Top 13 Entry Level Work from Home Jobs (Earn Well With No Experience)

Would you love to work from home, but you have no experience? Entry-level work from home jobs are available for people with no skill or experience. 

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However, there is so much competition for entry-level jobs, and some of the pay is terrible. So, how can you stand out and earn some cool cash from entry level work from home jobs?

This article will teach you how to get high paying entry-level work from home jobs with no experience. You will also learn the jobs you can start doing right away. 

How to get entry-level work from home jobs

  1. Know your skillset

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Though it is termed entry-level jobs, you need some basic skills if you must make money from any job. Sales, writing, social media, online research, and other roles pay well not just because people are experienced, but because they have unique styles and skills.

These skills don’t have to be anything fancy. Speaking English and another language is a skill on its own – a high-paying one. You may be creative, eloquent in speech or writing, or compelling with your words. Know your skill to know your worth in the market. 

Besides, there could be some skills you learned from school but are yet to practice for pay. Write down all of them and see the most lucrative one you would love to improve on.

Most entry-level jobs do not require special training as you will learn as you work. However, if you want to stand out, you need a different idea of the work you want to do. This could mean taking online courses or pairing with a more knowledgeable person in the field.

When you have little or no cash, it can be challenging to pay for high-rated online courses. However, you can start with the free courses that introduce you to freelancing and working from home.

  1. Check job sites

FlexJobs, Fiverr,, LinkedIn, Craigslist, etc., have an updated list of legitimate work from home entry-level jobs. Even on the regular job boards, using the search term “remote” will give you many entry-level jobs.

Some of these sites need subscriptions but should also have a free version. However, for places like, you will only receive emails on their job openings, but you won’t be able to apply on the site when you haven’t subscribed to a plan. The subscription is worth paying for since they filter the most potential job opportunities on the Internet and send them directly to you.

If you’re willing to go through the competition, you can try freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. The competition is high, but you still have a chance of making it if you are unique and flexible enough to adjust your style to fit a client.

Besides freelance platforms and job boards, you can work directly with companies from home. Companies like Amazon, Alorica, and even direct sales companies offer you an opportunity to make money with little or no experience.

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  1. Create a killer resume

Without a high-paying skill, no company will hire you if your resume is not convincing enough. Since most companies do not require prior experience from their entry-level applicants, you have many competitors for a few openings. Your only chance is your ability to catch a potential employer’s attention with your resume.

Ensure your resume fits the requirements for the role you want to apply for. When using freelance platforms, ensure you optimize your profile so that they land in hiring searches.

Including specific keywords and phrases in your resume and online profile will make you rank higher when a client searches for whom to hire. Keywords make it easy for a platform to rank you as a matching candidate.

  1. Make it simple

To impress your potential employees, you could be tempted to use cumbersome words or add too many details to your resume. It doesn’t help. Instead, it reduces your chances of getting hired. The best resumes are professional and straightforward. 

Many companies don’t sort out applications directly. Instead, they use a computer to go through the application and pick out the most suitable candidates. Using a professional and standard resume layout in Ms. Word will help these computers identify you quickly and know if your resume matches the open position. 

Remember to refresh your content regularly especially when sending out to apply for a role.

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Work from home jobs for beginners

Take up some of the following jobs to make money from home with little or no experience. 

  1.  Data entry

With basic typing skills, a company can hire you to collect and type in data for them.

To do well at this job, you must be familiar with spreadsheets and have a keen eye for details. You must also be diligent in your work to provide accurate records.

You don’t need experience in most data entry jobs, and you will likely be paid per keystroke. However, some companies pay between $15.64 per hour. The work is also flexible so that you can take up the role part-time.

Scribie, Working Solutions, QuickTate, Click Worker, and Axion Data are some of the most popular companies that hire staff for data entry jobs.

  1. Virtual assistant

Since many businesses are going remote, the need for virtual assistants is increasing. 

Virtual assistants can do many things, including managing emails, checking schedules for the client, and other minute tasks the client wants you to do.

