How To Make Crafts (35 Simple Crafts To Make + Tutorials)

Are you wondering how to make crafts? The list of crafts to create is endless, but how well can you do them? That is why we have compiled a list of how to make crafts of different materials (paper, shells, pipe cleaners, you name them) with the easiest tutorials.

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How to make paper crafts

Paper craft projects are beautiful; and it’s so satisfying to know you made them with your hands. Though some are pretty challenging to make, you can always find a list of easy paper crafts to make.

All you need for some of these crafts are  papers, glue, a pair of scissors, and other craft items depending on the exact craft you will be making.

Below is how to make some of the simplest yet unique crafts with paper.

  1. Paper butterflies
Photo of paper butterfly; how to make crafts

Source: Etsy

You can make these lovely butterflies from pattern scrapbook papers and hold them off with a bead. They still look good without beads if you don’t have them. Above all, they are effortless to make.

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See this video on how to make paper butterflies.

5 Easy Paper Butterflies Wall Decor | How to make paper butterfly | diy room decor | paper craft
  1. Paper fans
Photo of paper fan; how to make crafts

Source: Etsy

This paper fan is perfect for beginners, and you can sell them for $10 to $15. For this craft, get a pair of scissors, ruler, pencil, cardstock paper (plain or pattern), ribbon, clothespin, hot glue gun, and embellishments.

It can be a beneficial tool on a hot day or a lovely room décor.

See this video on how to make a simple paper fan.

How to Make Hand Fan from Paper | DIY Paper Hand Fan - Paper Craft Ideas
  1. Newspaper envelopes
Photo of newspaper envelopes; how to make crafts with paper

Source: Etsy

Instead of buying plain papers from the store to make a new envelope, transform your old newspapers into a money-making craft. To make them more beautiful, line these envelopes with a brown craft paper liner.

Cut your newspapers and fold them into envelope shapes, then line them with the liner. And they are ready for sale.

See this video on how to make newspaper envelopes with liners.

Easy DIY Newspaper Envelope - How to make an Origami Envelope - Red Ted Art
  1. Tissue paper flowers
Photo of tissue paper orbs

Source: Etsy

Without spending a dime, you can create these beautiful flowers for your home if you have some tissue paper print. When perfectly done, tissue paper flowers make beautiful photo backdrops and centerpieces.

What you need for this craft are a pair of scissors, floral wire, 1 colored tissue paper, and two different colored tissue papers.

See this video on how to make tissue paper flowers.

4 Easy to make Tissue Paper Flowers - DIY Tissue Paper Craft Idea | Tissue Flower Tutorial
  1. Paper orbs
Photo of paper orbs

Source: Etsy

Paper orbs are so beautiful, and you can quickly color or paint a paper and fold it into a unique orb shape.

See this video on how to make paper orbs.

Take & Make Paper Orbs
  1. Paper kaleidoscope toys
Hattifant - Pokemon Evolution - Kaleidocycle Papertoy & Coloring Page

Let your kids assist you in making paper kaleidoscope toys of different colors and sizes. To make this item, you will need a template available for free online and use them to fold into different shapes to make these moving toys. 

See the template below

  1. Accordion fold paper wreath

If you don’t have enough time or materials to make the traditional wreaths, or you just want to do something different, then try the accordion fold paper wreath.

This craft entails layering together some beautiful paper medallions.

How to make crafts with shells

The ocean houses numerous treasures like seashells and sea glasses, and you can bring these beauties home by crafting.

Most seashell crafts are not difficult to make since the shells are hard, and you only have to maneuver around them. 

For most crafts with seashells or sea glasses, you will need a hot glue gun, thread, and other regular craft supplies, depending on what you want to do.

  1. Seashell night lights
Photo of seashell night lights; how to make crafts

Source: Etsy

Seashell night lights are timeless for bathrooms, especially with a beach or shell theme. They also work well for kids’ rooms if they love to spend time on the beach.

They can be made from any kind of seashells or items you find on the beach.

See this video on how to make a seashell night light.

How to Make a Super Easy Seashell Night Light
  1.  Seashell flower pots

Transform boring flower pots with beautiful seashells. To do this craft, first weather the flower pot you want to use to give it a beach look and attach your seashells around them.

You don’t need to decorate flower pots completely with the seashells; just having one or two lines on the top is enough. However, this depends on the size of your shells and preference.

See this video on how to make seashell flower pots.

Creative idea Make Seashell Flower Pot - Cement Pot - Vaso De Cimento
  1. Seashell bouquets
Photo of seashells bouquet

Source: Etsy

After seeing this lovely bridal bouquet, I realized you don’t have to use an all-flower bouquet at your wedding, like every other person. Box up the look with seashells to give it a beachy look.

Even when you’re not planning a wedding, you can create this bouquet and use it as a centerpiece on your table.

See this video on how to make seashell bouquets.

  1.  Seashell candles
Photo of seashells candles

Source: Etsy

You can use seashells to make lovely tea lights with various scents. All you need to do is clean your seashell, melt and pour in your candle wax alongside the essential oil of choice into the shell. Add a candlewick to it.

See this video on how to make seashell candle lights.

