65 Easter Blog Post Ideas (People Love These Simple Ideas!)

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Last week, I wrote a list of Spring Blog Post Ideas including a few blog post ideas for easter.

But I thought that Easter deserved a whole blog post of it’s own and so we have this! And believe me when I say that I wondered why I didn’t write this post sooner.

You’ll find lots of great blog post ideas to write this easter season to grow your blog traffic. And I’ve organized them by niche.

Let’s dig in!

Easter Blog Post Ideas For Kids Blogs

  1. Easter coloring pages roundup for kids
  2. Easter crafts for kids.
  3. Easter activities for kids
  4. Easter crafts for toddlers
  5. Easter gifts for kids
  6. Easter crafts for preschoolers
  7. Easter story for kids
  8. Easter toys
  9. Easter gifts for toddlers
  10. Easter baskets for kids

Easter Blog Post Ideas For DIY & Crafts Blogs

  1. Easter Crafts
  2. easy Easter crafts
  3. Easter arts
  4. Easter crafts for adults
  5. religious Easter crafts
  6. Easter Sunday school crafts
  7. homemade Easter baskets
  8. how to make Easter baskets
  9. 5 DIY Crafts Trends for Easter
  10. 3 Craft Project Everyone Makes For Easter

Easter Blog Post Ideas For Food Blogs

  1. Easter desserts
  2. Easter Recipes
  3. Easter dinner ideas
  4. Easter cupcakes
  5. Easter brunch
  6. Easter cakes
  7. Easter candy
  8. Easter cookies
  9. Easter baking ideas
  10. Foods you can put in your easter basket

Easter Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs

  1. Easter egg hunt
  2. Easter games
  3. Easter party ideas
  4. Easter projects
  5. story of Easter
  6. Easter gifts for adults
  7. Easter service ideas
  8. fun Easter ideas
  9. Easter decor ideas
  10. the meaning of Easter
  11. Sunday Easter church ideas
  12. Easter illustrations
  13. Easter Sunday songs resurrection
  14. Christ centered Easter ideas
  15. Easter basket ideas
  16. personalized Easter baskets
  17. Easter gift baskets
  18. Easter basket ideas for adults
  19. Easter basket stuffers
  20. Easter gifts

Easter Blog Post Ideas For Mom Blogs (Anyone Can Write These)

  1. Easter eggs
  2. Easter Sunday
  3. Easter pictures
  4. Easter Decorations
  5. Easter ideas
  6. Easter gifts
  7. Easter cards
  8. Easter poems
  9. Easter treats
  10. Easter activities
  11. Easter bunnies
  12. Easter decorating ideas
  13. Easter gift ideas
  14. Easter basket ideas for babies
  15. Easter basket ideas for girls

Now it’s your turn!

Which easter blog post idea did you love most?

Have any you want to share? Share away and don’t forget to share this post so you look cool to your friends and I release the blog traffic juju for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

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