39 Easy To Make Wood Crafts That Sell Fast

Wood crafts are popular products used in the home and many places. These products are loved by many and can be used as gifts. Due to this, wood crafts products sell well and fast. 

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A lot of people find wood craft products beautiful. Also, the inherent characteristics and uniqueness of wood make these products cherished because no two kinds of wood look exactly alike. 

Many people these days prefer using natural and hand-made wooden craft products over those produced en masse with environmental-harming consequences. 

In this post, we will be giving you a list of wood craft products that sell well. If you are interested in wood work or selling wood crafts products, this post is for you. 

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Reasons Why You Should Know The Best-Selling Wood Craft Products

The first step to success is to know the best-selling wood craft projects. 

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The wood craft ideas listed in this blog post will give you maximum returns for your work. With this, you will earn the deserved amount of money for your efforts in your woodwork business. 

Knowing the wood crafts that sell well will also help you know and prepare for the competition with the factories and other manufacturers. 

In this blog post is a short list of best-selling wood craft products, because they are not exhaustive.  

They might be very simple and even cheap to make but they are highly popular and they yield good profits. 

Best-Selling Wood Craft Products

1. Children’s wooden toys 

These days, wooden toys are a novelty whereas in the past, they were very common. Stores, (both online and offline), charge premium, and crazy prizes for wooden toys for children. 

There are many reasons why wooden toys are a hot selling category:

  • They are safer than other toys made from materials like plastic that can release dangerous chemicals when exposed to heat. And we know kids put their toys in their mouths. 
  • Wooden products last for a very long time. They can even be renewed easily thereby increasing their lifespan. 

These are the two main reasons parents and guardians are willing to pay extra dollars for wooden toys even if they are the simplest of wooden toys. All that matters is that they are made from quality woods. 

This is a highly profitable niche in the woodwork sector. When it comes to best-selling wood crafts projects, wooden toys for kids score on double grounds. 

Parents not only buy it for their own kids but also give it to other children. Also, wooden toys can be given out as gifts at any time of the year, they have no season. They are always in season. 

Wooden toys for kids are also used by millions of children daily thereby making multiple sales for multiple occasions. You would make good sales and huge profits if you make your wooden toys durable, sturdy, and safe for children. 

Don’t compromise on the materials you use and make sure your finish is of food-grade standard. There are also safety regulations you have to comply with as a children’s toymaker. 

Now, if this is your niche or you want to go into making children’s wooden toys, research and know the particular wooden toy that sells best. 

Then you stick to that toy or toys and you can add to your list of toys if you get some new ideas later. 

2. Wooden cribs and tables 

Baby cradles and children’s furniture is another profitable craft niche in wood craft business. A baby cradle is a popular wood craft product in high demand. 

Parents like to get these special and in some cases, customized, wood craft furniture for their kids. And most of the time this wooden furniture is demanded, they are for young kids and they need special requirements. 

This calls for more custom woodworking and that means more money. Babies need assorted wood craft items like tables, chairs, storage cupboards, beds, etc. 

You can offer parents customized versions of these wood craft items. A customized wooden crib is in high demand and it is very expensive. 

Parents don’t mind paying extra to pick up the right cradle they feel is best for their babies. Remember, extra attention is paid to the quality and safety of these wood craft products. 

Also, ensure that you use only the best materials. You can make yours a self-assembled kind. This will make sales and shipping easy for you by selling them in dis-assembled forms. 

3. Couch side bookcase and armchair 

Wood craft bookcases can never run out of demand. Almost every household makes use of them and more are being demanded daily. This is a very competitive niche but you can make some simple variations and make your project stand out. 

You can make wood craft bookcases to complement armchairs. Many won’t be able to resist this awesome addition. These are also items of immense utility. 

Everyone will appreciate a shelf that can be kept right next to the side of a couch by the side. Owners of this can easily reach down to store many things in the compartments like books or tablets, or anything they frequently use when they are sitting on the couch. 

4. Picture frames 

This is an evergreen and versatile wood craft project that will never go out of demand. You can make yours as simple as you like, you can offer customized versions, or even come up with original designs that will make you stand out from the crowds. 

You can never run out of ideas making wood craft picture frames. This highly demanded wood craft project cannot get stale because it is always in demand. 

A good way to make money selling wood craft picture frames is to reach a lot of people. Then have a versatile price range. With your skills and quality of materials used, you will make a  good profit. 

Due to their lightweight and small size, you can ship them to any part of the world. 

5. Small wooden boxes 

This might look simple but believe me, this wood craft project is in high demand. Wood craft boxes serve a lot of purposes in the home. They are used to keep treasures and small items that can be easily misplaced. 

Your wood craft boxes don’t have to be complicated or elaborate. Just make them strong, use good quality woods and a good finish. 

