Top 30+ Black Lifestyle Blogs to follow in 2022

There are so many black lifestyle blogs out there, each with their own uniqueness, but which should you read?

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In this post, we have gathered a list of the best black lifestyle blogs just for you. 

So, if you are searching for quality black lifestyle blogs that speak directly to you, then keep reading.

Lifestyle blogs

  1. Her Modern life

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Her Modern Life is a lifestyle, fashion, and travel blog owned by Sydnei Jarman. She gets her writing inspiration from personal experiences, the places she has visited, the styles she wears, and the fashion style she wishes she had when she was young. On her blog, she shares her transition journey from being “Tacky” in 2004 to acquiring her “Haute” Lifestyle in 2020.

Photo of Her modern life; one of the best black lifestyle blogs

Once in her blog, she asked, “when was the last time you thought about yourself? Not for pride or out of vanity, but for necessity?”This stirred up passion in the mind of her readers, and she led them on how to stand out and find the best in themselves.

The most important takeaways from her modern life blog are 

  • how to improve yourself
  • how to start from where you find yourself
  • Also, how not to follow the crowd.
  1. Color Me Courtney
Photo of Color me Courtney; one of the best black lifestyle blogs

Color me Courtney is a black lifestyle blog by Courtney Quinn. Courtney Quinn is an NYC blogger with a great sense of style. She loves bright colors and writes mostly about her experience and how she and her dog, Waffles, explore the world.

  1. Influencing in color
Photo of Influencing in Color; one of the best black lifestyle blogs

Influencing in color is one blog that positively influences women of every color. 4 bloggers write this blog: @authentically.b, @sheymone, @mgoodlikemegan, and @newtexacali.

They are gorgeous women, all embodying what influencing in color truly means.

Photo of Awesome Luvvie; one of the best black lifestyle blogs

Yes, that’s me. I believe women can have it all; you can be a working class lady and still have a happy family. All we seek is balance, right? I share tips on how to find it.

On, you learn how to be a great mother with a rich bank account and happy life.

  1. Awesomely Luvvie

Luvvie writes an awesome blog that can help boost your mood. She’s a New York Times bestselling author, pop-culture comedian, lifestyle blogger, digital strategist, and nonprofit founder.

She has a way of seeing the bright side of things no matter how bad things get; no wonder she is so successful.

  1. Inner Thoughts Out Loud 
Photo of one of the best black lifestyle blogs

Kivvi Robert is the brain behind inner thoughts out loud. Her blog is full of thoughts, feelings, expressions, and desires.

She also shares a wide range of inspiring materials created by her, and her blog provides a safe space for people to explore and express their own innermost emotions.

  1. A Black Girl Blogging 
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

A black girl blogging is founded by Tandra Smith, a student at Georgia Southern University.

On her blog, she shares her feelings and thoughts on beauty, food, and fashion. She has a passion for sharing her life on her blog. Even if you get to spend just one minute on the blog, you will feel like you’ve known her your whole life. 

Also, since her life is almost like a regular black girl, it is easy to relate.

  1. The Real Chi
Photo of the Real Chi; one of the best black lifestyle blogs

Chi is a content creator based in New York and writes posts ranging from lifestyle to travel, fashion, and beauty. She is the founder of The CrownLife and shares tips for the interpersonal growth of young women.

She loves fun and glamorous fashion and shares them on her blog.

  1. Raven Elyse TV

Raven Elyse owns a black lifestyle blog called Raven Elyse TV website. Being a 23-year-old single mom, she chooses to write mostly about her journey as a single mother. 

On this blog, she shares her experiences on the challenges of being a single mom, her adventures, fashion tips, and what it takes her to raise her daughter alone.

While she was in high school, she started blogging about hair hacks, makeup tutorials, and DIYs. For her, blogging is more than talking about her life and making videos; it is more of creating a bond with her readers and providing tips on how to live better.

She believes that in life, things won’t always go the way you plan, and when that happens, you should be able to create another plan that keeps you moving.

