40+ Wonderful (& useful) Back to School Gifts for Teachers

Back to school time comes with a lot of preparations for parents, kids, and even teachers. And one important part of this preparation is getting back to school gifts for teachers. 

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Don’t overlook this because it goes a long way in encouraging teachers. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. It can be an encouraging word, a short note of appreciation, or a small gift to start the new school year for your kid’s teacher. 

Back to school gifts for teachers show them that their work and dedication is appreciated. It shows them that you acknowledge and appreciate their input in your kid’s life. 

In case you are wondering what work and sacrifice teachers go through, here are some examples:

  • Long before kids get back to school (during the holidays), the teachers are preparing their lesson notes and other things relating to teaching. 
  • They spend hours in school getting the classrooms and everything ready for the day before your kid arrives. Teachers even spend their own money on classroom supplies. 

These are just a few sacrifices teachers make and these should be appreciated by kids and parents. Not all kids are lucky to have good teachers that spend so much time prepping and teaching them either in person or online. 

A good way kids can appreciate their teachers is to get them some gifts. 

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Importance of Back To School Gifts For Teachers

  • You will teach your child from a young age how to show appreciation and give gifts 
  • Your kid’s teacher will know the proportion you care about them and appreciate them 
  • It is also a way to thank the teacher in advance for the long crazy year ahead. Lol 
  • Giving teachers gifts is a great way to help them start the new school year 
  • Teachers play an important role in the lives of your kids and they help them grow into educated adults 
  • Back to school period is stressful for teachers but a little kindness can help them sail through 
  • Teaching is a tough job and encouragement & support are always needed. 

We know the difficulty that comes with trying to get the perfect or honest gift for someone. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. That’s why we put together this post to make it easy for you. 

Wonderful (& Useful) Back To School Gifts For Teachers 

One of the things about giving gifts is that you don’t know if the person would value it or know how to use it. But worry not, we have compiled some must-have supplies every teacher would totally love and find useful.

They will appreciate these gifts and use them every single day. They make classroom activities more fun, make teaching less expensive, and save the teacher some dollars from purchasing these stationaries. 

1. Swing line stapler 

Your kid can add a gold touch to their teacher’s desk using this fabulous stapler by Swing line. It has a strong build and can punch through 20 sheets of paper at a time. 

It can also be opened to tack papers to a bulletin board. Every teacher will appreciate this awesome stationery. 

2. Post-it notes 

A teacher can never have enough sticky notes. They need lots of sticky notes in various sizes and colors. Apart from being used as a reminder, they are also used for writing notes, lists, labels, and can even be used as a decoration for the bulletin board. 

You can use these colorful sticky notes as a back to school gift for a teacher. They might be cheap but they are highly useful. 

3. Emoji erasers 

Teachers use little gifts to reward the good behavior of their pupils and to motivate them. You can help your teachers by getting them these beautiful emoji erasers to use as rewards for good coordination in their classrooms this school year. 

They are very beautiful, fun, and cheap. Kids will love these and it will motivate them to keep up good behavior or academic performance. 

4. Assorted colorful pencils 

These are beautiful inspirational pencils for teachers and students. They are colorful and motivational and can be used as gifts to students by teachers. 

The colorful pencils are highly attractive and the motivational phrases can brighten the day of any student. Give a teacher a set of these pencils to make it easy for them to reward their pupils. 

5. Golden paper clips 

You can get your teachers this beautiful marbled themed accessory. Get these gold paper clips in a magnetic holder and dress up your teacher desk with this. 

This stylish marble beauty holds 100 pieces of golden paper clips. Your kid’s teacher will appreciate the perfect aesthetic paper clip organizer. 

6. Assorted binder clips 

These beautiful floral office supplies will make them one of the best gifts for your teachers. With these stationery, they can hold homework from a particular class period or test papers. 

These binder clips are sturdy and can also be used to hold photos, reseal bags, and help teachers sort stacks of loose papers. 

7. Index cards

Teachers use index cards to conduct a lot of classroom activities, set reminders, and keep notes. These cards are beautiful and have rounded corners. 

They increase the productivity of teachers. Some teachers give them as gifts to help motivate students in their presentations. This is one of the simplest but highly useful back to school gifts for teachers. 

8. Classroom scissors 

These are basic classroom supplies for art teachers and they will appreciate this as gifts. Get them a set of colorful scissors that can cut through papers and craft materials easily. 

This brand has asymmetrical plastic handles that can be conveniently used by both left and right-handed kids. 

9. Holographic iridescent clear pencil case 

With this, every teacher can arrange and store their stationery supplies and other small objects that are necessities. 

