29 Best Gifts for Woodworkers

Woodworkers are amazing people who are skilled at the craft of making things from wood. These include cabinet making, furniture making, carpentry, and other related items. 

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You might have a woodworker as a friend, family member, or spouse. This post will help you show love to a woodworker by giving him or her gifts that they will value for life. 

These gifts will make their work easier and they will always remember you when using them. It is also a way of showing that you care for them and support what they do. 

The gifts suggested in this post cover every class of woodworkers, from beginners to those who have been in the profession for years. 

Coming up with a gift idea for veteran woodworkers might be difficult because they must have seen and even used every tool and accessory available in the market. 

But don’t worry, we got you covered in this post. We will show you exciting tools or accessories that can improve or expand the functionality of their present equipment. 

Also, you have to focus on buying quality tools – the veterans might be quick to recognize poorly constructed equipment. And this might lead to your gift being dumped in the junk drawer faster. 

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This post will help you get gifts that live up to the veteran’s standards. Even for beginners, do not get cheap and low-quality tools. Your gifts won’t be appreciated and what your woodworker will feel is you saying to him (or her) “I cheaped out on you this year”.  

Wonderful brands that are well-known for high quality and last for many years are Makita, Dewalt, and Bosch

Low-quality brands you should avoid are Husky, HDX, Bluehawk, Kobalt, Ryobi, Chicago electric, Drill master, and Black and Decker. 

Photo of a woodworker hard at work

Below are some of the amazing gifts you can get for a woodworker. 

Amazing Gifts For Woodworkers

Photo of a ruler; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

You might think your woodworker friend won’t appreciate another ruler. Well, this is not true. Woodworkers are known for having more than one ruler.

Each ruler has a specific thing it is used for. Also, don’t forget that most of the time, woodworkers are always losing their rulers. 

So giving them rulers helps them have an extra that they can always use without searching for a particular one. 

Go for quality and long-lasting rulers that can be hooked easily to the end of the board and the measurement read instantly and easily from the other end. 

A unique ruler that you can buy for your beloved woodworker is this amazing INCRA Ruler on Amazon.

Photo of a knife; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

Most, if not all woodworkers have more knives than rulers. Woodworkers use specific knives for specific purposes. A knife just dedicated to carving will not be used for other things like opening a pack of batteries. So if you’re searching for gifts for woodworkers, you can’t go wrong with a quality knife. It is one of the excellent gifts for woodworkers.

Get this sloyd knife on Amazon.

Photo of a tape; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

Give them a tape dispenser that is heavy and not easily moved at the bottom. This will prevent the tape from moving all over the place. 

Any woodworker will love this particular tape or this on Amazon.

Striking knife 
Photo of marking knives; one of the best gifts for woodworkers

A striking knife or marking knife is a sharp tool for marking and every woodworker will appreciate this. It makes more accurate joinery and this particular striking knife is sharp, affordable, and better than most. 

If you have a woodworker friend, this is one of the best gifts for woodworkers. Get this wonderful set on Amazon.

1-2-3 blocks 
Photo of milled metal block; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

This is a milled metal block that measures 1 in. by 2 in. by 3 in. it can be used in a lot of imaginative ways. 

This is one of the perfect gifts for woodworkers because it is very useful.  

If you give a woodworker this, he/she is definitely going to appreciate it and thank you for it. 

Get it here on Amazon.

Box joint jig 
Photo of box joint jig; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

Are you looking for one of the most versatile and beautiful gifts for woodworkers? Then look no further than this boxing joint. This is a great gift for veterans. 

It makes the manufacturing of necessary cuts easy and aids seamless joinery techniques. Even the most advanced woodworker will appreciate these tools. 

Incra produces an accessory (jig) that can be attached to a table saw to help woodworkers turn these joints easily and quickly. 

Get this on Amazon

Gripper 200 advanced system 
Photo of a Gripper 200 advanced system; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

Does your woodworker use a lot of machines in his workshop? Machines like planer thicknesser, spindle molder, router table, band saw, and table saw. 

