16 Easy Work From Home Jobs (That Pay Up To $150k/Yearly)

Did you know that you can make six figures from easy work from home jobs? Nowadays, many work-from-home jobs pay better than the regular 9 to 5 jobs, with lesser stress and expenses. Besides, doing easy work from home jobs is a great way for moms to spend time with their babies and gain financial freedom. 

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The challenge, however, lies in knowing the best career path to follow and where to find high paying clients. But don’t worry; this article discusses some of the easy work from home jobs and where you can get them.  

Easy work from home jobs no experience

  1. Proofreader

Proofreader jobs are for people with keen eyes who can quickly pick typos and grammatical errors in documents. 

These people spend most of their working hours reading through documents to identify inconsistencies in layout and style, typographical errors, missing punctuations, spelling errors, and other issues that could make it less exciting to read the piece.

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Though high earning proofreaders have bachelor’s degrees in English, communications, or journalism, you can still take up a proofreading job without qualification or prior experience, only that your pay will be lesser than the experienced.

An average proofreader makes around $25.10 an hour. However, proofreading professionals and highly paid gurus can earn between $500 and $1000 to proofread a book.

To become a highly paid proofreader, pick a niche and study the required style guides. Some niches require APA style, Chicago style, or AP style, while academic documents require Turabian style or MLA. Specializing in a niche can improve your earnings and give you direction on how to upgrade your skills.

Several proofreading courses are available online to raise your chances in the market. Some are paid, and others are free, but investing in a paid proofreading course will do you better than the free ones. Get certification for your courses to prove to your clients that you know what is needed for the job.

Find proofreading jobs on freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Indeed, and job boards. 

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  1. Blogger

An average blogger earns $38,440 a year, and you too can make money blogging about the things you love.

It is easy to set up a blog with no money if you are willing to do a little work. However, if you are ready to pay a little sum, you can get a web designer to create a good and highly functional blog. 

To design a blog alone, choose a blog name and get the hosting. You can get a domain from Namecheap and add WordPress. After that, choose a simple theme to run the blog and get the necessary plug-ins to find your audience.

With your blog set, you can publish your first post (learn how to write your first blog post). Take your time to craft high-quality content in a fun way and promote them with the right marketing strategy. 

When you have a consistent audience, you can monetize your blog. With blogging, you earn through ads, affiliate marketing, or by selling your products.

To earn money blogging, ensure you are passionate about your topic.

  1. Transcriber

A transcriber listens to audio files and converts them into written documents. This job requires time, patience, and the ability to sit for a long time working on a particular project. You must be a good listener with an eye for detail to succeed in transcribing.

An average transcriber earns $18.95 an hour on freelance platforms, but you can make more if you own your transcription business.

However, it is advisable to join a freelance platform or go to a place where you meet clients quickly when you’re just starting and create your own business after you’ve worked with some people and gotten good reviews. The pay may be pretty small initially, but it is essential for the building experience.

Nevertheless, to improve your skills as a transcriber, you can take some courses online and be certified for them.

Find transcription jobs on TranscribeMe, Rev, Daily Transcription, Ubiqus, SyncScript, Focus Forward, etc. 

  1. Bookkeeper

Back in the days, you had to be physically present at the business premises to do bookkeeping jobs, but right now, you can do virtual bookkeeping jobs right from your home for anyone in any part of the world.

Bookkeepers take account of financial transactions for business owners and analyze and interpret the results. You can be a successful bookkeeper with no experience, but you must have a background in accounting. 

An entry-level bookkeeper earns $45,446 a year working for companies and clients. However, you can make more if you take some bookkeeping courses and get certified.

Start a bookkeeping business if you think it is a stable position for you and find clients on Upwork, FlexJobs, Accountingdepartment.com, Belay, etc.

Photo of a bookkeeper; one of the easy work from home jobs
  1. Freelance writer

You can take up a freelance writing career if you love writing. With little or no experience, you can get clients on Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancewriting.com, but you won’t be paid high.

However, your earnings can significantly increase if you work with online magazines, websites, and companies. You can even work directly with local businesses and blog owners to create content for them.

