157+ Halloween Blog Post Ideas (People Actually Search For)

Halloween is right around the corner and even if you think it’s too early to be writing your Halloween blog posts already (it’s not), I still don’t want you to be caught off guard searching for Halloween blog post ideas a week before the celebration!

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In fact, if Pinterest is a big source of traffic for your blog, you should have started promoting your Halloween content months ago in June according to the official Pinterest Trends Insights. Google would probably send you some traffic too.

So in this post, I’ll be sharing some spooky-themed blog post ideas that readers are actually searching for and are sure to drive traffic to your blog this season and every Halloween after.

These ideas are spooky and fun and you can play around with them if you like to come up with even more ideas! This season, almost anything with Halloween will get pageviews but I hope you read to the end of the post because I’ll show you a neat trick to find the best Halloween blog post ideas with thousands of monthly searches and very high chances that you’ll rank for them even with a new blog.

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Without further ado, here they are:

Halloween blog post ideas for every niche

Halloween Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Blogs

  1. Halloween makeup tutorial
  2. A round up of spooky makeup looks for Halloween
  3. Halloween hairstyle(s) tutorial
  4. How to turn household items into spooky hair accessories
  5. How to create high fashion Halloween looks 
  6. Where to shop for Halloween makeup products
  7. Halloween nail arts
  8. Cheap Halloween makeup finds
  9. Natural product recommendations for Halloween makeup looks
  10. DIY Halloween Makeup looks you can create from household products

DIY & craft bloggers

  1. Halloween crafts for kids
  2. Your favorite Halloween craft tutorial
  3. Roundup post on Halloween craft projects for adults
  4. How to make a Halloween treat box
  5. Fun and unique ideas for carving pumpkinds
  6. Cheap ways to DIY Halloween crafts
  7. A roundup of DIY Halloween decorations and crafts.
  8. DIY front yard lantern / lights
  9. A roundup of popular craft projects from other bloggers
  10. How to Carve a Pumpkin – A Beginner’s Guide
  11. Pumpkin Carving Ideas
  12. DIY trick-or-treating bag ideas
  13. How to upcycle trash into spooky Halloween decorations
  14. How to DIY your Halloween costume
  15. A roundup of your favorite Halloween crafts
  16. Roundup post on Halloween craft projects for kids
  17. Painted Pumpkins for Halloween – How-to and Inspiration

Fashion bloggers

  1. Creative costume ideas you can create from wardrobe staples
  2. Easy to create costumes from your everyday wardrobe
  3. Easy to make / shop for costumes
  4. School / work appropriate costume ideas
  5. Thrifty and creative costumes for couples / families / with a pet!
  6. How to upcycle old clothes into costumes
  7. Twinning costumes for moms and babes / siblings / couples
  8. Celebrity costume roundup 
  9. Popular costume ideas for teens / kids / adults / groups / friends
  10. DIY Costumes for Kids
  11. DIY Halloween Costumes for Cats
  12. Cute Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women/ college girls/ women
  13. A roundup of gothic fashion pieces
  14. High Street fashion items that you could use as part of your costume
  15. how to look stylish at Halloween
  16. Cute Halloween Costumes for Toddlers
  17. Simple Halloween Costume Ideas
  18. Costume looks for under $20
  19. Where / how to thrift for great costumes
  20. How to wear one costume several ways
  21. Cheap but Cute Halloween Costumes
  22. Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Finance bloggers

  1. Halloween costume ideas for under $5 each
  2. Where to shop for budget-friendly stuff
  3. How / where to thrift for decor / costumes / etc. 
  4. Budget friendly Halloween activities to do at home
  5. How to have an awesome Halloween on a budget
  6. Free local Halloween events for families
  7. How to save money this Halloween
  8. Cheap and simple costumes
  9. How to save big time by DIY-ing your Halloween decor
  10. How to shop thrifty this Halloween

Food bloggers

  1. Round up your favourite Halloween recipes
  2. A roundup of your favourite themed snacks
  3. Halloween snack ideas for kids / toddlers / school lunches
  4. A roundup of your favourite baking / cooking accessories for Halloween / cookie cutters / baking pans / etc.
  5. Halloween treats that both kids and adults will enjoy
  6. Home made / healthy alternatives for popular Halloween treats
  7. Alcohol-free Party Drinks – 10 Recipes
  8. Halloween themed cocktail recipes
  9. How to make cheap Halloween Candies for Trick-or-treaters
  10. Delicious Halloween Party Food That Looks Spooky
  11. Treats / meal ideas that the whole family with love
  12. How to colour foods / drinks naturally for themed parties
  13. Roundup of pumpkin recipes
  14. Tips for the perfect Halloween buffet
  15. Scary Looking Cocktail Punch Recipes
  16. Recipes that incorporate leftover candy
  17. Halloween treat recipes for special diets / dairy free / gluten free / paleo / keto / vegan / etc.