You can make simple but quality wood craft chip boxes, cases for glasses, jewelry boxes, stationery boxes, drawer organizers, etc. 

6. Wood craft bird house 

Outdoor wood craft projects are now popular, like extremely popular. Some of the outdoor wood craft projects in high demand are those used for gardening and beautiful birdhouses. 

Surprisingly, people are ready to pay premium prices for wood craft birdhouses. Nature lovers who enjoy watching birds come to their gardens and eat, place more value on a nice and beautiful wood craft birdhouse. 

You can even offer customized versions because this is a very profitable niche that won’t go out of demand. 

7. Blanket chest 

A blanket chest is an item that has great utility in every home. This good wood craft product has high sales because it can even be used in places that are not cold. 

They look great anywhere you place them in the house, this adds to the interior décor of your home. Apart from storing blankets, they can also be used to store other things that need to be kept away during the day or night. 

Examples are extra-throw pillows that need to be removed from the bed every night before sleeping, extra bed sheets, pillowcases, covers, etc. 

And blankets that are only used at night need to be stored in a convenient place during the day. 

You can design your wood craft blanket chest to work as a center table and also a storage box. 

A blanket chest is a utility item that is used daily in almost every home. This is why it is one of the best wood craft selling products. 

If you want to make it in this niche, put more attention on the quality, lifespan, and finish of the design. 

8. Wood craft fruit and serving bowls 

Wood crafts items are very popular kitchen utensils. These really simple wood craft products sell very well and sell fast. In this particular product, the finish is very important. 

You have to use a food-grade finish to make your wood craft products safe health-wise for your customers. Some wood crafters prefer to leave this product as natural as possible. 

9. Wood clocks 

This will surprise you to know that this is a best-selling woodcraft product. Aside from this, it is very simple and economical to make. They take little time to make and they always end up looking like premium high-quality products. 

Wood craft clocks come in all shapes and sizes. They have beautiful designs and you can even offer customized versions for your customers. 

10. Wooden spoon and ladles 

This is a very interesting wood craft project woodworkers love making. They are also best-selling products and they come in all designs, shapes, and sizes. 

There is a huge demand for wholesome utensils in kitchens. In the near future, these are going to be highly popular products. 

DIY Wood Crafts That Sell Fast

1. Wood bead necklace 

These wood craft jewelry will make your outfit stunning. It will make good sales because wood craft jewelry are in high demand. 

2. Wooden triangle plant holder

This popular wood craft product is a decorative accessory. It is mounted on a wall and a terra cotta plant pot is inserted into it. This creates a beautiful wall-mounted plant holder. 

Use raw wood to give your wood craft product a natural and organic feel. 

3. Wood charging station 

We are in the technology age where technology has taken over our daily lives. Many people won’t mind paying for some natural materials that have been incorporated into the daily grind. 

Wood craft charging stations are far easier to make than it looks. And they sell very well. 

4. Colorful wood block candle holders 

These brightly colored wood block candle holders cannot be resisted by anyone. Every side had a different color making it a perfect gift for color lovers out there. 

Humans use candles for many things including prayers. This makes this wood craft product a best-selling item. You can offer customized versions. 

5. Wood shadow boxes 

Many people would love to decorate their walls with these sets of wood craft shadow boxes. These perfect decorative objects for the home are best-selling items and almost everyone would love to have this in their homes. 

6. Wood craft moss plaque 

This decorative plaque is loved by all and sells really fast. It is a unique item that adds to the interior décor of the home. You need a piece of scrap wood and some faux moss to make this fast-selling wood craft product. 

7. Two-tone wood side table 

These functional side tables have many uses and that is why they sell well. They can be used as a TV tray, and others use them as a regular end table placed next to a couch. 

8. Wooden house photo display 

Almost everyone would love to show their pictures in style. These adorable house-shaped wooden photo holders are loved by many people and sell really well on online stores like Esty. 

These will surely stimulate comments like “wow”, from all friends and visitors when displayed in the home. 

9. Wood craft bookstand 

Book worms will find it hard to resist a quality and even customized wood craft bookstand. 

These bookstands are perfect gift items that can be given out on any occasion and at any time of the year. This is why they make it to the list of best-selling wood craft products. 

10. Wood triangle bookends

Book lovers are looking for stylish and amazing ways to keep their books upright without causing damages to the bookends. These triangular pieces of quality woods are highly functional and beautiful. 

Make customized versions and sell to attract more sales. 

Simple Wood Crafts That Sell

1. Wooden chevron style coat rack 

This is one of the simplest DIY wood craft products that sell fast. Its hard to resist a beautifully made wooden chevron style coat rack and this can be used as a gift for woodworkers or anyone else at any time of the year. 

2. DIY wood air planters 

Almost every home owner is looking for a beautiful and unique way to display air plants. This is why people appreciate quality and well-made wood air planters. 

