30+ legitimate work from home jobs (that pay as high as $1000 weekly)

There are lots of reasons why people are looking for legitimate work-from-home jobs

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The steady decline in availability of physical, in-office jobs has made working from home a welcome option for most people. Others may need this kind of job due to a peculiar condition (pregnancy or health challenge), while others may be looking for a side hustle (outside their full-time jobs) to make ends meet.

Finding legitimate work-from-home jobs can sometimes be challenging due to factors like job search scams, and over-saturated niches. 

So, we’ve decided to make it easy for our readers who are looking for legitimate work-from-home jobs by researching and vetting every job listed in this post to ensure its legitimacy. 

The companies you will be reading about in this post are legit and offer real work-from-home jobs. 

10 Companies Where you Can Find Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs

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1. Aetna 

Aetna is a health insurance company that offers a wide range of health insurance services and products to more than 50 million network members which includes dental, pharmaceutical, medical, disability, behavioral health, and group life plans. 

Legitimate work-from-home job postings you can see on their site are:

  • Dental network management 
  • Network manager 
  • Case manager nurse 

This is a good place where health personnel can search for legit work-from-home jobs either as a full time or part time job. 

2. CrowdStrike 

This company is an award-winning and global provider of cloud-delivered security technology. They also handle threat intelligence and next-generation endpoint protection. 

Remote jobs you can find on this site are: 

  • Senior android sensor engineer 
  • DevOps engineer 
  • Program manager 

3. Amazon 

You must be familiar with this company, it is one of the largest retailers in the world. Its online marketplace offers e-books, traditional books, household items, apparel, furniture, movies, electronics, etc. 

Remote job postings you can find on Amazon are: 

  • Leave of absence case manager (Your job is to manage all leave of absence functions for the entire leave lifecycle  while working closely with all other business stakeholders). 
  • HR business partner 
  • Director, Engineering 

4. Dell Technologies 

The Dell technology launched their brand in 1984 and today, this brand has grown to include a family of businesses like the RSA, VMware, Virtustream, Secureworks, Pivotal, and Dell EMC. 

Remote jobs you can find with this company are: 

  • Sales specialist 
  • Account manager 
  • Executive assistant 

5. Anthem, Inc. 

Anthem, Inc. and its affiliated companies deliver services and products to almost 73 million Americans. This enables their members to receive the care they need to live a healthy life. 

Legitimate work-from-home jobs you can find on this site are: 

  • Business information analyst 
  • Outreach specialist 
  • Clinical quality program admin 

6. DocuSign 

There are more than 50 million users utilizing this San Francisco, California-based electronic signature and transaction management firm

Remote jobs you can find on their website are: 

  • Account executive (public sector)
  • Regional vice president (Enterprise sales) 
  • Enterprise account executive 

7. Atlassian 

This is a legitimate computer work-from-home job. Atlassian is a publicly-traded computer software business that specializes in collaboration and development. They also deal with issue-tracking software for teams. 

Remote job postings you can find on this site are:

  • Financial analyst 
  • Paralegal 
  • Site reliability engineer 

8. GitHub 

This is an open-source code-hosting website. It also offers publishing services and serves as a social networking site for programmers. 

This company has hosted more than 66 million projects and supports a community of more than 24 million people sharing, learning, and working together to develop various software. 

Remote jobs you can find here are:

  • Product designer 
  • Implementation engineer 
  • Technical support account manager 

9. Citizens Bank 

This is America’s 13th largest bank and one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States. It offers a broad range of banking and financial services to individuals and businesses. 

Remote jobs you can find at Citizens Bank are: 

  • Home mortgage retail underwriter specialist 
  • Senior salesforce engineer 
  • Wholesale account engineer 

10. Humana 

This company offers a variety of health, insurance, and wellnesses products and services. They offer an integrated approach to lifelong well-being and they cater to over 13.8 million medical members in the US. They are the third largest health insurance provider in the country. 

Remote jobs you can find with this company are: 

  • Vendor management professional 
  • Social worker 
  • Business support professional 

Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay Well

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We know you need a legitimate work-from-home that is easy, flexible, and makes good money. We will be listing the best of such jobs here for you to make your choice. 

1. Freelance writing 

One of the best work-from-home jobs for moms, college students and workers who need an extra source of income, is freelance writing. 

It is flexible, pays good money, and you can pick up more gigs if you plan to go full time into freelance writing. 

Also, you get to work entirely around your schedule. And due to the growth of content marketing, this skill is more in-demand than ever. 

You may earn small at the beginning, like around $10 to $20 dollars, but as you build your portfolio and client base, you can charge higher and even make up to 6-figures a year

Good websites where you can get freelance writing gigs are Fiverr and Upwork

2. Proofreader 

If you are good at catching errors quickly while reading, and you cringe when you see grammar mistakes, you will make a good proofreader and even get paid to do this from the comfort of your home. 

Proofreaders are highly sought after and you don’t need any certification for this job. All that is needed is your set of eagle eyes and you can make solid money doing this. 

At the entry level, you can charge $18/hour. Top earners get $30/hour. Due to the explosion of web content in recent years, proofreaders are in high demand and you can even get your first client today. 

3. Virtual bookkeeper 

The work of a bookkeeper is to record financial transactions for small business owners. Book-keeping is the “least favorite work” for most business owners yet it is critical to ensure the smooth-running and longevity of the business. 

If you love working with numbers, you can earn a good amount of money by being a virtual bookkeeper. There are lots of opportunities in this field. 

And the more you specialize, the higher you charge. At the entry level, you can charge $18/hour but as you specialize and grow your skills, you can charge $60/hour. 

