30+ DIY Wood Turning Projects That Sell Fast

In this post, we will be focusing on a unique form of woodwork known as wood turning. Wood turning projects are in high demand both in homes and workplaces. 

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Wood turning is a special form of woodwork that involves the use of a tool called a lathe. What makes wood turning unique from other forms of woodwork is the way wood turning projects are made. 

In other forms of woodworks, the wood is still while the tool used to create the project is what moves. In wood turning on the other hand, it is the wood that turns while the tool or cutter is stationary. 

This dynamic form of woodwork gives room for an incredible variety of projects. The 2 main types of wood turning are faceplate and spindle turning. 

The main difference between spindle and faceplate wood turning is in the direction of the wood’s grain in relation to the axis of the lathe. 

What Is A Lathe?

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This is an ancient tool that dates back to ancient Egypt. This is what is used in wood turning projects although it has evolved greatly anatomy-wise. 

Despite the numerous improvements in lathe, the basic principles of action remain the same. 

A lathe is simply a tool or machine that allows wood to be turned on its axis at high RPMs in order to develop a wide range of objects. A good lathe can be gotten here from Amazon.

Lots of objects can be made from wood turning and some of them are plates, boxes, bowls, goblets, pens, chair legs, stair balusters, table legs, etc. 

Wood turning can be done as a profession, a source of income, or as a hobby. In this digital age where much of our work is far from physical creation, this is a perfect way to engage in physical work that can be of immense health benefits. 

Both your mind and body are involved in wood turning. 

This post is for people who are looking for enticing wood turning ideas/projects. 

Amazing Wood Turning Projects


Wood turned bowls are the most popular wood turning projects and their demand in the market is impressive. Due to their popularity, wood turned bowls will make a perfect gift for anyone. 

They will also sell fast since bowls are one of the most used utensils in the home. You will realize a lot of sales if you put in your skills and creativity and make the bowls beautiful. 

Balsa wood plane plans 

These beautiful and informative designs are becoming quite popular. 

Wooden spoon 

This is one of the most important and most used wooden products in the kitchen. In Naturopathy, wooden spoons are used to fetch prepared herbs to avoid metal contaminations. 

This project will make great sales because most homes and naturopathic organizations use them. They also serve as great gifts. 

With good carving tools, you can get the shape of a bowl in the wood and make beautiful wooden spoons. 


Many people give out alabaster as gifts. Alabaster is a crystalline type of gypsum extracted from quarry sites around the world. 

You can carve this soft stone into a lathe using the alabaster. With your skills and creativity, you can make beautiful alabasters. 

Baby rattle 

Aside from being attractive, these are fun gifts you can give to your friends and family members who have kids. You can make these from a wide range of woods although the best wood to use for baby rattle is maple wood. 

If you can’t find maple wood, then use any tight-grained hardwood without oil or smell. 

Back scratcher 

There are many varieties of back scratchers at any store, most are even fancy and made of different materials like metals. You can make something different and get attention by making a wood turned back scratcher. 

This is a simple and fun project that can fetch you money. These come in handy during hot summer days. 


This wood turning project is both challenging and fun. You can make a bowl of balls and gift a friend or family member. Wooden balls are attractive and one of the best home decorations. 

For the mentioned reasons above, they will sell well and fast. 


Balusters are very beautiful and can be given as a gift without thinking twice because almost everyone loves them. 

With the lathe tool, you can make traditional shapes of balusters and sell them. 

Baseball bats 

This is one of the most popular sports in America and baseball bats will always be in demand. You can make customized baseball bats and earn a decent amount of money selling them. 


Beds have spindles on all 4 corners. These spindles vary in height and you can easily make this using the lathe tool. 

This wood turning project will never go out of demand since everyone uses a bed. 

Bird feeder 

A very pleasurable hobby in the US is watching birds. Nature lovers love and appreciate the performances and antics of different birds as they fly around searching for food. 

A lot of Americans love watching the different species and bright-colored birds come to the gardens or backyards to search for food. Many consider this as a form of leisure or spending time with nature. 

Due to this, a lot of people have bird feeders in their gardens. Wood turned bird feeders that are attractive and even customized will make good sales. 


You can make furniture with the lathe machine. Chairs are necessities in every home. Beautiful wood turned chairs can even be used as gifts that will be highly appreciated. 


Everyone, every day looks at a clock. These are commodities we can’t do without. And a beautiful wood turned clock will not only serve as a necessity in the house but also as a decoration on the wall. 

You can even customize the clocks to make them more attractive. Customized wood-turned clocks can also be used as gifts any season. 

Coffee cups 

A lot of people love coffee. Some can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. 

You can show your skills and creativity by making wood-turned coffee cups and making good cash. Coffee cups are popular all over the world and they can never be enough. 

