65 Easter Blog Post Ideas That Go Viral Every Year

Last week, I wrote a list of Spring Blog Post Ideas that included easter post ideas but I think that Easter deserves a whole blog post of its own and so we have this!

In this post, you’ll find lots of great easter blog post ideas that drive traffic in the easter season so that you can grow your blog traffic, and win new fans. And to make it easier for you, I’ve organized them by niche.

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Let’s dig in!

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Easter Blog Post Ideas For Mom Blogs

Writing easter blog posts as a mom blogger should be easy if you just think of all the exciting things you’ll be doing with your kids this Easter!

It’s about creating posts around popular easter themes; bunnies, chicks, eggs, e.t.c.

So you may write a post about your easter crafts and title it “7 Easy Easter Crafts that Kids Can Make”.

Here are some craft ideas to make if you are looking for crafts inspo. You can also sell these crafts for extra money! Read the post to learn how.

Here are some more ideas you could write about:

  1. Easter eggs
  2. Easter Sunday
  3. Easter pictures
  4. Easter Decorations
  5. Easter ideas
  6. Easter gifts
  7. Easter cards
  8. Easter poems
  9. Easter treats
  10. Easter activities
  11. Easter bunnies
  12. Easter decorating ideas
  13. Easter gift ideas
  14. Easter basket ideas for babies
  15. Easter basket ideas for girls

Easter Blog Post Ideas For Kids Activities Blogs

Like with mom blogs, writing easter blog posts for your kids’ activities blog should be just putting an easter theme around topics you already write about!

Here are some examples:

  1. Easter coloring pages roundup for kids
  2. Easter crafts for kids.
  3. Easter activities for kids
  4. Easter crafts for toddlers
  5. Easter gifts for kids
  6. Easter crafts for preschoolers
  7. Easter story for kids
  8. Easter toys
  9. Easter gifts for toddlers
  10. Easter baskets for kids

Easter Blog Post Ideas For DIY & Crafts Blogs

As you already know, your crafts blog gets a huge traffic bump every festivity season!

You can post new craft tutorials, or just roundup your favs from across the web. Think crafts with eggs, chicks, bunnies, carrots, wreaths, anything easter inspired at all.

Here are some ideas to bank in on the free easter traffic going around for crafts blogs.

  1. Easy Easter crafts
  2. Easter mason jar crafts
  3. DIY Easter Wreaths
  4. DIY Easter Bunny Ideas
  5. Easter arts
  6. Easter crafts for adults
  7. religious Easter crafts
  8. Easter Sunday school crafts
  9. homemade Easter baskets
  10. how to make Easter baskets
  11. 5 DIY Crafts Trends for Easter
  12. 3 Craft Project Everyone Makes For Easter

Here are some craft ideas to make if you are looking for crafts inspo. You can also sell these crafts for extra money! Read the post to learn how.

Easter Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Blogs

Easter beauty themes are not as popular as say Halloween beauty themes (Check out this post on Halloween blog post ideas!).

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t write anything to increase your blog traffic this Easter.

People always want to look beautiful no matter the season so just take your regular tutorials and add an easter theme to them!

Simple roundups like “10 Spring Makeup Ideas to Rock this Easter” will work great.

  1. 5 Easter-inspired make-up looks
  2. Top 3 Easter eye shadow ideas for YEAR
  3. How to create the flower eyeliner look
  4. Creative Easter bunny looks
  5. Easter inspired nail art you need to try

Easter Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers.

Like with beauty bloggers, you may get more traffic writing Halloween blog posts than easter blog posts.

But it’s still worth a shot.

Here are some ideas you can try:

  1. Easter outfits for pear-shaped/skinny girls
  2. Stylish Easter outfits for church
  3. What to wear on a family Easter outing

Easter Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs totally rock Easter and other seasons!

Take ideas from the ones listed in other categories or write around these themes and ideas:

  1. Easter egg hunt
  2. Easter games
  3. Easter party ideas
  4. Easter projects
  5. story of Easter
  6. Easter gifts for adults
  7. Easter service ideas
  8. fun Easter ideas
  9. Easter decor ideas
  10. the meaning of Easter
  11. Sunday Easter church ideas
  12. Easter illustrations
  13. Easter Sunday songs resurrection
  14. Christ-centered Easter ideas
  15. Easter basket ideas
  16. Personalized Easter baskets
  17. Easter gift baskets
  18. Easter basket ideas for adults
  19. Easter basket stuffers
  20. Easter gifts

Easter Blog Post Ideas For Food Blogs

Easter most be one of your favorite seasons! All those treats and delicious easter recipes to make!

Just make your favorite treats in shapes of eggs, carrots, bunnies. Baked treats are always popular but you should definitely write about other meals too.

You can also do roundup style posts for your recipes, like vegan Easter desserts, paleo Easter cakes, etc.

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Easter desserts
  2. Easter Recipes
  3. Easter dinner ideas
  4. Easter cupcakes
  5. Easter brunch
  6. Easter cakes
  7. Easter candy
  8. Easter cookies
  9. Easter baking ideas
  10. Foods you can put in your easter basket

Easter Blog Post Ideas for Health & Fitness Bloggers

With all the sugar going around at Easter, people invested in healthy living will be grateful for a blog post on healthy version of popular Easter recipes.

Or workout tips to help burn the extra calories consumed by those of us who can’t just resist. 😀

  1. Sugar-free Easter treats
  2. Sweet Easter treats that are also healthy
  3. Best keto recipes for Easter
  4. How to plan a healthy easter celebration
  5. How to lose the post-Easter weight gain

Easter Blog Post Ideas for Personal Finance & Frugal Living Blogs

People want a great Easter celebration. But they want to keep most of their money too!

Enter you.

Posts on saving money, and planning easter on a budget will be a great hit!

Here are some ideas:

  1. How to get 10% Cash Back on your Easter purchases
  2. 10 Free Easter activities for Large Families
  3. The cheapest places to buy your Easter supplies from
  4. 3 Secret ways to save money on your Easter shopping
  5. How I saved/made $500 last Easter
  6. Fun and Frugal Easter egg fillers
  7. Ideas for a zero waste Easter

Now it’s your turn!

I hope I’ve given you some great Easter blog inspo, no matter what your niche is!

Which easter blog post idea did you love most?

Have any you want to share? Share away and don’t forget to share this post so you look cool to your friends and I release the blog traffic juju for you 😉

And if you are looking for even more blog traffic or how to promote your easter blog posts effectively, you should read my post on how I grow my traffic from 2,000 pageviews to 14,000 in one month with one simple hack!

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