20. Legal assistant 

This is another well-paying and pregnancy-friendly job. You will be paid to work with lawyers, help them make research, prepare documents, engage in factual investigation, and many more. 

Government agencies, large companies, and private law firms are looking for legal assistants and in some cases, you can even work from home. 

All you need is basic legal training to get you started. 

21. Database administrator 

This pregnancy-friendly job will even allow you to work from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose, and get paid for it. 

These days a lot of women are emerging into technology-related fields. Your job as a database administrator is to manage, test, and safeguard computer databases for companies.


Photo of a pregnant woman

Always remember that the health of you and your baby comes first when looking for a job. That is why we focused on pregnancy-friendly jobs in this post and we hope you find the one that suits you best. 

Do you know of more pregnancy-friendly jobs or temporary jobs while pregnant you would like to share with us? Please kindly tell us in the comment section. 

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