If yes, this Gripper 200 Advanced System will help him use his machines more effectively. This clever piece of tool will help woodworkers to grip and hold both sides of the workpiece being cut. 

This cannot be done with a conventional push stick. This is a perfect gift for woodworkers who are beginners, it will help keep all their fingers intact, lol. 

Get this on Amazon

Shop fox W1733A downdraft table 
Photo of a Shop Fox downdraft table for reduction of dust; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

When you visit your favorite woodworker, do you find it difficult to see through the fog of dust? Does he do a lot of sanding? Does he go back home and dust accompanies him? 

If your answers to all these questions are yes, then this is a perfect gift for that woodworker you care about. 

This brand of downdraft table box on Amazon is a box with holes that sits on the workbench. Then a vacuum or dust extractor is attached to the box to suck away the dust when the woodworker sands. 

The generous 20 X 40 table provides a generous sanding surface for woodworkers. 

Coleman expedition first aid kit (205-piece)
Photo of a first aid kit; a must have for every woodworker

Every wood workshop needs this and if you can’t find it in your buddy’s workshop, then this is the perfect gift to give him. 

A good first aid box/kit comes in handy and is very useful if anything goes wrong in the workshop. 

Get him this brand from Amazon and let him hang it somewhere obvious in his workshop. All his workers should know where it is. 

Anti-fatigue comfort mat 
Photo of an anti-fatigue mat; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

Woodworkers stand for long periods on hard workshop floors and hard concrete garage. 

This takes a toll on their legs and back. Get this amazing mat for a woodworker you care about and place it in front of their workbench or machines. 

It will make a great difference. 

Birthday Gifts For Woodworkers

Chisel set
Photo of a Chisel set; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

A high-quality chisel set will go a long way in conveying your love and birthday wishes to your woodworker buddy. 

A new woodworker would appreciate this since it is on the high side and can’t be budgeted for until they make some cash. 

One thing with chisels is that they might not be needed on every project but when they are needed, there are very few alternatives to help get the job done. 

A quality and well-respected brand of chisel set you can give a woodworker you care about is the Irwin Marples on Amazon. It comes in a great box and has amazing reviews on Amazon. 

Hand saw 
Photo of a hand saw; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

Hand saws are used to cut dovetail joints and to finish off a cut that needs a bit of precision. 

One of the highest-rated saws on Amazon is the Japanese hand saw. The Gyokucho brand is one of the best and your buddy will surely appreciate this. 

Pocket hole jig system 
Photo of a pocket hole jig system; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

This amazing gift will help your woodworker friend when he needs a quick and clean way to join 2 pieces of wood together. 

A quality and affordable brand you can get is the Kreg’s R3 pocket hole system. It is a simple tool that helps new woodworkers handle complicated problems. 

The Kreg brand is known in the woodwork sector for high quality and innovative tools. Get one on Amazon.

Extra safe push tools
Photo of push blocks; one of the great gifts for  woodworkers

Though this might look boring as a gift, it is one of the best gifts for woodworkers. 

This set of tools of push blocks from the Micro Jig is the perfect solution to every scary problem like having your hands close to a sharp blade spinning at 3500 rpm. 

One thing this tool will do for a woodworker is to give him stability and control over the material they have with these blocks and help them keep their fingers. 

Get your friend a set of two of these blocks on Amazon.

Advanced pocket hole system
Photo of Kreg's K4 jig; an advanced pocket hole system.

You can take your woodworker buddy a step from the R3 system (if he already has it) by getting him the Kreg’s K4 jig

It has the same function as the R3 system but it is a step ahead as it comes with a clamping structure that helps reduce the time it takes to drill perfect and consistent pocket holes. 

I haven’t seen a woodworker who wasn’t happy with this tool and it is long-lasting. Get it on Amazon

Doweling jig 
Photo of a doweling jig

This high-quality piece of equipment is a perfect gift for veterans. It helps solve a singular problem that affects most woodworkers – consistently placing solid dowels. 