These see-through and clear pencil cases are pretty cute and a perfect supply every teacher will love. 

10. Academic year teacher planner 

Every teacher needs a good planner because it is a helpful teaching tool that helps them plan lessons, organize teaching schedules, and track the progress of each class. 

Get your kid’s teacher this marble academic year teacher planner. It is updated and helps teachers customize their planners according to the school’s schedule. 

This beautiful planner features monthly views, weekly planning pages, important date spread, planning page for field trips, student information page, and many more. 

This is a must-have for school teachers and giving your kid’s teacher one will be highly appreciated and well-utilized. 

11. Decorative file folders

Every teacher out there will love this beautiful and stylish marble supply. The thick paper folder has a modern spin that solves a teacher’s organizing problem. 

It is colorful and apart from being a helpful tool, it has aesthetic effects and can motivate the teacher. 

These teachers’ decorative file folders have assorted tabs to organize documents. They are also inspirational and sentimental to every teacher. 

12. Teacher stamps 

Students love getting praised by their teachers and one way teachers motivate students is to use their stamps to dish out compliments. 

Get this set of 30 rubber stamps that have uplifting compliments and give them to your teacher to make their work easy. Teachers use these encouraging messages on the stamps to grade papers and classroom activities. 

13. Anker wireless speakers

This is a modern supply for high-school teachers. You know, teenagers love music and teachers will need portable speakers to stream sound clips or music from their phones for effective learning. 

High-school teachers will appreciate this as a back to school gift for teachers. 

14. Hand wipes 

Teachers always keep hand wipes to prevent germs from spreading among students. This tool will make a teacher’s work easy. 

Get your teacher these Enfresh soothing lavender hand wipes from Amazon

15. Chubby cat office magnets 

If you know your kid’s teacher is a cat lover or owner, then this will be a cute gift for them. These cute kitties will hold their photos, card, artworks, or notes on the cabinet, whiteboard, or any magnetic surface. 

16. Marker set 

Every teacher uses a marker and a beautiful set of markers will be appreciated as a back to school gift for teachers. One of the best brands to get a teacher is the Tombow TwinTone Marker Set

They are colorful and have dual tips. They are helpful tools for teachers in pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools, and even high schools or colleges.

This brand is a pack of double-sided markers and they are perfect for color-coding, decorating, writing, and creating works with attractive colors. 

The teacher can switch between the broad tip and the extra-fine tip to get a bold or precise design.  This is an inexpensive but fun get back to school gift for teachers. 

17. Positive postcards

Aside teaching, one of the many jobs of a teacher is to reinforce positive classroom behaviors. They do this by using sincere compliments. 

One of the ways teachers do this is to give positive postcards to well-behaved students. They tell their students why they are proud of them by telling them what they’ve done wrong. 

Giving a teacher a set of positive postcards is a perfect back to school gift for teachers that will make their work easy. 

18. Teachers tote bag

We all know that teachers have a bunch of stuff to carry to school every day. A perfect gift every teacher will love is a beautiful bag to help them haul all their supplies. 

This bag is elegant and has a perfect flora design for female teachers. If your teacher is a backpack person, look for quality backpacks for your back to school gifts for teachers. 

19. Sharpies 

Teachers do a lot of labeling, writings, and grading. Give them some colorful sharpies or sharpies with multiple solid black colors to make work easier. 

20. Erasable highlighter 

There are many excellent teaching tools and erasable highlighters are one of them. The Pilot FriXion erasable highlighting set is one of the best brands in the market. 

Highlighters have many uses: they can highlight important talking points and notes on their lesson plans. They can also be used to educate kids by highlighting what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. 

One thing about this brand is that they are erasable. The teacher can easily erase their mistakes without causing damage to the paper. A highlighter or highlighting set is a must-have for language teachers. 

So your child’s English, Spanish, or French teachers will appreciate this because they help essay teachers grade essays. 

21. Glitter sparkle tape set 

This collection of washi tapes is an essential classroom supply for art teachers and it will make a perfect gift. With these, they can jazz up the bulletin board and decorate the classroom. 

It comes in 20 exciting colors and they are added to art projects to add a sparkle. 

22. Emoji reward stickers 

Daycare teachers use these emoji stickers to reward little kids for their good behaviors. This will make a perfect back to school gift for daycare teachers. 

23. Insulated thermal travel mug 

A lovely back to school gift for teachers is a chic travel mug. This mug has a double wall design that can keep beverages hot for long hours. 

This is an essential tool for teachers. They will use this daily to keep their coffee mix hot. Get these inspirational coffee mugs for teachers you care about. 