Health & fitness bloggers

  1. Fitness ideas to overcome all that Halloween candy
  2. How to stick to your diet in Halloween
  3. How to have a healthy Halloween
  4. How to work off those Halloween chocolates
  5. Halloween recipes for under 100 calories

Home Décor bloggers

  1. Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Front Porch / Front Yard
  2. Zero-waste Halloween decorations
  3. Decor the whole family can make together
  4. A roundup of your favourite spots to purchase Halloween decor
  5. How to save money on Halloween décor
  6. Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room
  7. Halloween Decorating Ideas for Dog House
  8. How to decorate your home for Halloween without making it spooky!
  9. Simple DIY Halloween Decorations
  10. DIY Front Door Wreaths for Halloween
  11. How to decorate your house for Halloween using only recycled materials
  12. A roundup of great decor ideas
  13. Budget Halloween Party Decoration
  14. Halloween College Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Lifestyle bloggers

  1. Halloween kids songs
  2. A roundup of celebrity costumes / events from previous years
  3. Halloween items to hit local / major stores near you / review
  4. Top events / clubs / bars to attend locally
  5. A roundup of spooky books to read
  6. Top 5 scary new movies you need to check out this year / classic scary movies

Mom and Kid bloggers

  1. Ideas for children’s costumesFamily costumes / baby / twins
  2. Kid-friendly makeup / face paint 
  3. Organic / Non-GMO / Healthy candy alternatives for trick-or-treats
  4. Halloween hairstyles for kids/moms
  5. Favourite Halloween movies that are family friendly
  6. Favourite Halloween books for kids / toddlers
  7. Fun Halloween decorations / that the kids can make! 
  8. Halloween themed snacks / meal ideas / school lunches
  9. How to DIY everything this Halloween
  10. Saving money on trick-or-treat candies
  11. How to plan a great Halloween party on a budget
  12. How to decorate your home in a kid-friendly way 
  13. How to explain Halloween to kids
  14. Trick-or-treating safety tips

Party planning bloggers

  1. How to throw a Spooktacular Halloween party
  2. Fun Halloween party ideas for children
  3. How to make your Halloween party a scream
  4. Where to buy your party decorations
  5. Roundup of themed Halloween party decorations (e.g. pumpkin, vampires, witches, etc.)
  6. Easy buffet recipe ideas
  7. The ultimate guide to the perfect Halloween party
  8. Party ideas for adults
  9. The ultimate checklist for planning a Halloween party
  10. 10 top themes for Halloween parties

Pet bloggers

  1. Halloween costume ideas for pets (roundup)
  2. How to comfort your pet during fireworks
  3. Dangerous Halloween foods for pets
  4. How to include your dog/cat/horse at Halloween
  5. Pet mistakes to avoid
  6. How to keep your pet safe at Halloween
  7. Celebrity pet photos at Halloween
  8. How to get your pet comfortable wearing a costume
  9. Halloween themed pet recipes

Photographer bloggers

  1. How to take the best costume photos
  2. Roundup of spooky Photoshop effects
  3. Roundup of inspirational Halloween photo shoot ideas
  4. Halloween photography tips
  5. How to take great outside photos when it’s dark
  6. How to add blood drips to your photos (or some other scary effects!)
  7. Roundup of famous Halloween photos

Travel bloggers

  1. Roundup of spooky locations in your local area
  2. Roundup of haunted hotels around the world
  3. How to celebrate Halloween when you’re travelling
  4. The best Halloween events from around the world
  5. The best way to experience Disneyland at Halloween
  6. Halloween traditions from around the world
  7. The best Halloween destinations in the world

Tech & gaming bloggers

  1. The 10 scariest video games of all time
  2. 10 of the best Halloween themed computer games
  3. Review this year’s horror games
  4. Wearable technology at Halloween
  5. How to scare trick-or-treaters with lighting and sound effects
  6. Roundup of the best Halloween films
  7. Roundup of technie/geeky Halloween costumes

How to find the Best Halloween Blog Post Ideas

How to find more Halloween Blog Post Ideas on Pinterest

1. Pinterest is very good at promoting seasonal content so it’s a good idea to see what’s trending on Pinterest using the Pinterest discover feature. You can even tell what’s going to trend before hand using that Pinterest Trends guide I shared with you earlier:

2. You can also look right below the search for trending ideas. Right now we can see that “Couples costumes” and “diy Halloween costumes” are some trending ideas.

3.  Another good way to find Halloween content your readers will love is to search in the bar for “Halloween” or “Halloween.

how to find halloween blog post ideas from pinterest autosuggest

You can also add a keyword to it like “decoration”, “fashion” or “makeup” or click from one of the keywords that come up.

Another Way to Find Halloween Blog Post Ideas (Ubersuggest)

What I like most about this method is that you can easily find great Halloween blog post ideas with decent search volume and even newer blogs can rank for them.

In the example below, I’ve searched for “Halloween kids” in Ubersuggest and this is just a glimpse of the content ideas I got!

So that’s it!

I hope you found this massive list of Halloween blog post ideas useful. Please be kind and share it with your blogger friends or Pin it on Pinterest.

You may also like this post on Halloween Social Media Post ideas, and this one for more blog post ideas. And if you are looking to make extra money this Halloween, you’ll like this post on Halloween Jobs to do.

Thanks so much for reading!

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