10 Companies To Find Fulltime Work From Home Jobs (With Benefits)

Fulltime work from home jobs are like traditional office jobs but the difference is that you get to work from home. It is unlike freelance jobs or part time work from home jobs where you work based on your own schedule and convenience. For fulltime work from home jobs, major time commitment is required like a regular 9-5.

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However, there are benefits to fulltime work from home jobs. These include no cost of commuting, and unlike freelancers and contractors that do not receive employee benefits, fulltime work from home jobs come with employee benefits. 

What Is Fulltime Work From Home Jobs?

These are jobs that take longer hours of work during the day, just like the traditional jobs we have but the only difference is that you won’t step foot into any office. You do all the work right from your home. The work schedule is already set and you work according to it. 

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Some characteristics of fulltime work from home jobs are: 

  • You have to clock in and clock out as required 
  • The paycheck is regular 
  • Taxes will be deducted from your pay 
  • It comes with employee benefits 
  • You will work at a set schedule 

It is important you know that for most fulltime work from home jobs, the work time and your employee position is not flexible. This means that you cannot come and go as you please. 

You are expected to work for specific hours daily and you will have to ask for permission when you need to take some time off. 

But all these rules come with a steady paycheck and a predictable schedule. 

Is Fulltime Work From Home Job Right For Me?

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The truth is that remote employee jobs are not for everyone. You have to know if you are ready to work from home fulltime by answering the following questions: 

  • Do I have a quiet and well setup home office? 
  • Can I commit 40 hours a week to a fulltime work from home job? 
  • Can I work a fulltime schedule without interruptions? 

If your answers to any of these questions are ‘no’, then you might want to reconsider having a fulltime work from home job. Remember that you cannot get up and leave any time you want, this is not a freelance job. 

You are also not allowed to have kids in your care during your work hours, run errands, complete chores, or watch TV when you should be working. Also, you can’t scroll through social media or login to Netflix. You may get fired if you do this. 

Simply put: what you aren’t allowed to do in a traditional office, you also can not do in a full time work from home job. 

However, if your answers to the questions asked earlier were ‘yes’, then having a fulltime work from home job might just be for you.

How To Get Qualified For A Fulltime Work From Home Job

Some fulltime work from home jobs require some level of experience and some may require certifications. 

Also, you need a good resumé to get past ATS (Application Tracking System) and get in front of the hiring managers. You can get a free resume review at  TopResume. You will be given a free report which you can use to make improvements on your resumé.  

Companies That Offer Fulltime Work From Home Jobs

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When it comes to fulltime work from home jobs, there are specific companies that hire people to work full time remotely. 

Below are some of the best companies that hire full time remote workers and offer outstanding benefits. 

1. GitHub 

Most developers are familiar with GitHub, it is the go-to place for building and sharing codes. But even though many think that the only available jobs on GitHub are tech jobs for coders and web developers, you can find other roles on GitHub such as operations, sales, support, marketing, and even legal roles. There are also engineering roles. 

GitHub hires fulltime workers from all 50 states in the US and also from Canada, Asia Pacific, and Europe. 

GitHub has amazing employee benefits and some of them are: 

  • You have the freedom to set your own work schedule 
  • Monthly wellness allowance 
  • 100% health coverage 
  • Charitable donation matching 
  • 50% company retirement match 

Also, GitHub pays $20 to a charitable organization for every hour of volunteer work you do. 

You can find openings on GitHub career page and apply for the one that suits you. 

2. Twilio 

If you are looking for a fulltime work from home job in communications, then you should consider Twilio. However, most of the job roles are tech-related but not all of them. You can still find remote job roles in Design, Customer support, Accounting, and others. 

Regardless of the department you work in, Twilio has awesome employee benefits which include: 

  • Equity plan 
  • Volunteer and donation offers 
  • Retirement savings 
  • Wellness leave 
  • Paid parental leave 
  • And generous paid time off 

You can find open positions on Twilio Jobs Page. They have lots of remote job roles not only for the US but for other countries around the world. 

3. UnitedHealth Group

One of the fastest growing remote industries in the world right now is healthcare. This is why UnitedHealth Group made the first three on our list of fulltime work from home jobs. 

They have outstanding employee benefits which include: 

  • $600 bonus for completed health actions 
  • 100% covered in-network care 
  • Short and long term disability insurance 
  • Life insurance 
  • Personal healthcare advisor 
  • Flexible spending account 

Apart from these benefits listed, there are also financial perks like stock purchases and better work-life balance via generous paid time off. 

If you are interested in working with this company, you can find openings on their Job Search Page

4. Apple 

Who hasn’t heard of Apple? It is even possible that you own an Apple device like an iPhone, tablet, laptop, computer, watch, or headphone. 

There are currently more than 1 billion users of Apple Devices and because of this, Apple hires full time work from home workers to support their customers worldwide. These remote workers serve as at-home advisors/chat support agents. 

