30+ Unique Air Dry Clay Ideas

Air dry clays are a popular and inexpensive choice for any kind of art project. Kids and learners also use them to perfect their craft-making skills. Even experienced artists enjoy playing with air dry clay.

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Air drying clay is a popular art and recreational activity loved by many people. A lot of people just enjoy the simplicity of air-drying clay. 

You can air dry clay as a hobby or earn by selling your crafts. Many products can be made from air-dried clay. Many people think it’s only plates that can be made from air dry clays. 

This is not true. Some of the products you can make are:

  • Jewelry 
  • Ornaments 
  • Bowls 
  • Toys
  • Utility tools
  • Garden pots 
  • Decorations, etc. 

An amazing thing about air drying clay is that you don’t need a kiln or an oven to make unique and beautiful products. You simply air dry your products when done and they will be dry to touch after 24 hours. 

Sometimes the drying can be as long as 72 hours because the thicker the clay is, the longer it will take to dry fully. Air dry clay is kid-friendly, so you don’t have to worry when your kids test their skills with this. 

Air Dry Clay Ideas For Adults

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1. Stamped air dry clay bowls 

You can easily shape air dry clay into bowls and plates, and decorate them. Use stamps containing words of your choice to impress them on the wet clay plates and bowls and allow them to dry.

You can give this out as a birthday or valentine’s gift. 

2. Clay leaf bowl 

Nature lovers would love this. You can preserve nature in a clay bowl and give this to any nature lover you know. Choose a leaf you like, take note of the shape and texture because you will use that to make an impression on the clay bowl. 

When you’ve made the bowl, cut around the edge of the leaf and form the clay leaf into a bowl. This air dry container will have all the delicate veins of the leaf as part of its texture.

You can make many of these bowls and use them as lovely home décor pieces. 

3. Tropical themed air dry clay plates 

Some graphic black and white tropical themed plates using air dry clay will make a perfect gift for any occasion or even serve as home décor accessories. 

Make a trendy look that you will love. You can use a round plate, a tropical leaf, and a pineapple. Decorate these with white and black paint. 

4. Air dry clay necklace 

For those who think that air dry clay is used for making plates only should see this proof. This beautiful scalloped necklace will make a perfect gift for jewelry lovers. 

This easy air dry clay jewelry is made by rolling the clay into a thin sheet. Then you cut the scalloped pattern from a paper template. Stack them, dry them, and paint the scalloped shapes to form a necklace that you love. 

5. Mini succulent planters 

Note that air dry clay is not waterproof but you can still make these clay pots and put rubber plants in them to serve as decorations. 

If you want this to hold life plants and retain moisture, then make this beautiful product by wrapping clay around a plastic container. The will help retain moisture for your plant without damaging the clay. 

This way, your flower pot will last long and stay dry. 

6. Clay pendant hanging lamp 

This beautiful air dry clay project has many advantages. It can serve as a source of light. So if you have any space that needs some light, you can put this there. 

It also serves as a decorative accessory. Then it is also a good conversation starter, lol. 

7. Clay circle garland 

A lot of people think garlands can only be made from paper. Well, you can make them also from clay. Cut circles from your prepared clay and hang them from a string. 

You can use natural-colored clay or clay painted in vibrant color. This is a unique garland, right? 

8. Clay and rope pot 

This is a super eye-catching and beautiful product. Make a clay pot and then add ropes to the upper edges of the bowl to form a nautical theme. 

If well made, you won’t believe it is made from air dry clay, except you are told. This will make a perfect gift to art lovers and can also serve as decorative accessories. 

9. Air dry clay earrings 

Do you love unique, beautiful, and handmade jewelry? Then try this beautiful air dry clay project. They are beautiful and can help reduce the money you spend on accessories. 

10. Clay cactus ring holder 

People who have enough rings or jewelry and have no place to store them will appreciate this air dry clay product. People would even love to buy these because not having where to store your jewelry equals chaos. 

With this, women can keep their necklaces and rings from tangling. A perfect jewelry organizer like this can be given as a gift for birthdays or Valentine. 

This clay cactus ring holder is very cute and perfectly holds rings. 

Air Dry Clay Ideas For Kids 

1. Faux cookies and biscuits 

Remember that air dry clay is kid-friendly. So when next your children want to imagine they are grownups and want to play in the kitchen, you can give them air dry clay to make some faux cookies. 

This fun activity will make them happy. They almost look good to eat lol. 

2. Mid-century ceramic hand dish 

This interior home décor has enjoyed a robust popularity in recent years. These ceramic dishes got their inspiration from the Italian Bitossi studio style of the 50s and 60s. 

This air dry clay project will be an interesting mother’s day craft idea. Kids will even enjoy making this because it is simple.