The virtual assistant work is flexible and an excellent sustainable online career. You can get long-term work if you find the right client.

Finding clients to assist virtually has gotten even easier as some businesses are dedicated to connecting virtual assistants to clients. Some of them include, Timeetc, Virtual Office VA, Horkey Handbook, Fancy Hands, etc. You can also get virtual assistant openings on remote job sites.

An average virtual assistant earns $20.95.

  1. Proofreading 

If you find it easy to spot errors from documents, you can take up proofreading work. You can do proofreading as an entry-level work from home job, but you will have more chance of success if you get the relevant training. 

An average proofreader earns $22.42 per hour

Find some entry-level openings on Edit911, Polished Paper,, etc.

Photo of a proofreader; one of the entry level work from home jobs
  1. Online tutoring

Online tutoring work pays well since you will be teaching based on your area of specialization. If you have excellent and uncommon skills, your chances of making a higher income are even more significant.

There are numerous online tutoring jobs available. The essential requirement for this job is a degree in the subject you want to teach. Experience with online jobs may not be necessary.

The most common online tutoring job opening is for English, and college students can take this role. You will be hired to teach English to both adults and young children worldwide.

Online tutoring job is a great part time entry-level work from home job, but you should confirm the company’s schedule before applying, to be sure it fits your schedule. This is because many people have a set number of hours each week they want to learn a language, and you must provide that for them.

You will likely earn between $18.97 per hour

Find entry-level online tutoring jobs on Magic Ears, where you teach Chinese students. This company requires a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience tutoring with ESL certification. You must also be a native English speaker from Australia, the US, UK, Canada, or New Zealand.

If you can create videos and guides, you can take up an online tutoring job with Course Hero and earn up to $500 per week. They don’t need prior experience, but you must have a BA degree in your subject of expertise.

VIPkid is another online tutoring company to try. They pay between $15 and $22 an hour and offer flexible schedules. They only require a bachelor’s degree in the field you want to teach and any other basic teaching experience like babysitting, mentoring, tutoring, or coaching.

Photo of a woman working from home
  1. Survey jobs

If you have no experience or skills anywhere, you can get paid by taking online surveys. Though the pay will be low, doing surveys consistently can build a huge income.

Swagbucks is a legit survey site and offers a $5 bonus when you sign up with them. They have paid over $5 million to their members from inception.

Survey Junkie is another company to try. They offer survey jobs for beginners and pay between 20 to 250 points per survey. You can withdraw when you make up to $10 via PayPal. Making money through Survey Junkie is pretty easy as you will only be answering questions about the product you use.

InboxDollars also offers a great way to make money via surveys and will pay you a $5 bonus when signing up. Besides surveys, you can also watch videos, read emails, play games, and save money with coupons on the platform.

  1. Online moderation

Online moderation jobs are fun to do as you will be in charge of online communities. This could be Twitter, Facebook groups, or any other online community.

With no experience, you can succeed as an online moderator if you know what each platform requires to create a positively engaged community. You also need to have some good organization skills.

Your role is to ensure that people stick to the platform’s rules and monitor it to ensure that there are no negative comments or abuses.

It is easy to get scammed when searching for online moderator platforms, so be careful. However, you can get the best openings if you reach out directly to existing communities and companies to see if they need some helping hand.

Some companies to join for moderation jobs include LiveWorld, ICUC, ModSquad, The Social Element, and Crisp Thinking.

An entry level online moderator earns $23 per hour.

Photo of a mom and her daughter

Work from home jobs with no experience

  1. Transcription

With basic typing skills, you can do transcription jobs and convert audio recordings to written documents. There’s a high demand for transcription jobs in the medical and legal industry; they also pay well. However, as a beginner, you will start with minor transcription jobs for some individuals and transcription companies.

Some of these companies are Rev, Tigerfish, TranscribeMe, and Scribie. They pay different rates, but an entry level transcriptionist earns about $25,000 a year.

  1. Bookkeeper

Earn up to $18.26 per hour doing bookkeeping jobs for online businesses. You do not need any experience with online jobs to get this job, but you must have some bookkeeping skills.

