30+ Best Lifestyle Blogs To Follow in 2022

Lifestyle blogs are becoming more popular these days and they have always been because they help many people in many ways. For instance, travel, food, fashion, health, and men’s blog help people with interesting ideas, recipes, and important information.  

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Lifestyle blogs are one of the most competitive niches we have around, it is saturated and has a high readership. 

If you want to succeed as a lifestyle blogger, you have to provide excellent and accurate content with photos that will create interest in your topic and capture the minds and imaginations of your reader. 

What Are Lifestyle Blogs?

Photo of a group of friends; lifestyle blogs show the interests of the owners

Before we go far into this post, let’s understand what the term “lifestyle blogs” means. 

Lifestyle blogs are digital contents that represent the everyday life and interest of the author. In the dictionary, the word “lifestyle” means habits, moral standards, attitudes that constitute the way of life of a person or group. 

Due to this definition, lifestyle blogs can fall under many micro-niches and give freedom for bloggers to create content for a specific target audience. 

Lifestyle bloggers can also promote brands, products, and services to monetize their blogs. 

Niches Under Lifestyle Blogs

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Here is a shortlist of niches under lifestyle blogs:

In some cases, these categories are even split into various combinations but this depends on the blogger. 

Here is a list of captivating and educative lifestyle blogs. They are trendy, relevant, polished, and fun. They are also loaded with contents that appeal to specific target audiences. 

Best Lifestyle Blogs

Photo of a diner; lifestyle blogs can focus on health, food or fashion

1. The pioneer woman 

This lifestyle blog is one of the most outstanding lifestyle blogs out there. Ree Drummond, the owner of this blog, blogs about a lifestyle all Americans know and love. 

She blogs about rustic ranch life. Ree also writes on home and life, combined recipes, food and cooking, styles, news, beauty, and entertainment. 

In the beginning, she started as a lone ranger but right now, she has a team of editors helping her to keep the blog relevant, homegrown, and trendy. 

Her target audience is people keen on ranch-style living. 

2. Brightbazaarblog.com 

Will Taylor founded this blog in 2009 to write on his love for colorful designs, travel, and fashion. 

Many publishing houses have recommended this blog including Martha Stewart Living and Elle Décor. His target audience is people who love design.  

3. Say Yes 

Sayyes.com is an award-winning blog started by Liz Stanley in 2006. Liz uses her blog to celebrate family life. Her blog is dedicated to lifestyle with practical advice on home, personal style, and travel. 

Her blog also has beautiful photos. The target audience comprises parents and women of all ages. 

4. LoveTaza.com 

Lovetaza.com blog is a parenting blog started by Naomi, also known as Taza. She uses this blog to share her motherhood and parenting stories and life in New York City. 

Taza launched this blog in 2007 as a platform to share with friends and family. Her blog has been mentioned in the Forbes top 10 as one of the best blogs around. 

Her target audience is family-focused people. 

5. Wit and Delight 

Witanddelight.com is a great lifestyle blog with a wide audience. It focuses on lighthearted topics like décor, fashion, to more serious ones like self-acceptance and mental health. 

It also contains blog posts that are full of zest and energy. Wit & delight is a great blog for people who want a bit of everything on the same plate.

The target audience is people with a zest for life. 

6. Downshiftology

Downshiftology.com reflects the philosophy of its founder and author, Lisa Bryan. Lisa is a meal prep fanatic, food lover, massive wander luster, and a strong believer in taking it down a notch and self-care. 

Her blog is all about balance. She features a delicious recipe section that has recipes course by course, for special diets, and for holidays. 

Lisa Bryan also has a travel section that is loaded with practical advice on traveling. She also gives recommendations for sightseeing and accommodation across the globe. 

7. The skinny confidential 

TheSkinnyconfidential.com is owned and run by Lauryn Evarts. Her blog covers interesting topics on skincare, beauty, travel, weddings, style, fitness, and food. 

She also runs an entrepreneurial podcast called “The Skinny Confidential HIM & Her” with Michael Bosstick, her husband. 


Hannah Bronfman, the owner of this blog, created and named it after her three passions: Health, Beauty, and Fitness. 

Her blog is like a digital doorway to her everyday life where she discusses topics related to emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health. She also writes on date nights and acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine). 

Hannah also publishes posts about travel experiences. 

9. Thirteen thoughts

Paula, a fashion blogger and self-taught photography expert created this blog to share her passion with the world. 

In addition to lifestyle, she also writes on beauty, blogging, and photography. 

In a particular interview, Paula revealed that she never took paid courses on photography to get to where she is now. But today, she is a professional photographer and also offering her own free blogging course. 

