20 Creative Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell

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Christmas period is a time where people buy and sell a lot of things, including crafts which they use as home decorations or as gifts to their loved ones. 

The Investopedia reveals that Americans spend close to $1,000 each on gifts and other items during the holidays. You can tap into this market by making beautiful Christmas crafts and selling them. 

So, if you are looking for a way to make money during the holidays, you should consider Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit.

Below are easy Christmas crafts to make and sell for cash. 

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Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell

1. Embroidery hoop ornament 

These are easy Christmas crafts you can make and sell for profit during the Christmas holiday. You can learn how to make these here.

Make Your Own Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

You can offer customized versions at a higher price. 

2. Coat hanger wreath 

This Christmas craft is even free to make if you have some unused hangers in your home. 

Handmade coat hanger wreaths are beautiful and they add to the home décor. They are good Christmas crafts to make and sell because of the sustainability factor. You simply make these by using old coat hangers and foraged leaves and you tell your customers that all the materials are re-used. 

Don’t be afraid of losing your potential customers because saying something is reused is a major selling point these days. 

You can see the instructions on how to make your coat hanger wreath here.

DIY Christmas Decorations 🎀 How to Make a CHRISTMAS BALL WREATH with Wire Hanger Home Decor Idea

3. Star ornaments 

These star ornaments are not only beautiful but also very cheap to make. They are made with metallic cardstock paper and it just takes a few minutes to cut and fold each one. 

This means you can make a large amount of these star ornaments in just a short period of time and sell them. 

After making your ornament, you simply add the sparkly embellishment to get an elegant Christmas craft to make and sell. 

You can see the full tutorial on how to make these here. 

DIY One Minute Paper Star Christmas Ornaments

4. Christmas candles 

These are both easy to make, and are fast-selling products. They look gorgeous, they make the room smell nice, and they even add to the aesthetic feature of the home. 

You will sell more than those sold in the stores if you can create unique and beautiful fragrances. 

Making Christmas candles is easier than it even sounds. You can check out this tutorial before you begin. 

DIY Christmas Candles 2 different ways

5. Mrs. Claus Apron 

Christmas holiday is a time of cooking, baking, and doing many activities regarding food in the kitchen. This makes this Christmas craft which is an apron very important this season. 

Chefs in households and moms can wear them while cooking. 

Make yours of various designs and even offer customized versions at a higher cost. Learn how to make Mrs. Claus Apron here.

DIY Adorable Mrs. Claus Apron | Easy Christmas Craft 2015

6. Santa costumes for dogs 

Humans are not the only ones who have all the fun during Christmas holidays, those with pets also don’t leave their pets out. Pet owners too like to spend on their furry family members. 

Santa costumes for pets should be extremely cute and easily adaptable to different sizes. This is a perfect Christmas craft to make and sell for extra money during the holiday. 

You can also add other pet-related Christmas crafts to this and sell for more money. You can include a holiday themed collar, water bowls, Christmas toys, etc. 

See how to make Christmas dog costumes here. 

DIY| Easy $1 Xmas Doggy Costumes (No Sew)

7. Festive dog treats 

One of the best things to sell on Etsy especially during the holidays are pet-related items. This is one of the most popular categories on this huge sale website. 

If you can’t make dog costumes and you want a share of the money in the pet industry, why not make Christmas themed dog treats? 

This will make good sales because people love to buy treats for the four-legged member of their family. You can use these Christmas cookie plungers to make yours following the instructions here.

Gingerbread Cookies For Dogs | DIY Dog Treats 128 🎄 Christmas Dog Treats

These festive dog treats are very easy to make. In a couple of hours, you can make a massive amount that you can sell for big profit during the festive period.  

8. Christmas countdown blocks 

If you are into woodwork and looking for a wooden Christmas craft to make and sell, why not consider the Christmas countdown blocks? 

They are beautiful, they decorate the home, and also serve as a wonderful way to begin counting the days until Christmas. 

Kids can use them to count the days until Santa’s arrival. These will sell fast and you can offer customized versions to your clients. 

It is also very easy to make this wood Christmas craft, you just need simple wood blocks and boards, some paint, patterned paper, some sparkle, and you’re good to go. 

Your kids will have fun rolling the days as they wait anxiously for the D-day. You can see the full tutorials on how to make these here. 

Vintage Inspired Christmas Countdown Blocks

9. Christmas gift basket 

You can make incredible Christmas gift baskets at cheaper costs and sell them for high profit. You can get your baskets from thrift store. Also, you can get some empty gift baskets from Amazon.

Make Christmas gift baskets of different sizes and prices to attract a wide range of customers regardless of their budget. This is a good tutorial to teach you how to make beautiful Christmas gift baskets for sale. 

How to Make Gift Baskets for Christmas, Baby, Birthday & other Gifts, Men & Women Crafts over 50

10. Bath Bombs 

Can you make some Christmas bath bombs? If you can, you will sell well because bath bombs have been trending since 2015. 

You can also make other Christmas bath-related items like Christmas soap. These are one of the bestselling Christmas crafts to make and sell. 

People who are looking for things like stocking stuffers will buy these products. 

Make yours cute with an amazing fragrance. You can even add peppermint or vanilla essential oils. 

You can sell your Christmas bath bombs and Christmas soaps in a pack to make more sales and satisfy the needs of people who are looking for festive but useful gifts items. 

