Top 20 Christian Lifestyle Blogs (in 2022)

Are you a Christian who believes in Jesus and desires a like-minded community and safe space where relevant and positive information is shared to uplift your spirit and transform your life? If yes! then this compilation of Christian lifestyle blogs should interest you because it helps to sift out the best 20 Christian lifestyle blogs from over 1 billion registered blogs on the internet.

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Interestingly, from this compilation – you can find all the resources needed in one space. The categories range from Christian mom lifestyle blogs, to Christian lifestyle and travel blogs, to Christian healthy lifestyle blogs, to Christian women lifestyle blogs, and so many others.

So, without much ado – let the adventure begin!

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Christian Mom Lifestyle Blogs  

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The Christian mom lifestyle blog niche is one of the most popular under the Christian lifestyle blogs. This is loved by women especially by those who are already mothers, those preparing to become one, or those who hope to become one some day.

A good Christian mom lifestyle blog should cover areas like preconception, the pregnancy experience, having a fulfilling marriage, raising godly children, natural living, creating a balance between motherhood and personal purpose, and some other important aspects.

Some of the best Christian mom lifestyle blogs with great reviews are;

This blog is owned by Sally Clarkson – a speaker, blogger, author, and podcaster. Sally is a wife, mother, and Christian woman who daily shares her faith experience with women. So, the blog seeks to help women restore their hearts to God in the course of their motherhood experience. is a community that allows moms to come together to grow in grace and wisdom even on the path of motherhood. Ruth Schwenk, the originator of this Christian blog discusses issues relating to family, faith, food, health, meal plans, devotionals, and prayer on this platform. So, take advantage of this and enrich yourself spiritually.

Are you a mom who desires more out of motherhood and wishes to live a balanced life? is the right place to be. This blog was created by Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen, and over the years have helped moms with enriched books on motherhood, bible study tools etc.

Christian Healthy Lifestyle Blogs

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We are in a time and season where several people live in fear of the unknown, while battling with anxiety and other health challenges. This is where Christian healthy lifestyle blogs come in – they provide rich materials that will help Christian moms maintain a healthy life; mentally, spiritually and physically.

The following are some popular Christian healthy lifestyle blogs recommended for every woman;

Food Faith Fitness – A place to nourish your body, mind, and soul

So, if you want to enjoy some fitness tips, healthy recipes, and at the same time have Christ as your life’s focus – the Food Faith Fitness blog is the place to be. The originator is Lake Stevens – a Christian, certified personal trainer, recipe developer, photographer, nutrition coach, and one who loves health and fitness

It has been in existence since Jun 2013 and has over 531k followers on Facebook, over 7.5k on Twitter, and about 86.4k on Instagram. You can visit to start the journey of nourishing your spirit, soul, and body.

Faith And Health Connection

Since 2007, the Faith and Health connection blog has been giving tips on faith, wellness, and health. Dale Fletcher is the founder of the ministry and has since been giving useful and helpful tips on how to live a balanced life.

So, you can visit for amazing health  tips.

Women Living Well Blog

Courtney Joseph, the originator of the blog has a degree in Evangelism and Discipleship from Moody Bible Institute. The Women Living Well blog is a rich platform for women to learn God’s word, develop leadership qualities, and also access recipes for healthy living.

It’s been in operation since 2009 and has so far gained over 221.5k followers on Facebook, 18k on Twitter, and 17.3k on Instagram. For more on these resources, visit

FaithFueled Moms

On FaithFueled Moms – women are not only educated but also lifted, motivated, and entertained by De Bolton. Here, she shares her story of faith, family, and healthy lifestyle to help other women become who and what they want to be.

So, you can be part of the over 1.5k Facebook followers and over 2.3k Twitter followers by visiting for more inspiration.

Wholeness Haven

On Wholeness Haven, women can access rich resources on how to enjoy wholesomeness in their spirit, soul, and body. On this blog, Holly shares motivational messages, practical health and natural living tips, and also faith-based messages on how to help women get their life back on track.

So, visit to become part of this community. 

Christian Lifestyle And Travel Blogs

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The following are the best and recommended Christian lifestyle and travel blogs in 2021, check them out;

Biblical Israel Tours Blog

The biblical Israel tour and blog is all about connecting people to the land of Israel through the Bible. It shares experiences about biblical tours to Israel and also offers bible study teachings on different topics.