Aspiring fashion bloggers will appreciate her course. 

10. Katie Did What 

Katiedidwhat.com is owned by Katie Michelle Reyes and her lifestyle blog is beautiful. She makes use of photographs that look professional, story-driven, and authentic. 

Healthy Lifestyle Blogs

Photo of a healthy meal;many lifestyle blogs stress the importance of healthy living

1. Wellness mama

Katie Wells of Wellnessmama.com is the founder and main boss lady of this wellness mama blog. She is a mother of 6 with a background in Journalism. 

She was confronted with health challenges and this pushed her into researching natural and safer alternatives to get better. This was how her blog; Wellness Mama was formed. 

She has a team of researchers, medical advisors, and writers who help bring accurate and trustworthy content to readers. It is a huge blog with many aspects on parenthood and natural living. 

She gives practical advice on parenting, beauty tips, DIY household hacks, and natural/herbal remedies, recipes, and many more. Her target audience is parents and people interested in natural living. 

Wellness Mama is one of the best blogs in the DIY category. 

2. Cookin with Mima 

Miriam Ezzeddine founded this food blog, it grew out of her passion for food. She shares her passion with her readers and wants to tell everyone that cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Everyone can cook, according to Miriam Ezzeddine. 

On her blog, she shares simple recipes of delicious cooking that anyone can prepare. 

3. Carrots ‘N’ Cake 

Carrotsncake.com is owned by Tina, a certified nutrition coach and a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner.

Tina combines life coaching and fitness programs with diet to help people live healthy through good nutrition and staying fit. 

Her blog is towards health and fitness and she focuses more on weight loss, nutrition, recipes, colitis, and fitness. Her target audience is women who want to improve their health in all areas.  

4. Fit Men Cook 

Kevin Curry in 2012 started his health and fitness journey. He started this blog and used it as a way to hold himself accountable during his diet but what happened later was even better. 

He lost weight, got fit, and through his blog, he formed an online health community. On FitMenCook, Kevin shares simple recipes he used during his diet. 

He found out that blogging motivated him to stick with his diet and it also inspired others to join him on this healthy journey and the rest is history. 

This blog has risen from a small personal blog to a winning formula. Kevin is the author of the FitMenCook cookbook and the FitMenCook app

His target audience is men who want to lose weight and get healthy. 

5. Kayla Itsines 

Kaylaitsines.com was started by Kayla Itsines. She also created the BBG workouts and ebooks and is the co-founder of the Bikini Body Training Company. 

Her “Sweat with Kayla” app was the highest-grossing fitness app in 2016. Time Magazine has also recognized her as one of the most influential people on the internet. 

Kaylaitsines.com covers topics on training guides, recipes, and educating readers on health and fitness. She is also a great motivator. 

Kayla said her mission is to help women achieve a perfect level of fitness and also a sense of greater happiness and confidence. Her target audience is women who want to lose weight and get fit. 

Women Lifestyle Blogs

Photo of a woman in a hammock; lifestyle blogs show the life style of the owners.

1. Goop.com

This is one of the first lifestyle blogs to hit the circuit in 2008 and it covers everything for the modern woman. 

Actress and mother, Gwyneth Paltrow focuses on wellness and how to create a balance between work and parenting. Goop is now a mini-empire in its own right and has a strong team behind its founder. 

The target audience is women of all ages and it also enlightens men. The main topics covered on goops are wellness, travel, style, food and home, and beauty. 

2. Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard launched this blog in 2007 as a hobby. She is a perfect example of what can be achieved through blogging. Today, she has a full-time gig and a team of writers. 

Her blog covers topics on motherhood, relationships, culture, travel, style, and food. This is a good blog for women. Her audience comprises women and mothers of all ages. 

3. A Girl In Progress 

This lifestyle blog is aimed mainly at empowering women to get the best out of life. It is for women who are working for themselves and on themselves. 

Even though this blog is all about women, men can benefit too. The interesting blog posts will inspire, encourage, and motivate anyone who reads them. 

A girl in progress has these categories: Do, Work, Grow, Glow, Accept, Love, and Live. The target audience is millennial women across the globe. 

4. Camille Styles 

Camillestyles.com is a blog founded by Camille, a healthy food, travel, and fashion blogger for women. 

She works with an all-female team to bring her readers engaging and informative content on the core topics of her blog. She also has a category for the topic of entertaining guests, a rare topic in lifestyle blogs. 

5. Corporate career girl 

Sarah Johnson Laryea, created the corporatecareergirl.com to help modern women conquer the corporate world with style. 

