22 Work From Home Jobs For Moms (That Pay Up To $200 Daily)

Are you a mom like me who wishes to stay at home with her children and at the same time want to have a fulfilling job that you enjoy? If yes, then we’ve got the perfect compilation of work from home jobs for moms that you will find useful. 

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Statistically, up to 24 percent of people work from home daily (according to the United States Bureau Of Labor) and a greater portion of this number are moms who are taking care of the home front. Moms are often skilled at multitasking – all thanks to juggling various life responsibilities daily. So, the following flexible (and profitable) work from home jobs for moms will help stay at home moms build a successful career.

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Work From Home Jobs For Moms

The following are work from home jobs for moms, with good compensation. 

Check them out:


This is one of the best works from home jobs for moms. Blogging will make you a boss and put you in charge of your time. You could choose a niche for yourself based on your area of interest like fashion, parenting, healthy living, education, and so many others. Also, blogging can provide steady income after you monetize it; but it will require dedication and commitment to creativity and love for what you are doing.

Freelance Writer

Photo of a freelance writer; one of the work from home jobs for moms

If you love writing just like I do – freelance writing has tons of opportunities to get paid. This is often through writing quality content for websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, and other platforms that need quality content. There are several topics you can write on like; health and fitness, parenting, recipes and diets, business, lifestyle, history – and the list is just endless. You could earn up to $23.20 per hour. Jobs are available on platforms like Indeed, Fiverr, Upwork, Glassdoor, etc. Find out how to become a freelancer writer.


Translating is what you can try out if you are good at a second language. It will help you to improve your skill in the language while earning money. Many firms are searching for people to help translate the contents of documents. Also, it’s something that can be easily done from the comfort of your home. Jobs are available on Unbabel, ProZ, Gengo and the salary is up to $20.64 per hour. Find out more on how to translate for money.

Graphic Designer

So, whether you have experience in graphic designing or you are just a newbie – there are platforms that will help you to demonstrate your skills. Besides, you could have a website that you can use for improving your designs. Also, there are platforms like Krop, Behance, and Coroflot that will help you get jobs thereby having a detailed portfolio that will help you in getting a better job offer. The salary here is about $19.31 per hour

Data Entry Job

This is one of the most popular works from home jobs for moms. It is flexible because it allows you to combine your routine effectively with other jobs. However, you must be good at paying attention to details and have good keyboarding skills. Data entry jobs are available on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, FlexJobs, etc while the salary is up to $17.85

Virtual Assistant

Photo of a virtual assistant; one of the work from home jobs for moms

For moms who have organizational skills – the job of a virtual assistant could just be the perfect fit for them. It will involve email management, data entry, handling appointments, editing, and some other added tasks depending on the employer. Jobs are available on Fiverr, Upwork, Fancy Hands, and some others. The salary is up to $20.05

Work From Home Jobs For Moms With No Experience

These jobs are suitable for moms without experience and can either be done full or part-time. Also, these jobs can even become a full career where you can earn more if you so desire. Therefore, the following are work from home jobs for moms with no experience;

Sell Crafts On Etsy

If you are good at making crafts at home then selling on the Etsy platform will help you to make money online. Items you can make include bead supplies, personalized jewelry, handmade baby clothes, knitted items, fabrics, and some others. Check out what sells best on Etsy.

Work From Home Travel Agent

If you know great and beautiful places to travel to, becoming an online travel agent will fetch you some real cash. Your main duty is to help people plan vacations, organize excursions, make hotel reservations, and the rest. As a travel agent, you could make up to $37,000 per annum and could be more if you go full-time

Sell Photos Online

Some companies are always in search of pictures online to use for their websites, magazines, or other things. These pictures can be sold via stock photo sites like Shopify, Getty Images, 123RF, Shutterstock, Etsy, etc. Also, the earnings vary depending on the site and the type of photos required. 

Affiliate Marketing

This simply means recommending products and services to people and earning some money in return. It works based on a commission basis – once a buyer comes through your affiliate link, you earn some commission. Your affiliate link can be promoted via blog posts, YouTube, or other social media channels. The money to be earned is based on the commission structure of the company.

Customer Care Representative

Photo of a customer care rep; one of the work from home jobs for moms

There are a lot of companies online that require the services of customer care representatives to help them attend to queries from customers. A friendly disposition and the ability to multitask is an added advantage because you will need to document customers’ interactions while on calls. Jobs are available on Fiverr, Upwork, and Indeed. The salary is $14.35

Virtual Bookkeeper

If you are good at balancing accounts, virtual bookkeeping is a great work from home job where you can earn some cool cash. It doesn’t require phone calls and you don’t need to be present in the office. Your major focus is helping businesses maintain balanced and up-to-date invoices. Jobs are available on Indeed, Upwork, Fiverr and the salary is up to $58,104 per year

Internet Scoping

A Scopist listens to audio recordings of court sittings and reconciles them with the written transcripts for error corrections or adds other details. This is another work from home job for a mom that is flexible and easy to do. Jobs are available on Scopist.com and StenoSearch. The salary of a Scopist is up to $22 per hour

Work From Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

The following are work from home jobs for stay-at-home-moms. Check them out:

In-Home Childcare

Photo of cute kids; having a homecare center is one of the great work from home jobs for moms

For those moms who love little children and desire to impact them – this is a great opportunity to start an in-home childcare center. If you have little children, they could form part of the childcare center.