Your primary duty as a bookkeeper is to record the financial information from these businesses, analyze them, and explain them to your clients.

You can raise your chances of getting higher pay from bookkeeping jobs if you take up training courses like the ones offered by Bookkeeper Launch.

Find high-paying entry-level bookkeeper jobs on job boards like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Simply Hired, etc.

Photo of a bookkeeper; one of the entry level work from home jobs
  1. Sales

 Like call center jobs, you can take up telephone sales as an entry-level work from home job. You will call people and convince them to buy products or services.

Biotech companies, healthcare, senior living centers, rental car companies, and digital marketing firms always need telesales callers.

Find telesales roles on Simply Hired and The Balanced Careers. Simply Hired lists from $13.50 an hour and above, while The Balanced Careers has openings from $10 and above.

  1.  Customer service

You can earn between $14.85 an hour from entry-level customer service jobs. This is the most requested role because of its high flexibility. However, only go for customer service jobs if you’re willing to spend most of your time on the phone.

You can take up customer service as an entry-level work from home Amazon job, or you can work for companies like Apple, Working Solutions, LiveOps, Sutherland, Arise, William Sonoma, Sitel, etc.

  1.  Freelance writer

Writing flows from within, and with little or no experience, you can earn money as a freelance writer. Though entry-level freelance writers earn less on freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, you can pitch to sites like and Contena to become a staff writer.

There are many things to write about, and you can spend your time writing eBooks for authors, creating content for blogs, or writing scripts. 

Besides experience, the amount you earn from freelance writing depends on your writing skills, so ensure you take some writing courses if you want to transform into a 6 figure freelance writer.

Photo of a lady doing entry level work from home jobs
  1. Website testing

An average website tester earns $25 an hour. The only requirement for this job is knowing how to navigate websites and test their functionality.

You may need a microphone and a webcam to provide feedback after testing.

It is a good idea for anyone that wants to earn quickly but has little or no experience. You get paid weekly for this job.

Find good website testing jobs from sites like Usertesting, Whatusersdo, Loop11, TrymyUI, etc.

  1.  Pinterest marketing

A lot of young people spend time on Pinterest for fun. Use this time to earn up to $28 per hour. Unlike Instagram and other social media platforms, Pinterest is more coordinated and uses photos, texts, and keywords. It also acts as a search engine and works well for blog marketing.

If you know how to navigate your way around Pinterest and get people to see your post, you will be a good Pinterest virtual assistant. Bloggers and sales representatives are always in need of Pinterest marketers.

Get Pinterest marketing jobs on Pinterest VA.

Photo of phone apps like pinterest useful for entry level work from home jobs


What kind of jobs can I do with no experience?

With little or no experience, you can become a writer, virtual assistant, transcriptionist, interpreter, sales representative, travel consultant, tech support, and any other role you are knowledgeable in.

Where do I find remote jobs?

You can find remote jobs on job boards like, Working Nomads, Simply Hired, Indeed, and freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr,, etc. You can also gain direct employment with companies like Apple, Amazon, Alorica, and even direct sales or MLM companies that want people to help sell their products.

What is the highest paying work from home job?

You can earn more than $100k a year as a psychologist, medical director, senior solutions architect, research engineer, software engineer, etc. However, these roles usually require specialized knowledge and experience before earning so much. 

Do remote workers get paid less?

No, remote workers earn almost the same amount as their in-office counterparts. Working remotely even increases a person’s chance of making more since they can freelance and work for more than one company without visiting the office physically. 

Is it difficult to get a remote job?

It is not very challenging to get a remote job. The only challenge is that many people are working remotely now, and the hiring platforms are overcrowded. So, you need a good skill set, professional resumes, samples, and recognized certification to be recognized and paid as much as you are worth.


Entry-level work from home jobs are common, and is an excellent place to start. Though the competition is high for these jobs, you can quickly stand out if you have a unique style and follow our shared steps. Clients are looking for new ideas, and you just might bring the freshness and creativity they need.

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