So, you can visit the blog to access more resources. Also, you can join their various social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter.

Faith Journeys

Faith Journeys is one of the best in Catholic Pilgrimage, Protestant Tour travel experience, and some other special events like the International Eucharist Congress. Here, experienced and renowned religious travel experts share their experiences on faith-based travel packages.

So, you can read more about Faith Journey by visiting their blog 

Also, you can join them via Facebook and Twitter

Bible Lands Explorer Blog

Mark Ziese – Professor of Old Testament at Johnson University in Florida offers some assistance on how to translate the biblical text and contents into a reality.

To get familiar with this blog, you can visit for more insight. Also, you can connect with the larger community on Facebook and Twitter.

Living Passages Christian Travel Blog

Since 2008, the Living Passages Christian Travel Blog has been sharing inspirational Christian travel and bible study experience for Christians. Besides, the blog also shares travel tips, biblical tour destinations, and some other interesting biblical archaeology discoveries. It also shares some rich resources like travel brochures and amazing travel testimonies.

For more, visit and you could also join them on social media platforms like Facebook 

Christian Women Lifestyle Blogs

These compilations of Christian Women Lifestyle blogs have been carefully selected to help women strengthen their relationship with Jesus. Also, they contain resources that will help to comfort the soul and uplift the spirit.

Here are some of the best Christian women lifestyle blogs to watch out for;


This is a blog that x-rays the real Proverbs 31 woman. Lisa Jacobson – the creator of the blog shares helpful insights on marriage, faith, home, and parenting to help women become the physical example of what is captured in Proverbs 31

Learn more here: 

Equipping Godly Women

Brittany Ann, in this blog, seeks to help women grow in faith and family by sharing practical-based tips and edifying materials. So, if you want to become an amazing godly Christian wife and mother, you should visit for more insights

Arabah Joy Blog

Do you wish to go deeper in your faith through living a life of purpose and joy? If yes! Then visit It has enriching materials that will not only help develop your faith but also help you in raising godly children.

To Love Honor And Vacuum      

The creator – Sheila Wray Gregoire, a Christian sex and marriage expert shares deep thoughts on how to help Christian women develop vibrant marriages. She shares advice on sex and marriage and has developed a 10-module course on how a woman can boost her libido.

To learn more, visit

Unveiled Wife

Jennifer Smith, through this blog, has been able to help many women build thriving marriages. She shares rich materials on faith, marriage, and motherhood to make women intentional in carrying out their responsibilities as a wife.

Also, the blog has a platform where women share their marital experiences, rub minds, and get encouragement in becoming better women. So, if you desire a strong faith, a close family, and a lovely life, visit for more insights

Top Christian lifestyle Blogs 2021

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The following are some of the top Christian lifestyle blogs in 2021 to check out;

All Things

This is designed by Allison Marie, a Christian blogger who shares enriching materials with single girls, college students, and female teenagers on how to have an encounter with Jesus. The blog seeks to help female folks on how to maintain a balance between lifestyle and the honor for God.

‘All Things’ has been in existence since 2017 and you can visit for more insights.

Living The Sweet Wife

Chelsea Damon, on this blog shares useful materials for strengthening Christian marriages, inspirations for healthy lifestyles, and some great relationship tips. It’s been around since 2015 and has helped many women fulfill their potentials as regards marriage.

To get more insights, visit

Positively Gospel

This is a music and Christian lifestyle blog that serves the latest gospel music to you fresh out of the oven. Besides, it has enriching materials on lifestyle, culture, books, food, and interesting interviews with artists and other important personalities.

You can also join their numerous Facebook to get more interesting and amazing materials. Visit to learn more about Positively Gospel.

Other top Christian lifestyle blogs are;

Final Thoughts

The list of amazing Christian lifestyle blogs is inexhaustible but the ones highlighted in this post are the top trending ones in 2021. Christian lifestyle blogs contain enriching and soul-lifting content to help you discover and become what God has designed you to become. 

So, check out any of these top 20 Christian lifestyle blogs to get inspired, encouraged and blessed!

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