This jig is solid and made of aluminum. Every woodworker wants this but the steep price tag is not affordable by most. 

If you can afford this, your woodworker friend will appreciate it for life. 

It is available on Amazon

Jet 3-speed air filtration system 
Photo of a Jet 3 air filtration system

Many woodworkers are guilty of overlooking their safety and health in favor of their workshop stuff and tools. 

A way to care about the health of your woodworker is to get him this air filtration system. 

By exposing themselves to dust, woodworkers build up dust in their system over the years, and decades later, come down with health problems. 

This system implements proper dust control and protects the health of a woodworker. 

Give a woodworker you care about this system and it will make an incredible difference in their workshop and protect their health. 

Your woodworker might not know he has a dust problem until you get him this. 

His/her workshop will be a safe haven (health-wise) and an absolute pleasure to work in. It is available on Amazon

3M Virtua CCS protective eyewear
Photo of 3M safety glasses

One of the perfect birthday gifts for woodworkers that can relate your love and care is to give them something that protects their eyes.

Look after the eyes of your favorite woodworker by getting him this pair of safety glasses from 3M. 

This gift will be so useful especially if he doesn’t use glasses or wear contacts. Then accompany it with a short note that says “Don’t take risks with your eyes”. 

If your woodworker needs prescription safety glasses, then contact a good company to make one for you at a great value. 

Frames Direct can make a good pair of prescription safety glasses. 

Photo of Clamps; a great gift for woodworkers

Every woodworker can never have enough clamps. This gift will never be useless or unappreciated. 

Just have this at the back of your mind that THEY CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH CLAMPS. 

So, even if you get them clamps every birthday, they will always appreciate it. 

If you think your woodworker friend has enough clamps, go back and read the above sentence in caps. There are lots of brands to choose from but we advise you to go for the Bessey clamps. 

These are Rolls Royce of the clamp world and a woodworker will automatically read this gift as “I love you”, lol. 

Bessey is a premium product that a lot of woodworkers admire and wish to have but never get due to the cost. 

So here are some Bessey clamps you can give your woodworker friends on their birthdays:

  • Bessey BGPKIT general purpose clamps 

If you want to avoid the pain of choosing which clamps to buy, then go for this one.  

It has a great combination of clamps and it is a very good gift for a woodworker who has just a few clamps.

  • Bessey KRK2450 K body revo fixed jaw parallel clamp kit 

This perfect clamping square will make a great Christmas gift for a woodworker. It is fixed at 90 degrees and comes with 2 X 24” clamps and 2 X 50” clamps. 

With this tool, woodworkers can quickly set up clamps for perfect square clamping of picture and window frames, cabinets, and doors. Check out this brand on Amazon

  • Bessey GSCC2.524 2.5-inch economy clutch style bar clamp 

Bessey clamps are always on the high side but this is a cheaper option that still has that premium quality and looks. 

You can never go wrong by giving this to a friend who works with wood. It has protective pads on both jaws to protect the workpiece. 

This tool also has a 2 plate clutch that allows for clamping and quick setting. Get it on Amazon

18-volt LXT lithium-ion ¼ In. cordless impact driver kit 
Photo of Makita Impact Driver kit

This awesome impact driver looks like a cordless drill driver but it is much more than it. 

This tool works by applying forward pressure at the same time the bit is turning, this makes it a lot easier for woodworkers to drive home screws. 

It can fit into smaller spaces because the tools are small and compact. It has a chunk that can slip off if too much pressure is applied.

This makes it less likely for you to strip screws. Combine these impact drivers with a set of impact driver bits for a perfect birthday gift. 

Christmas Gifts For Woodworkers 

Improved dust collection 
Photo of Dust Deputy dust collection system

Is your woodworker buddy struggling to keep his workplace clean? Then get him this awesome tool. 

The Dust Deputy separates sawdust before entering a shop vac thereby preventing clogging. This makes room for easier disposal of dust. 

This system of dust collection comes with a separator and rolling collector for easy control and usage.  