  1. Seashell glitter ornament
Power of seashell ornament

Source: Etsy

These sparkling ornaments are perfect for festive holiday seasons and sit nicely on a Christmas tree. It is easy to make this DIY craft, and all you need is to create a hole at the end of each shell and pass a loop through it to hang on the Christmas tree.

If you have spiral shells, use hot glue to attach the loop.

See this video on how to make seashell glitter ornaments.

Seashell Ornaments | How to Make Glitter Seashell Christmas Ornaments
  1.  Trinket trays
Photo of seashell trinket trays

Source: Etsy

Every shell lover will love these transformed scallop shells. To make it, carve from your scrapbook paper the shape of your shell, but make it a bit bigger. Brush some glue around the back of a paper and cover on your seashell.

Start from the center to remove any air bubble and trim off the excess when done. Leave some extra to wrap around the edges.

 See this video on how to make trinket trays.

DIY Sea Shell Trinket Tray
  1.  Seashell jewelry
Photo of seashell jewelry; how to make crafts

Source: Etsy

You can call them mermaid necklaces, but with just a glass stone, clamshell, glitters, glue, and any other craft supply, you can create this lovely jewelry.

They are easy to make and can be created for summer parties, and you can even use them as party gifts.

See this video on how to make seashell mermaid necklaces.

Mermaid shell pendant DIY (New Way of No Oven)clay jewelry

How to make crafts with pipe cleaners

For most kids, pipe cleaners are the supplies they experiment with. They are very useful to them for many reasons, primarily because of their versatility. They don’t break, and you can bend them over and over again.

When well done, you would be surprised at the quality of crafts made from pipe cleaners. These include animal crafts, flowers, or any art project.

You can use the pipe cleaners at home or get some from Amazon at affordable prices. You will also need some glue and other craft supplies for this craft.

These are some excellent pipe cleaner craft ideas to make with your kids

  1. Beaded flowers

There are numerous flowers you can make from pipe cleaners, but I love the beaded ones. The beads go a step further to decorate the flowers more especially when they have a wide range of colors.

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Flowers
  1. Flower crowns

Flower crowns turn out to be very adorable when nicely done, and the crafting process is relatively easy. With just one learning session, your kids can make these lovely flower crowns and wear them around the house.

See this tutorial on how to make flower crowns from pipe cleaners.

ABC TV | How To Make Easy Flower From Pipe Cleaner - Craft Tutorial
  1. Butterfly rings

I was so attracted to these butterfly rings at first sight, and you know what? They are super easy to make, and to cap it all, no glue is needed. With three pipe cleaners and some scissors, you can make this lovely craft. Help your kids make them in numerous colors.

See this tutorial on how to make butterfly rings with pipe cleaners.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings
  1.  Lovebug

This turns out to be an adorable Valentine’s craft and yet, pretty easy to make. Make them look even more beautiful by adding another Valentine gift like beautiful gift cards.

See this tutorial on how to make love bugs with pipe cleaners.

Pipe Cleaner Valentine Love Bugs Craft

How to make crafts with resin

There are numerous craft ideas you can make with epoxy resin, and this can be commonly done from home. You can even comfortably mix different pigments and dyes to have a lovely paint project.

You will need resin and hardener; mix them. With time, this mixture will dry up and harden, giving a glossy clear surface.

For resin projects, you need the following

  • Epoxy resin
  • Plastic spoons or spreader
  • Gloves
  • Covered working space
  • Plastic mixing cups
  • Stirring sticks or popsicle sticks to stir the mixture
  • Other craft supplies of choice to beautify your epoxy resin.

 With this, you can make the following epoxy resin craft even as a beginner

  1. Real flower coaster botanical resin
Photo of real flower coaster botanical resin

Source: Etsy

Pour in your perfectly mixed epoxy resin onto a flat surface with well-laid flowers to make these lovely real flower coasters. 

See this video on how to make real flower coaster botanical Resin.

Pressed Flower Resin Coasters for Beginners
  1. Epoxy resin jewelry
Photo of epoxy resin jewelry

Source: Etsy

Jewelry making with epoxy resin is the most popular use of the item, and you can never go wrong with them. You can make this craft in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and they can be used for a wide range of events.

See this video on how to make epoxy resin jewelry.

Wonderful Epoxy Resin DIYs That Will Amaze You || DIY Jewelry, Home Decor And Mini Crafts
  1. Epoxy resin tray
Photo of epoxy resin tray

Source: Etsy

There are numerous epoxy resin tray ideas, and they are easy to make. To have a confetti or flowery epoxy resin tray, pour your flower design chips into your tray holder and then pour in the epoxy resin and allow to dry.

See this video on how to make epoxy resin trays.

How to Make a Beautiful Resin Tray From a mold
  1. DIY resin artwork
Photo of DIY resin wallart; how to make crafts

Source: Etsy

Though resin is most known for jewelry making, you can convert them into this lovely wall art. See this video on how to make DIY resin wall art.

Epoxy Wall Art | DIY
  1. Epoxy resin countertops

Make real money from these lovely epoxy resin countertops, and with just a few tutorials, you may find them effortless to make.

See this video on how to make epoxy resin countertops.