24. Potted plant 

A small and cute potted plant with a short sweet note saying: “I am excited you are helping me grow this school year”. This will make a perfect back to school gift for teachers. 

25. Vera Bradley clipboard folio 

Every teacher needs this functional supply. With this, they can hold their seating charts and even planned lessons. They can store extra notes in the interior pockets. 

This clipboard is complete and has a refillable notepad with an elastic pen loop to hold one’s favorite pen. Although this is a little pricey, your kid’s teacher will cherish it. 

26. Supply basket

You can surprise your kid’s teacher with a supply basket containing hand sanitizers, papers, glue sticks, dry erase markers, crayons, and other utilities you know teachers use. 

This will be an awesome way to start a new school year for a teacher. The teacher will appreciate this since they spend a lot of their own money getting supplies for their classrooms. 

This gift will be a dream come true for every teacher. 

27. Apple wreath

Your kid’s teacher will be proud of this gift. They can hang it in their classrooms or on their doors at home. This gift tells the teacher how excited your kid is to start the new school year. 

28. Water bottle 

One thing with teachers, they are always on the go. Giving them an insulated water bottle will help them work better and improve their hydration and health status. 

With this, they can keep their water cold and take it with them throughout the day at school. 

29. Umbrella 

A new umbrella is a great gift because it helps one when it’s either raining or sunny. The teacher can keep it in their classroom or in their car so they can be ready for rain at any time. 

30. Lunch box 

A fun and quality new lunch box or food container will be a very good way to start the new school year for your kid’s teacher. 

31. Cleaning supplies 

As a new school year begins, teachers need to stock up on new supplies to keep the classrooms clean and germ free. Giving your kid’s teacher some cleaning supplies makes that day memorable for them. 

Some cleaning supplies you can get are hand soaps, Clorox wipes, paper towels, and other things. Arrange all these in a beautiful basket and let your kid give the teacher when he/she gets to school. 

32. Printer paper 

Many schools have printing limits for teachers. A teacher can print as many copies as they desire only when they supply their own papers. 

Every teacher will appreciate a ream of printer paper or even a case as a gift. 

33. Treasure box surprise

Teachers in younger grades have treasure boxes which they use to reward their pupils. They are always looking for donations to add to their treasure boxes

When a pupil deserves a reward, they pick out of that treasure box. You can shop for little toys, art supplies, candies, and other things that can help to stock up the treasure box. 

DIY Back To School Gift Ideas For Teachers

1. Personalized door hanger 

Kids who are good in craft can make this easily and gift their teachers. There are also beautiful premade ones online and you can have them personalized for you. 

Teachers love when their rooms are more welcoming. You can support them by giving them this perfect addition. 

2. Personalized teacher notecard 

Your kid’s teacher will appreciate a personalized note card having their own names, phone number (If the teacher is okay with it), email address, and even the name of the school. 

Make sure they are cute and attractive. Envelop the note cards and have your kid deliver this wonderful gift to him/her. 

3. Apple Mason jar pencil holder

This is a perfect gift that will be used every day in school. It holds pencils, rulers, flowers, and pens. They are very simple to make and even cheap to buy but that doesn’t make them of less value. 

Your kid’s teacher will appreciate this gift. 

4. Paper flower gift 

These handcrafted flowers are one of the most perfect back to school gifts for teachers. They are beautiful and can be used to decorate the teacher’s desk. 

5. Chill pill gift 

This will put a smile on your teacher’s face and help him/her relax when the day is tough. This is a simple craft but it carries emotions and promotes positivity. 

6. Cute cups 

These are simple but adorable. Every teacher will love this gift

7. Note to say thanks 

These amazing mini notecards with short thank you notes to teachers are simple but impactful gifts. Everyone loves fun and beautiful thank you notes. 

You can make them yourself or buy them online. 

8. Thanks a bunch flowers 

A bunch of flowers is a perfect gift for anyone you love and appreciate. You can buy them or get some from your own yard and present this gift with a short note that says: “Thank you for being my teacher”.  

You can also make this in the form of art or buy online

9. Gift card banner idea 

Make your teacher a gift card holder that can also serve as a banner decoration. The teacher can attach this to desks, bulletin boards, or computers. 

10. Homemade cookies 

Bake your kid’s teacher your kid’s favorite homemade cookies and package them with a cute note that says: “I am going to be one smart cookie because you are my teacher”. 

If your kid is old enough, you can let him/her do the baking. Teachers will appreciate this homemade treat at the end of their day. 

They can even have it as a snack during their break. 

Wrap Up

We hope with this post, you won’t be confused anymore on what to get for your kid’s teacher. If you know any other amazing gift you can add to this list, please share it with us in the comment section. 

Happy resumption!

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