  1. YourPalJordyn
Photo of YourPalJordyn; one of the best black lifestyle blogs

With colorful blog feeds, Jordan makes the internet and the world at large a more comforting place to be. If you’re struggling with gloomy days and need an energy boost, then stop over by Jordan’s blog.

  1. Scout the city

Scout The City is a lifestyle blog by Sai De Silva.

She writes primarily about food, female fashion, daily routine fitness, and travels. She experiments all her styling on herself and her daughter. Silva also throws in general life advice on her blog and YouTube channel.

  1. Blushing Black
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

Have you ever heard of the blushing black blog? 

LaTisha is the owner of Blushing Black Blog, and she creates relatable lifestyle blog content for women.  Many women feel so connected with her blog as she makes it a safe place to engage by sharing her thoughts and personal experiences with the audience.

On blushing black, the content ranges from fashion to fitness, arts, beauty, culture, and other life hacks for women.

  1. The B Werd
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

Courtney Brand created The B Werd, a community for Alpha Boss Babes. According to her,  she visualized making a place where women could learn, disclose, and groom ideas that’s most often not discussed in many places.

  1. Carmen Renee Blog
Photo of Carmen Renee; one of the best black lifestyle blogs

This blog is owned by Carmen, a lady from Kansas City. She writes about everything from beauty to marriage, fashion, and even motherhood. She has five years of experience in blogging, and she finds passion in sharing her life with people. 

Every page on her blog is highly inspiring and will help you live your best life.

  1. One Girl One World
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

This is a unique black lifestyle blog written by a high-spirited self-love advocate. Francesca writes great posts on skincare, travel, and hair tips. Being featured on Forbes and Washington Post, Francesca is the kind of girl you want to read.

Fashion blogs

  1. Style pantry
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

Are you looking for a fashion and lifestyle blog? Style pantry is the one-stop for you. 

This blog features street style, lookbooks, campaigns and interviews with industry folks.

It is owned by Folake Kuye Huntoon, who regularly writes about her daily looks as a career woman with three kids. She also blogs tips and tricks on how and where to shop for the best clothes. Also, she has an online shop for her brand.

  1. Pride magazine
Photo of The Pride Magazine; one of the best black lifestyle blogs

The Pride magazine is the face of Black Britain. It has been the lifestyle Bible for black women in the UK. 

It is a unique blog, and its content blends the modern UK living, with multiculturalism.

  1. Jadore fashion
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

Stella writes a black lifestyle blog, Jadore Fashion, from Maryland, USA. 

She shares posts on her current obsessions and cravings, daily outfits, street style inspiration, lifestyle, and other thoughts about Nigerian culture.

  1. Talking with Tami
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

Talking with Tami is a blog written by Tami Reed. It is a black lifestyle blog that highlights fashion, celebrities, beauty, entertainment, events, and style.

Tammy Reed has got an excellent eye for fashion, and she has worked with brands like ALDI, K Mart, Ford and Disney from hosting social media campaigns.

  1. Trendy curvy
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

Trendy curvy is one of the best lifestyle blogs for plus-sized women. It shares lifestyle, fashion, beauty, clothing, and travel tips.

Owned by Christine, a fashion blogger from Los Angeles, this blog is on a mission to prove to curvy women that they can be as stylish and fabulous as every other person.

  1. Where Did U Get That
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

Karen has the black lifestyle fashion blog ‘Where Did U Get That’, which provides fashion tips. 

She shares and recommends good fashion shops and boutiques that are not so popular to make it to the first page of popular magazines, but have some of the best clothes for women.

Karen is a British-born New York-based curious fashion blogger and street style photographer.  Her blog posts are primarily documentaries of street styles where she asks people, “where did you get that?”

  1. My Curves and Curls
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

My curves and curls are written by Assa, a Canadian lady who talks about plus size fashion and style.

It is a black lifestyle blog about personal style, beauty, hair, thrift finds and shopping deals. She loves getting pretty, spending time with her family, and traveling.


  1. Mom baby heart
Photo of Mom Baby Heart; one of the best black lifestyle blogs

Mom baby heart is a blog by Lily Ugbaja, still me again!

It is a first-time mom blogging community that supports moms with love and respect.  On this blog, I share tips on pregnancy, labor and birth, and everything in between.