You can find this amazing tool on Amazon.

Router with some power 
Photo of Bosch 1617 Router

One of the best brands you can get your friend is the Bosch’s 1617. With this tool, a woodworker can easily apply decorative edges, assemble raised panel doors, or extract materials. 

This will be one of the best gifts for a woodworker if he doesn’t have one already. 

You can accompany this gift with a router table to mount the router on. Get the Bosch’s 1617 tool on Amazon.

Miter saw 
Photo of a Miter saw; a great gift for woodworkers

Every woodworker will appreciate this tool and you can never go wrong in giving this for two reasons: 

1. If your friend doesn’t have this, he is probably daydreaming of this tool, and getting him one will be a spectacular and unforgettable gift. 

 2. If he has one (a cheap one), you know, just to get something that can cut. He will definitely appreciate an upgrade. 

A good brand to go for is the Dewalt saw. It can last for years, it is of great quality and it has great power. This is definitely one of the best gifts for woodworkers. 

Get it on Amazon starting at $350

Driver set/cordless drill 
Photo of a driver set/cordless drill

Dealing with cords is a pain especially when you are working on a project that is not close to an outlet. 

You will make things easier for that woodworker you care about by getting him this amazing tool. 

Tedious jobs will be turned into joy as he won’t have to change bits or unplug a cord just to drill a hole and set screws. 

A quality and long-lasting brand you should get is the drill driver set from Bosch. It comes with 2 tools, a charger, 2 batteries, and a case for carrying them around. 

Get this perfect gift on Amazon.

Dewalt planer 
Photo of a Dewalt Planer

Many woodworkers put off the need to adjust the thickness of materials used because of the price tag of a planer. 

With a little inventiveness, this planer will help your favorite woodworker adjust the thickness of materials and also plane warped wood. 

This is a perfect gift to get a woodworker if he already doesn’t have one. Get it on Amazon

Table saw miter gauge 
Photo of Table saw miter gauge

Yes, we know all table saws come with a miter gauge but this one is different from the rest. 

The INCRA’s miter 1000 is one of the best as it is very good and a great replacement for heavy table saw sleds. 

Even if your veteran woodworker has done a lot of work without this, he won’t like to go back after using this. 

Get it on Amazon

3M large half facepiece re-usable respiratory
Photo of a 3M respirator

If you can’t afford an air filtration system but you truly care about the health of your dear woodworker, you can get him this decent respirator. 

There are lots of choices to make when picking dust masks, so we’ve gone through the pain of picking a quality one for you. 

This 3M respirator on Amazon is very good, durable, and long-lasting. It is also super effective. 

3M peltor H2OA optime 105 earmuff 
Photo of a 3M earmuff

Are you thinking of a perfect Christmas gift that shows you care about the health of your woodworker? Then get him this protective tool for the ears. 

Many woodworkers know that they should protect themselves from dust, protect their fingers, their eyes, but usually forget to protect their ears. 

If your woodworker makes use of machinery in his workshop, then he has to protect his ears. 

Excess noise from machines also causes damage to one’s health but many don’t realize this until it is too late. 

Get him this earmuff from Amazon

Festool 574432 domino joiner DF 500 Q set
Photo of a Festool Domino joint; an awesome gift for a woodworke

Christmas gifts for woodworkers can’t be complete without making mention of Festool. 

This brand produces amazing, high quality, and innovative tools for woodworkers. This is why it is very expensive. 

The in-built quality and support of this tool is amazing. Any doubt about this tool would be cleared the moment your woodworker buddy uses it. And he definitely would thank you profusely for it.

The Festool domino is a hand-held power tool based on floating tenon joinery. It cuts very accurate slots (mortices) in 2 bits of timber and a small piece of wood (the domino) is used to join these pieces together.

If you want to see how Festool domino works, watch this video


There are many ways to show love to a woodworker and we hope this post has helped you know how to do it.

If you know other tools a woodworker will love,  you can let us know in the comment section. Also, check out these amazing gift ideas for Dad who wants nothing.

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