How To Sell Feet Pics on Onlyfans (make an extra $500 weekly)

Out of the several platforms that have been used in selling feet pics, Onlyfans ranks among the best. No wonder several people seek to know how to sell feet pics on Onlyfans.

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Onlyfans is a social media platform that connects creators and fans where users can sell or purchase original content. It is a platform that is often used by models, and people in the adult industry which implies that users must not be less than 18 years old. 

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There are unique strategies that can be employed on this platform to help you earn money from the sale of your photos. These strategies will be thoroughly discussed in this article and then you will discover helpful tips that will guide you on how to sell feet pics on Onlyfans.

Requirements Before Selling Feet Pics On Onlyfans

The following are what you need before you start selling feet pics on Onlyfans:

  • Quality Camera

A good camera will make your images come out well. Good images will attract well-paying buyers which will, in turn, yield good profit for you.

  • A Smartphone

Without your Smartphone or computer, it is almost impossible for you to carry out any business online so having a good Smartphone is very important in the feet pics business.

You will have to install the Onlyfans app on your Smartphone and ensure it is downloaded from a secured platform like Google Play Store.

This is the major step to achieving anything on the Onlyfans platform. There you can download anonymous pictures or make use of related persons that have nice feet – but you should let them know what you intend to do with the feet pics.

Your brand will be judged based on the photos you upload or content you post.on your page.

  • A Suitable Payment Option

There are different payment options available to different countries, the option you should select must be that which is accepted and accessible in your country.

Making the right choice is very important here since that is the sole purpose of monetizing your account.

  • Other Social Media Accounts

Having other social media accounts will help to increase the likelihood of attracting fans more quickly to your Onlyfans page since you can promote your Onlyfans account and share your links on your other accounts. Social accounts like Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Instagram, and Facebook will go a long way to help the growth of your page.

How Can I Sell Feet Pics On Onlyfans

Photo of bare legs; tips on how to sell feet pics on Onlyfans

Every social media platform has its techniques for every user to drive results and Onlyfans is not an exception because there are unique strategies that you must employ for you to thrive on this platform..

Users display different parts of their bodies while some reveal their entire nudity in order to get attention and earn but since the focus of this article is directed towards how to sell feet pics on Onlyfans, the discussion herein will be based on the sale of feet photos solely

To get started with selling your feet images, take note of the following tips:

1.    Open An Onlyfans Account

This is the first step to be taken if you want to make money using the Onlyfans platform. The information that will be needed to create your Onlyfans account may include your email and password along with some other few details that will help to differentiate your account from other users.

2.    Select Your Onlyfans Name

Next, you will have to come up with a name that best describes what you do or that best explains your personality and what you do.

This implies that you are not under compulsion to use your real name most especially when you don’t want to be easily identified by family and friends. Though for celebrities, their real identity can help to spur sales, so if you are one, you may need to use your real name for your benefit.

After selecting your name, you will need to make your page active by making a post or a status update to attract the attention of your fans..

3.    Promote Your Account

For you to carve your niche amidst several established accounts, you will have to promote your brand.

Some of the ways to effectively promote your brand include;

  • Promote on discussion sites– This is as effective (sometimes more effective) as the usual social media platforms. A good example of a discussion site is Reddit. Try to identify forums that discuss content relating to your niche and within a short while, you will be able to connect with dedicated fans.
  • Other social media– This is another popular avenue for promoting your Onlyfans account. By using other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram you can promote your Onlyfans account to your existing followers on those platforms.
  • Cross-collaboration-Creating content together with an Onlyfan creator from the same niche can help to build your account fast. Your co-content creator will also experience growth because the uniqueness you will be providing is likely to also be enticing to his fans.
  • Blog /Websites– You can promote your Onlyfans page by adding its link to your blog/site so your followers can connect to your Onlyfans page.

     4.    Publish Attractive Feet Pics

Once you can effectively attract fans to your Onlyfans account, don’t forget that you must always have unique images of high quality so that your fans are willing and ready to pay for them.

In addition, they will look forward to visiting your page and also cause others that are connected to them to visit your page for quality and amazing feet pics. Find out how to take good feet pictures

5.    Request Monetization

Another point to note when considering how to sell feet pics on Onlyfans is to request monetization which would allow you to set your subscription price once it’s approved.

Setting a subscription price that will be attractive to your potential fans will help you move faster in the feet pic business. So, fixing your price below $10 is advised for starters, and it can be increased as time goes on.

How Much Can I Make Selling Feet Pics On Onlyfans

The amount that can be made from the sale of feet pics on Onlyfans is often the concern of most beginners or individuals that intend to sell feet pics using Onlyfans.

Unfortunately, the amount can not easily be determined because there are many factors involved such as the way the photos are presented, the popularity of your brand, rights assigned to the interested buyer, etc. However, you can make between $5 to $500 when selling feet pics on Onlyfans.

Ways To Make Money On Onlyfans

Creators have different ways to make money on Onlyfans and some of these ways are discussed below:

1.    Monthly Subscriptions

This is one of the major ways of making money on Onlyfans. You offer your fans monthly subscriptions that are between the range of $4.99 and $49. This is to encourage your fans, especially if you’re a beginner. You can introduce subscription bundles for different periods, say 3months, 6months, a year, etc (it’s an indirect way of giving a discount).

You could also employ limited offers where a fan has the privilege of enjoying a fixed percentage discount if a subscription is made for a speculated period.

2.    Affiliate Marketing

Selling of feet pics or exposing any part of your body is not the only way of making money on Onlyfans so this implies that while you are busy counting your dollars from the sale of your images, you can also be making more from doing other things effortlessly like affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is about promoting other brands on your platform and each time a sale is made through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

3.    Payment Gated Streams

This avenue of making money becomes effective when you are streaming live videos and you set an entry fee to your subscribers. This way your subscribers pay you to watch your video. 

4.    Tips

Some generous viewers send you tips just because they are satisfied with your content. In other words, their way of showing appreciation for a job well done is to send you tips.

Feet Pics That Can Be Sold On Onlyfans

The types of feet photos that are often sold on Onlyfans are listed below.

  • Dancing feet
  • Tattooed feet
  • Soles
  • High-heels
  • Little feet
  • Pedicured feet
  • Granny feet
  • Male feet
  • Socks
  • Dirty feet
  • Slender feet

Final Thoughts

Covered above are the necessary details you need when dealing with the question of how to sell feet pics on Onlyfans. One thing that is worthy of note is that there is money to be made on Onlyfans because its audience are known to focus on adult content. So, whoever is on Onlyfans will most likely be interested in content that reveals parts of the body including feet pics.

Let your fans have a wonderful experience connecting to your account by ensuring that your content is of high standard matching or exceeding their expectations, or in other words satisfies their desire as this will be the bait that will unconsciously keep them.

So you can join other creators to start cashing out today.

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