3. Leaf clay dish 

Fall time is the perfect time to make leaves and other nature-based related crafts. Kids will love making these because they are quite easy and fun to make. 

Making this together as a family is a perfect way to start the season. This nature project looks really beautiful and stylish. It can be used as a wonderful handmade gift to your friends and relatives. 

4. Clay sugar skull bead necklace 

Are your kids bored or complaining of boredom? Why not keep them busy with this fun activity? 

Kids love crafts, engage them in creating this unique air dry clay craft- the sugar skull bead necklace project. They are easy to make. 

5. Geometric colored pencil holder 

Are your kids getting ready to get back to school? Then engage them in this wonderful project. They can make this at home and place them on their study desk at home. 

Geometric shapes are in vogue right now and you can find them pretty much on every design. This is an easy geometric project for kids to make at home or school. 

6. Herb garden markers 

Are you looking forward to spring and summer? Everyone does because this is when nature comes alive, the weather gets warmer, and many awesome things happen. 

You can engage your kids in organizing your home garden to properly welcome spring. They can help you make this very easy air dry clay product-marbled garden marker made with air dry clay. 

They can make many and you use them to identify all the herbs you plant. 

7. Air dry clay rainbow craft 

Kids love rainbows, but with this craft, they don’t have to wait for the sun and rain again before they see a rainbow. They can make and add little rainbows in their home. 

These tiny beautiful and adorable rainbows are made from air dry clay and paint. They are easy to make and kids will enjoy making them. 

They can hang their homemade air dry clay rainbows on the wall or hang them down from the ceiling. 

8. Clay coil hearts 

Are your kids getting cooped up in the house or are they always on their phones? Then let them try this interesting air dry clay project. 

Kids will enjoy making these air dry clay coil hearts. They can hang these on their walls or even take them to school and show off their artwork. 

9. Embossed clay star craft for kids 

Christmas season is all about love, family, and giving gifts. It is also about decorations and decorating your entire home. If you want unique Christmas decorations this year, why not engage the kids and do this. 

These embossed air dry clay stars are lovely and kids will love making them and setting them up in their rooms. 

10. Air dry clay garden gnomes for kids 

Are you searching for an interesting and rainy day craft project for kids? Why not try this easy and beautiful one.

These little gnomes made from air dry clay are super cute. You can be there to help and supervise them. 

11. Air dry clay alphabet plates 

Parents always look for interesting projects to do with their kids. This air dry clay alphabet plate is one of the best projects you can engage your kids with. 

The plates are cool and easy to make. You can supervise your kids while they make them in many designs and colors. Even in schools, this is a perfect art project kids will love. 

At home, during the rainy days, kids will also enjoy doing this project. 

12. Fantasy dragon egg

Are you and your children fans of Harry Potter? Or fans of “How to train your dragon”? If yes, this is the perfect project for you. 

Or do your kids wonder what a dragon egg looks like? Then why not give them an opportunity to create something according to their imagination. 

You supervise them while they create their dragon eggs with air dry clay. And who knows, one of those eggs might hatch a baby dragon, lol. 

More Air Dry Clay Project Ideas

1. Air dry clay beads 

There has been a recent increase in the popularity of beads and bead products. Beads are used in making many things, including key chains. 

You can also make beads from air dry clay and form a beautiful necklace with them. With your creativity, you can do this in many shapes and sizes. 

You can easily decorate your air dry clay with splatter paint. 

2. Mini swan clay craft 

Are you looking for the sweetest handmade craft as a desktop accessory? Then you have gotten the right one. This mini swan made from Crayola air dry clay can be used as a decoration in the home. 

It can also serve many uses as an organizer, planter, coins or ring holder, etc. Apart from being a decorative accessory, it is also an item with great utility. 

3. Hanging clay planter

Nature lovers who are always looking for ways to organize their small plants will cherish this air dry clay project. This project helps them mount their plants to the wall. 

Tiny flowers and plants can fit into these where they serve as interior décor. You can make this and hang it in your living room to serve as a wonderful room decoration. 

4. 4th of July tea light holders 

The fourth of July is celebrated yearly, you can mark this special day with your family and friends by using magical lights. 

Create yours from simple tea light holders using air dry clay and other items. These are surprisingly easy to pay and they serve as wonderful decorations on the table. 

5. Air dry clay Christmas ornaments 

If you are tired of hunting for Christmas ornaments every year, why not make yours with air dry clay? 

With your creativity, air dry clay, a few cutter sets of different shapes, alphabet stamps, and many other items, you can make the Christmas ornaments you want. 

6. Mini vase magnet craft tutorial

These awesome air dry clay projects can serve as gifts or as decorations in the home. They are easy to make. All you need are air dry clay, flowers, magnets, and other supplies. 

Then you make these beautiful projects. 