Epoxy Countertops DIY 🔴 ULTIMATE Step by Step 🔴
  1.  Epoxy resin flooring

Numerous ideas are available to beautify your house with epoxy resin as a DIY homemaker. One of them is the epoxy resin flooring.

See this video on how to make epoxy resin flooring.

How to do Epoxy Floors - STEP BY STEP GUIDE - S3E3

How to make crafts with plastic bottles

Only one out of 6 plastic bottles are recycled. The rest end up in the ocean or on land as pollution. So, why don’t you stop sending your plastic bottles to the bin to contribute to the devastating environmental degradation and convert them into this lovely craft?

Find some plastic bottle crafts inspiration below:

  1. Halloween milk jug ghosts

With empty milk jugs, mini lights, pencil, shopping marker, and knife, you can make this Halloween milk jug ghost.

Carve out the eyes, nose, and mouth in front of the jug and connect the mini lights from the back.

See this video on how to make the Halloween milk jug ghosts.

Halloween Ghost Lantern using a Milk Jug (a DIY craft) SUPER EASY
  1. Bottle Penguins

After creating these lovely Penguins from bottles, you will find out that they are one of the most beautiful crafts you can make from plastic bottles. You only need a few craft supplies, one recycled bottle, and cotton balls to make this craft.

See this video on how to make bottle penguins.

How to easily make a penguin, ice and igloo for a small amount of money / DIY
  1. Glowing bedtime bottle

Children love to see night lights with glowing stars and sparkles, and you can help them create this with a recycled bottle. When creating the craft, share stories with your kids about this solar system, stars, and how they contribute to the beauty of the earth.

Below is a video tutorial on how to make the glowing bedtime bottle.

Easy night glowing bottle art|#diy
  1.  Sea in a bottle

Kids love to play with beautiful discovery bottles, and you can help them create this at home.

See this video on how to make the sea in a bottle craft.

How to Make an Ocean in a Bottle | Sophie's World

What is the easiest thing to craft?

Here are some crafts to make with little or no prior skill.

  1. Bohemian-inspired jars and vases

For this item, you will need some clear glass jars of different sizes, an oil-based paint maker in whatever color you want, and some flowers.

Start by making lovely diagrams at the center of the jar and add the details all around it. This diagram could be geometric or a beautiful flower. When you are done, put in the lovely flowers.

Check the pin above for how to make Bohemian-inspired Jars and vases.

  1. Printable cards
Photo of printable cards

Source: Etsy

With some card-making software, you can create some lovely printable cards for your family and friends. You can use them, offer them as gifts, or sell them for profits.

Printable cards never go out of season as you can customize them to fit the fall, Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and every other occasion. 

See this video on how to make printable cards.

How to MAKE & SELL Printable Greeting Cards on Etsy in 2021- Full Tutorial
  1. Tin can utensil bins

Instead of discarding your vegetable cans and coffee tins, turn them into beautiful storage bins for utensils. The numerous ideas for decorating these bins, and you can use washi tapes, paint, or anything you wish.

See this video on how to make tin can utensil bins.

DIY Tin Can Utensil Holder | Tin Can Craft Ideas | Fall Kitchen Decor
  1. Fabric flower pillow decorations 
Photo of flower pillow decorations

Source: Etsy

Though pillows have been used for comfort and warmth for many years, they are lovely home decorations when well produced.

Decorate your plain pillows with fabric flower embellishments that are easy to make. The supplies needed for this embellishment are scraps of fabrics, needles, scissors, and some thread to put things together.

See this video on how to make flower embellishments for your pillows.

{DIY} Flower Pillows
  1. DIY napkin rings
Photo of DIY napkin rings; how to make crafts

Source: Etsy

Napkin rings can be made from numerous materials to suit many seasons. You can make floral or exquisite napkin rings, depending on your choice.

For instance, you can use spring-themed fabrics to create folks’ flowers and decorate your napkin rings. These faux flowers preserve your napkin rings longer and make your dinner table more attractive during any kind of vacation.

There are numerous napkin ring sizes, and they depend on the container you use as a mold.

See this video on how to make floral napkin rings.

How to Make Your Own Decorative Floral Napkin Rings
  1.  DIY air plant stand

There are numerous ideas for making air plants, and you don’t need to use soil can create and display them in any way. However, an air plant stand adds to its beauty or simplicity, depending on what you want.

If you are a minimalist, you can create this fancy air plant stand for home or sale.

See this video on how to make a minimalist air plant stand.

  1.  Wall jewelry holder
Photo of wall jewelry holder

Source: Etsy

This is another easy craft to beautify your home. It is easy to do for anyone looking for how to make crafts, and you can customize it in different ways.

Jewelry holders can be stored on a wall or any vertical surface to hold your bracelets and necklaces and make them more accessible. Besides, they are lovely decorations.

See this video on how to make wall jewelry holders.

DIY Jewelry Holders


Crafts making is a skill that is both fulfilling and profitable. There are numerous crafts to make and sell for profit, and the tutorials above will help you make beautiful DIY crafts that can be given as gifts, used to decorate your home or sold for money. Check out this list of crafts that make money.

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