An average writer earns between $24.63 an hour, but on Fiverr, you can see writers making $5 for an article, which is poor.

The competition for writers is fierce, but you have a chance of making it big if you consistently improve your skills and are willing to bend your writing styles to fit the client.

One fundamental way of standing out in the fierce competition is by creating a solid portfolio. Also, get your clients to write reviews and testimonials about your services. Asides making you stand out, it will help raise your price as potential clients will believe that you have good writing skills and are reliable.

You can also hone your writing skills and become a six-figure earner from freelance writing by taking some freelance writing courses.

Easy work-from-home jobs for students

  1. Virtual assistant

One of the most accessible work-from-home jobs you can do is the virtual assistant job. You will primarily be setting clients’ schedules and doing administrative work from home, including customer support, email marketing, or social media jobs.

Even as a beginner, you can earn between $19 an hour and $39,972 a year doing the virtual assistant job. This job isn’t difficult, and the money comes to you from doing what you’re comfortable with.

Though virtual assistants do many jobs, you can specialize in one or two areas to earn more. Also, you can take some virtual assistant courses to increase your pay. 

The most common place to find virtual assistant jobs is on Facebook. Join some virtual assistant Facebook groups for tips on how to get the client and maximize your earnings.

  1. Online teacher

Online teaching is one of those easy work-from-home jobs that you can start almost immediately. Without prior teaching experience, you can make money from this side hustle or even convert it to a full-time career.

You can teach about music, crafts, acting, article subjects like math, English, etc.

An average online tutor earns $41,860 a year, and you can do the job without a bachelor’s degree.

However, for sites like Magic Ears and VIPkid, where you will teach English to Chinese students online, you need to have a bachelor’s degree.

However, you can still get online teaching jobs from TakeLessons, Outschool, Preply, etc.

Photo of a student and an online tutor; one of the easy work from home jobs
  1. A shop owner on Etsy

If you are a craft person or are willing to sell some craft, you can make money from home by creating a shop on Etsy.

The list of things you can sell on Etsy is endless, including invitation cards, online printables, T-shirt designs, jewelry, soap, or even your grandma’s bowl. Check out what sells best on Etsy.

Depending on what you sell on Etsy and how good your products are, you can make thousands a month. A report shows that Etsy shop owners earn an average of $51 an hour, but this varies for everyone.

  1. Social media manager

Some people are highly skilled at navigating social media platforms, getting people’s attention, and creating killer content. If you are one of them, you can become a social media manager for clients and get paid.

Brands will mostly hire you to advertise for them, schedule their posts, and manage their social media platforms. You will likely earn $52,958 a year on the average.

To succeed in the job, you must be a skilled content creator (written or video) with good photography skills, research marketing skills, and any other needed for your specific clients.

Generally, you must be able to create a good marketing strategy to grow the online presence of the brand you’re working for.

Find social media manager jobs on Guru, Fiverr, Upwork, HubStaff Talent, SimplyHired, and other similar platforms.

Easy work-from-home jobs that pay well

  1. Web developer

Website development jobs are one of the highest paying, easy work from home jobs. However, you must have some coding knowledge for this job.

Your primary responsibility will be helping companies develop websites or refurbish old-fashioned or poorly designed sites.

Though you can take up a web development job with just your ability and no certifications, some companies require you to have a bachelor’s degree and some other reference samples to prove your efforts.

Nevertheless, an average web developer earns about $55,390 a year.

To get clients for web development jobs, create an account on Fiverr, and add some samples of your work.

Photo of a lady reading on how to become a web developer; one of the easy work from home jobs
  1. Graphics designer

If you have a good eye for colors and can create lovely and outstanding designs, you can make money from them as a graphics designer.

The main duty of a graphic designer is to create graphics and even edit photos for use on social media or any other platform. Bloggers and eCommerce shop owners will need your services as they always need good photos and videos to make their online space stand out.

An average graphics designer earns $53,380 a year, but you can make more if you’re very creative and certified.

You should be able to make designs with Photoshop, Canva, Illustrator, InDesign, and Lightroom to make it in this business.