7. Textured clay planter 

Almost everyone loves fancy textured planters and I am sure you’ve admired many online because they are stylish and beautiful. However, they are so expensive. 

If you don’t have the money to spend on planters, you can make yours using air dry clay without baking the clay in the oven. When it dries, you plant your favorite house plant. 

8. Seashell necklace with clay

Fashion changes as the seasons change right? If you are looking for summer accessories, look no further. This is an ideal necklace idea for you. 

And you can make this yourself using air dry clay and guess what? It perfectly goes with any summer outfit of your choice. 

9. Easy homemade air clay recipe 

Christmas is a time for showing love and also a time for crafting. This is the time of the year where people create some beautiful and magical ornaments and decorations. 

If you are looking for a perfect DIY project, then stop by here. You can wrap this decoration around your Christmas tree or on your walls. 

Strings and lights make your home look magical on Christmas. 

10. Lacey clay containers 

It always gets messy no matter how one tries to organize their jewelries. This is why you need this air dry clay container to store all your jewelry in. 

This is beautiful and cheap. You don’t have to break the bank to keep your jewelry safe. 

How To Use Air Dry Clays

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The following tips below will guide you on how best to use your air dry clays and get the best out of them. 

Buy the right clay 

There are many different types of air drying clay and the type you choose to use depends on the type of project you want to do. You need to know what clay suits your project. 

You should know the best clay for your product when you answer these questions:

  • How big do I want my final product? 
  • Do I want it to be heavy or how much .do I want it to weigh? 
  • How much money do I have to spend on clay? 
  • Do I want my clay to have a heftier or premium feel? This is very good for beads, trinkets, and jewelry

If you want large products, choose paper-based air drying clay. Larger projects need a lot of materials, also using paper-based clay will help you save money. Then the finished product will be lighter. 

For smaller projects like jewelry, choose a resin-based air drying clay, which is also known as porcelain-based clay. This type of clay is much denser and looks much similar to baked polymer clay when dried. 

However, resin-based clay is heavier and more expensive but it gives smaller projects a premium feel. 

Use your clay wisely 

When you’ve decided on the best clay for your project, you buy your clay from a reputable store. Always try to buy enough for your projects because it is difficult to preserve open clay. 

They become hard and useless. If you buy several bags, just open one bag at a time. Finish with that before you open the next. Then when you open your sealed bag of clay, take a pinch of the amount of clay you want to use. 

You can use a string of floss or wire to cut chunks of clay, this will also help you get the right measurement of the clay to use. 

How to knead your clay 

Knead and massage your clay until it becomes soft and easy to work with. The warmth from your hands will spread to the clay and make it flexible. 

You have to take time and condition the clay, this is important for proper use and so that your products will come out well. If you know you will need multiple bags of clay, you can knead all of them at a time after each bag of clay has warmed and kneaded separately. 

If you are using paper-based clay, add a little quantity of water to make it soft. You can soften and even color resin-based clay with acrylic paint. 

After preparing your clay, you can shape it into form. You can make flat and even 3D projects or any shape you desire. You can use crafting tools to get your desired shape.

If you are making an extra-large project like a vase that needs to stand up, you need to get a large and flat base. 

How to decorate your projects

You can use beads, yards, and even other pieces of clay to decorate your project. Press them into the clay with enough pressure. Do this with care so you don’t change the shape of your project or squash it. 

How to store excess clay 

You have to use only the quantity of clay you know you can finish because clay spoils easily once you open them. However, if you have leftover clays, you can wrap them tightly in wax paper and store them in plastic bags. 

But this leftover clay won’t still be easy to work with or even useful again. Although, you can still save some tough clay by using a microwave to warm it up. 

How to dry your clay

Get a clean, nonporous, and smooth surface to dry your clay products for 24 hours or more. Put the clay down and don’t move or disturb them until they get dried. 

You need to be patient so you don’t ruin your products. After 24 hours, you can check and even touch to see if your clay is dried. Thick clay needs extra time. 

In order to avoid touching your clay and ruining it just to check if it is dry, there are visible checks you can do. 

Paper-based clay looks very opaque when dry while resin-based clay turns darker and looks translucent. 

After your clay has dried, remove it and take it back to the drying area. Don’t drop it or have any risk of breaking it. The clay can look hard but it is brittle, so handle it with care. 

At this point, you can decorate your clay further if you please. You can use watercolor paints, acrylic, or tempera on dry clay projects. 

You can also attach some beads, fabrics, sequins, and other fun decorations to your clay project. 

Wrap Up

We hope this post helps you know many things about air dry clay projects and even how to use and preserve your air dry clays. 

If you have any other interesting air dry clay projects you would love to share with the world, please let us know in the comment section. Also, check out amazing wood crafts that sell fast.

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