See how to make peppermint bath bombs here. 

How to Make Christmas Bath Bombs, Snowman Bath Bombs | Simply Dovie

11. Christmas stockings 

Homemade Christmas stockings are another fast-selling Christmas crafts during the holiday season. You can make a cool amount of money by making many variations and selling them. 

Follow the instructions here on how to make these beautiful socks. 

Sew a 15 Minute EASY CHRISTMAS STOCKING - Detailed Instructions - Fully Lined, Fold over cuff.

You can also make the “joy” sign above by following the instructions on the next Christmas craft below. 

12. Light-up sign 

This amazing handmade creation will sell fast during the Christmas holidays as a lot of people would love to use it for their home décor. 

This is one Christmas craft that you can sell at a higher price and make good money. It is absolutely gorgeous and impressive to look at. 

This Christmas craft is relatively easy to make, especially if you buy pre-made letters than cut them yourself using a jigsaw. The only hard work here is drilling holes into the letters for the lights. 

You can follow the instructions here to make this Christmas light-up sign. 

To make your work easy and so that you can make many of these and sell them for money, you should not make light-up signs with many letters. Other options apart from “Joy” to go for are: 

  • Merry 
  • Noel 
  • Xmas 
  • Yule, etc. 

13. Wooden sign 

This beautiful Christmas sign is incredibly and unbelievably easy to make, the only hard part is making the stencils to form the words on the signs. 

Then you have to source enough woods to keep up with the designs. You can create many unique and different sayings, especially festive sayings that will make your potential customers more than happy to buy from you. 

You can follow the instructions on how to make this Christmas wooden sign here. 

DIY Wood Signs! Perfect Christmas Gift!

14. Christmas tree ornaments 

Anybody who buys a Christmas tree must buy ornaments to decorate the tree with. You can make different types of Christmas tree ornaments to give your customers a wide range of options to make. 

You can purchase bulbs and paint them with intricate designs, knit or crochet small trinkets that can be hung on a tree or burn messages into small pieces of wood like the picture above. 

These red wood slice ornaments pictured above will add a bright and beautiful touch to Christmas trees. 

You can buy these wood ornaments individually or as a set from craft shops. They are 3 to 4.5 inches in diameter. After buying them, you paint them red, then also get white vinyl lettering with a black and white buffalo plaid ribbon and don’t forget beads also. 

You can choose any color of beads and make these beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. Apart from decorating the home, they will also serve as good holiday gifts to friends, family members, and loved ones. 

Watch here to see how you can make christmas tree ornaments. 

6 DIY Christmas Ornaments Decoration Ideas | Christmas Tree Decorations | Christmas Crafts

15. Home Décor Mini Trees 

Christmas trees don’t have to be large and bulky, a lot of people prefer mini Christmas trees, especially those who don’t have large homes. 

These mini trees are also beautiful and sell fast also during the holiday. 

Watch here to see how you can make beautiful Christmas trees and sell. 

DIY Christmas Tree Decor | How to Make 3 Mini Tabletop Trees (Affordable!)

16. Personalized Christmas Cards 

Handmade Christmas cards are in high demand during the festive period. People buy them as gifts to their loved ones, colleagues, friends, lovers, and family members. 

The customized option sells more. 

Make yours in such a way that your customers can add photos and even names of family members. You can even sell holiday greeting cards for business. 

All these sell fast and you will make money during the festive period. Watch here to learn how to make yours for sale.

10 DIY Pop up Christmas cards /Handmade Christmas Greeting cards /How to make Santa Greeting Card

17. Kids’ Christmas DIY Craft Set 

Christmas period is a time where family members spend time together and one of such activities is family crafts. 

You can make money by selling Christmas DIY craft sets for kids. All the materials needed to make a particular craft and the instructions can be put in a pack and sold. 

This will sell fast and parents will appreciate it because it will keep their kids busy during the holidays and they won’t complain of being bored. Watch here to learn.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids. Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids to Make At Home

18. Painted mason jars 

Mason jars are common items used in the home for storing things. You can make crafts out of these and sell them during the holidays. 

You can paint unique holiday scenes on mason jars and sell them as Christmas décor. They will sell well. You can also paint Santa or his elves and popular characters. 

Learn how to paint mason jars here.

DIY Christmas Mason Jars | Mason Jar Crafts | Holiday Mason Jars

19. Wine Cork Christmas Tree Ornaments 

Do you have wine corks lying around? You can turn them into beautiful ornaments for Christmas trees and sell them to make money during the Christmas season. 

You can even use several wine corks to make a wreath shape or you can use them as a base for reindeer. Watch here.

Christmas decorations with wine corks | CHRISTMAS 2020 [Easy Christmas decorations]

20. Christmas coloring pages 

If you are good at graphic designs and making printables, you can make coloring pages and sell them as Christmas crafts. 

You need a good illustration skill to make this craft. 

You can sell your coloring pages as hard copy or soft copy where people can easily download after payment. 

Learn how to make christmas coloring pages here. 

How to Make Printable Coloring Pages for Christmas!


No matter your skill-level in crafts making – whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you will definitely find  easy and fast-selling Christmas crafts to make and sell for good profit during the holidays. Also, the more creative your crafts, the better your potential for sales

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