  1. Translator

Translator and interpreter jobs are great work-from-home options for people who have bilingual skills. Translators convert verbal files to written documents in another language, while interpreters convert audio files from one language to audio files in another language.

Though some clients may require you to travel with them to do this job, you can offer your services solely from home.

Photo of a translator; online translation is one of the easy work from home jobs

You can do online translation jobs with little or no experience, but many clients require you to speak and write their language translating fluently. High-paying clients may also need you to have a bachelor’s degree and some years of experience.

The most important thing with translation is understanding the two languages you speak very well so that you can convert the messages accurately without altering their styles and contexts.

An average translator earns $52,330 a year. Find translation jobs on Rev, Translate.com, Tethras, etc.

Easy work-from-home jobs for moms

  1. Virtual travel agents

As a virtual travel agent, you will be searching the Internet for the best travel deals for your clients and help them plan itineraries or give advice on the places they’re traveling to.

Your work can get even easier if you’ve been to these locations yourself at least once and can then stay from home to give the advice. However, since the Internet is filled with information, you can still do these online travel jobs without physically being at the place.

On average, a virtual travel agent earns $77,242 a year. Find virtual travel agent jobs on Ajilon, ADTRAV Travel Management, AllTrahttps://www.alltrails.com/careersils, etc

  1. Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing has to do with referring a person to buy a product or service so that you earn commissions from them. For instance, you can refer someone to get an item on Amazon or any eCommerce store through a unique link, and you get paid a percentage for each purchase made.

Back in the days, affiliate marketing was mainly for people who had websites, but now you can do affiliate marketing with your social media profile and still earn high from them.

Affiliate marketing is an easy work-from-home job for moms as you do not need a product of your own or any upfront fees to start. It is also a very high paying, easy work-from-home job. An average affiliate marketer earns $154,700 a year.

To succeed as an affiliate marketer, you must be able to create compelling content and reach a broad audience.

Check out some of these high-paying affiliate programs listed by Hubspot.

Photo of a lady looking at her laptop happily
  1. Baker/caterer

One of the easiest work-from-home jobs for moms is the catering job. You’ll likely be cooking and baking for your kids and can still bake some parts of those items for sale. You could make $27.333 a year on the average.

You can do all this from your home and use a delivery company or a personal delivery man to take the finished product to your customers.

Also, you can make money selling to your neighbors, family, and friends or at a local farmers market if you feel comfortable.

Etsy and Facebook marketplace is also available to display your product and get customers.

  1. Realtor

Real estate has always been a high-paying niche, and you can become an online realtor and work from your home. All you need for this job is your state’s real estate license.

You may ask how you will prepare the home and show your potential buyers before they purchase? Virtual Realty makes it easy to find and prepare properties without going there yourself.

The revenue gotten from online realtor jobs vary and largely depends on your skills and the number of homes you sell in a year. However, an average online realtor earns $37 an hour, making it $77,279 a year. 

Photo of a realtor; one of the easy work from home jobs


Can I work from home with no experience?

Some freelance jobs do not require experience, but you will mostly be taking entry-level jobs. You can also get a good data entry job with just your high school diploma and no work experience. However, the payment will be significantly low compared to people with experience and certifications.

What are easy jobs I can do from home?

Easy jobs you can do from home are virtual assistant work, customer service work, and working for companies like Amazon, Kelly services, or selling items on eCommerce stores.

What is the easiest work-from-home job?

Some of the easiest work-from-home jobs include writing, creating videos for YouTube, taking surveys, becoming a music listener for pay, flipping websites, etc.

What is the best site for getting work on home jobs?

Some of the best sites for getting easy work from home jobs include Fiverr, Upwork, Simply Hired, Working Nomads, Indeed, We Work Remotely, Skip The Drive, Glassdoor, AngelList, etc.

How can I get money without a job?

One widespread way of making money without a job is participating in paid market research. You can also write reviews, sell online, start a blog or YouTube channel, and transcribe video and audio files.


Working from home offers flexibility and gives you time to do other essential things. With the easy work from home jobs, you can make a lot of money doing what you love.

However, before considering working from home, ensure you have what’s required to do the kind of job you want and a quiet place to focus on the project.

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