These round holders will display your beautiful air plants. You can even dye the doll heads any color to make them more attractive. 

3. Wood burned bottle stoppers 

These wood craft products are in high demand because every wine lover is looking for ways to close their wine and spirit bottles in style. 

Offering these beautiful and fun wood burned bottle stoppers. These are simple to make and they sell fast on flea markets and Etsy

4. Wooden command center board 

This simple to make wooden command center will help people keep everything right where they need them. This wood craft cork board will give your customers space to pin photos, place pencils and notebooks. 

This is a great utility item and everyone will appreciate a quality and well-designed wooden command center board. 

5. Wood notebooks 

Wait! These are not made from wood but the faux finish makes them look quite realistic. This gives a little imaginative feel to the notebooks. 

You can make these using adhesive contact paper, they make the project super simple and fun. They also sell very fast. 

6. Wood business card holder 

This amazing wood craft product will allow your customers to display their business cards in a unique way. Make yours in a way that makes your brand stand out from the crowd. 

Remember to make a series of slits in the triangular piece of wood. This will give room for the cards to stand up. The customized version of this will make more sales. 

7. Wooden baby gym 

Parents who have little ones will want to give this fun wood craft product a try. This wooden gym keeps babies busy by providing hanging toys for the children to play with. 

8. Wood washi tape holder 

Art lovers, craft makers, art teachers and students, and everyone interest in art will love this wood craft product. It gives one the opportunity to organize their craft room. 

To make this product, you need a few thick dowel rods and a flat piece of wood to serve as the base. Then you bring on your creativity to make as many designs as you can. 

This wood craft product can also be used to store ribbons and yarns. 

9. Wood beauty dock 

Women will love and appreciate this wood craft product because it helps them collect and organize their beauty tools like makeup brushes, lip gloss, lipsticks, bobby pins, etc. 

This wood craft beauty dock creates handy spots for women to keep things and this is why you can find it on the list of top-selling wood craft products. 

Men also cherish wooden dock where they can keep their cufflinks, wristwatches, and other accessories. 

10. Hand-stamped wooden calendar 

This unique wood craft calendar is made using a piece of plywood, a rubber stamp that has a yearly calendar design, ink, and other basic materials. They add to the interior décor of a home. 

Make yours super stylish so that you can stand out from the crowd. 

Small Wood Crafts That Sell Well

1. Painted wooden earring 

If you are good at making wooden jewelry, then this is a profitable niche for you. Make unique wooden earrings in various shapes and colors. 

You can customize them to your liking so your customers can have a wide range of choices. 

2. Wooden candle sconces 

People would love to decorate their walls with gorgeous and beautiful candle sconces. These are quite easy to make with glue, wood, and stain. 

They also sell very well. 

3. Wooden bead wreath 

This best-selling small wood craft product is made out of lots and lots of wooden beads. It is very beautiful, has small size, and sparsely colored beads. 

Offer many colored versions so that your customers can pick their colors according to their home décor. 

4. Hanging cloth rail 

A lot of people are in need of extra space for their clothes. You can make money by making and selling unique and beautiful wood craft hanging cloth rail. 

You make them out of a wooden dowel rod and a long leather strip. Make yours fabulous so that you can be distinct from the crowd of competitors out there. 

5. Wooden alphabet blocks 

Use pieces of lightweight balsa wood and pre-made cardboard letters to make sets of these amazing wood craft products for sale. Paint them in bright colors so kids can be attracted to them. 

Parents and teachers will love to have this for their kids. 

6. Wooden X-Shaped magazine rack 

People who love reading magazines will love this wood craft product. This gives people the ease to display their favorite magazines and keep them organized. 

This is easy to make and it is a fast selling wood craft product. 

7. Poster hanger 

Art lovers and artists need an easy and even affordable way to hang their posters and artwork on the wall. This simple woodcraft product comes in handy for these people and that is why they sell fast. 

This is a perfect solution for many people and all you need to make this is some strings, wood, and some hardware. 

Valentine Wood Crafts That Sell

1. Trinket boxes 

A perfect valentine present for any gender is the wood craft trinket box which can be used to store jewelry and accessories. 

These stunning 2 tone geometric wooden boxes are best-selling items and they are quite easy to make. 

Christmas Wood Crafts That Sell

1. Popsicle stick hexagon shelf 

This amazing wood craft product that can serve as a perfect Christmas gift is made using lots and lots of popsicle sticks. They are used to create a beautiful and contemporary hexagon shaped shelf on the wall. 

Make yours in a variety of colors so your customers can pick their best colors and assemble this super unique decorative shelf on their walls. 

Wrap Up

We hope this post guides you in making the right decision on the wood craft niche that sells fast to choose. Also check out these profitable crafts to make money.

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