However, before doing this – you need to check your state’s regulations on the number of children to accommodate and your homeowners insurance should also have childcare endorsement to cater for any form of accident. As a daycare owner – you can make up to $600 monthly depending on the number of children.

Have An Online Store With Drop-Shipping

Here, you sell third-party products from a drop-shipping company without being the one to ship the item. All you have to do is to make a sale and the product gets to the buyer directly from the drop shipper. So, what you make is the difference between what the customer pays and what you pay to the shipping company. Here, you can make over $10,000 depending on your efforts and commitment.

Becoming A Life Coach

If you love personal development and always help people to grow – you could become a life coach. It could be in business, financing, marriage, health and fitness, dieting and nutrition, and other areas of interest to you. Here, you can make up to $31.46 per hour as a life coach

Selling On Amazon

The Amazon FBA program is the place to shop for products with good deals and resell them at a higher price on Amazon. Interestingly, Amazon handles the shipment and the customer service. However, the earnings here are based on the amount of time you dedicate to the business.

Online Proofreader

If you are good at spotting grammatical errors while reading – then this could be for you. A proofreader helps to fix grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in writing. This is one of the work from home jobs for moms that allows you to work on your own time once you can meet deadlines. The average proofreader salary is $29.61 per hour and jobs are available on Fiverr, Upwork, FlexJobs

Social Media/Search Engine Evaluator

This is another job that is the best fit for stay-at-home moms as it requires no experience or any formal training. It’s all about evaluating search results from different search engines and then rating their relevance. The average salary of a search engine evaluator is $17 per hour and jobs are available on Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor

Legit Work From Home Jobs For Moms

The following are some of the legitimate work from home jobs for moms:

Online Tutoring

Photo of an online tutor; one of the great work from home jobs for moms

As a mom – you have probably taken your children through the reading and learning process, so you shouldn’t be new to this. Why not turn this skill into a money-making channel as you engage other children online. The subjects to be taught might include, Sciences, Mathematics, English Language, or other subjects that you are good at. So, you can get jobs on VIPKID, Chegg, Tutor.com and the salary of an online tutor is around $40,391 annually.

Pet Sitter

Photo of a pet sitter; one of the work from home jobs for moms

This is a flexible job that you can plan your schedule around. Besides, to be successful at this job – you must love pets, be responsible & reliable, and pay attention to details. Also, it is possible to walk pets around while having your baby in a stroller. The salary of a pet sitter is $12.94 while jobs are available on Pet sitter, Petbacker, and Sittercity

Direct Sales

This is another job that is worth trying by a stay-at-home mom. For you to succeed here, you must be active on social media like YouTube, Facebook or even have a blog that you can use to advertise whatever product or service you choose to promote. So, earning here is based on the commission structure of the direct sales company and on the effort you put into your business. You can learn more about direct sales here

Make-up Consultant

Here, you can both work as an online make-up artist – working for a brand through their affiliate program (and earn commission via your affiliate link) or work at a store where you can help people get the right make-up materials.

Also, you can create a Facebook page, Instagram page, or YouTube channel for promoting make-up tutorials. Your earning here is not capped as it is based on the amount of work you put in.


  1. How Can You Work From Home As A Mom?

There are some factors that you should consider as a work-from-home mom;

  • Check your availability
  • Flexibility in your daily routine
  • Get new toys or activities ready for your children to engage them while you work
  • Ask for help if the need arises
  • Be organized and always look for opportunities
  1. What Job Can I Do From Home?

The following are jobs that you can do from home;

  • Customer care representative
  • Online tutor
  • Website educator
  • Virtual assistant
  • Proofreader
  • Graphic designer
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Internet scoping
  • Affiliate marketing
  1. Can A Stay-At-Home Mom Claim Benefits?

Yes! A stay-at-home mom is entitled to some financial benefits like free dental care and prescriptions, free childcare, care to learn, pensions, and some others.

  1. What Is A Stay-At-Home Mom Worth?

As a stay-at-home mom, the average annual salary is put at $178,201 per year and this is according to Salary.com.

  1. What Job Can You Do From Home?

The following are jobs that you can do from home;

  • Direct sales
  • Sell new and used items
  • Blogging and freelance writing
  • Photography
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Bookkeeping

Final Thoughts

Moms are super-women and can combine different activities at the same time. These work from home jobs for moms are flexible and will allow you to work around your schedule, unlike the 9 – 5 jobs where you are forced to leave your children with nannies and caregivers.

So, if any of the jobs listed above pique your interest – start your adventure into the world of remote working and build a profitable career from it.

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