7+ High-Paying Work From Home Jobs (For Ambitious Moms Like Me)

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Work from home jobs are all the rave now and for good reason too!

For the average person, legit work from home jobs (yes, there are lots of scam jobs on the internet) will let you:

  • Experience greater flexibility.
  • Travel the world while working and making money.
  • Be happier, and sometimes,
  • Surpass your income from your 9 to 5 too.
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But for ambitious mamas like us, who would be otherwise torn between working to satisfy our *ahem* callings to change the world vs raising our precious babies in every precious minute, work from home jobs, especially the practical ones I’ll be sharing in this post, are answers to our desperate prayers.

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Here are 4 quick stats to show you why:

Best Work From Home Jobs For Moms in 2019

Before we go on, I would like to clear something up, you’ve seen other lists of work from home jobs, I know.

But you should take this one more seriously because I’m not just talking work from home as a side hustle to pay for groceries and all that nonsense.

No more will women sacrifice ambitions for kids or the other way round!

These legitimate jobs to work from home will let you build the career you’ve always dreamed of (or not) while allowing you to save on gas, daycare, commute time and your sanity (hopefully :D).

This means no surveys, or website testing jobs, can we shake on that?

And if you are ready to join this revolutionary movement, pick your passion below and fly!

1. Freelance Writing Work From Home job

freelance writing as a work from home job

If you love writing you can thank the dotcom boom for this cool work from home job opportunity that doesn’t require phone calls.

Every serious business is going online and investing in content marketing (aka publishing blog posts) because it’s highly effective.

chart showing why freelance writers are in high demand.
source: MarketingCharts.com

What fuels this content marketing boom is mostly freelance writers, of all experience levels.

Want your cut?

How Much Do Freelance Writers Earn?

Writers earn from around $30 all the way up to $2,000 per post depending on a lot of factors.

I, for example, set my rate at $0.25 per words and here’s a filtered shot from my PayPal account.

$700 in 10 days from a side hustle, not bad right?

How To Start Freelance Writing from Home

To start freelance writing, you’ll need a computer, an internet connection, research, and marketing skills.

The fastest way to level up your skills, of course, is to invest in a course but in case you can’t afford to at the moment, here’s what to do.

Setup a freelance writer website. Follow the instructions in this post for setting up a blog.

Then model your website after mine or other freelancers you admire.

Next start writing on your blog (here are some blog post ideas) or guest posting to build up your portfolio.

The more prestigious the sites you post on, the better for you. You can display their logos as trust symbols as I do and that’s huge for convincing clients.

Once you have enough samples it’s time to start pitching clients. Be sure to check out our Job Board, Problogger or other high-quality job boards for places to start.

The key to making more money is to choose a profitable niche and target businesses rather than individuals or bloggers.

2. Consulting Work From Home Job

When most people think of consulting, they think it’s something only incredibly successful business owners with MBAs do.

It’s not!

What Is Consulting?

Consultation means giving professional advice to an individual, business or organization in order for them to achieve a certain result.

From Business, Health, Social Media, Finance to Beauty and more, you can become a consultant in any area or niche right from your home! The woman in the image above, for example, is an interior decorations consultant.

How Much Can You Make From Consulting?

How much you make varies based on the niche you choose, the quality of the service you offer, the kind of clients you target, and how much experience you have.

To give you an idea, Consultants average around $76,000 per year. And it’s one of the most flexible jobs you can do from home that pay well.

Here’s a good article to help you get started.

3. Start A Blog From Home

start a blog to make money from home

Blogging is easily my favorite job to do from home.

The special thing about it is the potential for passive income.

Let me explain.

With blogging, you write posts and even though you don’t get paid a huge sum for them immediately, they help you create a snowball of income that scales every month.

So if you are passionate about writing and you don’t want to be a freelance writer, blogging is the best thing for you.

Also, if you want to never have to hop on the phone for your job, become a blogger.

How much do bloggers make?

Serious bloggers start making between $1,000 to $20,000 per year in their very first year!