4. Virtual assistant 

In the past, being a virtual assistant was not very profitable but today, the trend has changed. A lot of companies are looking for a quality virtual assistant to add value to their business. 

Due to this reason, businesses of all sizes are willing to pay significantly higher wages to someone with the right skills. 

Some of the tasks you will do as a virtual assistant are:

  • Schedule appointments 
  • Manage social media 
  • Answer emails 

You can even take on multiple clients and earn over 6 figures a year. 

5. Blogging 

Blogging has evolved from just a hobby to a well-paying gig. These days you can make up to $100/hour blogging. 

Online media is the new normal, and everyone from individuals to major companies are earning good money from their websites. 

You can start a blog and patiently grow it to the point where you start earning either by putting adverts on your blog, selling products or engaging in affiliate marketing. 

6. Web design 

For some time now, this job has been in high demand and it is expected to keep on increasing in demand as the whole world migrates online.

If you love computers and tech, you can build a lucrative freelance business from here in which you work from the comfort of your home. 

As a beginner you can charge up to $30/hour and as you increase, you can earn up to $100/hour. 

7. Graphic design 

If you are a good artist and love designing, you can monetize your hobby by offering this as a freelance service. The web is becoming more visual and the use of mobile devices is increasing. 

If you want to be a high-paid work-from-home graphic designer, you have to combine multiple skills with your designing. Having knowledge in branding, sales, and direct response marketing can enable you to charge over $100 per hour. 

8. Amazon FBA/E-Commerce Store 

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is getting a lot of attention lately. What you do here is that you buy products directly from a wholesaler or manufacturer and sell them online via Amazon. 

Amazon FBA which will handle all the warehousing and shipping for you. In fact, the distributor or manufacturer can send the products to Amazon so that you won’t even touch them physically. 

If you choose this work-from-home job, you will do well, especially if you don’t limit yourself to selling on Amazon only. You can use FBA to ship your products to eBay or your own websites.

Amazon ships at a rate much lower than that of FedEx or UPS. 

9. Sales copywriting 

This is an act of writing texts that can get someone’s attention and get them to take action. If you are good at this skill, you can use it to make money from the comfort of your home. 

You can write online ads, landing pages, and emails for companies, or write manual sales letters and brochures. 

If you are good at copy-writing, you will make good money because there are not enough skilled copywriters out there. The opportunity in this niche is huge. 

10. Social media marketing 

A lot of business owners don’t have the time to consistently post on their social media platforms or respond promptly to customers’ messages via social media. This is why there is a huge demand for social media marketers. 

The Bureau of Labor has estimated a 6% job growth rate for social media managers through 2029. 

If you love being online, posting updates, and engaging with people, you can make money from this hobby right from your home. 

If you want to make big money in this field, you have to learn how to effectively deploy paid advertising like Facebook ads. 

Also, you can earn big as a social media manager if you know how to use micro-targeting to deliver ads to the right or targeted audience. You can learn how to do this by researching more on how to use Facebook ads. 

Websites To get Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs

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Even though there are many scam sites out there, there are some websites where you are 100% certain to get real work-from-home jobs. These include: 

1. Indeed 

This is one of the most popular sites out there where you can get legit work-from-home jobs. It has thousands of editing jobs, typing jobs, writing jobs, and other legitimate work-from-home jobs you will love. 

You can never go wrong using Indeed

2. LinkedIn 

This is a social media platform for professionals. It works just like Facebook, you simply create a profile and join LinkedIn groups. From there, you can connect with others in your industry.

LinkedIn also has a job section where you can search for jobs and even subscribe for notifications of job offers. They are planning on having a market place to help people find the right online job for them. 

3. Glassdoor 

This legit platform combines jobs including work-from-home jobs, company reviews, and even job salaries. Big brands like big box stores, magazines, and TV networks post on Glassdoor

4. Robert Half 

This is a requirement agency that helps people in finding their dream job. This website has dozens of jobs, so it is worth it if you check it out every few days. 

If you want work-from-home jobs only, make sure you toggle on ‘remote jobs’. 

5. Krop 

This is mostly a portfolio website but you can find freelance jobs and even creative jobs that can help you work from home comfortably. 

Most of the freelance jobs you will get on this website are for design work from well-known brands. 

6. Creative circle 

This recruitment website has lots of freelance jobs. You can find many types of freelance jobs like UX product jobs, copywriting, project management, and more. 

7. Monster 

This is one of the first and popular online job sites. There are listings on this website and you can post your resume and also find out more about companies. 

This will help you figure out which online job is best for you. 

8. Career builder 

This is a huge website with lots of online work. 

9. Problogger 

This is the most popular job site for freelance writers. Every day, more content jobs are updated in all types of niches and you can easily find a work-from-home writing job here. 

10. Freelance writing 

This job board has lots of writing jobs from other job sites. This will help cut your time in half by just going to one job board to find a lot of freelance writing jobs. 

11. All freelance writing 

This is another legit website where you can find freelance writing jobs and the good thing about this is that the owner will tell you if the online writing job is a low pay, semi-pro, or pro job. 

This will help you gauge the quality and pay of the writing gig even before applying. 

12. Contena 

If you are looking for high-paying online writing jobs, you should consider Contena. It has the best quality gigs and you can choose your niche and rate to find the exact job you want. 


We hope you can find the exact job you love from this list. Legitimate work-from-home-jobs are real and many people are even making 6 figures yearly doing what they love – from home. 

We hope this post helps you take that step towards earning extra cash, working on your own terms and starting a journey to financial freedom. 

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