She empowers her readers with tips on office politics, work wear, and a confidence-boosting lifestyle. 

Men Lifestyle Blogs

Photo of a suave gentleman; lifestyle blogs are also owned by men

These lifestyle blogs are different from female-oriented lifestyle blogs in that they feature only typical “guy stuff” like DIY home renovations, automotive, men’s fashion & style tips, tech, and grooming. 

1. He spoke style 

Hespokestyle.com is one of the best blogs just for boys. Brain Sacawa started his blog in 2014 where he curates outfits that are geared for the modern and fashion-conscious man. 

Brain offers practical advice on style and grooming and he also blogs about the latest in men’s accessories like colognes and wristwatches. 

For men who are new to fashion, Brain offers a glossary explaining the different styles and names of clothes. His target audience is millennial men. 

2. Primer 

Primermagazine.com was created by Andrew and he made it for men who are facing the usual issues that crop up between their 20s and 30s. 

This blog is also a go-to-guide for men who want to feel and look good without spending a fortune. His blog also addresses deeper issues that young men have to navigate, issues like personal wellness, career success, and body and mind. 

Primer magazine also shares content for men who are looking for ways to improve their life and clothing styles. It helps men look at new ways of making themselves better and also returning to the ideas of manhood that may have skipped this generation.

Andrews’ target audience is millennial men. 

3. Ape to Gentleman 

Apetogentleman.com is an authoritative blog on men’s lifestyle. This blog is the collective effort of several expert journalists and they produce highly informative articles about men’s classy pleasures. 

Some of the well-known writers for this blog are Paddy Madison, Sam Kessler, Josh Sims, Johnny Burn, Jessica Punter, Chris Chasseaud, and Chris Beastall. 

On Ape to Gentleman, each expert focuses on a particular industry so as to ensure quality contents. 

Fashion And Beauty Lifestyle Blogs

Photo of fashionable accessories; fashion-focused lifestyle blogs are popular

1. Refinery29

Refinery29.com is an amazing lifestyle blog that has something for everyone, including people who love shopping online for fashion or cosmetics, people who love staying on top of the latest news in entertainment, arts, and culture, etc. 

You will always find something that piques your interest on this blog. The target audience is people who like to stay updated on new trends in beauty, entertainment, travel, tech, décor, fashion, food, and more. 

2. Akanksha Redhu 

This lifestyle blog is about fashion and it has an unusual combination of many passions in one fascinating place. The owner of the blog, Akanksha writes about daydreams and inspirations, lifestyle, beauty, yoga, travel, and fashion. 

She started this blog in 2010 and over the years, her followers and readers have grown. Right now, she has formed collaborations with brands and companies. 

Her target audience is women between the ages of 20 to 50. 

3. Huda Beauty 

Huda Kattan set up her blog, Huda Beauty in 2010 to share her passion for beauty and makeup. Right from her childhood, she has always felt that “Beauty can change the way a woman feels”. 

According to Huda, it makes her fearless and unstoppable. 

This blog was created out of a passion to share DIYs and hacks. You will find beauty tips, advice on professional make-up, and test products. 

She also founded the cosmetic brand Huda Beauty. 

Luxury Lifestyle Blogs

Photo of a Lamborghini; luxury brands lifestyle blogs are now in vogue

1. Luxe Digital 

Luxe.digital.com is a classic example of a high-end lifestyle blog. It caters to the needs of professionals, both men and women. 

This blog is sleek and sophisticated, it has no tacky ads popping out at you which is irritating to most people. 

Luxe Digital was launched in 2018, Florine Eppe Beauloye, the chief editor, heads a global team that maintains the blog and keeps it trendy. 

The blog splits into business and lifestyle and when you subscribe to their mailing list, you will be given an option of a lifestyle letter or business letter, or both. 

The target audience of luxe digital is young professionals who have money to spend on luxury items. 

2. Luxury society 

Luxurysociety.com is the editorial division of the Digital Luxury Group (DLG). This blog provides excellent resources and in-depth interviews and articles for people in this industry. 

This lifestyle blog is targeted at luxury brands executives but anyone with a passion for luxury brands and what’s going on in the industry will love this blog. 

The articles on this luxury lifestyle blog cover consumers, events in the world of luxury retail shopping, retail, leaders, and digital. The main focus of this blog is on how the digital landscape is influencing the way forward for both luxury brands and their consumers. 

The target audiences are thought leaders, heavyweights of the industry, and luxury brand executives. 

3. Prestige Digital 

Prestigedigital.net is a digital and printed lifestyle magazine, it is elite and only 15,000 copies are printed and distributed in 42 airport lounges. 