Check out this infographic I made for how long it takes to make money blogging using the different monetization models.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Setting up a blog is pretty easy and making money from it, even though not as easy, is not rocket since too.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose a blog niche to enter. (A list of profitable ones for moms)
  2. Setup your blog. (Step by step tutorial with screenshots and video).
  3. Write blog posts. (Ideas that drive traffic)
  4. Join affiliate marketing sites (the best ones to join) or learn to monetize using other means like these three moms.

And here’s my famous free blog plan if you need more help.

4. Start Virtual Assistance Job From Home

Virtual Assistance is another job you can do working from home that doesn’t cost money.

With the increase in entrepreneurship and small business ownership, more people are turning to remote workers to help with tasks they would love to outsource.

That’s where making money as a VA comes in.

Answering emails, helping with customer service, even social media. Your working hours can be flexible enough to allow you to focus on the things that are dear to you. 

How Much Do Virtual Assistants make?

If you choose to work from home as a virtual assistant, you’ll likely be paid by the hour.

Typical hourly rates range from $15 – $100 per hour.

Tasks You Perform as a Virtual Assistant Are:

  • Calendar management
  • Social Media Management
  • Attending to Emails
  • Presentation preparation
  • Answering Phone Calls
  • Preparing Word Document
  • Customer service

But this list isn’t all-inclusive, like everything else on this list, you may choose to specialize in just a few areas you like.

Also, this is one of those few high-income work from home jobs that you may be able to start without a computer.

This article should help you get started.

5. Website Design Business

Can I tell you a secret?

These days almost anyone with an eye for design can design a website, with zero coding skills.

There are lots of premium themes you can buy and tweak for your client’s sites!

So if you’ve ever thought you might have been great at designing websites if only you learned to code, this is your second chance.

Even if you have zero experience, you can start with cheaper or pro bono clients and work your way up as you gain experience.

How Much Do Website Designers Make?

$52,000 per year on average for this extra flexible work from home job that lets you make your own schedule! Can I get a whistle?!

Here’s a great place to start.

6. Start A Facebook Ad Agency From Home

Your job as a Facebook Advertising or Marketing Agent is to help businesses to get more customers and make more sales.

Take a look at the small businesses around you, chances are, they hardly know how to use social media (the top effective channel for marketing)

Start helping them run paid ads to get more customers and make more sales. Facebook even has resources on how to get started.

How Much Can You Make Running Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses?

As an effective manager on a monthly retainer, expect to make between $1,000 – $2,000 monthly per client.

Famous FB Ad Marketer Tai Lopez thinks you can get up to $10k actually, here’s his advice to help you get started.

7. Work from Home as an Author

Can you become the next J. K. Rowling?

With incredible talent and a little bit of luck, you’ve got good chances.

However, with self-publishing costing so little nowadays, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t explore your great chances of making money writing books, even if you don’t have talent or luck.

An added advantage, you cement your name in the sands of time!

How Much Do Authors Make?

Although some may think that authors are often broke and must sell their books at ridiculous prices to get readers for it, Danny Iny reveals a simple strategy to make more money off your books in his post for Inc.

8. Begin A Private Legal Agency From Home

Is law your profession?

Then start your own private legal agency.

What can you do as a private legal practitioner?

You can start registering small businesses with the government, give them legal advice, be their lawyer and represent them in legal matters and many more. 

How much would you be earning?

It would seem that the consensus puts the average earnings at around $50,000 per year.at the start

To get started, you may create and use your Social Media platforms to start getting clients for your Private Legal Agency.

Wrapping Up!

These are the 8 Best Paying Work From Home Jobs in 2019 I hope I have provided you with helpful information to get yourself started with a legit and high paying work from home job. 

Remember that you can always raise your rates as you grow in whichever work from home jobs you chose to run.

Leave a comment below to let me know what other job types you would like me to cover!

And please share it around with your ambitious mom friends. Every share counts to light up our revolution!

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