A wooden coffee cup will attract coffee lovers. 

Candle holders 

Many people around the world love candles. Most religions used candles in prayers. It has a soothing feel and it is primitive to human souls. 

It is even believed that candles have something to do with human fundamental instincts. A wood-turned candle holder will sell fast. Employ your creativity here and make different shapes, sizes, colors, or patterns and make your money. 

Cowboy hat 

This is one of the most amazing wood turning projects and what’s unique about it is that you can’t tell if it is made of wood or cloth from a distance. 

This is one of the less common wood turned products but this doesn’t mean it won’t sell. They are very beautiful and useful, so people would buy them. 


Wood lamps are very popular and loved by many. You will make good sales if yours are beautiful and well designed. It is possible to use a multi-wood project or you can use a single wood project, including segmented woods. 

Wood-turned lamps will make good sales and they are perfect to give as gifts on any occasion or season. 


Well, this is not well-known among people but it is a well-known tool among gardeners and it is used mostly during planting. A dibble is a pointy shaft used to create slums in the ground for planting. 

It is commonly used to make holes for bulbs because this group of plants needs a deep hole so they can be firmly rooted in the ground. 

A well-designed or customized dibble will make good sales among gardeners and people who are into farming. 


Wooden baby holders are loved by many parents. Make your baby holder beautiful and with rockers, and with some motion (moving toys) to keep the baby engaged. 

The cradle should be comfortable enough so that the baby can easily fall asleep. Wood-turned cradles are one of the most expensive woodturning projects.


These are the most popular wood-turned projects and they are very easy to make. There are a lot of turning materials you can use in making beautiful pens that sell fast. 

Pepper grinders

Also known as pepper mills, these are highly utilized in almost every kitchen and will make good sales. 

Walking sticks

Wood-turned sticks like walking and hiking sticks and even canes and other sticks that have long spindles can be easily made with a lathe. 

You can decorate them in many ways and even offer customized versions to boost your sales. 

The only limit here is your imagination and a lot of people are going to love these. 

Tool handles 

These are getting popular these days and an easy way to make money from this is to make custom designs for customers. The handles can be made with striking woods that are fairly stunning. 

Egg cup 

This has been a popular kitchen tool over many years and its main use to hold cooked eggs for eating. 

Beautiful and customized wood-turned egg cups will make good sales. 

Box with lid 

Wood turned boxes with lid can serve as treasure boxes or boxes to keep fancy items or valuables. These also serve as perfect gifts on any occasion and to anyone. 

You can use your skills and creativity to add hidden compartments and drawers. Many people will love this. To make them more desirable, you can customize them. 

Flower vases and pots 

These wood-turned products are also popular like wooden bowls. They sell well as most homes and even businesses use this to decorate their homes and offices. 

You can make beautiful and even customized pots and vases of different sizes. This can be used as a romantic gift during valentine or any other time of the year. 

It is also a perfect gift for any occasion or to any person. A lot of people love and prefer wooden flower pots and vases to ceramics and glass versions because they don’t break easily. 

This makes wood turned flower pots and vases a long-lasting option for home owners and floriculturists. This is one of the reasons why they sell well. 

Table and chair legs 

You might be wondering who will need table and chair legs. Well, furniture is not cheap and they also don’t last forever and the most affected parts of furniture are the legs of tables and chairs. 

The legs of tables and chairs take a lot of pressure and beat overtime and this is why they break because they get weak due to this. Many people affected by broken furniture may not want to throw the whole furniture away. 

An easy way to fix this is to replace the broken legs. And luckily for woodturners, table and chair legs are very easy to make and the process is straightforward.

Before you do this, you have to consider the original wood used and the total weight of the table itself. If you advertise yourself well, you will get clients. 

You can also offer to modify existing legs of chairs and tables. 

Pool Cue 

Pool players and people who love snooker will love wood turned pool cue. You can even customize it and make it beautiful and attractive. 

This will make a lot of sales. 

Chess pieces 

Chess is a popular game played even by kids. There are many types of chess competitions and this game keeps getting popular daily. It is in the curriculum of some schools and it is one of the most common games played by the rich and elderly. 

Beautifully-crafted and wood-turned chess pieces will be loved by all, from the learner to the chess masters. You can also craft specialized boards.

Many people will love to try new and exciting pieces rather than sticking to the traditional pieces. This can also serve as exciting gifts to friends and family who love chess. 

Serving trays 

Wound turned serving trays will make a perfect gift in festive seasons. Trays are the most utilized kitchen utensils around the world. You can make round or square-shaped wood turned tables and sell. 

You can also make rectangle wood-turned trays. They should be beautiful and attractive. Offering a customized version will boost your sales. 

Rolling pin

Another commonly used utensil in the kitchen is the rolling pin. It is used in both cooking and baking. 

