19 Best Work From Home Part Time Jobs for College Students

Working while in college is a great way to settle college bills and other pressing needs. And work from home part time jobs for college students help you earn, without interfering with your lectures or attendance in class. Thanks to the improvement in technology that has provided different options for making money without necessarily being in an office environment. 

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There are numerous part-time work from home jobs for college students that pay well, and you will find suitable options from the list compiled below.

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Online Jobs For Students To Earn Money

Some examples of online jobs for students to earn money include;

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is conferred with the responsibility of creating social content strategies that will help to achieve the goal of a company with the public. Despite the advancement the various social media platforms have brought to businesses, it will surprise you that there are still many other businesses yet to utilize this opportunity.

You can work as a social media manager to bring positive impact on businesses and increase their sales and profit. For you to effectively balance studying with this type of online job, you can make use of tools for scheduling your posts on different social platforms. These include Sproutsocial, Coschedule, and post planner.

Once you have your smartphone or laptop with a reliable internet connection, you can secure jobs on platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr and earn up to $10,000 monthly working as a social media manager for companies.

Freelance Writer

A writer writes ad copies, articles, blog posts, and other related content. You can make over $10,000 monthly working as a freelance writer. All you need is your laptop and a stable internet connection. Writing jobs can be found on Upwork and SolidGigs


A transcriber converts audio into written words. To work as a transcriber, you must be a good listener and be fast at typing if you want to make good cash from your spare time in school. Transcribers are paid between $7- and $21 per hour and you can get jobs on TranscribeMe and SpeakWrite.

Web Designer

Thanks to the advancement in technology, most organizations are now leveraging on the digital space. Every day, there is an individual or company out there who needs a website. Your laptop, design skills, and a good internet connection can help you get started.

A web designer designs the layout of a website according to the client’s requirements. You will secure jobs on 99designs where you can earn about $1,000 per website designed.


Proofreaders detect and correct grammar errors. So, if you are often uncomfortable when you notice errors in written documents, working as a proofreader may just be the perfect online job for you.

To get proofreader jobs, visit ProofreadingPal and you can earn up to $3,500 monthly as a proofreader.

Part-Time Work From Home Jobs For College Students With No Experience

If you are considering some part-time jobs to do in your spare time that does not require experience, you can choose from any of these.

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Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant involves maintaining records, scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, and filing. You must be organized and reliable to function well on this job. Although it has similarities with the duties of an office assistant you will work from your home.

FancyHands and Upwork are trusted platforms to secure virtual assistant jobs where you can earn about $30 per hour.

Voiceover Work

If you are someone who pays attention to detail, you will be a good fit for a voiceover job. Your ability to offer quality narration for videos and other recordings can fetch you about $25 per record. It is one of the lucrative jobs you should consider.

With a basic microphone, good headphones and audio recording software, you can start earning from voiceover jobs. Check out platforms like Fiverr to find lots of such voiceover job opportunities.

Sell Photos

If you love taking photos, then it’s time to monetize your passion. With a good camera to take good pictures that can be sold online, you can start making lots of dollars easily. Getty images is an online platform where you can sell your photos and get paid 15% of every sale.

How much you earn is determined by the quality of your photos; hence, if you want to make cool and more cash, you have to come up with good pictures.

Online Surveys

Surveys help brands to improve their products and services. You will get rewarded for every survey completed and these rewards can be in the form of cash or gift cards. It is one of the commonest work-from-home jobs. Swagbucks and Toluna are some of the sites to get survey opportunities. You can earn about $2.03/hour on a survey completed.

Best Online Jobs For College Students

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Here is a list of the best online jobs for college students.

Online Tutor

As a student, you can take your academic strength online to start your tutor business. You can offer peer tutoring in the area of academics or you may want to consider some other non-academic areas where you are good. You can earn more than $20 per hour working as a tutor online. It remains one of the best online jobs for college students.

You can advertise your tutoring services on platforms like Tutor.com or Wyzant.

Graphic Designer

If you are studying design in college, you can start building up your skills by getting jobs related to your field. You can secure jobs on Fiverr or Upwork. You can earn between $20 – and $50 depending on your experience.

Chat Agent

Chat agents offer customer support services for several companies and it is often online. You can earn $12/ hour working as a chat agent and these jobs can be secured on sites like FlexJobs

Mystery Shopper

Companies often require feedback on the operations of their physical stores. You get paid for shopping at their store or using their services and you report on your experience. One of the great places to land mystery shopper gigs is Secret Shopper where you can make about $25 an hour.

App Tester

The role of an app tester involves using the app, recording your screen, and providing feedback on your experience. ImpactQA is one of the sites that provide such an opportunity and pays you between $25-and $49 an hour.

Benefits Of Online Jobs For College Students

Online jobs for college students offer some many benefits which include:

Skill Development

For students who have little or no experience, it is an opportunity to build new skills and also develop already existing skills. These skills help to build your resume which will open you to better opportunities after college.

Reasonable Earnings

The United States Department of Labor states the average minimum wage to be $7.25/hour. The accumulation of this amount if working an average of 80 hours a month will amount to $580 and this is enough to take care of some needs.


Online jobs are flexible and most of them can be performed at your convenience. It does not rob you of your lecture hours and still pays you. You can work from anywhere and at any time once you are meeting deadlines and offering quality jobs.


Students often go for internships where unfortunately most of them rarely get paid whereas, with online jobs, students can secure opportunities related to their field to gain more experience and still get paid for doing so.

Job Security

Online jobs are not affected by a change in location. This means that students can continue their jobs no matter where they relocate to and this helps employers a great deal because they won’t have to constantly seek employees to fill such positions.

Ability To Meet Urgent Needs

This I believe is the driving force beyond every other benefit because nothing depresses more than an inability to take care of important needs. However with online jobs, students can comfortably earn while studying. 

Final Thoughts

Lack of enough funds is a major challenge several college students face and this could be frustrating making the college experience burdensome. However, working while in college may just be all you need to ease your worries.

Securing a 9 to 5 job may not be easy, and can be difficult to combine with college activities. But several work from home part-time jobs for college students exist, that afford you the opportunity to earn money to take care of you, your college needs and also allow you sufficient time to concentrate on your studies.

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