How to Avoid Burnout When You’re a Stressed Work-at-Home Mom

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Being a mom was one of the best things that happened to me, hands down. And even though I wasn’t prepared, I still managed to get by and let me tell you: it was so hard, no joke.

Having to juggle multiple things at once requires patience, skills, and nerves of steel.

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For me, working from home is quite liberating as I don’t have to commute and get ready for work every morning (finally!). However, being a mom and working in a home office can be challenging at times.

So I am sharing some tips that helped me be a happy, work-from-home mom.

Your mental health matters A LOT

Moms that work from home are often engulfed with tasks and responsibilities, that they often forget to take some time and discuss their own issues. I know, because I’ve been there.

Sometimes, being busy can be so consuming, that self-reflecting becomes a distant concept. Therefore, noticing signs and symptoms of mental distress is a first step towards asking for help.

Also, you might feel bad for your feelings, but remember that self-care takes more than one form, and talking to a mental health professional can literally change your life!

Routine is EVERYTHING 

Back in the day, when I only cared for dating and going out, routine meant everything but fun. Old people have routines, not me! — I thought.

But, getting older showed me I was wrong, and becoming a mom made sure that I never forget it. Meaning, having a consistent routine can be life-saving as you’ll know what’s what and when’s what which will leave you more time and everyone knows that busy moms love having more time.

So next time you feel overwhelmed with clients, tasks and chores, try to create a to-do plan or a list that will help you visualize everything and organize it to suit your family.

Find a balance between work and family

This one was a life-saver. First, I’ve felt more relaxed knowing that I don’t have to be present on both sides. At first, it might seem impossible, but with a bit of work, it’s totally possible.

Embracing time management tips for parents will help you feel more productive, which will leave you less stressed and nervous.

Aside from that, you can also mute emails from your clients or create a separate space for working whenever you need time to work/spend time with your family.

This way you will have a clear boundary between work time and family time, you should trust me on this one.

Never, ever be shy to ask for help 

Seriously, you’re not a superwoman, you’re just cute, fabulous, ordinary yourself who happens to have a bunch of things on your plate.

The same goes for me, and pretty much every other busy mom on this planet.

Once you get rid of the belief that you must do everything by yourself, and that asking for help is a no-brainer.

For me, it was great when I finally hired a temporary babysitter for moments when I had to meet co-workers and clients in person.

Also, if you have trustworthy (and willing!) people around you (friends or relatives), ask them to give you a hand from time to time. Your kids will be surrounded by familiar faces which will also help you strengthen family bonds and make Christmas dinners much less awkward. 

Me-time is the new going out

If anyone liked going out, it was me.

But, being a parent taught me one important lesson: a happy life doesn’t mean going out every weekend, but having enough time to be by yourself with your own thoughts.

Kids can be demanding, and if you couple that with an unloaded dishwasher or a full laundry basket, then you probably know how valuable only ten minutes can be to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Yoga, meditation, having a facial, reading or drinking green tea in the morning, can be great for you, especially on days when you find yourself too overwhelmed. 

Remember that you don’t need a whole day for these things, instead, pick a certain time of day or a week that works for you, and make it yours. Even one hour a week can make a huge difference to your lifestyle, so be sure to do something that is enjoyable, relaxing and fun. 

Include your kids 

Ah, here we are.

If you ever thought that this is impossible, since your kids are too small, you’re wrong. The key to true happiness as a week-at-home mom is to include your kids as much as you can.

For example, let them do the dishes, or ask them to help you fold the laundry. Once you get used to them helping, you’ll realize that even boring house chores can sometimes be fun. That will teach your kids to be hard-working and responsible which can help them a lot when they’re older.

My six-year-old is great at taking plates out of the dishwasher and helping me with grocery shopping, so even if you feel hesitant at first, don’t worry — kids love to feel like adults, so chances are they’ll have a lot of fun helping you!

Right now, there are many work-at-home moms who need support, kindness, and understanding. It took me a while to get here because I was too busy with trivial stuff! So remember to set your priorities straight and be organized, as that will surely help you be a happy and productive work-from-home mom!


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