22 Quick and Easy Ways to Make money (in 2022)

Regular 9-5 or side jobs are great and can give that much needed financial relief. However, some of them can be quite time-demanding, challenging or need some specific skill set. This could make you ask the question: “are there any easy ways to make money?”

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Of course, there are, and I’m here to share them with you. On this page, you will find easy jobs you can do with your phone, computer, and even in your neighborhood. 

Does that sound like what you want? Alright, let’s jump in!

Easy Ways to Make Money From Home

  1. Take surveys 

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Taking surveys is one of the easy ways to make money online during your spare time. Since more companies are trying to increase their sales, they hire people to test their products and give feedback via surveys.

Depending on the survey you take, you can earn up to $5 for each.

You can take surveys for money on Swagbucks, Branded Surveys, Toluna, Inboxdollars, Valued Opinions, Survey Junkie, and Opinion Outpost.

  1. Test website and apps

Testing apps and websites is one of the easy work from home jobs. Sites like usertesting.com always need testers who will take up this role.

Besides testing the website, you can also earn by sharing your thoughts on how well those apps and websites function. However, you will need to take a short test and pass before your reviews can be accepted on this site.

The payment is $10 for every 20-minute test. This test includes recording and answering 4 written questions. You can even earn as much as $120 for participating in a video conversation with a customer after taking the test.

  1. Do task on Amazon mTurk

There are numerous tasks available on Amazon mechanical Turk to do for money. This includes transcribing videos, tagging images, classifying receipts, etc. Depending on the task you choose, you may spend a few minutes to hours doing the job.

Photo of Amazon Mturk; a platform that offers you easy ways to make money online

On this platform, you get hired by temporary requesters or employers. These employers set the price tag for each task and assess your work before paying you for it.

To steer away from shifty dealers, join communities like the mTurk and Turker Nation subreddit or mTurk crowd forum.

  1. Become a social media influencer

Big companies depend on influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to represent their products. If you have a large following, you can earn money as an influencer by applying for opportunities through a marketing platform like AspireIQ or Open Influence or by contacting the brand you want to represent directly.

It is a quick and easy way to make money..

  1. Advertise with your blog or YouTube channel

If you can draw a big audience from YouTube videos or blog posts, you can register with an advertising company and make money through them. One of the most accessible advertising companies you can get is Google AdSense, and you get paid to advertise around your content.

This platform is free, but there are several requirements you must meet. Also, it’s not that hard to set up, but it may take several weeks before you get it running on your blog.

If you are good at producing excellent blog posts and engaging videos, it is a straightforward way to make money as your quality content will attract viewers or readers. Find out how to start a blog that makes money.

  1. Affiliate marketing

If you have a website, blog, or even a good social media presence, you can make money by promoting companies, products and services online.

Photo of a sales team; affiliate marketing is one of the easy ways to make money

As an affiliate, you will earn money when a person clicks on your unique link to buy the product or do whatever was expected by the brand. It is one of the easy ways for bloggers to make money. 

To start making money with this platform, register with an affiliate marketing company like ShareASale or Awin network to get affiliate links.

Besides having an affiliate link, you need to create content regularly to share these links. If this sounds like what you want, sign up and start making money as an affiliate marketer.

  1. Sell photographs

High quality photos are in demand as bloggers and brands always need them to optimize their content. If you have a forte for taking pictures, turn on the passion and let the money flow. 

A great site to sell your photos, including selling feet pics is iStockPhoto. They are always searching for contributors to whom they pay a royalty every time someone buys their photo.

Even when you do not have a flair for taking pictures, some stock photo sites accept digital arts too. If you have good digital image designing skills, you can earn money from your work.

You can earn an average of $500 monthly if your pictures or arts are good.

  1. Be a private tutor

Make money off your expertise in science, math, foreign language, or any important subject you know by taking up the role of a private tutor. You can do these private tutorial jobs online or in-person and charge depending on your expertise, experience, and the demand of your skill.

To become a private tutor, check on Craigslist for the types of tutors in demand and create profiles on sites like Care.com or Tutor.com. You can also visit local schools and community centers to advertise your services.

It may take a while to startup as a private tutor but once you do, you earn pretty fast and you get paid immediately. 

  1. Trade online

Investing in the stock market is lucrative if you know how to do it safely and correctly. 

Photo of the stock market; stock trading is one of the easy ways to make money

Today, you can make money from these stock markets right from your home without funding any broker as there are many online market platforms like TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, etc. for you. However, there are serious risks of losses if you do not trade with relevant knowledge. 

If you are a beginner, you can expand your knowledge bank in this aspect by taking some free online trading courses 

  1. Review music 

Many unsigned bands pay people to review their music online. If you are a music lover, you can sign up with Slicethepie and start earning cash from them. 

To earn a considerable amount on this platform, you need to build your reputation there. Nevertheless, you will earn between 2 and 20 cents per review for starters.

  1. Buy and sell domain names

Domain names are typical website addresses (like findingbalance.mom or example.com). They are available in .net, .com, .co, etc.

On sites like godaddy.com, domain names can be bought as cheap as $0.99, but you can earn thousands of dollars when you sell them, especially if they are premium domain names. Domains are considered premium for different reasons, some of which include length, brandability, how short and catchy they are, how they reflect keywords etc.

Though you may not earn millions on selling domain names immediately, you can increase your chances by researching the available domain names with great commercial value. Capture these names, buy the domain and list them for sale on sites like sedo.com.

  1. Bookkeeping

If you are an organized person with excellent data entry skills, you can work from home on your computer and earn passive income online.

Become a bookkeeper for small businesses looking for people to help them stay financially organized.

