40 Fun Halloween Activities For Kids (2020)

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Halloween is really a fun time for our kids. If you can remember during your time, the fun Halloween parties, crazy Halloween costumes, games, and treats you enjoyed as a kid, you feel alive and wish you could go back and enjoy more of that. 

halloween activities for kids

Now that you are a mother with kids, you would not want them to miss out on the kind of Halloween fun you had.

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Don’t worry, no need to wait until the actual day to celebrate one of the best halloween of the year. We are here to assist you with the right, fun, creative, and educating Halloween activities to engage your kids with.

The list of halloween activities for kids is endless but of course, the best of them are here on the list below. I promise you will have fun reading…

Halloween Arts And Crafts Activities For Kids

1. Set a Spooky Table

Get your kids along to decorate your family dinner table with some DIY ghost leaves. Gather leaves, paint them white, and add two dots for eyes once fully dry. You can also string them together for a Halloween garland.

2. Halloween Matching Game

Engage your kids in learning some new Halloween vocabulary. Use colors, shapes, and items relating to Halloween. Add the color words for some extra environmental print and for your kids to work with. Learn on how to make a Halloween Matching Game.

3. Make Witch Slime

You can keep your kids entertained through Halloween season with Witch Slime. See how to make Witch Slime…

4. Decoupage Pumpkins

Go ahead and print some nice candy wrappers, then cut papers into strips, and use Mod Page to decorate your pumpkins. Now you have a decoupage pumpkin.

5. Create a Candy Wreath

Get your kids for this Halloween craft activity. Let them cover the wreath form with treats, while you handle the glue and gun. You can make it colorful with some nice-looking ribbons.

6. Build a Halloween Book Library

Looking for halloween activity books for kids? Here’s an idea. Add the best Halloween books for kids you can find, from intriguing to slightly spooky, to your child’s bookshelf. They will keep them company.

7. Make Skull Soap

This is a way to get creative this Halloween. Skull soap can be your alternative to sweets if you intend to host or attend a Halloween party with your kids. Learn how to make skull soap.

8. Try Out a Creepy-Crawly Hairdo For Your Kid

Have a nice creepy hairdo on your baby girl’s hair. Try a DIY hairstyle or take your kid to the saloon. 

9. Spider Handprint out of paper

A brilliant Halloween idea for your kids is this adorable spider handprint craft idea. Thinking of how to go about achieving that? The tutorial is here

10. Egg Carton Bats

Another interesting Halloween craft for your kids is the egg carton bat. It is fun and educational. Get the egg carton bat tutorial here.

11. Paint Zombie Rocks

This is a fun Halloween craft you can do with your kids at home. Collect a few smooth stones from the yard then encourage your kids to transform them with silly and scary faces. Fun yeah?  Get the tutorial here…

12. Make Monster Pancakes

If you don’t feel or want to go out this Halloween, you can stay home and have an exciting time with your kids. Monster pancake is a good snack to make with your kids. This is how to make monster pancakes if you don’t have an idea.

13. Halloween Handprint Painting

Halloween handprint painting craft is no exception when it comes to fun on Halloween. Expose your toddlers with different colors of paints and have them dip their hands into it and to some papers.

14. Make Halloween-Themed Mini Doughnuts

How about some mini Doughnuts on Halloween? This is a Halloween activity for kids with autism. Few recipes are easier to pull off than these adorable mini doughnuts. Make a spider, bat, pumpkin, zombie, or all four! Get the tutorial at It’s Always Autumn.

15. Make Cotton Ball Ghost

Your kids can make a cotton ball ghost. Give them cotton, cardboard papers, and gum so they can get started. They can make the whole thing themselves; you can also be there to guide them. It’s very easy to go about it.

16. Make A Wall Of Pumpkins

If you are looking for a simple Halloween art for toddlers then you have it here. This is also very simple. Get your cardboard papers, color markers, gum, and get your kids to cut out pumpkin shape on the cardboard, and draw eyes and mouth on them. After that paste them on the wall. As simple as easy!

Halloween Activities For Kids With Autism

17. Mystery box

Thinking of a fun Halloween activity for kids with autism? This Halloween game will go. Fill bowls with noodles, cooked pasta, jelly, etc. and see who guesses the most correct. You can host this game in the school.

18. Spider Races

All you need for spider races game is some straws and plastic toy spiders, whichever kid blows their spider across the finish line first wins. Get the tutorials here.

19. Host a Party

Hold a Halloween party for your kid(s) and invites their school friends. They could each bake and decorate cakes, make and distribute invitations, think of games to play, and other engaging activities.