This is an easy wood turned project to make and you can make good money selling them since they can never go out of demand. 

Ring holder

In case you are wondering what this is, it is a useful tool used to hold rings when people are taking showers, washing dishes, or doing chores that has to do with soap and water. 

Ring holders are becoming popular and they can serve as wedding gifts to couples. Also, they are very easy and straightforward to make, even a beginner in wood turning can do this with ease. 

Another advantage this wood turning project has is that it needs only a small amount of wood to make. This makes it possible to save a few dollars on wood bought. 

The best wood to use for this project is the walnut base. 


Hey, don’t discard this yet saying you are not in China. Chopsticks are becoming quite popular as the number of Chinese restaurants around the world keeps growing. 

There is at least one Chinese restaurant in almost every major city in the world. So you can make money making and selling beautiful chopsticks. 

Aside from Chinese restaurants and all, noodles are one of the most popular foods in the world, and chopsticks are used to eat noodles. This is a very easy project to make and you also need a small amount of wood to do this. 

Chopsticks and wooden bowls will make perfect gifts. 

How To Prepare Wood Turning Projects For Finishes

Before you add a finish to your wood turning projects, you have to prepare the surface properly because there is no perfect finish that can hide torn grain, sanding scratches, and even tool marks. 

A perfect way to prepare your surfaces for finishes is to use the sanding savvy. Use fresh sandpaper and throw away dull ones and make sure you sand in a room where they are enough lights so you can easily see scratches and other defects. 

Avoid causing heat when sanding so that you will not burnish the surface and make it difficult for finishes to penetrate and adhere. Then clean the surfaces of your wood turnings with a paper towel before you apply the finish. 

6 Important Finishes For Wood Turning Projects

As a woodturner, you will need finishes before offering your work for sale or using it, if you are doing it as a hobby. There are a lot of finishes for wood turning projects in the market and this can get many woodturners confused. 

We have helped you by narrowing down your choices to the best 6 professional woodturners use. It is not even possible to use only one finish for all your wood turning projects. 

The criteria that determine the type of finish to use for a wood turning project are:

  • The type of wood used 
  • The size of the project 
  • What the project will be used for 
  • The drying time 
  • The durability of the finish 
  • The desired sheen (either you want gloss or satin)
  • The ease of application 
  • If the finish is water or solvent-based 
  • The cleanup process after application 
  • The reparability of the finish 
  • Can the finish be used with food? (this is a very important health factor to consider as most kitchen utensils are made of woods)

Below are some of the best finishes you can find in the market.

1. Cyanoacrylate (CA) glues 

This is ideal for small projects like wine stoppers, pens, etc. Wear gloves when applying it and also a face shield. 

2. Water-based finishes 

These are the most common finishes and they give a rich amber tone that can be buffed to either a high gloss or satin sheen. It is resistant to acid and durable. 

It is easy to apply and can be cleaned up with water. Also, it gives an attractive surface to projects with just one coating while several coatings give a deep luster. 

This is best used for kitchen utensils and other utility items that need a durable finish. 

3. 3-step lacquer and wax 

This gives a glass-clear coating to wood turning projects. It dries fast and you can reapply another coating without sanding in between. 

It builds depth and can easily be repaired with a wax remover and light sanding. Then you put another coat on it. This finish is best used for small and large decorations.

It is not healthy to use it for kitchen utensils. 

4. Oil finish 

Watco penetrating Danish oil is a quality oil-based finish. This product is a blend of boiled linseed oil and varnish. It can easily penetrate woods, seal surfaces, and add a low luster. 

It is easy to apply, although it takes time to get your desired result. Also, it is easy to repair and this finish gives a soft and durable appearance with a warm amber tone. 

It is best for furniture and general turnings. 

5. Speedy friction finishes 

This is a very popular finish for salt and pepper mills. If done properly, it gives a high glowing high-gloss. It is also good for pens and other small turnings. 

6. Mineral oil

This is one of the best finishes for kitchen utensils because it is a food-grade finish. Another wonderful advantage it has is that it is cheap and can be gotten at any pharmacy for about $6. 

It is inert, tasteless, odorless, and colorless. It can be easily applied whether on or off the lathe and it’s also easy to repair. You can add more protection and sheen by adding beeswax. 

Don’t add beeswax on art objects because it can attract specks of dust. Wood turning projects coated with this finish need regular recoating because its water resistance is very low and it collects dust. Also, it gives a low luster. 

Wrap Up

We hope this post answers all your questions about wood turning projects and the best ones that sell fast. If you know of more wood-turned projects that sell fast, please let us know in the comment section. Also check out this post on crafts that sell fast. Do you have a woodworker friend? Here are ideas on amazing gifts for woodworkers.

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