It is based in South Africa and filled with international and local offerings of the highest caliber. Prestige Digital features lifestyle, automotive sections, news, videos, and travel. 

Its target audience is high net worth individuals and also motivated aspirational individuals. 

4. The CEO Magazine 

Theceomagazine.com is a high-end luxury lifestyle blog aimed at investors, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and leaders of the day. It provides in-depth interviews and a source of inspiration. 

It has quality articles that provide insights into emerging economic trends and feature companies, people that inhabit the top echelons of the society, strategies, and ideas. 

The target audience is executives, powerful leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs. 

Travel and Food Lifestyle Blogs

Photo of a man on a yacht; lifestyle blogs that focus on traveling always get a high readership

Traveling is a great way for a lot of people to taste different foods and experience new cultures. However, not everyone gets to travel, that is why travel and food blogs are gobbled up so greedily by millions of readers around the world. 

Food and travel bloggers are also keen photographers, so don’t be surprised to find these blogs loaded with images of culinary adventures and exotic destinations. 

1. Molly Yeh 

Mynameisyeh was founded by Molly. She has been blogging about her food fantasies and travels since 2009. Even though she is a Juilliard graduate, she swapped the bright lights of New York for the starry nights of farm life. 

Her blog is a journal of her travels and adventures and she also used it to share her stunning collections of recipes. 

Her target audience is millennials and Gen Z women who want a taste of country living with a dash of travel. 

2. Food fun travel 

Foodfuntravel.com is owned by two fearless foodies, Tommo and Megsy who spend their lives traveling, taking photos, and cooking. 

They are truly living their dream and they are sharing it through their blog contents which are full of travel tips, destinations, recipes, fun, and activities. 

There are also accommodation reviews and a variety of tour packages on this blog. The food section on the blog shows different dishes from different parts of the world. 

They also give advice on where to find the best travel restaurants on your trip. Their target audience is people that love food and travel. 

3. Pilot Guides 

Pilotguides.com is an amazing lifestyle blog for couchsurfing travelers that are inspired by food and culture from around the world. 

On this blog, you pick a continent and a country, and you will be shown podcasts and articles about everything you need to know about the individual countries. 

You can read about their food, languages, dress, and religion. The articles also include interesting myths and urban legends of famous places and also the current news about the place, their food etiquette and more. 

After reading, you get off the couch and book your next trip to a new destination. 

The target audience is people who love traveling. 

4. Shut up and go 

Shutupandgo.travel is founded by two well-known YouTubers: American Damon Dominique and Brazilian Joanna (Jo) Franco. 

They show you on their blog that the world has no limit, you live as you have dreamed and no one can stop you except you. 

Christian lifestyle blogs

  1. Sallyclarkson.com

This blog is owned by Sally Clarkson – a speaker, blogger, author, and podcaster. Sally is a wife, mother, and Christian woman who daily shares her faith experience with women. So, the blog seeks to help women restore their hearts to God in the course of their motherhood experience.

2. FaithFueled Moms

FaithFueled Moms – women are not only educated but also lifted, motivated, and entertained by De Bolton. Here, she shares her story of faith, family, and healthy lifestyle to help other women become who and what they want to be.

So, you can be part of the over 1.5k Facebook followers and over 2.3k Twitter followers by visiting www.faithfueledmoms.com for more inspiration.

Black lifestyle blogs

  1. Her Modern life

Her Modern Life is a lifestyle, fashion, and travel blog owned by Sydnei Jarman. She gets her writing inspiration from personal experiences, the places she has visited, the styles she wears, and the fashion style she wishes she had when she was young. On her blog, she shares her transition journey from being “Tacky” in 2004 to acquiring her “Haute” Lifestyle in 2020.

2. Jadore fashion

Stella writes a black lifestyle blog, Jadore Fashion, from Maryland, USA. 

She shares posts on her current obsessions and cravings, daily outfits, street style inspiration, lifestyle, and other thoughts about Nigerian culture.

Are Lifestyle Blogs The Same Thing As Personal Blogs?

A lot of people confuse these two together but they are different. Lifestyle blogs focus more on the users/readers while personal blogs focus more on the author/blogger. 

Lifestyle blogs are created for the readers and their expectations. They also focus on the reader’s benefits and not just on telling stories only. 

On the other hand, personal blogs are more about the author’s thoughts and emotions. The author expresses his/her opinions and writes about their reflections, feelings, and experiences. 

In personal blogs, the author is the focus, and the most important; not the reader. 


If you are dreaming of owning a lifestyle blog one day, this post will help you know what it is all about and show you wonderful examples you can emulate. 

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