Photo of a bookkeeper: bookkeeping is one of the easy ways to make money

Even when you do not have the skills of a professional bookkeeper, you can brush up your skills with programs like the Freshbooks Partner Program which is a free certification course for accountants and bookkeepers.

If you are good at the job, you can earn up to $1,000 per month.

Find bookkeeping jobs on Indeed.

  1. Write and publish ebooks

If you have good research and writing skills, you can write your ebooks and publish them on the Kindle store and make money on Amazon.

The kindle app is available for almost every device, including smartphones, laptops, iPad, etc., so you have a global market.

On this platform, you can list your books from $2.99 to $9.99 and get 70% of the sales. One of the greatest selling platforms is Amazon, and people are always looking for fantastic deals to buy.

The most important key to succeeding with kindle ebooks is writing highly valuable books and nonfiction. 

Photo of books; selling ebooks is one of the easy ways to make money

Target your books on solving a problem and do adequate research to provide the desired solution to the problem. Ensure it is written in a digestible ebook format so that people can enjoy reading it. 

If your books get enough honest reviews at the end, kindle will place your book on top of the list, bringing in more sales.

Another tip is by creating great cover designs. Ensure your book cover stands out and grabs the attention of everyone scrolling.

It is a very lucrative passive income idea, and after creating it, you can earn income from it for many years to come.

Quick Easy Ways To Make Money

  1. Rent out your car

There are times when it is more valuable to rent out your car than use it yourself. If you have a vehicle that you are not using very much, or you know you’d gain more from renting it out, then you can make this a means of earning passive income.

Turo and other services make this possible by allowing you to list your car for rent with elementary procedures.

Another car renting service is Getaround which is newer than the previously mentioned but is significantly gaining popularity.

You can earn good money if you rent out your car frequently. It’s possible to make around $500 a month from renting out your car alone.

  1. Become a Tasker on TaskRabbit

On TaskRabbit, you get paid for doing a lot of microtasks ranging from running errands for people to even standing in long queues. This platform connects you to people that need help with different things like cleaning, moving, deliveries, and even handyman services.

Photo of Task Rabbit site; one of the platforms that offers easy ways to make money

They also offer online and virtual tasks like data entry jobs or helping people with research projects. The time you spend on tasks on this platform depends on the local demand for your skill.

It is easy to get started. Sign up on the site and set up your profile.  However, you will need to wait for some time for your profile to be approved.

  1.  Get paid to search the web

Some apps pay you to browse the internet. It is one of the easy ways to make money as you do not need to change your behavior and browsing habits. 

Qmee pays you to search the web. Earn money by installing the Qmee add-on extension to your browser and search on Bing, Google, Amazon, and eBay

You may see a few sponsored results appearing with your regular search. However, there are usually some cash rewards attached to Qmee results. If you want to earn, click on them and get the reward.

Another exciting thing about this site is that they do not place a minimum threshold. You can earn any amount straight to your PayPal account or donate to charity.

  1. Babysit

This side hustle has been there right from the beginning, and now, people are even more busy and willing to pay you extra to take care of their kids.

The exciting thing about this job is that it has excellent earning potential, and depending on who you work for, you can make up to $100 per day.

Photo of a babysitter; one of the easy ways to make money

Babysitting is a job for everyone, from those in high school to even grandmas.

Getting these jobs is even easier now as online platforms link babysitters to parents. One of these sites is Care.com.

  1. Dogwalk

If there are dogs in your neighborhood with busy owners, you can make money by taking the dogs for a walk. Talk to the dog owners and let them know you’re willing to spend your day giving their pets a treat.

Apart from being a great side hustle that gives you good cash, it’s also good for your health and helps you exercise daily.

Even when you are not in the neighborhood and can’t find a dog to walk, there are online services to help you connect with dog owners. You can increase your income if you are willing to pet sit or dog walk for longer durations.

Sign up on platforms like Rover and Care.com.

  1. Housesit

This is one of the most accessible side hustle that pays. House Sitting simply means sitting or sleeping in someone’s house when they are out of town in exchange for money.|

The downside to this side hustle is that it takes your time and it is not a consistent source of income. You give up your time caring for another person’s property. 

However, if this sounds like an excellent idea for you, try online services like Care.com. The site connects house sitters to house owners that are planning their travel.

  1. Modeling

This is a lucrative side hustle for a wide range of people. If you’re confident and willing to model for money, try the job.

I call it a side hustle because the stream of work for many models is not always steady, but if you are successful at a few gigs, it can become very lucrative for you. Check out how to become a foot model here.

  1. Become a mystery shopper

You can help many companies improve their customer service by becoming a mystery shopper. If you love going to retail shops or fast foods, you can take up this role to test the customer service of a store you are hired for.

Photo of a shopper; becoming a mystery shopper is one of the easy ways to make money

A common company is Subway which hires many mystery shoppers to find which of their “sandwich artists” is not following the franchise guidelines.

This can be a suitable side hustle for you if you have the time and are willing to travel to different places. 

Even when you do not want to travel, mystery shopping has transitioned and has almost become an online thing. That means you can still become a mystery shopper by just getting some apps on your smartphone. These apps include Secrete Shopper and Field Agent.

  1. Join a movie crew

Becoming a movie or TV extra is an excellent way to live the dream and meet your favorite celebrities. 

Though this depends on where you live, you can find many studios that are always on the lookout for a steady stream of extras and are willing to pay a couple of dollars for you to walk around or stand behind a movie set.

To get started, try Backstage Extras Casting.


There are easy ways to make money that are legal yet profitable. Some can be done from the comfort of your home, while some would require outdoor engagement.

In this post, we have compiled more than 20 easy ways to make money, so, choose the one that suits you best and start earning some real money.

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