  1. Taryn Newton blog
Photo of some of the best black lifestyle blogs

Taryn Newton is a super mother of 3. Her blog solves every woman’s puzzle, “how to achieve your goals while looking great”. This, of course, shows on her, and people love to learn from her because she shows tangible results.

25.  Mater Mea

Mater Mea is a black motherhood blog that is centered on helping mothers thrive in motherhood, career, and life in general. Many writers contribute to it.

You can count on them in every stage of life as a mother, right from when looking for a midwife, to handling a stressful job situation.

26. Product Review Mom

Are you a mom looking for a blog that reviews products? Louida Martin, on her blog, Product Review Mom, shares reviews on the products she has used. This ranges from beauty, to skincare, food, cars, entertainment, and money making chances. Her daughter is also a contributor on this blog.

Vegan blogs

Photo of Jessica in the kitchen; one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

Jessica gives the best vegan recipes. She believes that the vegan lifestyle should not be boring, so she floods her blog with the newest vegan recipes. According to her, her mission is to provide simple recipes from her kitchen to yours. Are you a black vegan? stop by her blog to spice up your cooking.

Photo of Sweet Potato Soul; one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

This black vegan blog is written by Jenn Claiborne, from California, US. It is a vegan food and lifestyle blog that provides you with cookbooks and cooking shows. Jenn shares healthy, delicious and easy to prepare vegan recipes weekly.

Photo of Black Vegans today; one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

Get all the black vegan and plant news you need from Black Vegans Today. This blog also shares helpful tips and information from the perspective of blacks. Most of their contributors are vegans. 

They understand that everyone’s journey to the vegan lifestyle is different and they respect that.

Photo of Healthier Steps; one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

Healthy Steps is owned by a US-based photographer, and voice and content creator, Michelle. She was motivated to start this blog after going through a series of health issues that finally landed her a vegan. Now, she inspires people to make healthier choices by providing deasy, delicious vegan and gluten free recipes.

Photo of the Sistah Vegan; one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

The Sistah Vegan is that blog that inspires black people to adopt the vegan lifestyle, self-care, and sustainable living. It does this by sharing insightful posts on their blog, hosting workshops, web talks, conferences, and delicious vegan recipes.

Photo of Black Vegans Rock; one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

This blog is written by a black blogger Aph Ko, who believes that anyone can be vegan, though the lifestyle is sometimes stereotyped as “a white thing”. Ko gets past this stigma by featuring famous black and vegan people to prove that the lifestyle is for all. 

Travel and Food 

Photo of Girl Gone Travel;  one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

Girl Gone Travel is owned by Carol Cain. She is an outspoken consultant about the need for diversity in travel blogging. She provides great travel tips on her blog, and encourages everyone to tell their stories despite their backgrounds.

Photo of Ochristine;  one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

This blog is owned by Olivia, a travel and wellness blogger. She left the corporate american lifestyle to discover herself more on the road. Olivia is not just the passer-by kind of traveler, she spends weeks to months at her travel destinations to truly understand the place, people and culture. 

According to her, house sitting made her travel journey possible.

Photo of Will Drink For Travel;  one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

Will Drink For Travel is a travel blog by Ashlee. She is a great traveler and incorporates cocktails and wines in her travel stories. She shares great tips on the places to visit, where to eat and drink as you stay there.

Ashlee is a travel contributor on Baltimore TV, and was also featured on Thrillist.

Photo of Roni the travel guru;  one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

Roni writes a blog, Roni The Travel Guru. She has 25 years of experience in the travel industry and speaks several languages. She shares her experiences, knowledge, and travel tips on the blog. she has also written a book “How to Travel to Paris Like a Rock Star: Even If You Have an Indie Band Budget

Photo of The Globe Getter;  one of the amazing black lifestyle blogs

The Globe Getter is owned by Tausha. She travels around the world even as a full-time worker. From her experiences, she floods her blog with travel stories, tips on how to travel efficiently, travel tips and guides. 


These are some of the best black lifestyle blogs that make you come alive. Let us know the blog you love most from our list, or add your favorite blog in the comment section. 

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