20. Halloween jokes

This helps interaction with peers. As a teacher, find some suitable Halloween jokes for your class and explore them further before asking the group to adapt them or come up with their own jokes.

21. Visual supports

For anxieties and stranger awareness. Pupils who are anxious about costumes etc. visually explore the fact that there are familiar people underneath. Use symbols and pictures to demonstrate this point or any other fears.

22. Slime

Make slime together. Explore it together and talk about how it feels and looks e.g. wet, squidgy. For more able pupils they could follow the instructions on how to make it. Your target should be to attain joint attention, following instructions, vocabulary for preschool kids with autism.

23. Scary pumpkins/ghosts

Give each pupil a body template (e.g. in the form of a pumpkin or ghost). Have several versions of different features e.g. sharp teeth, gold teeth, long teeth. Give pupils instructions for what they should add and see if they can follow the instructions accurately. Reverse roles and see if they can give you instructions. Can they spot the funny mistakes you make?

Do this to encourage following instructions/ attention and listening skills/ giving instructions in pupils.

24. Halloween Costumes

The goal is to increase understanding and expressing adjectives in kids with autism.

Take a picture of pupils in their fancy dress outfits, or use a picture of a scary character. Annotate the picture with lots of describing words. Or write them on post-it notes and stick them on the outfits.

25. Halloween Bingo

Goal: To improve Vocabulary, attention and listening skills

Start by substituting a traditional bingo card with a Halloween themed one and get the class involved in this fantastic and fun Halloween activity.

26. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Try visiting a pumpkin farm in your locality and pick up the perfect gourds to decorate them with the best pumpkin carving ideas you find here.

Halloween Games Activities For Kids

27. “Minute to Win It” Candy Corn Games

A fun Halloween game for your kids. Set a timer for 60 seconds and set up a challenge that kids can do with candy corn and candy pumpkins. You can see how many candy corn pieces each can stack, or how many pumpkins they can pick up and put into a bowl using only chopsticks. The most wins! 

See candy corn game tutorial here

28. Pumpkins Watercolors

Let your kids play with watercolor creating some pumpkins. Get the tutorials here…

29. Play Squash Ring Toss Game On Halloween

Looking for home activities for kids on Halloween without the need to go anywhere? Got one. Wrap washi tape around half a dozen small butternut squash, you can have colors and patterns on each. Line up squash and toss rings around necks to play.

30. Play a Pumpkin Toss Game

In search of a rainy-day activity? Try this pumpkin toss game (but beware of candy thieves!). Get the tutorial at Playground Park Bench.

31. Play Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe

Have you ever had tic-tac-toe for on Halloween? Not only will your kids enjoy playing this game, but they’ll also have fun making it. See how to get ready your tic-tac-toe game here.

32. Roll a Strike in Mummy Bowling

It must not necessarily be a competition. But most important is to let have or let your kids have fun this Halloween with Mummy Bowling. Get the tutorial here.

33. Play a Pumpkin Toss Game

Don’t know how this Halloween game for kids works? Playground Park Bench has it set for you.

34. Make a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This Halloween game for kids always works just ok. Whether you play it outside or in, a scavenger hunt with funny clues is always a hit. This is the Halloween Scavenger Hunt tutorial for you.

35. Halloween I Spy Game

“I Spy” games are the easiest and fun ways to keep the kids occupied. All you have to do is print them out and give them to your kids. Get a free printable here.

36. Eyeball Surprise

Eyeball Surprise calls for kids spooning vinegar on top of a bouncy ball frozen in baking soda and water, then watching it reveal a spooky eyeball surprise.

37. Pumpkin Twister

This is how to achieve a pumpkin twister game for your kids. Put a “twist” on the classic party game with an adorable DIY mat that swaps colorful circles for printable paper pumpkins. This helps your kids master colors and following directions. Get the tutorial here.

Halloween Party Activities For Kids

38. Put on a Stick Puppet Show

There is always fun doing stuff with our kids. Thanks to these easy DIY props (they’re made with craft sticks!), swapping scary stories just got even more Halloweeny. Get the tutorial at Stick Puppet Show.

39. Make Halloween Cookies

Have fun with your kids mixing and baking cookies this Halloween. An opportunity to also teach them how to make cookies. See this as an education as well as fun.

40. Halloween Bean Bag Toss

Play bean bag toss with an extra festive Halloween twist for and have some spooky outdoor fun. Don’t forget the spooktacular pumpkin and ghost-shaped bean bags! Get the tutorial here.


I am sure you won’t afford to let this Halloween holidays go boring. With these updated Halloween activities for kids, you are sure to make it a memorable Halloween for your kids and they will love you for it. Remember to share with us how it went with you and your kids.

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