One of the popular or well-known benefits of working remotely for Apple is that you will get your own iMac but it can only be used for work purposes. This is not the only benefit, others are: 

  • You will have access to medical plans which are highly flexible for your mental and physical health 
  • Product discount 
  • Stock grants 
  • Legal referrals 
  • Parental paid leave 
  • You can get a paid time off to care for a loved one 
  • Fertility treatments 
  • Free counselling and more 

If you would love to work for Apple, you can find more information on their career page. From there, you can search for opportunities and apply. 

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5. Zapier 

It may be possible that you’ve not heard about this company before. Well, a lot of people haven’t either. But it is a company worth considering for fulltime work from home jobs.

Zapier is a forward-thinking company that focuses on making automation easy. They call their automations “zaps”. 

They have a 100% distributed workforce which is fully remote. Their full time work from home employees are spread out across the globe.

Zapier has amazing employee benefits like: 

  • Home office allowance 
  • Profit sharing 
  • Unlimited vacation days 
  • Work from anywhere of your choice 
  • Choose your own schedule – you can work for set hours of the day 
  • All-team retreats two times a year  

If you would love to work with Zapier, you can find the latest vacancies on their jobs page. You can also read their commitment to applicants so that you will know what their hiring process looks like and prepare yourself well for it. 

This will give you a better understanding of what it is to get hired and work at Zapier. 

6. American Express 

You may have heard of this company before or even have one of their cards in your purse as you read this. They treat not just their cardholders right, but also their employees. 

They have lots of remote jobs which are full time work from home jobs. These include travel counsellor and virtual customer care representative. 

They also offer amazing employee benefits like: 

  • Free counselling 
  • In-home care for adult loved ones 
  • 24/7 free access to online doctors 
  • Backup childcare 
  • Annual incentive awards 

This company wants their employees to work happily and work healthy. American Express is also named as one of the Fortune 100 best workplaces for millennials. 

They place emphasis on inclusion and diversity here. If this sounds like a great place you will love to work in, search their job page to find the position that suits you best and apply for it. 

7. Edgar 

Edgar is a social media scheduling tool that a lot of people use and enjoy. It helps save time and effort when using social media. 

Edgar has been in existence since 2014 and they’ve continued to grow since then. Their workers work 100% remotely and they have great benefits to attract top talents. 

Some of the employee benefits of working with Edgar are: 

  • 20 vacation days 
  • Unlimited sick time 
  • Discounted pet insurance 
  • Family leave 
  • Flexible spending account 
  • You can make your own decisions 
  • You work during office hours only 
  • It is 100% remote 

Full time work from home staff are also eligible for mini birthday adventures and a company MacBook. 

You can read the Edgar company handbook to find out more. It contains everything you need to know about working at Edgar. 

Vacancies are advertised on the Edgar career page

8. Automattic 

Most people might not know this company called Automattic but a lot of people, especially bloggers are familiar with their brands like WooCommerce and WordPress.com. 

This company is present in 96 countries. Automattic calls their employees “Automatticians” and their work is fully remote. 

They have awesome employee benefits like:

  • Mental health benefits 
  • Life insurance 
  • Co-working and home office allowance 
  • Career coaching 
  • WordPress branded laptop on your 4th year anniversary of working with them 

You will also be supported in other ways as an employee. For instance, you will be encouraged to take at least 25 days off annually. There is also a paid 3 months sabbatical every 5 years. 

If you want to work with them and become an Automattician, you can find vacancies on their hiring page and start the application process. 

9. InVision App 

This company is leading the world in creating leading designs and collaboration tools. Users of InVision app can make designs in real time, make working prototypes, and instantly share what they are making with their co-workers. 

InVision is a 100% remote-first company. Their workers work from wherever they want. They also provide awesome benefits like: 

  • Flexible paid time off 
  • Home office budget and it renews every two years 
  • Free headspace account 
  • Fertility care and support 
  • Monthly allowance 

If you would love to work for this company, you can learn more about them on their career page and see current vacancies. 

10. Buffer 

Buffer is an app used by more than 3 billion people worldwide to manage their social media presence. This company, Buffer, employs a diverse workforce from all corners of the world to make their customers extremely happy. 

Buffer has lots of outstanding values and employee benefits like: 

  • 3-month family leave 
  • 4-day work week
  • Profit sharing 
  • Minimum vacation of 3 weeks per year 
  • $500 and a laptop to help set up your work from home office
  • Free e-books 

If you feel you have what it takes to work for this company, you can browse through their hiring page to find roles and positions that interest you. There are vacancies in product engineering, marketing etc. 

You can also join their mailing list, this will help you land a job faster with them because they send out job leads to their subscribers first. 


There are lots of opportunities available for working from home full time. In this post, we included some of the best companies with amazing employee benefits that hire for fulltime work-from-home jobs. Check through the different niches and openings and you will find what suits you best. You can find more companies that offer fulltime work from home jobs with benefits here.

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